CRYPTOS BOUNCE: LITECOIN, BINANCE COIN, KUCOIN SHARES (1/6/18) Daily Update + Technical Analysis

[Music] hey what’s going on everyone Matthew from the right back today with another daily crypto update I will be going over my normal schedule which is as per usual Bitcoin cash Bitcoin aetherium like coin ripple knee over coin Monero o Mesa go Liske Cardinal an iota all of those anymore detailed technical analysis on training view in just a second other than that if you’re interested in monthly cryptocurrency buying opportunities you can check out my premium content I’ve a link to that in the description of this video and actually we’ll be making a new buying opportunity for January pretty soon here so it would be a good time to get the the subscription that way you’ll be notified when I post it and other than that if you’re interested in trading out coins you can check out Finance I have a link to them in the description of this video I wanted to get some feedback from you all I’ve been thinking about maybe switching up the daily crypto updates schedule now I’m not gonna do anything just yet because I want to really take in all the feedback but I have a couple questions for you so the first thing is would you like me to change this schedule to maybe the top 10 and just strictly the top 10 so if it point leaves the top 10 I won’t cover it I’ll cover whichever new one is in the top 10 or I can do that with the top 15 let me know if that’s something that one might be better otherwise I can also just keep the schedule that I have now I can change the schedule that I have now and just let me know what you think about that if there’s a better way to go about these daily crypto updates and maybe just cover the big gainers big losers something like that I just want to be making sure that I provide you with what’s best for all of you and what you guys want to see so please let me know and other than that if there’s any particular cryptocurrencies that you really want to see in these daily crypto updates go ahead and leave a comment make sure you like any comments that you agree with and that will give me a good idea as well I also will probably make a straw poll that you can vote on that way I also get a very clear idea of what are the popular coins right now other than that let’s jump right into the daily market update and we can see that the market is pretty strong today actually a very nice recovery this is something that I was expecting for the first week of January we can see that Bitcoin is green now above $17,000 and actually a lot of alt coins are bouncing from yesterday’s drop which is a very good sign because a lot of people started thinking that Bitcoin might gain a lot of steam and that al Cowen’s we’re gonna see some kind of collapse now I still think that we’re gonna see al Cowen’s drop a bit and Bitcoin regained a lot of strength but for now the market is very strong it looks like money is coming back into the market and some pretty big movers here today so some of the bigger Kryptos are just moving up slightly but like coin is one of the big ones that’s up about 20% basically back above $300 now and kind of proved itself as still a very strong crypto currency right a lot of people thought that like coin was starting to die off and it proved everyone wrong here so still looking strong of course the fact that it’s listening on gene acts and coin mace helps a lot with that and I don’t think it’ll be leaving the top 10 ranking just yet I think that well it’ll continue to stay pretty strong here in this area other than that Stella are doing pretty good we can see that Manero neo up around 10% here ray blocks pulling back a bit liske doing very well it actually started bouncing even yesterday I believe so it’s now about $30 again very interesting move there for liske finance coin when a lot of these exchange coins are actually doing really well here and are seeing a lot of value appreciation so that’s up 53% and similarly we have coupon shares another exchange coin that’s up 92% right bills are both now above a billion dollars in market cap and just going down the listing here we have some other big movers we’ve got request Network up 40% power ledger doing good substrate them up 40% and overall a lot of these alcohols are actually seeing some pretty strong bounces so let’s get right into the technical analysis side of things we can see that Bitcoin cash is slowly but surely climbing back up this is kind of what I predicted more horizontal move upwards because we do have some resistance right in front of it which makes it hard to really breaks above this previous uptrend line just yet right so I think we’re gonna have to move a little bit more horizontally to get back to that $3,000 mark but that should happen in due time here relatively quickly and yeah the middle band also creating some resistance there as you can see that’s the brown line at two thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars still down turning on the MACD looks like it may start to flatten out here and coming back up a little bit on the RSI so sooner rather than later here it should really start gaining back some traction and probably going to move back above $3,000 let’s go over towards Bitcoin now and take a look at how it’s been acting so Bitcoin obviously saw a very big bounce here recently and it also put in a nice little short term uptrend we actually made our way back above the previous uptrend line and we’re holding that currently we’re also back above that sixteen thousand six hundred forty four dollar support level which is both very good signs and we do have the Bollinger Bands in the middle band however that are still down trending that’s kind of creating some issues you know it is putting some downward pressure on the price but for now we’re still holding strong we got the crossover in the MACD after the big overextended downtrend that’s a very good sign there we’re now positive on the histogram and coming back up nicely on that RSI so indicators look good here and I think that will continue to see Bitcoin trend long this uptrend line it may fall back if it sees some weakness because this is a very steep uptrend line at the timing and we have this upper Bollinger Man right here so we could see it fall back into the channel which is in between these two trend lines right here but either way we’re we’re gonna move higher here I believe and it should come