Cardano (ADA) 2018 price prediction – A technological masterpiece

what’s going on everyone its Quinton here and you’re watching young and investing thanks for tuning in well you know that yesterday I started doing my aetherium giveaway to celebrate 20,000 subscribers I decided to give away point one ether every five every video and the next five videos so basically I will give away point five aetherium ether and I got already 418 comments in the previous video the one yesterday and if you also want to participate in 1.1 ether what you need to do is you need to subscribe you need to put the notifications on which is on the clicking on the bell next to the subscribe button and you need to put your ether theorem address in the comments down below to win 0.1 either in the next video so this one as well basically we’re going to pick the first a winner right now and after that we’re going to talk about cordon oh and why it is so huge and will be huge in 2018 and what I think which priced will hit by the end of 2018 so let’s get to it and let’s pick the first winner so the YouTube URL right here just going to load a little bit 413 unique comments all right start and pick a random winner so the winner is our nur goshi and he is he has put a comment in Dutch because basically he knows that I’m Dutch I think he says you’re doing very well I follow all your analysis keep on doing and his theorem address so congratulations are you won the first point one either and as I said if you want to win the next one’s you should put your material address in the comments down below so let’s get to it right now let’s talk a little bit about cordon oh and why I think it’s so awesome so let’s get here let’s start with looking at the charts because it’s very remarkable what Gordon who did the last month so basically in just over one month Cardno went from let’s have a look from three cents in just one month from three cents it went to over fifty cents that’s times 1817 that’s times seventeen in just one month that just that’s just insane these numbers so you see right here when it started it went up then it took a little pullback just stabilized a little bit and then it just went totally insane as we can see right here it topped at almost 60 cents that would be times 20 in just one month that’s I mean that’s that’s completely insane what it did right there so cordon oh it’s very much hyped up right now this was actually starting starting with the release of their roadmap the beginning of December where there and the where they announced that they are going to release their first version of the cordon a platform in 2018 beginning of 2018 and it looks just completely and saying I have I have really three words for what Carano is to summarize it is just a technological masterpiece really it’s led by Charles Hoskinson former CEO of aetherium and one of the cofounders of aetherium the team exists out of academics engineers and so many more people it’s based in Hong Kong and it’s done it’s developed a core data platform developed by the input-output Hong Kong IOH okay that’s that’s what the company is called but I mean we never saw something like cordana we yet in cryptocurrency industry it’s really like blockchain 2.0 or something because it’s just just crazy I mean I already heard me talking about how promising us is you already heard me talking about how good NIMH is a technology of NIMH some other ones as well but I think once Cardano will be released that it will be just so attractive for new i ciose to build on to for just all kinds of decentralized applications to build on the cordana platform because it’s just it’s just crazy what the technological side I mean you should have a look at the white paper and try to read it it’s very technical but still very understandable and you will see how promising Cortana is I’m not going too much into detail if you want to know more I did already a review about Cardno but when I did the review this was the very first day it came to the market then I did my review about Cardno because it was suddenly a top 10 top 20 cryptocurrency but back then there was not so many so much information so I maybe you can also check out some other videos about Cortana to know more so what I think or Donna will be word by the end of 2018 as I said the platform is so promising it’s still not released I think this will be so attractive for companies for i ce o–‘s for everyone so i think it’s very reasonable that this will be the best technology in the cryptocurrency industry I think it’s very likely to happen that if cordana will be out there and will be used that it will get huge so I think it’s really reasonable that right now even though I think we will see a little pullback off guard on o towards maybe 40 cents maybe even lower I don’t know but I think it is possible to see that first but after that I think that from now on we will see Cortana go into five dollars which will give it a market cap of over 130 billion dollars but once again guys you just have to look at Cortana watch some videos I mean you will be surprised how promising if you don’t already know about Cortana you should check it out it’s just solving every problem of the blockchain technology right now scalability transaction fee all all these kinds of typical stuff for the cryptocurrency industry for blockchain especially so yes that’s what I think about card I know me personally I’m not holding card I know yet but I’m really thinking about getting some but I’m I think I’m first going to wait for a pullback which I usually don’t do if I like something I buy immediately because the chance the chances are actually better that it’s going up then it’s going down on every point in history so it’s always better to just buy when you like something but still I I really have the feeling that we will see a little pullback first so I think I might buy some card I know at that point because I really really really like it because it’s ranked 7 on coin market cap right now between all these cryptocurrencies that are around for so long already it’s a Bitcoin carriage and Bitcoin gold obviously these are just crap actually but I mean it’s it’s it’s some rank it’s ranked 7 and it doesn’t even really have a project product so that’s just completely insane this shows how much investors and people believe in this technology which will be out very soon so that’s about Cardno I think it will hit 5 dollars by the end of 2018 market cap 130 billion dollars and I think it will be adopted immediately I feel that just Microsoft Intel IBM all these very big technological companies I think they will immediately start working with Cardno and testing a little bit trying out so I think that’s what going to blow up the price even more than it already did right now thank you guys so much for watching and once again congratulations to Arnott for his 0.1 ether which I will send after this video thank you guys for watching see you next time Cheers

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