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welcome back to Crips our koi news today we’re gonna be taking a look at drun TRX and its upcoming coin burn and what that could do to the price of Tron could Tron hit $5 in the year 2018 we’re gonna answer all those questions here in this video but before we get into it don’t forget to subscribe and turn on those post notifications so you never miss a crypto coin news video here on crypto coin news we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos every single day so if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re interested in the space subscribing is not a bad move and let’s start a conversation down below in the comments section are you guys holding Tron TRX at what point did you buy in if you sold it at what point did you sell and if you’re not holding what coins are you holding and what coin should we be taking a look at but okay let’s get into the video as you can see Tron TRX trained for about 21 cents it’s down from an all-time high with a market cap of 14 billion it’s actually right about to take rank number six away from I think I think neo is ahead of it right now it’s trading 3.8 billion dollars in 24 hours all um it’s got 65 billion and circulating supply with a total supply of 100 billion now let’s look at its last 24 hours as it has been fluctuating quite a bit so we’ve seen it as low as I think what was it about 15 cents so as low as 15 cents as high as 30 cents so literally a 50% flex fluctuation and price there and then we saw it as a go as low again as about an 18 to 17 cents and then we climbed back up to 25 cents this morning and now we’re fluctuating and kind of stabilizing around 20 to 21 cents now at a 14 billion dollar market cap if you wanted to see a 50 a 50 cent tron we would need to get to 30 billion dollars and where would that put Tron TRX on the coin market capitalist well at 30 billion dollars with passcard a no and take the fifth position and be worth 50 cents with 30 billion dollar market cap kenan gets a $0.50 well let’s see Tron announced that basically Justin’s son he said we will reach 100,000 followers soon this is a huge milestone and then one of the devs replied to this tweet with an update and Justin son actually retweeted this update next week game based on Tron Network release they’ve already announced that it’s like a virtual pet came early January 2018 trying out a very large exchange that already happened as well first corridor 2018 that’s anywhere from January through March Tron coin burn reduction in supply so Tron has announced that they are gonna be reducing this total supply and I’m not the circulating supply but the total supply down a bit with a coin burn now they don’t say where they’re gonna reduce it to a if they’re gonna reduce it to 80 billion or 70 billion or just 95 billion they don’t say how much they’re reducing it but they are gonna be burning coins and any time a company burns coins you’re gonna see the price rise because supply and demand less supply there’s already a great demand so all the tokens that are available will be at a higher demand which should drive this price up will it drive it to a thirty billion dollar market cap that’s a stretch but we could see a 3035 cent Tron buying the end of March I if I wanted to be bullish I’d say maybe we see a 40 cent Tron by the end of March or by beginning of March 50 cents would be extremely bullish that would be extremely exciting because I do hold quite a bit of Tron and I’m excited about this project but I just think 50 cents double the market cap we are training about four billion a day right now and we just have to stay this bullish and maybe maybe we do hit fifty cents a dollar though that is quite a ways away because we’d have to have a sixty billion dollar market cap putting us in the number four position about Bitcoin cash and only 30 billion xiong of aetherium so Tron can get there it’s not impossible trunk could see a hundred billion this year and what would trump look like at a hundred billion dollars its price point would be somewhere around $2 so at the hundred billion dollar market cap you would see a $2 tron so if you invested today and it got to a hundred billion dollars like aetherium ripple and Bitcoin well you would be sitting on about ten times gains on whatever you invested now that could be quite a ways away but with the market constantly inflating almost 800 billion in the market cap and 60 billion in trade volume today the predictions I’m making might be a lot sooner than March $0.50 could be right around the corner or it could be if you want to be conservative like I said in March but this coin is on the rise went from as low as three or four cents I think it was only a few weeks ago let’s go one week back so one week back were sitting at three cents so it did go up about seven times since one week ago so who knows if it goes up seven times again you’re sitting at a dollar forty tron but that’s a lot harder now that it is at this high high volume and high price point it’s easier to buy a three cent token than it is to buy a $0.22 token for some people so we’re gonna see this probably slow down a bit I wouldn’t put it past Ron to definitely catch about thirty billion dollars in market cap and pass Cardinal in the month of January especially if it keeps this up with four billion and trade volume it’s definitely gonna pass these two coins that are doing a significant amount less 201 million here on neem and then 484 million here on Cardno so I wouldn’t put it past trunk catching this as long as its trade volumes stays pretty high and it’s it stays on a positive upswing we could see it taking that number five spot sometime in January and especially with Justin son saying there’s some huge announcements coming out and other big news networks like CNBC talking about Tron finally Tron is in the news plus they have a reddit and a Twitter I wouldn’t put it past Ron to shoot into number five here in January so is it still a good time to invest well I personally will be investing more later today into Tron because I do see it getting to that 50 cent mark and I can double my money I feel that it’s kind of a safe investment right now because they’re their leader here Justin son he’s very active on Twitter he’s got a lot of we’re not following him we will follow him really quick here he’s very active on Twitter and he’s constantly pumping Tron and talking about Tron and giving little hints and teasing the public with all these this great news that’s gonna be coming out they have some major partnerships that it should be announced in the next few days and you’re just gonna see this price like skyrocket and then they hired five new developers actually from Alibaba Microsoft JD piqué piqué you and just join just join Tron so Alibaba and Microsoft those are big companies it’s very exciting that they got devs from there so they got five new developers on their team they have a big team that’s highly focused and I see tron going places here in 2018 will we see a dollar Tron in 2018 it’s very very likely because at about sixty billion dollar market cap we would be sitting just around $1 or just over a dollar so and that is very possible maybe even in the first half of this year so is $5 possible that’s that’s a big stretch because you would have to have a nearly 300 million dollar market cap to see a five-dollar Tron or 300 billion dollar market cap to see a five-dollar Tron but hey anything’s possible the markets very bullish and it is growing we’re almost out of trillion dollars in total market cap when that day comes that’s gonna be a very exciting day for cryptocurrency the amount of news that will be covered on to the cryptocurrency market should probably pump a ton of currencies and get a ton of new people interested in the space just as December was a bull run for a lot of new cryptocurrency investors I feel like as soon as we had a trillion dollar market cap and a hundred billion in trade volume every single day we’re gonna start to see a lot of new investors getting into this now guys we do have a Twitter it is crypto coin news with a Z otherwise the link to our Twitter is down below in the description definitely give us a follow here we tweet about different currencies like Bitcoin was on the rise this morning we talked about that we talked about Tron yesterday charting for 27 cents xrb when it was at $30 GCN and we talked about how that was like leaping and everyone made 10 to 12 times gains on that so that was great if you guys want to follow us on twitter we’re relatively new to it but we do plan on posting a lot more talking about a lot of different currencies every single day keeping you guys up to date so if you want to check that out link is down below or you can follow crypto coin news with a Z instead of an S at the end and then you guys can you know be informed and we can start a conversation I do reply to a lot of the tweets as you can see 26 tweets that’s a lot of replies I try to be as vocal and talkative with all of you guys as I possibly can but thank you guys so much for watching until the next video happy trading and have a great day

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