JAY-Z – Family Feud ft. Beyoncé || REACTION

oh it’s here it’s 8 minutes long it’s lit ok ok should I put in my headphones or just listen to it out loud hello guys what is booty what is goody what is Liddy and welcome back to my youtube channel so today y’all we have a reaction to my parents they finally released the video well I’m saying they like it’s Beyonce’s home it’s jay-z song but Beyonce’s in the video so and blue I see all of my family Bucky you know what they say it’s ok I’m really hoping that this whole video situation is like a conclusion to the whole lemonade and 4:44 because we going into 2018 not mad at jay-z you know sheep readable so we trying to do the same if they let us so it’s just kind of played out I’m tired of the situation like 2018 I’m expecting a joint album I’m expecting to see my siblings I’m expecting to see the twins oh you know what I forgot funny Beyonce didn’t hesitate at all to get in this video but you know she won in that walk on water video with him Annie I mean he deserved all so we just gonna kill Michael B Jordan like then Ossetia ho [Music] it’s not it’s not nice [Music] [Applause] [Music] eating with me today new information has cleaner burning with innovations transit in it the big nose of which have a citizen is earned maybe reveal violations to toe of the confessional a forests and a constitution the river that took place was been your fan mr. president what is how hairdo I’m a murderer that delayed the war the wisdom we have worked and fought side by side for generations macaque arena we are all related you want to talk about law how quickly you forget my favorite lemon see my failures were protected the law my family or your time the worst of us from the person I was a little girl nobody [Music] I have an old friend what’s the Senate in what billionaire the comment I came is just a question to okay um I am sure this video had everybody in it from my husband Michael B Jordan TC Nash then we had to Vontae Road who else do we have Omari yo they blessed us with everybody I like I was watching a movie but it was in the future and then they came back to them I don’t know I’m have to watch it about three four five times before I deal with the hell gone um I enjoyed this video alive we just don’t ignore the fact that my family fake and they didn’t call and you know invite me to the video shoot you know but it’s you guys ain’t sad and then you know what I’m saying um that you’ve made it to the end of my video if you liked it give it a thumbs up comment subscribe come back for more and yeah catch me in the next video about that bye did y’all see the diversity at that table did y’all realize that that woman talking at the table the leader of the table was blue I’m shook I am sure Keith and then it was directed by Ava and she been saying I remember her saying oh that she wanted to direct the video at jay-z yo this is the best way to end 2017 I’ll tell you

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