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welcome back to Krypton coin news today we’re gonna be taking a look at Tron TRX in a potential scandal with CEO Justin Sun and six billion Tron that had been sold and converted over to aetherium now this scandal involves Justin Sun and people saying that Justin’s son was the one who unloaded his own TRX and doesn’t have faith in his company anymore but there is another article that states Justin’s son did not unload this this tron it was actually a private investor we’re gonna go over both articles and you guys can make an educated decision on whether you trust the community or whether you trust Justin son now guys before we get into this video do not forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications if you’re new around here so you never miss any of our videos if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re just interested in the cryptocurrency space then subscribing is not a bad move because we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos every single day and we tend to stream some cryptocurrency market situations every single night where we can discuss crypto currencies together so definitely make sure you subscribe if you’re not but let’s get into the video cron is sitting at around 18 cents roughly right now it’s down from its all-time high of 28 cents which was in the wee hours of Java January 4th if you’re in the US or early hours of January 5th if you’re somewhere else in the world now Tron is down 10 cents but this seems like a healthy correction to me I still hold my tron obviously rising in two days from roughly I’d say as low as five cents all the way to 28 cents in about two days here due for a correction you’re gonna see a lot of people taking profits selling off but as you can see this dip was bought up by some more people and then sold off taking profit bought up sold off bought up and now a big dip from all this speculation about Justin’s son so let’s try to cover that right now we’re at a 2.7 billion dollar trade volume with almost a 12 billion dollar market cap still in the top 10 it has lost his position it was sitting at I think six or seven at its highest point but it’s still in the top ten of market cap it was at 14 billion I think at its highest now we’re sitting around eleven point seven let’s look at the first article that is accusing Justin of selling now this is on Reddit and this got a ton of upvotes and a ton of attention guys over 420 comments a lot of people had opinions to put in here and a lot of people weren’t hey on this post a lot of people actually believe this post that’s why I want to cover both so I want to cover the the Fudd alert here Nessa’s Justin son did not sell and I want to cover the the community that thinks he did so right here I’m not gonna read this because I I don’t know if English as their first language because it’s poor grammar but they tweeted out some addresses and some transaction history and show since nineteen days six billion Tron have been sold and converted to aetherium and sent directly to an aetherium to u.s. dollar exchanger like Jenna Gemini which is worth around 300 million dollars actually in the current market it’s actually worth about 1.2 billion dollars because it’s about 10% of the company’s total circulating supply it’s actually more than that I believe even so it this is a little bit is worth more than that I saw his tweet that his company locked thirty four billion TRX coins so then he links the tweet so this guy’s going over everything showing each address that the money was sent to back and forth and and he believes Justin son was the one that held this money and has sold out now he made a couple edits here giving the addresses and then he also stated he’s already sold 5.7 billion and has 400 K left you can check this at blank he links it enter this ID at for balance of as you seen out of the contract is really weird so then he did another at it there are plenty of Pete there are much people saying this is not Justin as a private investor well then he links this wallet it’s a bidding on crypto kiddies now we can check the address on crypto kiddies so that didn’t check out because some people were saying you know TRX is trying to get any crap I could even do some work with them and what we see the name of this account is Justin pets here here’s the screen so yeah English is not his first language but let’s look at it Justin pets copy address so let’s go back this proves that this is the private wallet of Justin’s son and it Justin son tweet was bogus explanation this is proof it is his own video link at 34 minutes and 27 seconds I mean this doesn’t look like Yukon to me also look at Justin son himself speaking all-powerful guru that shills our praise God okay so this guy is a little hard on him but he’s got a lot of proof here a lot of links you can go over I will link this reddit post if you’re a Tron holder TRX owner and you’re interested in this I will link this down below in the description box but it’s pretty interesting and a lot of the proof is kind of sketchy but proof in photos can be altered who knows but let’s read some of the comments what does the community think he is rich now thanks to dumb investors who bought this scam same as xvg seems like a bubble is beginning to burst so that was one of the most up voted comments so a lot of people agree with him can we stop the fun about this being a bubble bursting it’s quite annoying this was another big one if you didn’t think there was gonna be snakes in the grass and you shoulda left the parking lot that’s just life it’s all crypt overvalued I mean when something like a DA has a market cap then more of the hedemark captain SpaceX I’d say duh but mmm this isn’t a bubble that’s going to burst in our pullbacks and it’s gonna make recovery but he’s not defending Justin he still agrees that ya there’s snakes in the grass so he’s saying