Binance Coin (BNB) from $1 to $10 to $1,000?!

good morning everyone Vince somebody I thought of here so first off I want to apologize because I’ve been watching Finance coin since it was under $1 and now it is at $10 per coin don’t think of it as the fact that it went from $1 to $10 the past month think of aetherium at $10 and now it says $700 because that’s how I feel about buying his coin I think it could reach $200 within the next few months that’s how strongly I believe in this coin now what does Finance coin finance coin is the finance coin token it’s used to pay for referrals it is used as a base currency to purchase other points on their platform they do giveaways to do all kinds of stuff now this is risen incredibly fast today it’s up 35% now why is Finance coin here immediately we go to the damn sound why don’t like okay so anyway immediately we got these issues so finance coin is really interesting because beatrix and other exchanges have frozen up and not allowed and they’re not allowing new people to come in and trade so I think by Nance it’s gonna be one of the bigger exchanges it’s gonna take its gonna be a leading exchange within cryptocurrency everyone loves Finance I’ve started using it I love it I have my referral link under that if you guys want to sign up and purchase some bonus coin but think of in these terms could buy Nance coin reach a market capitalization similar to that of the top five cryptocurrencies currently I think so I think cryptocurrencies all the cryptocurrencies come and go but when you invest in finance coin you’re investing cryptocurrencies but also you’re investing in the exchange the exchange is going to keep growing more people are going to be using that to change because it’s a great exchange and the value of Finance is gonna keep on going up and I really believe it’s gonna get to the point of having a billion dollar 24 hour volume that’s why I jumped on board today I put a hundred K into by Nance coin and I believe it’s gonna do great like I said by Nance as an exchange it’s great it’s one of the more promising I think their marketing is on point they’re allowing referrals and the referrals pay fairly decently plus they have a lot of Giveaways and different things that are attracting people the best thing that I like about buying is is that they without having to give you out your social and register like become an enhanced verification they allow a to Bitcoin 24-hour withdrawal now that is substantial other exchanges if you’re not verified or enhanced verify they only allow you to plot like 5k per day but do Bigpoint is substantial right now that’s like a little over $30,000 so for me I’m okay with not even getting the enhanced verification I can just I’m using the Google Authenticator because think about it over $30,000 withdrawal in a day that’s substantial that’s decent I can live with that so that’s my take on finance coin and I think as an exchange it is I think finance is the best exchange out there for cryptocurrency and they think that the rise of a spy Nance coin reflects that and I feel like the sky is the limit also your investing is something that you know is going to go higher I think about it coins come and go but as long as cryptocurrency as a whole keeps on growing and growing and growing people are going to be using by Nance more and more to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and as long as they do that by Nance coin is going to keep going up and that’s what I think it should be part of your portfolio if it’s not I made a substantial investment in it and I think it’s gonna be great I really think it’s going to be great I could see by Nance that a couple of hundred dollars within the next few months and that is amazing I wish I got in had a dollar where I was looking at by Nance coin this whole month seeing it go from $1 to $10 everyone was always advising me to try it saying how awesome it was and now that I have tried it I love it and for the above reasons because it has the referrals because it allows you to withdraw up to to Bitcoin per day without being enhanced ly verified and not alone is gonna move it or motivate a ton of people to use by Nance because a lot of people they don’t give up their social they don’t want to do the enhanced verification and as long as you can withdraw 3040 thousand dollars per day people won’t be motivated to do the enhanced verification which is perfect so check out by Nance coin it’s gonna hit the moon I really do believe that other things I wanted to talk about okay our atom project the first of its kind yesterday I talked about this project about the crypto city investing and decentralized communities in other words the coin is dedicated creating eventually like a crypto city a cryptocurrency based on now a whole city based on cryptocurrency where people can purchase property and goods and services with cryptocurrencies within this city now initially we could do investments in small properties like we could buy an apartment complex and run it all on crypto we could buy a building and sell the condos all on crypto so a lot of ideas floating around so I released five percent of the total coin supply we don’t have a website yet we don’t have a white paper but I released the coins applied to get the core team together so that we could brainstorm and develop these ideas so it’s very excited it’s already half of that coin supply sold I think we have them about 40 people have purchased one thing that’s kind of disappointed me is I’ll show you guys a screenshot here you’ll see this is what’s left of the coins the initial 5 percent that’s being released so like the 3.3 million and it’s at and so it’s one tenth of a penny I don’t know how much that is in Satoshi anyway and below