Future Prices: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Ripple ($XRP), Tron ($TRX), EOS ($EOS), Qtum ($QTUM)

come on snipers and I aim a low beta here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today and take a look at Bitcoin and what the price moves look like over the next couple of days heading into 2018 and how it’s gonna affect other altcoins like aetherium Ripple Tron quantum and iOS so let’s just dive right into it so pretty much what we’re looking at right now within Bitcoin we see that we found support right around twelve thousand six hundred and twenty eight dollars and that was correcting towards the 50-day moving average which is represented here in red and then if we look here this blue line right under here is called the EMA the exponential moving average and you can see we jumped completely on top of that and we saw resistance at the big even of 20,000 and you can see now that we’ve broken past our previous resistance level of 16,000 641 we’re seeing a little bit of sell-off and consolidation however this was the perfect time to buy Bitcoin as it did correct as a very healthy correction if you guys know what a correction is if you don’t we have a discord resource open and available to each and every one of you guys the link is in the description below it’s a free ad free resource there’s a mobile version desktop version and a web version and if you go to trading 101 you can actually look at what the definition of a correction is a correction is a reverse and movement usually negative of at least 10% in a stock bond commodity or index to adjust for an overvaluation corrections are generally temporary price declines interrupting an uptrend in the market or an asset now I want you guys to pay attention here so says interrupting an uptrend that’s my favorite part about the correction so it’s interrupting an already existing uptrend so if you guys look at the price move in the price action that we’ve seen with Bitcoin over the past couple of weeks you can see we saw this huge run-up and if we look at the distance between where the EMA arm sorry the 50-day moving average was in comparison to the 50-day I’m sorry the resistance level it was around 42% of an increase from the 50-day to the all-time high that we saw the resistance upon heading towards 20,000 so what does that mean for the future of Bitcoin it in my opinion are going right back into this channel that was formed you can see there was this uptrend channel which was eventually broken but now we’re heading right back into that channel coming out of these lows which was a very healthy correction in my opinion if you guys know I like to buy in the red sell in the green and I am going to be keeping you guys up to date as to how I’m gonna be holding my Bitcoin position if you are a patron I just did post today a lot of you guys have asked me where are you posting the trade alerts it is in patreon under posts and then if you go here it’s called Bull Run trade alert 1:05 18 I just posted one today for Bitcoin explaining my position and when I plan to sell or hold and why I plan to do so and as you guys know the link is in the description for patreon if you guys want to check that out let’s look at the total market cap though if we look at Bitcoin we’re thirty seven point seven percent dominant over the current cryptocurrency market right now total market caps at seven hundred and seventy five billion dollars heading towards a trillion dollars I believe that we’re gonna see a lot of altcoins start to take over in the marketplace however bitcoin is still going to maintain its dominance being that we’re now back within this channel I can truly see us starting to test these twenty thousand dollar support levels or I’m sorry resistance levels eventually making a support level as we saw previously with this huge run-up so at one point Bitcoin saw a lot of resistance around 16,000 but that eventually became the channel that was forming after it saw that correction and I think as we start heading up and if we do break through this big even and we don’t see as much pullback as we did prior which bitcoin is completely in a position to do that as its had that healthy correction already I think we can truly start to see this price starting to increase above towards the 30,000 40,000 dollar range so it’s gonna be interesting to watch Bitcoin and see whether or not it’s gonna continue its rally get back into its position as we’ve seen for the past couple of months especially in 2018 which was more of a Bitcoin e’re than an altcoin year but then heading towards October November December we saw all coins starting to gain its momentum so if we look here at aetherium let’s go ahead and just pull up aetherium here this is obviously a coin that has been influenced by Bitcoin we’ve been a below the 50-day moving average for quite a while now now heading on top of that you see here jumped over the EMA which is this blue line and an EMA bounce is an indicator that price move is heading upwards we didn’t bounce on top of the EMA for quite a while until this area once we saw that correction now we found bottom went right back up now we’re heading towards these new levels if you guys look here there’s a clear rectangle forming here where you can determine where the price movements are gonna start heading as long as it stays within that triangle I can’t expect the theorem to continue its uptrend heading towards the $1,000 range into the four-digit market which hasn’t been in and you know in its history so it’s the first time it’s being valued at over a thousand we’re currently like right around 990 and a thousand so I can certainly see that finding support above a thousand being that theorem has it had it to run up in quite a while now it’s a matter of fact seen quite a decline so in terms of total market cap if you look at a theorem we’re at 94 billion were ranked number three so ripple has taken its spot and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it’s good to have competition in a market especially a market like this where it’s so volatile and based upon speculative value rather than intrinsic value so we look at aetherium total market cap once again compared to the 775 billion dollar market it’s not necessarily as big of a players it used to be however you do have to understand that a lot of coins are built on top of the theorems platform they use the ERC 20 tokens to utilize and create their own tokens and their icos so a theorem is definitely a need in the market right now and is being used by many many coins and has an extensive use case within the blockchain community so if we pull up ripple here guys and while you guys to notice something at one point in Satoshi value by the way we’re looking at Satoshi value right now so if you guys don’t notice