KuCoin (KCS) Exchange Tutorial – Buy Red Pulse, DragonChain, Oyster Pearl on KuCoin

yo guys what is up Randall here from Krypton love and I put together this video for you today to show you how to use the KU coin exchange now this is an exchange that I’m starting to use because it has listed a lot of the new Asian crypto currencies which could be very very profitable in the short to long term definitely over 2018 so just to give you an idea some of the ones that they have here like red pulse a chain Dragon chain Aeon and there’s a whole bunch more now not only that not only that but they look at all these pairings they have Bitcoin pairings they have aetherium pairings they even have neo pairings US dollar Taylor and kook wine pairings obviously but the way that I like to do this is I like to use the etherium pairings now granted when I look at everything I look at the Bitcoin comparative but I like to use the etherium pairings because I can send aetherium a lot more quickly and there are a lot less fees than sending Bitcoin now how do you do this well once you sign up for an account and if you do sign up please use the link down in the description that helps out the channel point a bit but basically what you do click on this money sign and then you’re gonna go click on deposit here and that’ll give you your aetherium address to go and deposit aetherium so that way you can go into positive theum there it gets there quickly all it takes is 12 verifications on the etherium blockchain so generally 5 10 15 minutes you should have your money there that way you can start buying these cryptos as soon as possible now it should be said with this with any other transaction on the blockchain just be careful that the addresses are the same because if they are not you can lose all of it and you can’t get it back alright guys so generally like 5 or 10 minutes you get your theory mong-koo coin and you can go crypto shopping on there now I’m going to walk you through how to buy a crypto I’ve been taking a look at it I think it’s a pretty good deal but obviously don’t buy this just because I’m buying it do your own research a lot of these Kryptos could stand to see pretty big gains over the next year so I’m going to show you how to buy one the one that I’m looking at today is called dragon chain now this is a private blockchain by Disney pretty cool but easiest way to go and buy it is to go and set a market order so I’m going to show you how to do that now now COO coin is pretty cool about security they actually make you fill out a Google 2-step Authenticator before you can go ahead and buy and sell so that helps protect your account a little bit more that’s something I think is good in my books now the easiest way to buy it is just to set a buy order a market order and let’s go do that alright so this is just getting it at the market price which is what’s shown right here on the spread and I’m just going to set a fixed amount of them which comes out to roughly two aetherium all right and then I’m going to click the Buy button and the buy order has been placed and look it’s being filled as we talk all right and so once the buy order is completely filled you can go and check on it and you do that by going back to your balances clicking on this money symbol now if you can you can do the available amount and boom it shows up right there that I purchased a whole bunch of dragon chain and hopefully this one will go up so that is it that’s how you do it is it’s literally that simple to go ahead and buy these crypto currencies on cool coin it is won a lot of these coins are only available on ku coin and this has a positive and a negative so negative it makes it a little bit more difficult because you don’t need to register a KU coin account the positive is that you can get in on these early before they’re listed on a lot of those other exchanges and you can make an absolute killing when they do get listed on those exchanges so it’s definitely worth checking out I do recommend taking a look at this if you do choose to use coupon please use the referral code down in the description that helps out the channel a lot and I will catch you guys later all right have a good one peace

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