hey guys my name is Micah Cooper and today we have a crazy aetherium price prediction for 2018 now I usually don’t do this however for the past couple of days I’ve been researching the topic a little bit more and now I’m fully 100% confident in this so I don’t know whether this will happen in 2018 but this is just my general prediction if it doesn’t happen in 2018 most likely 2019 we shall see however currently a theorem is at $523 on certain markets trading over five hundred forty dollars this is gonna be crazy let’s stay tuned and by the way this is my personal opinion so you’re entitled to your own do your due diligence research whatever coin you’re interested in and only once you have all the facts gathered then you can invest of course with money that you can afford to lose [Music] okey-dokey so as I said if theorem is passed the fifty billion dollar market cap approaching five hundred twenty-five dollars bitcoin is at sixteen thousand nine hundred twenty dollars the market cap in general is four hundred fifty seven billion dollars I don’t know if that’s peak however well no I think it I think it was higher I think it was closer to five hundred billion mark but again it’s going up like crazy where Bitcoin has risen in price nine percent today aetherium eighteen percent the light coin has been going up like crazy where it did hit fifty plus percent today it reached at a peak of like two hundred twenty four dollars but if fearian was one of the five picks I had for 2018 as I hinted earlier in this week where I was going to make a crazy video about that I’m super super excited about a theorem I always kind of chose them a little bit more than Bitcoin I think that Quinn’s fantastic I’m bullish for Bitcoin but I’m a hundred percent more bullish for aetherium I think it’s gonna hit five thousand dollars so a ten times increase from where it is currently and it’s going to continue growing I don’t know whether the flip inning will happen I mean that was more probable a little bit earlier in the year however I am more biased this is just again my opinion due to the fact that I made more money and I saw more movement with aetherium it’s newer than Bitcoin it’s faster it has less fees it has a lot of scaling issues it has a lot of cryptocurrency tokens based on it you know the ERC 20 i cos there’s a lot of momentum with it and the reason the prices kept falling down or they kept being stabilized this year was due to the fact that we had multiplied ce o–‘s raised a couple hundred million dollars and then they would cash out so what happens is an ICO let’s say it raises a hundred million dollars and it wants to cash out eighty million dollars they go to a special bank or special group movement I don’t know exactly what happens behind the scenes I have chatted with some ICO CEOs though so they take like eighty million dollars of a theorem they sell it right then and there with that one group and that group decides to I don’t know what what what they do with it they probably move it around a little bit but still eighty million dollars of a theorem being sold on the market place’s definitely put some ripples into the community now it’s not huge when you’re going up against the 50 billion dollar market cap and it’s rising however you get multiple days i ciose every single month of course a couple hundred million dollars being so definitely kind of Peaks it out a little bit right now there’s multiple things you have to look at for when you’re trying to choose a cryptocurrency however in general it doesn’t matter which side you’re on whether it’s Bitcoin Bitcoin gold the theory of my own a smaller crypto currencies like coin whatever it is the general consensus is it will continue to grow the market caps are growing the volumes are growing the amount of exchanges popping up the amount of people investing it’s growing and a lot of people are super excited about 2018 they think it’s gonna be the best year the craziest year of them all so it is the best time to throw a little bit of money now of course again this is only if you have some money to play around with but there’s going to be more initial coin offerings and they’re gonna be based off of the theorem people choose the theorem because again it’s the newer product now Bitcoin is Bitcoin that’s the household name everybody knows about it right the taxi drivers the janitors your mom your girlfriend everybody right they don’t really know what the heck of theorem is right it was made by some vitaly kid who’s wearing like a unicorn sure some russian dude it’s sketchy right then there was the hard fork earlier this year there was if you’re a man aetherium classic where it did split and a half that happened before the bitcoin forks then people were like I don’t know what to do and then it kind of went up in price even more and that’s fantastic right but to get to where it is there’s multiple factors first of all it has a small circulating supply compared to other coins for example Iona has nearly three billion coins nem has nine billion coins if the areum is only 96 million Bitcoin has 16 million circulating Bitcoin cash 16 million litecoins 54 million it is one of the largest crypto currencies out there and it has a lot of us and things on its roadmap so currently I think it’s the Byzantine or whatever because they always come up with these weird names right so for 2018 we have some interesting stuff on the horizon so that’s Constantinople and Caspar Constantinople is the next hard fork and with that most likely casper update will be on time with constantinople but if not it might be a little bit further in a year or pretty much it’s going to have the whole proof of work proof of state contract thing little updated so super exciting whoo but most people don’t really care about the actual technological aspect they just care about speculation right and people get super excited so even if Bitcoin goes down where bitcoin has been going up right but if it goes down most likely if funds will go back into alt coin so goes where it goes to a theorem that goes to iota it goes to nem it goes to all these other coins right and it’s just this back and forth circulation where in the future if if theorem gets to a point where it says old as Bitcoin you know it’s gonna be seven eight years old it might be worth ten times more than bitcoins so that’s my personal opinion again there’s not too much to support it however if you want to go into the technical aspects of it I did find a cool link the other day where I just came up with a number cuz I was like thinking oh okay more than ten times I came up with this when I was like four hundred dollars I remember purchasing Bitcoin for around like no that was a theory wrong I think I remember purchasing aetherium earlier this like March wears like under $100 and I was fantastic I know plenty of people who have made hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars things to the area I’m going to be working on a project that’s gonna be focusing around an IC o—- that’s gonna be collecting aetherium so again you know I’m biased I want to make some money with it but I think there’s plenty of opportunity in it as well if you’re curious about the details well yeah check out the link down in description below my name is Mike Ribeiro thanks so much for watching and hopefully we see a theorem at $5,000 but other cool things to look at are of course Bitcoin litecoin iota eos I think EOS is gonna be the next etherium and always if you can’t afford to invest into crypto currencies earn instead of investing but if you could do both that’s pretty cool as well however weak for a little bit of a pullback anyways see you guys next time.

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