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how’s it going guys scope the bud here for today hopefully you all had a great 2017 I know I did has been a phenomenal year since I started the channel and it’s been an amazing run 417 and looking at 18 I think it’s going to be a even better year than ever before so you’re just getting into crypto this is probably the best time to be in it you’ve been with me since earlier this year you’ve seen some other rollercoasters rise with have so what am i talk about today is something extremely important and this one this video is going to be dedicated towards looking at exchanges specifically upcoming exchanges that I think are going to do extremely well in 2018 and possibly changing the landscape for how we actually trade and in these all coins now you’ve already seen my review on buy Nance you very seen my review on some of the other exchanges now this is going to be in a very important piece to the whole puzzle because as you already know the increased regulations that we’re having the IRS cracking down on coinbase looking at basically all the transactions coins being delisted off of main exchanges we have government scrutiny on everything it’s basically creating a new set of in my opinion of exchanges they are going to have to deal with this changing landscape in eighteen and like it or not unfortunately it’s creating a vacuum in the overall crypto market because the fees are killing people the taxes are killing people and now I’m not including that we don’t even know what coins are deemed securities and what coins are not and which governments are for it which comes or not so anyway rather than go on on a soapbox about how we’re getting screwed and all that I want to focus your attention on the upcoming exchanges 2.0 and I’m excited to share this with you because what’s happening right now with the exchanges is that they are facing a let’s just say a competition between all of them there’s going to be the old guard the new guard and now the upcoming I think exchange 3.0 I talked about buying ads in my other video so if you have not checked that one out please go ahead and take a look at it because I think that going into us in 18 is going to be extremely critical for everyone to make sure you’re picking the right exchange because number one is all the profits all the money is moving towards areas where governments are not actively going after their users and the other thing is people are moving their money off of exchanges because of that and like it or not I mean yes the regulations are important but you have to follow the money of where the money’s gonna go enter in queue coin now this was brought up by one of my members so this is completely he might mean just doing the video a member had actually talked about cue coin when I did the buy Nance video I actually wasn’t looking at cue coin a while back but now as I was doing it over this holiday season here thank you for that member who did that man I used a referral link to to sign on it’s because cue coin actually is I think by Nance main competitor moving forward if for those guys who have watched by Nance growth it’s been phenomenal they’ve managed to basically take almost the number one spot in the altcoin market from metrics in just several months considering what they’ve done and cue coin also is in the same space as Finance it’s based in Hong Kong and cue coin also has a very similar layout to buy Nance so it’s almost kind of like they’re copying by Nance but they’re adding something even more I usually get excited about this because when I see competition I love competition my free market capitalist I love the fact that companies are coming in innovating making new things and when I see a second runner-up to buy nads I think this is going to get really aggressive and not only a really aggressive but very profitable for anybody who’s paying attention now cue coin has actually started didn’t start off too long ago they’re kind of coming coming in second put it this way in the whole arms race for for volume and what they’ve done is something amazing created a way for you to get passive income and also listing coins that potentially could be 10 or 5x baggers now I don’t have to tell you guys what’s happening with buy Nance right now what’s happening in buy Nance is that a lot of these coins are getting exclusive rights and what’s happening right now is because of that a lot of the coins are not being listed in other exchanges creating basically a virtual mini monopoly on some main exchanges just for volume alone and cue coins no different so one of the things I really like about queue coin is that they actually have the very same same layout as by now so you’re not learning anything new the difference also here is that they’re actually offering coins are not listening to my Nance or any other exchange in fact some of the hottest I SEOs that came out in just the past year alone are moving towards cue coin instead of buy Nance which is kind of interesting because normally you would think that buy Nance would get all of it but they’re actually competing Harley so the one example I give here is deep brainchild DBC this is actually an icy off of the Neal platform that is pretty pretty good and you can’t get that one in so I’m gonna go ahead and buy this one in because it’s a artificial intelligence I see oh that’s trying to leverage all the nodes in all the chains and all the blockchain technology so that you can actually use that for artificial intelligence this is actually a really hot project another one that has been extremely hot has been dragging chained I’ve been trying to get my hands on this one but because then you get access to cue coin I miss the entire run up just today is already up 57% so a lot of these coins are high-quality by the way dragon chain was actually a ICO that came out actually was a coin that came out manufactured by Disney yes that’s right this need the corporation that’s enterprise level and the reason why it’s so hot is because Disney figured out the formula of well how how a blockchain should work for companies and this coin has been on fire but I can’t get ahold of it because it’s only on cue coin another one that’s been interesting is some of the new ones like you trust actually cover this one out a while ago it actually has run up a lot already and so a lot of the ice eels are coming off for fresh coming out they’re coming out here cooling gets another one obviously they have