it though our other sell orders from core team members obviously I have no way of knowing exactly who that is but some of these coins are selling for half a Bitcoin pour per coin so why who is doing this well people obviously are trying to confuse you so you don’t know how to use exchange well you may think oh I’ll purchase these and you end up paying an incredible premium for the coins this disappoints me there’s so soon people are trying to turn a quick profit I mean this release of coins was just for the core team we’re gonna have a larger release and I’ve been getting a bunch of messages from people asking how then please be patient for now I’m just releasing these coins we’re gonna develop the website the white paper and be listed on large exchanges and then we’ll do a full release of the coins until then just be patient if anyone approaches you offering to sell you directly atom coins don’t do it if you get on here in the initial three point three million coins that is left is no longer available don’t purchase any of the other sell orders because they’re probably core team members that are selling some points at a very high premium hoping you get confused and purchase them so just be careful unfortunately it is what it is and I hate seeing that I hate seeing that because if somebody gets mistaken then they’re gonna blame it on me and it falls on me like I’m doing something shady and it’s just it’s just been a day it’s just been a day we’ve been releasing these coins to sell to people to be part of our team and immediately people are trying to make a quick buck it’s very sad very sad to me but whatever hopefully nobody falls for that and pastes an exorbitant to premium for these coins if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing just be patient just be patient we’re gonna be working on this and soon within the next few weeks we’ll have a full website full white paper beyond coin market cap and you’ll be able to buy with a little bit more security then then not knowing what’s going on like I said our full release of points will be around half a penny per coin right now they’re selling for one tenth of a penny but that’s just for the core team member just to get people involved why am i releasing these coins so that people have a vested interest in working on the coin and we have a team of people so that I’m not working in a vacuum and I can’t bounce ideas off and we can get something going that’s the that’s the main reason behind it so just be careful you know that kind of disappoints me to see that but I just wanted to make you know bring it to people’s attention if you have you know how to design logos or website or whatever please at this point I’m gonna be accepting you can send me logo designs for Adam and we’ll vote on them whoever gets picked to be the official logo for Adam I’ll send them five hundred dollars how about that that’s a good start to get people kind of motor because I want people to be able to vote like every piece and every little thing within this project I want it to be open for anyone to give their opinion to contribute intellectually to the project as well as the logo I don’t want to just come up with a logo myself and put it on there when we have such a great community let’s all pitch in and decide which one’s best and people can design their logos and put them forward and the community decides which one they like best and then you know we’ll reward the individual who created that same thing we’ll do with a website and then also the white paper will all contribute ideas and put them all together into something beautiful at least we hope it will be something beautiful so let’s see we talked about by Nance coin that I think is a great buy we talked about the atom coin and the project that’s moving forward you guys haven’t watched this undercover boss’s show I’ve seen it a couple times I think the show is pretty hilarious it’s funny how none of the CEOs ever can hack the regular jobs it’s pretty pathetic it’s like what do these CEOs doing I think any person this an upper management should have to work some of the lower end positions especially if you are CEO of a restaurant you know you got to know how to do a few things how can you make important corporate decisions that affect every store without having the slightest clue of what the people that you know you’re affecting the policy of doing you know I don’t know it’s very strange yes last night they had this episode with the CEO of Twin Peaks and he goes and it’s a bar brewery you know restaurant place there’s a bunch of stores although I’ve been there before anyway CEO goes over there and it’s like doing acting like he’s undercover with the bartenders to all these SCAD Lee skimpily dressed women they got these things they barely lit the time in the middle of barely covers nipples and then the girls that complain and saying oh yeah all this men do you know they hit us hit on us all the time and he said oh yeah that’s what we’re gonna have to do something about that I’m like what are you gonna do I mean how about effect that in on the bar in the bar you would they ask you you know you’re supposed to say if you want a light beer you say you want a dirty blonde and if you’re on a dark beer you say you want a naughty brunette this is actually on the menus you know this I like really well it’s a highly sexualized everything highly sexualized this girls their wariness and you expect people not not to be savages then she says oh yeah you know I kick him out the bar if they ask if my boobs are real I’m like what are you talking about you’re showing them like that and then you get mad if somebody wants to know if there’s a counterfeit boobs you know it’s a perfectly reasonable question to know if they’re