back and test $20,000.00 probably gonna break above it this time pretty soon here I think within the next month we can see that happen let’s go over towards aetherium which is once again acting strong and we can see that we’re now moving back towards the all-time high they managed to get there just yet we put in a high of 1009 I’ll time high is 1015 dollars but we are moving back above the upper Bollinger Band currently finding support on that actually we do have the previous uptrend line that may make things a little bit more complicated as far as moving up higher just yet and what I mean by that is we’re probably not going to see a massive spike but we’re just slowly but surely gonna move higher here and I’m probably going to get to $1200 is there any that I’m looking at pretty quickly as far as the MACD goes still up training there nicely same thing on the histogram RSI looking strong no concerns on the indicators the volume is dropping off a little bit just something to pay attention to here if we get a reversal candlestick but overall I think that even if we do consolidate a bit maybe pull back just a tad will be fully but surely moving higher nicely here for aetherium it’s just been a very strong cryptocurrency really nothing to worry about I think and all around one of the better crypto is out there just for the fact that it’s been so strong throughout the past two three weeks right let’s go over towards litecoin now and we can see that got a very nice balance made its way right above $300 wasn’t able to hold that this time around but we did make our way back back above the 267 dollar support level and above the middleman at $270 that’s the brown line right here both very good signs now we can see that we’re probably gonna get the crossover on the MACD histogram looking very strong about to go positive and nice balance on that RSI so indicators looking very good here once we get that crossover on the MACD we’ll see even more strength normally and I think that we should be pretty quickly coming back towards $350 here for litecoin and then after that we’ll be back into our previous village bullish range right which is exactly what we want to see happen and it is actually still pretty low right now so I mean take that how you will of course I’m not here to give financial advice but that’s just my opinion let’s go for towards ripple and see how it’s been acting I obviously made a call that it was gonna drop a bit it’s actually looking decent right now still holding up well and just to clear things up because when I make any type of bearish video people think that I’m completely bearish on it and then I hate the cryptocurrency that’s not the case at all I actually like Ripple I’m just saying it did get a very overextended move so don’t be surprised if we see it pull back a bit and I’m gonna go ahead and draw a horse resistance level right over here near that $2.75 arc I mean you could adjust this a little bit but basically between two dollar seventy and two dollars and seventy five cents there is some resistance there that’s something to pay attention to I think because we have some pretty long upper wicks which means that buyers aren’t able to really sustain those higher price levels just yet and I would say if we move back out of $2.75 and hold above that in the short term here that’ll be a very good sign and might avoid any bigger drop but if we lose this short term uptrend line I would expect it to drop more right at least go down to two dollars I would say and as far as the indicators go still looking strong on the MACD definitely took a little bit of a hit here on the RSI it’s now bouncing back above 80 and histogram moving lower so still looking okay not really much to say though and I would just pay more attention to the price action right now because that’s really what’s gonna indicate either the break above $2.75 or the break of the uptrend line will be the signs to look for in the next couple days we’re gonna go over now to the next crypto which is going to be Neal and let’s see how neo has been doing I believe it’s now back about a hundred dollars right under a hundred dollars so 99 dollars and seventy six cents we did actually make our way all the way up to 109 dollars today similar to ripple we do have some resistance over here 104 dollars and actually you can even put some resistance a resistance line over here just a hundred dollars of course as far as the indicators go still looking good on that MACD nice uptrend going there we do have however these bearish divergences on mostly both the RSI and the histogram which could indicate that the price will draw I think that it’s actually looking pretty strong here so I wouldn’t count on that I’m going to go ahead and put in a new short term uptrend line we need to update things here and that would be more accurate for the short-term movement which is pretty steep we’ll see if it’s able to hold this I think it definitely can and overall I mean unless we lose some support levels you know move back below $84 it is actually looking pretty strong right now we’re just looking not great just a day ago but it really got a nice bounce and now I think that we’re going to see back above $100 and hopefully hold above that if we see that it’s not having any issues holding above $100 I think we’ll just Foley would surely move higher along that $100 range let’s go now towards vert corner I believe I will be making my update video on vert corn today it’s still consolidating basically still consolidating in this symmetrical triangle formation and I expect that to continue right it’s gonna continue to consolidate most likely in this formation until it either breaks towards the upside above seven dollars and 21 cents or it breaks towards the downside of the symmetrical triangle and loses these six dollars and 35 cent support level and moves lower right that would probably push it all the way down to four dollars and 85 cents and would definitely be a very bearish signal as far as the MACD goes it’s trying to flatten out trying to get a crossover not able to just yet same thing on the histogram and interesting sign actually is that we kind of broke above the downtrend line on the RSI that could be an indicator that things might start looking back up for vert corner now moving forward we’re gonna go over towards our next crypto currency which is going to be Manero which i believe is actually regaining