the red pulse I see oh there’s a bunch of them from neo they’re coming on here that I think are gonna be hot anyway or coal let’s see oyster peril is another one and they also have these competitions as well which is very similar to finance now here’s the kicker for 4q coin if you’re saying well what about the market is this a stable market it’s legit and the answer to this is it’s a brand-new exchange so the volume right now is a little slow but what they’re doing and this is really interesting with them is that they’re actually offering what it called Q Court Q coin shares so pretty much same ideas by Nance they are offering you some some some what to call Commission free trades 50% on Commission free but there are discount on the actual commissions for the trades but they’re also offering you a profit sharing opportunity where you’re able to where they’re gonna disperse all the Commission’s and split them up between the users as long as you hold the Q coins share so let me give an example of how this works okay so the way it works is that a section article for medium because I you know didn’t want to cut and paste a bunch of the PowerPoint stuff so take a look at it basically the way it works is that by net started five months ago so if you missed out on the whole buy Nance run and all the coins that came out of it this Q coin is going to be its rival within five or six months buy Nance basically managed to pass metrics as the main exchange this is them the massive this is the growth I’m talking about guys so if Q coin is able to match by Nance’s growth it’s going to either match by Nance or potentially overtake by Nance we’ve got a huge huge opportunity in here right before before everything takes off now BnB tokens have grown a 50x since it’s released obviously the Q coins coins have already run up a lot however with the BMV tokens had you bought it when buy Nance first came out you would have been up 50x in just five months just giving you an idea of what the by next exchange was now with Q coin they’re doing the exact same thing but this time around they only got charged also 0.1% and then from both the maker and taker so it’s point to 50% of this fee goes directly to the case yes so basically be charged 0.2% of the fee however half of it goes to the actual exchange to queue coin and the other half goes to the holder of the kcs tokens so what they’re doing is not only are they allowing you to get the discount but they’re actually going to give you a profit of all the volumes out there so currently right now on the volume from this article in this article is written it’s about 23 million dollars and it’s been rising basically every single day exponentially so if you run to the numbers a little bit and this is an old article by the way so I’m just kind of have to adjust a little bit for it but let’s assume for example you have bought Q coin shares at port and nine cents if you hold 11,000 of these coins right and your daily volume is 23 million and then you multiply that by that point two percent that means it’s 46,000 dollars of fees that they actually get right then the dividends what they payout is half of that so they paid 23 thousand and concerned this was a circling supply of 100 million you divide that by 100 million and you get two dollars and 53 cents a day so basically what ends up happening is just by holding the kcs coin you get a nice little dividend every day basically off the commissions now that’s pretty cool actually if you think about it because as the volume expands on Q coin if it ever matches by Nats volume well you can kind of do the math you a little bit that number that two dollars and fifty cents could be a hundred three hundred four hundred dollars a day now obviously that all depends on the payout ratio they can always adjust that and you know whatnot but right now it’s early enough that I don’t think they’re gonna change it now here’s the real interesting part they’re not gonna be paying you in dollars what they’re gonna be paying you instead is in the coins yes guys they’re gonna pay you in coins meaning that they’re gonna take all your coins right and then they’re gonna split them up and then give you a bunch of crypto so your ten dollars in these coins could go up to 10 or 30x even more so instead of saying I’m just gonna get two dollars fifty cents you can potentially beginning three or four hundred dollars if these coins keep on running now this is gonna be a huge thing because I think you coin is really smart in the sense that if it attracts enough people right now and everybody starts jumping over to cue coin and everybody gets seeds Kryptos right I mean if you’re an early if you’re an early adopter for the stuff I mean you’re gonna be at the very minimum make you way more than that then anybody who comes in a little late now I think this is really cool now let me just show you something another thing that I want to show you here this is a spreadsheet that came out from reddit so I did not make this but I want to make sure you guys understand this so right now if you take a look at the daily volume it’s about fifty seven point five million dollars for volume and assuming that the price of Q coin is $3 three three dollars and sixty cents or so the cost to get ten thousand of that will be thirty five thousand your average volume would be this your average returns about five point five so your monthly profit your daily profit would be about five dollars assuming a dividend payout of about 47% weekly profit that and then your annual profit would be nineteen hundred now if you ever get to a market volume of 100 million okay the dividend pay I would always you have to adjust I don’t think they could sustain this and and I know people are probably asking is this a Ponzi scheme or anything that it’s not a Ponzi scheme it’s just they’re being really aggressive right now with the users coming in you could potentially be making daily profit $7 to our deaths or two thousand five hundred and fifty dollars annual profit and that’s not including the appreciation of the token so potentially speaking right potentially speaking first a lot of people as this falling gets larger and larger if you go ahead and take a look at it if they’re a reach let’s say a daily volume of I don’t know 1 billion or 10 billion dollars basically you could be making this amount of money in daily yeah is this right yet no daily would be this route three hundred dollars daily three hundred dollars daily in passive