KuCoin Shares & Coss Coin 🔥 Two More Crypto Exchanges About to Boom 💣

welcome to another episode of crypto riot the show that takes the magic and mystery out of crypto currencies and amateur investing I’m your host David Haye and in today’s episode I’m going to talk about two more crypto currencies that have a very similar value proposition two by Nance if you’re familiar with the video I made yesterday you’ll know that I talked all about by Nance and how it’s absolutely dominated the crypto currency exchange mark going from only a few hundred thousand uses a couple months ago to over 3 million users today well there are a few other exchanges that operate in a very similar manner and have an almost identical business model so in this episode of crypto riot I’m going to go into detail about what Koo coin shares are and what cost is so stay tuned we’ll be right back so guys I’m going to experiment with a few different video formats in this video I’m actually going to move the drawing for the point one aetherium to the end of the video we’re still doing that competition so remember to hit like subscribe to the channel and comment in the comment make sure you include your aetherium address you’re automatically entered into the drawing you guys know the drill but right now what I want to do is start talking about these different exchanges and how they’re so different from anything else that I’ve seen before the video that I made was about finance and how it’s just absolutely crushing pallone e^x and BitFenix and I just wanted to respond to a couple questions that I got because this video is actually going to be fairly similar we’re looking at two other crypto exchanges that have just popped up and a lot of the same principles are going to apply so first off thank you to the crypto maniacs who actually jumped on to respond to some questions that the user had posted about first of all the bin betokened not actually being worth anything they gave an excellent breakdown and explained exactly how the band betoken worked and how you would in fact be saving money and that really helps the whole community so you know it’s impossible for me to know everything I’ll try to get to all of your questions and answer them but if you’re knowledgeable about a certain subject I really appreciate when you jump in because this is really helpful for everybody now the other thing that wanted to address was there was a user here overhead waves who told me that this was a load of crap and that the only reason I made this video was to get kickbacks from finance so I mean you know I’m trying to be as transparent as possible I did mention the affiliate program and actually one of the affiliate programs actually one of my in my opinion one of the strongest features of by Nance because that’s been a very successful format for coin base coin bases had that $10 referral program all this year and they’ve signed up a lot of users so I personally use finance I’ve been as transparent as I can be about that I hold B&B tokens I have about three thousand dollars worth of B&B tokens right now and in my opinion this type of crypto and we’ll talk about costs and we’ll talk about COO coin as well I think it’s called cuckoo coin chess man that’s a mouthful but in my opinion these cryptocurrencies are very similar to owning a stock because what happens in a traditional stock is that let’s just say that you own Apple and Apple makes a ton of money you get a dividend on that stock and so this would be a little bit harder to administer in a cryptocurrency market not impossible because it’s what costs is doing but it makes a lot more sense for me if you’re going to have a crypto business model that if you want to give customers back some of the money that you’re making an excellent way to do this is by just buying back your own stock so buy Nance as it’s making profits goes back and it actually is buying on the another half basically half of the market cap back over the next five years so as they make money they’re going to use some of that money to go back and buy B and B tokens that’s obviously going to reduce the overall supply if you reduce the overall supply that should raise the price so in my opinion these this is really cool so before we get into that I just wanted to point out that yesterday the largest exchange is still bit hub because the South Koreans are crazy for crypto but now the number two crip the number two exchange is actually financed so and you know just a few months finance has gone from nothing into a four billion dollar a day exchange and you’ll see as well that an interesting choice that ripple is now actually the top trading pair for nearly all of the exchanges we’ve bit for next coming in third you have to go all the way down to number four before you get to the American exchanges so what’s interesting for me is that this ambiguity in the tax law is really creating this perfect storm for Chinese exchanges to basically come up and take a huge market share and right now cue coin shares are sitting at 70 the 77th largest crypto in the market they’re trading at $2 and 69 and if you go to their website you’ll see it’s really similar to by Nance’s website in fact it really looks like they’ve almost copied finance in their promotions and what they’ve