strength to once again today nice bounce-back above the middle band at $359 currently making our way back towards that 400 dollar mark we actually tested that once today and we’re finding out on the MACD that’s a good sign could mean that a crossover is coming in the next few days same thing more or less on the histogram and back above that 57 support level on the RS a that’s a very good sign so the indicators are looking good here and we got now some pretty decent pullback in consolidation over the past week I think that it’s ready to move back up here I think that it may consolidate just a bit longer right under $400 but overall in the probably the next week or two we’re gonna see a break back about 400 dollars and start moving higher back towards $440 and there’s some resistance there and then back towards the all-time highs right I think privacy will continue to do well we’ve seen that throughout the smaller coins and Manero of course is still king in that category let’s go over towards Oh me see go take a look at how it’s been doing so oh nice ago nice bounce off the middle band coming back up now and still have has bearish divergence on both the RSI and MACD and histogram actually that does usually mean that there is going to be a drop in near future right now it’s still holding up it does have quite a bit of resistance though that’s something to be aware of definitely here and I’m gonna go ahead and put in a horizontal resistance level over here at twenty dollars around twenty dollars there’s definitely pretty big one over there and then I can go ahead and put another one at around nineteen dollars on some some pretty big resistance and just overall with with all the camp previous candlesticks there’s a lot of resistance between this nineteen and twenty dollar area we also have the previous uptrend line which is pretty steep that’s gonna make things hard to move back up just yet so slowly but surely we should be able to move back about twenty dollars and then more horizontally climb upper and higher into that range for now though it’s still in a little bit of a tricky area where we’re definitely not out of the woods yet because the indicators aren’t looking that strong they’re actually looking like they might cross over so if we see that we’re not able to move back above twenty dollars we’re probably gonna at least consolidate in between twenty nineteen dollars and four $14.50 so I would say expect a breakout and I mean we could either expect a breakout and if that doesn’t happen probably gonna get things kind of consolidation in this range here let’s go over towards the next crypto which is going to be Liske and like I said at the beginning of this video Liske has actually been doing really well here amazing candlestick pushing it all the way back towards the highs here not just yet towards the all-time high of 33 dollars and 35 cents but we can expect that maybe tap and in the next couple of days right if this is a a phone breakout that it’s that’s gonna continue now we broke above the upper line of this channel that was the previous uptrend line got a crossover pretty quickly here on the MACD very good sign same thing on the histogram and back above the 71 on the RSI these are typical breakout signals and I mean you can see that with the candlestick right we broke back above the upper Bollinger Band which is always kind of hard to this thing we see that we have managed to scratch by several days after that happened so that could be the same thing this time around I think that we’re going to you can see continued strength here for frisk over the next few days probably gonna trade up along the upper Bollinger Band or up along this current uptrend line so either way I think that we’re gonna continue to move higher but it’s probably gonna pull back at least towards this upper Bollinger Band I think it’s pretty quick we’re gonna move towards $40 here to be honest with um what’s the next two weeks I can see that happening and that would obviously be a pretty big move but I definitely think it’s possible let’s go over towards Cardno now and Cardno took a pretty big hit yesterday went back towards the uptrend line now it’s hanging right on that up for nine with a doji candlestick which is actually a good sign that usually signifies a reversal now that should normally be confirmed after breaking the high of this current candlestick which is 6655 so Toshi is out I mean normally I have to wait for confirmation we are pretty steep here on this uptrend line though I mean these these are innocent in candlesticks which means it could really go either way officially right but based on the fact that we did have a pretty strong drop there’s a little bit higher of a chance that we see a bounce but with that being said we could actual also lose this off trend line and probably break below the low here of 5400 8 Satoshi’s I’ll go ahead and put in that resistance level support level right over there and if we lose that probably going to move back towards this middle band right here so we’ll just have to wait and see we are topping off on the MACD histogram moving lower and lost the 70 line on the RSI so indicators not looking great here for Carano finally we’re gonna go and take a look at what Iota has been doing and it looks like iota is back above the middle band not able to get back above that $4 mark just yet flattening out on the MACD and histogram RSI slowly but surely moving back up so we’ll just have to wait and see here get some confirmation of a break about $4 that holds that’ll put things back into a bullish perspective otherwise we may continue consolidate in between $4 and $3 and 42 cents I’m gonna go ahead and put in a new short term uptrend line that we have in the making here which is actually a very good sign in considering the fact that we’re in a little bit of a consolidation period right now and this could definitely help things move higher is this uptrend line right now that I just drew so if we’re able to hold this that probably means that we’re going to move higher about four dollars and then next up is four dollars and seventy five cents right when I’m being said everyone this is the end of it in crypto update I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please make sure you leave a like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time thanks for watching everyone

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