doshi value is pretty much the fractionalized version of Bitcoin up to eight decimal places right now if you look at this chart here we’re currently hovering around fifteen thousand two hundred and ninety nine Satoshi’s this is what represents the Satoshi value here and it’s almost like having a dollar and having cents within the dollar that represent the dollar right you have a hundred cents which represent one dollar and so forth so you can see here we saw this run up at one point in ripples history and then we saw this huge consolidation back to these price levels of around 2000 in 3000 Satoshi’s so it’s gonna be interesting to watch ripple to see is it gonna find support right here where it’s finding a little bit of support right now around 14000 469 but if not it’s gonna be interesting to see is it going to drop beyond that level being a long-term investor of ripple I am going to be fairly cautious of my position just in case I may need to reposition it or rebalance it within my portfolio because as you can see if we start to break these levels and head below the EMA which we’re currently above that may be a sign that we might head back towards these 50 day moving averages which is currently around the 7405 satoshi level which is almost a price cut in half for ripples so I’m definitely to be watching this I’ll keep all of you guys up to date especially if you’re a part of our patreon and then our discord as well of course I try to you know balance both however for those of you that need more specific help patreon is obviously a better option there now discord is 100% free we actually are going to be adding new coins here so if you guys want to add more coins for you guys to chat about like we just added Tron and stellar people are just having a ton of fun they’re talking about as much as they want and even these voice chats have been amazing we actually added our day trading one limited the amount of people there to ensure that we can have some proper value adding conversations even swing trading is an awesome place to actually visit you guys can see people are always talking and chatting within these channels it’s on the bottom you think those guys they recommend you guys utilize this free resource we have open and available to you guys and when we look at ripples total market cap worth one hundred and sixteen billion dollars ranked number two obviously it passed aetherium and my opinion on that is I think Ripple gained a lot of media attention and aetherium hasn’t had much media attention because it’s more on the back end of things it’s like the Linux of cryptocurrency right you have all of these applications built on top of it’s almost like the App Store you have the App Store and aetherium allows you to build apps on it a theorem actually allows you to build the apps which stands for decentralized applications rather than the normal applications you’ll find on an app store so I think ripple has just had more attention I think it’s because it’s more of a front-end use a front fest front face company and what I mean by that is they’re working directly with banks and people know that and it’s in direct correlation with what their service is to those banks however most people don’t realize that the banks don’t necessarily use the extra fee token they utilize the ripple net which is the blockchain that allows for those messages and those transactions to be sent on the blockchain which increases transaction speeds and lessens the costs that are incurred with those foreign transactions but the XRP token is not necessarily utilized as much just yet however I believe as we start finding a little bit more liquidity within this token the banks might have a little bit more trust in it and if it can stabilize its prices and that’s definitely gonna be a good sign for the banks to get in on it so what I’m looking for right now is where is this stability gonna be found here Ripple likes to find its stability in different levels for a long time we saw stability around these levels we did find some stability here some stability here we’re hopefully gonna find more stability here and that would be great because ripple likes to jump up consolidate jump up consolidate jump up consolidate but for the most part its maintained its price levels even when we saw this run up it didn’t necessarily do this that’s why this is a whole different type of run-up right here we didn’t really find prices get you know stabilized we did find some stability here however ended up dropping off from this aspect for the most part it was just more of a huge run-up rather than now we have a run-up followed by some stability run-up stability and you want to find these stable levels because that forms support for previous or future run downs in the price and sell offs so let’s pull up Tron everybody’s talking about Tron you can see we have this huge buy volume from all the tension that it received and you guys know you know being a conservative investors not necessarily a bad thing because it could prevent you from losing a lot of money and in this case I think looking at the price levels I would want to watch to see are we gonna form support around this 1317 satoshi level so we pull up the one-hour chart you can see at this point we are finding some support right around these levels and hopefully we can maintain these support levels at one point these were resistance levels that eventually now turned into support if we can maintain these levels I can have some high optimism but however if you look at patterns here you can see we’re forming a head and shoulder which is not necessarily the best thing to see we’ve got a left shoulder here a right shoulder here you’ve got peak right head right there if you guys don’t know what a head and shoulder is once again our discord resource under trading 101 you guys can actually look at how I had in shoulder is formed and what it indicates in terms of price movement and it typically means prices are gonna be trending downward in a reversal however that’s not necessarily always the case so we’ll definitely have to watch t-rex but it may end up going down so if you do have a holding just be cautious of that and once again you want to be a cautious investors and sure that your profits gonna be locked and you don’t lose out on the profits that you’ve already created that was one of the biggest things for me in the traditional market was making profit and then losing it and that’s the best way to do it so we’ll go ahead and pull up the 4-hour chart here just really quick so I would watch this support level guys and sure if it starts to break down have your stop-loss is set that’s the best thing I can tell you for Tron and if we look at total market cap 13 billion it had a huge run up over the past 24 hours ranked number 7 