what’s going on guys welcome back to another video today I want to talk to you guys about Tron it kind of my prize prediction where I see Tron headed do I think Tron can compete for the top spots in I know it’s re top 7 a cryptocurrency but top the top five spots in coin market cap so we’re gonna cover all that in this video guys if you are new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet make sure to smash that subscribe button and hit that Bell icon to be notified every time we release a new video also at the end of this video if you did enjoy it you did learn something don’t forget to smash that like button now guys if at any moment in this video you feel like you want to grab yourself some Tron points head over to buy nads I have a link to Finance in the description and hopefully if I remember in the comment section – I have a link to buy an ends you guys can sign up it’s my favorite favorite exchange it’s so easy to use it doesn’t ask for a ton of identification and all that you do need to transfer over Bitcoin so get yourself some Bitcoin on coinbase link I have a link to that too and then transfer it over here and you guys can purchase Tron Tron is just TRX right here you’ll go to the exchange and there we have it you know here’s Tron here and there’s TRX you guys can see has a huge spike which we’re gonna talk about in just a bit all you have to do is come over here by some Trump of the amount you want how many coins you want the maximum I can get against 50 knives I don’t have much Bitcoin on here anymore you guys can see Bitcoin bounced pretty small but it’s super super simple easy to use I have another video explaining it now guys this is the Tron Twitter page I want to show you guys this you guys gonna see why I’m actually a huge fan of Tron for several reasons one of the reasons is I think they do a great job when it comes to Twitter and marketing so I’m guys can see the they retweeted Justin son Hugh said we’re top seven Tron is top seven it is it had a huge huge increase recently it’s ridiculous I also think where is it here it is this news is shows I think Charles going off with a ton because of this news and I think when this news come out we have a huge potential shit you know going even higher up because this is just simply an announcement no one knows what the company is no one knows anything they say they’re gonna announce a partner with a very prestigious public listed company next week that’s ridiculous so not only is it showing that cryptocurrency is getting you know accepted into the real into the real world with businesses and stuff this is a public a prestigious public listed company I can’t wait to see what it is going to announce it next week but this news is probably part of the reason we had a huge run-up intron it’s a great coin it’s a great coin but this is probably one of the things that triggered the spike he knows January 3rd it was around about the same time as the spike so that’s really really cool I’m super excited about that and another thing I see that’s really interesting is that Tron’s doing kind of like a giveaway all you have to do is read sweet and follow you know then make your comment oops make your comment on this Twitter grammars a little off but you know and then tag five friends what are they doing they’re spreading the news about them they’re spreading you know someone that likes cryptocurrencies probably gonna tag five cryptocurrency friends those guys are going to see and you’re just growing a massive community of cryptocurrency followers cryptocurrency you know people who like cryptocurrency I don’t know if there’s a word for that people who like cryptocurrency like us now that’s you know I think they’re doing a fantastic job I think coins like electro neum Tron these guys are great at marketing the you know Aronian was hugely talked about ICO it’s the only thing I ever saw my facebook feed is do you want to invest in the electro Mia my CEO and that kind of triggered me to think if everyone see it’s not just me everyone’s seeing this there’s a good chance that a lot of people are gonna invest in the coin is actually going to be good and if you did buy the ICO you’re currently up like eight to nine times your money so congratulations now tron again it’s not a nice seal right now but it has huge huge potential let’s head on over to coin market cap and see sort of where we’re at so number one obviously Bitcoin it’s up a ton today we finally broke the sixteen thousand sixty thousand five hundred almost climbing our way back up to our all-time high I’m super excited about that guys I said it was gonna happen it was gonna happen now that was a given total market cap reaching close to eight hundred billion dollars bitcoins ominous 35.4% I think we’re to see that go up a little bit obvious with every other coin shooting up reason we have Tron stellar all that room crazy ripple shop a ton aetherium shot up 20 billion dollar market cap in the last two or three days who see a lot of coins go up that’s why bitcoins dominance is kind of low compared to what we’ve seen that before like 50 60 percent because Bitcoin hasn’t really been going up a lot in price now however we’re gonna start seeing recovery that’s why I’m thinking where to start seeing in recovery and everything is going to go back to the way we like to see it those high prices for Bitcoin 20,000 and by the end of the year who knows maybe even 40,000 also we see that ripples down 14.5 5% that’s probably because you know it had a huge run-up if people found out it’s not gonna be on coinbase if you have ripple now it’s in a tough position obviously I can’t tell you guys what to do I’m not a financial adviser none of this is financial advice but you know take a good look and figure out what you guys want to do now cardano’s down a good amount again it had a huge run-up it is normal for it to correct I think you know now it’d be an interesting time to look at picking up some card on toe but trunk who’s up 22% again today absolutely ridiculous yesterday Shaun did have a little bit of a correction would have been a great time to pick some up if you did congratulations I unfortunately am NOT in a place where I could make videos super easy I had a video recording ready yesterday I couldn’t update you guys about the Tron when it came out I do apologize if you guys can’t tell I’m currently not at home again visiting one of my dad’s friends on a farm pretty pretty bad internet so you know have to make sure everything’s