yeah maybe Justin did sell but there’s pullbacks and he believes there’s gonna be market correction so a lot of the commune that’s 93m votes and 46i votes so a lot of the community agrees yeah Justin could have done this but half of the community still says we’re still behind Tron TRX we still think it’s going somewhere but let’s go look at the FUD alert here Justin’s son did not cash out 1.2 billion dollars of Tron coin see that’s what it’s worth roughly right now in its market cap 1.2 billion dollars now let’s read what Justin said I think they linked a tweet of him let’s go down right here the reddit account is not my account and also foundation account it belongs to our private investor and market and maker we don’t have an account in Gemini comm the market maker uses an account to trade and increase the liquidation of TRX not sell the wallet is linked to an account on Krypton Kitty’s call Justin pets I think the funny part is that the market maker has the same first name with me and wrestlers himself on the crypto kitties it is very unprofessional when it comes to registration I use my Chinese name you Sean rather than my English name ok let’s go down here finally to see yourself the Tron developers have cashed out the wallet which holds their TRX is publicly viewable I love città she light and litecoin is a pity that citta she lighten has sold all of his LTC but we locked up all Tron TRX we have until 2020 because we have confidence in Tron and devote devoted our lives to it so like he said they have devoted their lives to this and they locked up their stake in the company until 2020 so now this is up to you guys to make an educated decision are you feeling a little nervous about your position with Tron TRX do you think it’s going down are you gonna hold or are you going to sell because of all of this scandal surrounding it because a lot of people are gonna get their news from reddit and they’re gonna see this and they’re gonna start freaking out but if they do a little digging you’ll see that potentially if you go just to his Twitter that he’s defending himself and saying it’s not real now this could all be fun to everything he’s saying could be a lie but I’m still holding my TRX I think Tron is going places I think they’re gonna have some major announcements in the next month and if you actually believe in transmission and the people behind the project then this is a good buying opportunity watch all these other people follow the marketplace hear over this next day or two from all this news watch it drop maybe below twelve to ten cents and snatch yourself up some Tron if you really believe in the project I know I probably will if I see this drop to 13 to 12 cents I’m probably gonna load up a little bit more and I’m gonna be watching Tron just because I do think it has the potential to get to 50 cents you know sometime within the next six months and that would be a good turn on an investment for me a good return good ROI so let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below and also don’t forget to hit that like button if you found this video to be informative and entertaining and subscribing turn on those notification so you never miss a video we also do have a Twitter guides at Scripps Aucoin news with a Z or the link to our Twitter is down below in the description give us a follow we’ve been talking about coins that we think you’re hot right now let me refresh this really quick so we chat with you guys I just I just I just went all in on nebula I think this is going to go to the moon that’s what I just tweeted I did buy a ton of any BL if you guys want to check it out it was at $7 about two days ago and now we’re sitting about 1250 and then I tweet about Tron Tron is having a 50% off sale so I tweet a lot of that kind of stuff I tweeted you guys thank you for tuning into the stream I tweeted when I was going to stream I tweeted that I about 50 million pack coins yesterday so I tweet different coins that I’m buying into different coins that I think you should watch maybe coins that are on a dip it’s a good buying opportunity like what Ron it was as low as 14 cents so guys definitely give me a fall on Twitter crypto coin news with a Z or the link is down below if you want to just find it that way and thank you so much for watching until the next video happy training and goodbye hey before we actually go here I actually want to talk about an online course I’m going to be starting hopefully sometime tonight or into tomorrow that you guys can get into and you can learn anything from the beginning at stages of cryptocurrency to how to become a very successful trader in the cryptocurrency space basically if you have a knowledge level in the cryptocurrency between 1 and 10 and you’re anywhere from a 1 to 6 this crypto course is going to be for you it’s going to be a video course with five videos that teaches you how to go from the very big or the very little basics all the way to being a good day trader and a good cryptocurrency spotter and knowing how to read a marketplace so guys if you’re interested in that course just stay tuned sometimes a night I should be announcing it you guys are gonna be the sign up I’ll be your instructor you’ll have a one-on-one direct line with me you’ll be able to communicate take the class and you can go back and refer to the class at any time once you’re in it so it’s gonna be a very exciting thing that I’ve been working very hard on and I hope you guys are excited to see it it should be out sometime tonight I’ll announce it in the stream if it is otherwise I’ll be doing an announcement tomorrow in tomorrow’s live stream because I’m gonna try to stream both today and tomorrow as it is the weekend and I want to inform you guys as much as possible because I think we’re gonna see a lot of market action but thank you guys once again for watching and good bye

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