worked its way right there near litecoin and EOS and all those other great projects and when you look here at volume volume is through the roof that’s the one thing that Tron has an advantage of the volume is just extremely high being the technology behind what they’re trying to accomplish so instead I’ll be interesting to see what happens with Tron once again I would be cautious if you are holding Tron being that we saw that huge run-up and you always want to be cautious when you see run ups because there’s gonna be a sell-off because people bought at these low levels so they have the ability to sell and make profit why not do it right so some people will do that so looking at quantum I want to show you guys something that’s interesting about this chart let’s pull up the RSI down here you can see we’re below our a cyber were at high levels compared to where we were around November and October and when we look here you can see that we’re finding some resistance here where we previously found resistance here so the resistance was pretty much set in place right here we saw some patterns form we saw a little bit of a consolidation and now we’re finding resistance at these levels once again I think in order to maintain these price levels we really need this to bump itself above this EMA because this sell-off that we see with the OS is just other investors you can see the volume that the sell volume just kind of comes out of nowhere because people are taking their profits but you start seeing these huge spikes now these huge spikes are our institutional investors that are coming into the market because as you can see these spikes are extremely high in volume and these buy volumes are coming in while prices are low and the sell volume is not as significant as the by volume now that could be a good thing because let me guys let me teach you guys something here so when you see these levels of buy volumes so high and that indicates institutional investors are purchasing but then you don’t see the sell volume as high as these buy volumes that nest that typically means the institutional investors are keeping their holdings while retail investors are the ones losing out because once again smart money comes in when prices are low so this could be an indicator that the eos has our quantum has been undervalued and institutional investors notice that and have put in their holdings in there while prices are low because smart money comes in when it’s low you can see we saw these huge run ups from these institutional investors which heavily manipulate the market but now we don’t see as much cell volume necessarily you know in conjunction with the retail up with institutional investors however retail investors are selling off so what I would do is just watch out to see is it gonna keep its support here if it does that means the institutional money is pretty much the one holding it up here and it could potentially be a possible breakout in the future so I would continue to watch this as the chart matures as we’ve just seen this huge run-up and now a channel is forming which can eventually turn into a pattern you look at quantum and there’s no need to understand why there’s institutional investors coming into it it’s a great project and as you can see it’s already over a four billion dollar market cap at 61 dollars per coin ranked number 16 heading towards its all-time highs and US dollar valuation which looks to be around 67 right around 70 dollars so it’s gonna be interesting to watch quantum over the next couple of days it could definitely start being a mover in the market as you know as the just for money has been coming in you can see even right here look into this chart there’s a huge volume run-up or volume just jumped out of nowhere to 3 bill about to be four billion then drop back down to under a billion so that’s just not retail investors there’s you know people you guys underestimate the institutional investors I mean they have a lot of money these are the whales in the market so let’s look at us now yo West has been a coin that we’ve talked about we’ve saw this rounding curve here now we’re finding a little bit of support levels right around the fifty five thousand satoshi level and what I would say right now with the OS once again we’re far and away from this 50-day moving average looking at the one-day but we are close to the EMA RSI is healthy by volume has just came in you can see even right here the by volume was extensive while prices were low could be another indicator of institutional investors most likely is as you can see that volume was all-time highs at this level right around October 31st where prices were low but you don’t see this cell volume as significant you saw a little bit here however nothing as significant as this right here which could lead me to believe that institutional investors are also keeping their funds into the OS holding off until prices start to mature and we can certainly see this channel form and I think that’s something we want to watch here with the OS you can see resistance was around 68,000 Satoshi so as we continue to watch these channels from these previous run ups we can determine whether or not price movements are gonna occur and patterns will occur if we look at total market cap here for iOS six billion dollars ranked number 12 guys so these coins are really making a move they’re getting into the billions heading towards the 8 digit I’m sorry the 10 digit billion numbers not just the nine digits and I think as we continue to move forward in the market we’re gonna see a lot more of that so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video once again I will be updating you guys hopefully that cleared up all of the trade alert questions that I was getting that’s all on patreon and then for those of you guys on our discord you guys have all these resources open and available for you if you want to recommend new coins to post just go on our feedback tab here and you cannot recommend that and we also are allowing you guys to post videos on snipers tube once again this is a community channel and that is gonna be under the opportunity hashtag and this is all the criteria that needs to be met if you want to have your video on here to gain some exposure as long as it meets the criteria and the vetting process within our admin and our leadership team so from the snipers leadership and admin team guys I want to say thank you so much for watching this we’re gonna have several different live streams we’re gonna have Bob possibly doing a teaching tonight as well as another price predictions live stream and we’ll continue to keep moving forward in our game so thank you guys so much for watching once again and like always snipers out [Music]

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