income so just bear in mind that that right now the way these things work is that at some point they’re gonna have to do it justice it the more users come on board but if they ever increase the volume to let’s say nine billion or ten billion dollars worth of volume you could be potentially making this amount now again these calculations are very subjective but the idea is very interesting because at the minimum you’ll be getting that five percent yield assuming you’re basically at this point right here so I think it’s really interesting story now the other thing is here’s this is the part where I actually get all excited about because it’s not so much the actual dollar value but it’s actually the coins that they actually list so here we go so let’s say I own ten thousand kcs I calculate that because I put in thirty six thousand dollars I want to be getting all of this daily bonus on the case yes so you see all these coins you’re gonna be getting a bunch of these coins so yeah I mean and it’s a daily pay up so yes your your entire exchange is going to be a bunch of these coins listed here your beginning the equivalent of that two dollars and cents and change now if you take a look at it if you get something like our px cheap and you keep on getting more volume then you end up getting that so right now the the price for kcs is to be halogen sixty-seven cents so unfortunately it’s gone up a lot since it first came out but you know what I think it’s still early enough and then with the fees that are coming out as they keep on listing more and more coins the computer will automatically dump a bunch of coins for you so here are you I would get six dollars per day in queue coin bonus in terms of crypto but a bang meta boom anyway so the other part is the referral fees okay so for every person you refer out you also get a percentage of their trading fees I believe it’s like forty forty percent and then on your third or fourth referral if there’s more people that refer those referrals then you end up getting a chunk out that too so there’s actually an additional bonus for just rolls along alright guys so anyway long story short let’s assume for example you say you know what this is too much for me and I really care about you coin I just wanna get the coins they are listing a bunch of coins here that I think are good I’m gonna do a video on them later on like for example with dragon chain I think it’s extremely very very powerful coin I think that deep brainchild is another one that’s pretty good there is another one called ah our chain here let me go ahead and take a look at this I’m just getting really giddy about this because the more I look at it so here we go right now the volume is not too not too high so there’s that one slight problem with that because obviously they don’t have all the users just good because now it’s the perfect time to get in once the user account gets in the bottom should pick up like dragon coins only listed here dragon chain qlc is only listed here and you know me I always you like to look for the undervalued ones the ones that people are not looking at and these are the ones that I think are pretty pretty they can go up to like 10 X 5 X in a matter of weeks I mean this is the type of volatility you can get to you also have you have the usuals like power power you know I mean it’s a pretty good list it’s not anything here the one I’m really looking at for right now is our chain this is actually if you take a look at the interface – it’s a pretty clean interface it has everything in here our chains another one that I’m looking at it’s pretty cheap right now it’s at about a buck so there’s a lot of coins right now that are being underneath the radar because people are not looking at Q coin exchanges yet so I would consider this is actually the Yukon Gold the one that would think what Mark Cuban was on it’s got listed here Yukon Gold which is a gaming type of coin I was looking for this one I couldn’t find it and then I found it on cue coins so I’m like oh yeah I got to get some of that there’s also the regulars popular nulls as you can see it’s almost very similar to what Finance has but the difference is they got that kcs coin in there that’s really really attractive right now for me okay guys so that was my review now if you’re interested please click on the link below it’s my referral link to Q coin and you can refer other people once you sign I think I want to be looking at a lot of these coins in the next couple of weeks that’s a research more into the platform giving you guys a little bit more feedback about my experience with it I just opened my account just yesterday I know by Nantz is my thing right now but if I see an opportunity and I think that I see one right now I wish I was there with bye Nance we – first came out and the coin was like at trading at 50 cents or something and now it’s already at almost $10 for by Nance and by Nance is kicking behind but if Q coin maintains a second or third position and knocks out some of the other exchanges this exchange is going to be huge because they’ve got that kcs profit sharing you know Commission thing going on and I don’t know how long it’s gonna last maybe you’ll last maybe a couple one more year or maybe a couple of months who knows but if they really want to give by now to run for their money they’re gonna be very aggressive and I want to be at the forefront of that because basically it’s it’s a really really good deal actually if you think about it profit sharing potential with potential listings in here that you don’t find anywhere else so I’ll be using both finance and cue coin to kind of use that okay all right so click on the link below please make sure you check it out I think you will be very very pleased with it and if you have any experiences with the police post below and I wanted to share that with you because these exchanges are heating up this competition is heating heating up and I think that’s going to be great for all of us in the crypto community because now the exchanges are saying you know what we need your cert we need your your your money so we’re gonna do whatever we can to help you some of the exchanges like they don’t care right so they’re gonna lose my business all right guys crypt about out have a great 2018 I will see you in a couple of days here for another more couple more videos I’m just getting looking at this and getting super excited all right goodbye

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