done the difference being in Koo coin they’re actually a little bit more intense when it comes to their multi-level marketing in my opinion they’ve done sort of an embarrassingly poor job on their videos you can see that they have a much more complicated fee structure they are still paying users back the difference being is it’s sort of like bit connect where you have multiple tiers and I say that by Nance’s Commission structure is very straightforward right the referral gets half of the fees and then they get paid in whatever crypto this is obviously a little bit more complicated you go to the website and one thing that I don’t like about finance and I don’t like about COO coin is that they make it look almost like a casino you know these Lamborghini giveaways and this special crap in my opinion isn’t great they’ve got the COO coin ary carnival it definitely reminds me of a casino in finance they did the same thing here in a race for a Lamborghini trade for a Lamborghini my opinion I wish these exchanges would just be really good solid rock star exchanges so if I was on these sites and they were more like TD Ameritrade I think that that would give me a lot more confidence so cou coin works in a very similar philosophy they also supposedly had the same coin burn program so as this company was making money they were actually going to go back into the market buy their own coins and burn them which is one of my favorite features about finance but then when I was doing a review and I was looking at some other videos this guy actually did an awesome breakdown of exactly why COO coins but basically buyback program is more of just a buzzword than something that actually has realvalue so basically this video goes through a lot of calculations but it says for every million dollars a trading volume only $2 of that goes back to actually buying the crypto to be burned so this is a lot different from finance and in my opinion these guys just seem not nearly as well polished and not really as well put together but at the same time – if you look at coin market cap they have a much lower market cap they do have a distinct advantage when it comes to adopting new coins because a lot of the reasons that people are using the new exchanges you know if you’ve watched my videos a lot of the reasons that people signed up to buy Nance in the first place was to buy Iota and the reason they wanted to buy Iota was because you used to be able to buy it on BitFenix and then they kicked off all over the US uses so coo coin has that same advantage in that it’s a Chinese exchange and it can quickly list its own coins it can quickly come up with its own best practices and instead of investing in Apple as a stock I can just own this COO coin share and then I can get a distributed distribution of the tokens now just to be clear I think that by Nantz has a much better model I think that COO coins may be a little aggressive in their marketing a little too aggressive in their marketing so I don’t think this has quite the same value proposition but it’s also trading at a lot lower valuation as well so there might be some value in the future if they can rebrand and they can sort of grow the same way that buy Nance has grown they also I think only have 300,000 users so they have like one tenth of the volume if we go back to coin market cap if we go over to coin market cap we can see the exchange you can see that COO coins trading aetherium deep brainchild some more of the exotic crypto currencies so they have that advantage and I think because of the ambiguity and the tax law we’re gonna see a lot of people that are going to be really upset come April next year when they realize they’re gonna have to pay tax on a lot of trades that they didn’t think that they had to pay tax on so I think that’s gonna create a huge backlash that we haven’t even really fully started to see in the US yet but I think that that’s just gonna drive so much of the business over to the foreign exchanges one interesting fact is that they said that they aiming to become the 10th largest exchange by 2019 and considering by Nance’s now the world’s second largest exchange it doesn’t seem that it’s that impossible to think that the marketing is going to be majority taken care of by the user base because they’ll go out and promote it it’s very similar to coin bases marketing strategy is very similar to my finances marketing strategy they’ll list exotic pairs they’ll more than likely be completely exempt from the anti money laundering rules for the reason that they’ll be based in China and China just won’t care and won’t even try in my opinion to follow the rules and they’ll be a powerful enough of their powerful enough country to basically just thumb their nose at the US and thumb their nose at the rest of the those banking practices so you know just for example right now it’s a two thousand dollar withdraw a limit on bid tricks it’s a $30,000 withdrawal a limit on finance there’s this huge discrepancy and I think China’s part of this huge will windfall and I think now that they’ve got this industry I don’t think that they’re going to go give it back so unless the u.s. fixes its laws I think that this is going to be a continued trend in 2018 now one of the other cryptocurrencies which is