planned out spaced out this video is recorded in the morning it’s probably only going to go in the afternoon but you get to see Tron went all the way up to 28 point two seven cents came back down obviously a massive correction after a massive run-up it’s perfectly normal the good thing though is that this low point is higher than this little point which shows an upward positive trend that is something that excites me to see so we had a huge run-up we had a huge correction yesterday right January 5th today is these fit oh we have you drop this run down this morning between yesterday and today right oh it’s just today today went up down a ton and now it’s slowly recovering and again on a little bit of a dip because it went up a ton so now might be an interesting time to get Tron if you guys do want something I picked up a few I know I’ve been picking up a few along the way when I think it’s the right time obviously not during this giant run up but I did pick some up over here and I did pick some up over here and I think Tron guys it has a long way to go let’s talk about a little why I think has a long way to go just completely disregard the charts technical analysis Tron is a Chinese corn it is Chinese made meaning we all know like this isn’t this we all know people are trying to like to use Chinese products they like to use their own applications their own coins Tron has a great chance of making it in the top ten and replacing coins like aetherium simply because it has you know the back of the back up of a huge huge country with a lot of technology advancements who really really know what they’re doing guys China is one of the biggest plate or one of the best places in the world you know to have back in you one of the best countries to have to back you up and Tron really really does have them backing them up it’s you know it’s a huge community there they’re very how do I call they’re very forward thinkers so they think about innovation they think about the future stuff so they’re always ahead of the game and you know coins like this is just an example you’re gonna have people backing it up Chinese things very rarely don’t go well that’s one of the reasons I think Tron has huge potentials because I think I think they’re gonna you know they have a great community in a great country behind them so yeah not to say anything bad about in the country but China is a good country to have on your side when it comes to technology and cryptocurrency is just one of those things so now looking back at the charts you know so we should talk a little bit about charts we can’t just talk about you know their Twitter and the country that that they were founded in but the charts again are looking pretty steady like like a steady upward trend here we you know that was down to three cents those of you guys who have made this massive run-up and you guys you know got a ton of coins got a ton of money a ton of profit congratulations now we did have the the correction which is perfect to see you guys if you don’t see a correction it means there’s a great chance it’s being pumped and it’s going to dump later and it’s gonna dump hard so it’s great to see that we have a little bit of correction so here we’ve built sort of a support sort of bum yeah we built our support here so at lower points and the support like I said before is higher than our lowest point here meaning the upward the positive upward trend is great I love to see things like that now went back up here this is all today went back up here corrected a little bit right now so by the time you guys are watching this video it’s gonna be today I don’t know exactly what the price is gonna be but I think at this time is a good time where I’m going to head over and I’m gonna buy myself some more tron because I see us testing this all-time high pretty soon 28 cents that’s gonna be a 7 cent profit per coin absolutely ridiculous I love this type of stuff I think we’re gonna 10th all-time high and we’re gonna smash right through it pretty pretty fast now I’ve showed you guys in the coin market cap already it is number 7 with a 13 billion dollar market cap I think it’s not going to take a lot for it to pass to number 6 I think we’re going to do that pretty soon within the next few days I believe the market cap of tron will pass fourteen point six billion dollars and we’re gonna go over and pass nem pretty soon so after that you know have our site to the top five you have to compete with these you know big players bitcoins is way ahead Ripple I think ripple might be coming down a little bit but it’s also way ahead in theory ‘im I think if the theorem has a ninety eight billion dollar market cap and Tron is trying to replace aetherium and they have the community that they have and the support that they have and it’s a Chinese coin so you know they’re gonna be backed up by the Chinese people I think you know it’s not unrealistic to say that we can see Tron reaching market caps that the etherium has we’re just talking about market cap you’re not price just mark your cab I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that we can see Tron reached that and if Tron does reach that if we reach a ninety eight billion dollar market cap you’re going to multiply your profits by seven and a half dollars seven eight and seven times which means Shawn currently at 0.21 cents multiply that by 7.5 we can see Tron honestly at one point five dollars and I don’t think it’s gonna take forever this to happen guys I think it could happen much sooner than we think 20 80 is gonna be a big year for cryptocurrency and hopefully Tron and all the other corners we’re talking about on this channel Tron is going to be one of the big players guys if you guys did learn something don’t forget smash that like button on this video let me know in the comments if you guys think Tron is going to reach a theorems market cap is there ever going to replace the theory and that’s one of the things I really want to know for you guys do you guys think Tron can replace and reach the top 5 coins in 2018 also guys don’t forget to smash that subscribe button if you guys are new and hit that Bell icon cryptocurrency is a fast moving thing you guys want to make sure you’re always up to date with cryptocurrency meaning hit that Bell icon every time I’d release a video you guys gonna see you guys gonna be the first people to know the news well guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video.

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