When did you stop believing in Santa? (YIAY #386)

yesterday I asked you when did you stop believing in Santa your answers when Disney bought the rights for Santa yeah those that’s pretty ballsy of them I stopped believing as soon as I saw this yep can relate when I read this and then a link to a very factual article on the ideal age of when I tell your kids there’s no Santa any parents out there remember 5s magic number when Stannis showed me his chimney because of this and a commercialized image of Santa dabbing I heard this image would kill Santa himself June 26 2006 oh wait that’s when I start to believe in God the joke is that that’s when I started my YouTube when he stopped believing in me it’s a two-way Road Santa when I realized I will not get Mario Kart 8 deluxe for Christmas huh and I saw my mom doing things to my dad dressed in the Santa suit yeah please don’t tink shame your parents oh this is just a link to a youtube video I want I wonder what Santa a reals to grow the hell up Santa ain’t reals to grow the hell up fastest an Avery is to grow the hell up I hope you’re enjoying the ad revenue thief last I checked Tim Allen is still alive cool remember that time Tim Allen killed a guy why was everyone so cool to let that slide I saw Santa on pornhub how would that make you stop believing in him if anything I just believe in him harder Santa’s got needs you know when he didn’t show up on YouTube rewind I agreed that was messed up see I had a really good year this year he was on trending like every week the man’s got a lot of clout and he didn’t make rewind it’s rigged when I got a letter that said your internet service provider has blocked this gift to gain what I realized that if you take the name Santa and rearrange the letters you get Santana and then that solo from smooth starts playing every time good meme oh no I’m like 9 well you want me to say wait Santa isn’t real when too many people said wait Santa isn’t real I would say I would say Santa’s not real but that was probably being said a lot but that’s probably being said a lot hope that joke wasn’t too metaphor you know I hope that joke was too meta for you and finally I’ll stop believing in Santa Claus when I’m dead hey good for you for sticking your beliefs don’t let anyone take that away from you you know what I believe in today’s sponsor blue apron they help you cook good blue apron is the leading meal kit delivery service in the United States and for good reason they deliver fresh pre proportion ingredients and step-by-step recipes straight to your door and everything can be cooked in under 45 minutes and blue apron is treating all you jacksFilms viewers to your first three meals a thirty dollar value with your first order if you visit blue apron comm slash jack’s film link in the description and to prove how easy it is I’m making beef medallions and brown butter caper sauce from scratch blue apron offers 12 new recipes each week and you can pick two three or four recipes based on what fits your schedule personally I love these kits it’s so nice to have something easy and ready to cook when Erin gets home you know and everything tastes great because it’s fresh non-gmo ingredients and meat with no added hormones oh and the step-by-step recipes are foolproof so you’ll feel a real smart every day time so check out this week’s menu and get your $30 off with free shipping at blue apron comm slash Jax film I mean if a stupid youtuber can do it don’t you think you can – blue apron a better way to cook ooh I have a terrible question for you ready what’s your first zona why not leave your answers [Music] yeah please subscribe if you never stopped believing also click right here to see the preview see I episode uh here’s a clip fix our wedding site but we find info on the ceremony the reception and of course the divorce don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good parody but why oh why are her legs so long who stood John Topher he consumed her

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