very similar to the other two that I mentioned is cost but the difference with Kostas cost us trying to be a lot of different things at the same time it’s trying to be a payment gateway it’s trying to list merchants it’s trying to do the token swap but when you come down to the value proposition of what cost actually is it’s pretty much the same as finances value proposition in that it’s a trading platform and that the trading platform is set up in a way where the users are kicked back the fees so if I refer you so if I refer you to cost you start using cost half of the fees that they generate I’ll get so this is another good option in my opinion this is not nearly as market II and overblown and over-promised as for example coup coin cost as an exchange has a very low volume 600,000 a day but one of the things that I didn’t like as much as finance is that they’ve got no coin buyback so coo coin says they have a coin buyback but in actuality it’s not that great coin back coin buyback these guys just don’t have one at all so in my three when I’m comparing these three by Nance has a very similar system to cost the main difference for me is that finance is actually buying those coins back and taking them out of circulation so the total market supply of coins for finance over the next five years is going to be hard whereas cost is going to remain the same ku coin tried to do some tricky marketing to make it sound like that’s what they were going to do but I agree with everything that was given in this video about the way that they’ve done that the way that they’ve done that and I don’t think that’s actually going to be very useful so guys I do like all three of these crypto currencies in the sense that they are automatically generating value I mean we think that the old coin markets going to be big we think the Bitcoin exchange market is going to be big next year these guys are all in the perfect position as far as just being able to be outside of the US and be in China as far as also being able to quickly add new trading pairs so if for example coinbase isn’t accepting new users then there are backlogged and they’re just not able to handle the volume these new cryptocurrencies will start getting listed on Koo coin first and you know if bit tricks can’t handle the volume Koo coin I’m sure will step in and take that place so if you’re looking to buy coins and for whatever reason you can’t buy them on bit tricks I think that that’s automatically going to push a huge amount of users onto these platforms I still think out of the three that the personal favorite is the by Nance coin I might put some small positions in these two but again the biggest advantage here with Koo coin and costs is that they’re so new and they’re not nearly as discovered when I came in on Finance it had already sort of ten xed and maybe if you were looking at ku coin and you’re looking at costs these are much earlier on in their development you can definitely see that ku coins marketing is a lot leaves a lot more to be desired they have a long way to go which finances marketing wasn’t great two months ago they’ve really done a great job of stepping up their game when I visited their site a couple months ago it didn’t look anything like it does today so so guys one last thing that I did want to do was just pick the lucky winner from the video all right congratulations Daniel Murphy interesting use case for finance coin definitely something I’m going to consider investing into moving forward I use financing as well and have been pretty happy with the platform although it’s been pretty annoying that I can’t withdraw my iota I agree I’ve had a huge amount of problems withdrawing iota that didn’t actually matter which exchange I did lose 50 iota when I was doing a live video about actually setting up the wallet so yeah I’m with you there I wish I Oda had a better a better transfer mechanism that doesn’t seem to be unique to by Nancy either I’ve had that problem I’ve had that problem before Daniel thank you for including your aetherium address you’ve got it here so as soon as I finished making that video I’ll transfer that point one aetherium to you guys all you need to do for your chance to win point one aetherium is hit that subscribe button there’s a little bell symbol next to it if you want to start watching the live streams that I’m doing which is the crypto and chronic live streams that’s really very laid-back it’s Q&A style if you want to be part of that just make sure you hit that like that Bell button and then that Bell button will notify you of the events as I’m posting them and then of course when you do leave the comment make sure you include a question in there and then at the end of it includes your aetherium address that way it won’t get marked as spam guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you do have any questions or comments please leave them below until next time I’ll see you later follow me every time somebody liked one of my videos I water these plants every time somebody subscribes to my channel I give them the trees every time somebody shares a video on Facebook so if you like gardening dogs America or cryptocurrency you should support this channel [Applause] [Music]

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