counterfeit boobs like what are we dealing with here obviously those were counterfeit I can tell from a mile away these things there’s a perched up like two birds on a tree but anyway that’s not here no there I’m not the type I’m always very professional I don’t even go to places like that to be honest but I find that I find this sad obviously the employees have weird expectations from the job as well the policies it is what it is sex sells and that’s what they’re using and then you know that in the in the show they always send the end or like oh man they pick a few employees that are just they’re like oh my god you guys are the best in the company you’re incredible and they pay off the student loans or something and it’s all like a heartwarming moment and we’re all like all that’s so nice but in reality you only undercover in one store there’s extraordinary people and every restaurant there’s extraordinary people you should run your business more performance-based I’m telling you you can’t put an hourly rate on somebody I mean there’s some really great people you should let them grow with the company there it’s a better way to do it I know I bitch about everything I don’t have all the solutions but I think that I think that they should do something better there with that and the whole boobs out everywhere dirty blonde situation it’s just ridiculous just ridiculous you gets all offended all offended I’m like lady you work for tips and your boobs are completely out and you got faith big boobs you get fake boobs I mean counterfeit boobs and I say counterfeit they’re not fake because a fake boob is like a statue you know that’s a fake boob when you’re trying to pass off boobs as real boobs that are fake that’s a kind of fit boob okay not that I don’t have strong feelings about either way I’m not really a counterfeit boob type I prefer natural I don’t think it’s worth the field is not real I don’t know why you know women do it I hope they don’t do it for their husband a man because if that’s the only reason you’re literally having your body cut open in a surgery to please someone else that’s that’s fucked up but I understand people in different situations so I don’t judge I don’t judge I’m sure there’s a lot of very smart women out there with the counterfeit boob butt and they have to be changed out you know every now and then it’s looks like oil in a car you know now then it leaks in Soma anyway the show is funny I always watch shows like that I watched Shark Tank a lot I find it interesting to see the dynamic and stuff and a lot of these CEOs and Bill they’re completely clueless I think a lot of these people they give themselves far more credit than they deserve far more credit really I believe from promoting from within I like to see people start off and really grind to the way to the top and really be hungry not some Harvard MBA that pops out next you know your hand enough to think doesn’t know how to wash a dish but that’s just me that’s just me I don’t know but anyway you guys should check out the undercover bosses sometimes it’s hilarious it’s hilarious that’s it that’s all I got I think you know the undercover boob keep that in mind I was gonna say something else it was really important but I forgot I guess it’s not that important yeah like I said you know we’re gonna keep on working on Adam if you guys want to help out just message me I’m sure we can figure sometimes I’m really excited about the project just a little less excited there are you how immediately people are trying to make a buck you know trying to resell the coins at a an incredibly high premium trying to rip off the people that are trying to come in to the project like people buying into the coin because they believe in it they want to be involved and you that are part of the core team you’re flipping the script on people making the whole project look bad that’s sad that’s sad but there’s always gonna be people like that but hopefully we’re going to create an ecosystem that makes it that makes it hard for people to screw over their own people that’s why you see these hard Forks and things in cryptocurrencies people the things start out with this great vision and then you have disagreements within the team the core team and stuff and all these things happen may happen with us it may happen with us it’s not something you can always prevent but we’re gonna go out with the best of intentions we’re gonna take a lot of action and have a clear path defined for what we’re gonna do and I think it’ll be incredibly successful I know it will be incredibly successful like I said half of the coins are already sold for the core team so by the time you watch this video it’s probably over so now we’re just gonna get the core team together and start working on the project and soon like I said I get a lot of messages from people that want invest but at this point this hold tight hold tight we’re gonna get this thing rolling out and yeah beware anybody tells you they’re gonna sell your coins directly you don’t do it okay just be patient for a little bit the the initial coins are pretty much sold out like I said this half left but a couple more days it’s gonna be out anyway okay I think that’s all I have for now thank you guys everyone for the support for the excitement on the atom coin project for the crypto city and we’re gonna keep moving forward check out the finance coin I think this is gonna be a real gem I’m sorry for not bringing it to you sooner but have believe have faith because it’s not always about oh I went from a dollar to ten there was people saying that about aetherium they were like the dollar from it’s from a dollar to ten it’s over and then I went to 700 [Music]

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