could it happen guys I think it could happen what’s up what’s up crypto nation its Peter with decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech and today’s crypto news Bitcoin base is going to be added red ball yes you heard it right ripple to its service offers including a Bitcoin aetherium white coin and you guys well know Bitcoin cash so will coinbase be a shooting a ripple to the moon well if we use coin base and last two examples litecoin and Bitcoin cash certainly that could be a plausible pump come let’s take a look at it guys this year is likely to be a little more stable for many crypto currencies which have enjoyed monumental growth during the last three months of 2017 some however could continue upwards boosted by partnerships tech upgrades and listings on more exchanges now if you guys have been in the crypto community for at least longer than probably two months you’ve probably noticed that when new coins get listed on certain exchanges those coins tend to pump now if you’re into that type of trading you can find yourself with a lot of money on the back end of it if you’re smart and if you’re savvy neither of those are quality attributes that I have which is why I don’t do that type of trading guys but ripple has made many huge moves in the past couple of weeks pump largely by news of greater acceptance by banks and credit card companies and the time of writing it is surpassed aetherium by market capitalization and is the second largest cryptocurrency with 87 billion XRP your surge to an all-time high of 2.8 $2.80 on December 30th and is still trading high at 2 dollars and 25 today well let’s check out let’s check it out real quick let’s do what we got we’re gonna actually I want to I wanted to go to coin puffs now I’ll see what coin puffs has to say about this let’s see let’s see we’re ripples sitting right now ripples sitting at 2 dollars and 12 cents two dollars and 12 cents a 24 hour change of 12 points 17 supply 38 volume 190 there you go well still sitting pretty good if you ask me guys ripple is not doing too bad but ripple is I’m going to become an accord base according to reports Ripple could soon be joining Bitcoin a theorem like coin and Bitcoin cash on coinbase acceptance and ease of access is everything in the crypto world the easier it is to buy something the more demand will increase which in turn increases value coin base makes it simple for non-technical minded people investing cryptocurrencies using fiat yes and you guys all know this stuff one of the things that we’ve talked about on DC TV previously is around Bitcoin cash and whether cone bases take and Brian Armstrong the CEO have taken every sponsible approach to dealing with Bitcoin cash let’s be intellectually honest here guys corn-based comm is a primary mechanism for onboarding green newbies in the crypto and frankly when it comes to price they’re gonna buy generally more of the less priced item because it’s just cheaper and who knows all you know is what you saw in the news and what you saw in the news is that ripple is up Bigley and so you’re gonna buy a lot of it has a simple on-ramp to new people into cryptocurrency corn-based holds a lot of influence over the market let’s be honest they hold a lot of influence just look at what happened with litecoin over the period of a year and then with Bitcoin the cash over a period of like two months well not even two months not even two month so could it be said guys could it be said that ripple is going to go to the moon simply because that it’s going to be on coin base I’ll tell you from my experience in the market that this is certainly a very very plausible plausible outcome guys and so I would stay frosty out there guys regardless of your philosophical underpinnings of your worldviews and whether you believe or what whatever you want to believe around centrally controlled coins you know inflationary coins and all this craziness when it comes to Ripple if you’re a pragmatist you might just want to invest in Ripple because there’s an opportunity to make a boom to money but that really depends on you guys so I’m gonna throw it back to you guys cuz the rest this article just talks about what I just said what do you guys think will coinbase adding ripple to its service offerings below up ripple to the moon you guys let me know in the Bitcoin Club or in the comment section below thanks for joining us in today’s fomo of the day get in on that Ripple apparently thanks for joining us for these DCTV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech if you’re new here make sure you subscribe and buy some Ripple no I didn’t say that did I say that I did say that for the rest for the rest of you guys smash the like button for Bitcoin which is what you really should be cost averaging anyway and maybe a little bit of Chuck

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