guys if you want some aetherium news I’m gonna show you exactly step by step how you can make as much a theorem as you want no mining no scams as you can see I have about 55 aetherium right now which makes to be about $54,000 in US currency and I’m gonna show you exactly step by step how you can do this so watch the entire video and I’ll show you that it works all right guys here we go so first thing you want to do is go to a site called play riches comm and if you use there there’s a link down below in the description if you use the link down below you will get some free points just for using the link and signing up under me and also you can use those free points to redeem some aetherium so it’s gonna give you a choice to do either iPhone or Android Android is an actual app in the Google Play Store it’s got good reviews it’s I think it’s at like 4.6 stars and a lot of people are liking it so it is working definitely I’m on an iPhone so if you’re using an iPhone like me it’s a little different it’s just a website that you’re going to but the concept is exactly the same so I’m gonna click on iOS and it’s gonna log me in every day you go into the app it’s gonna give you a free gift so free 5 points and it’s gonna add that to my account this has come back every day for a new gift alright so right up here top right-hand corner it’s gonna show you the points that you have so I have one hundred and fifty three thousand points almost one hundred fifty four thousand so so this is what you do guys so if you want unlimited points basically what this app does is you gain points within the app by completing free offers and then once you get those points in the app then you can actually take those points and redeem it for aetherium so what you do if you want maximum amount of points so right now I’m on the install tab and as you can see if I scroll down there’s six hundred points six hundred points four hundred four hundred five hundred so there’s a lot of apps that there’s one that’s twenty thousand points so there’s a lot of apps that you can download to get points what you need to remember when you’re downloading these apps is when you when you download it you need to open each app and open it for at least thirty seconds otherwise you won’t get your points so if I’m doing for example hotspot Shield it’s gonna go I’m gonna press install it’s gonna take me to the App Store open and there it is so it’s gonna take me to the App Store I’m just gonna go ahead and go back here and what it does guys is once you download that and open it for 30 seconds it’ll give you your points pretty quick and easy it doesn’t cost you any money and once you open it for 30 seconds you can delete it or do whatever you want with it so I see a lot of people when they complete offers keep in mind guys sometimes you have to give it a bit of time because if you complete the offers and like 10 seconds later you’re like Oh where’s my points sometimes it doesn’t come that fast so just be patient and you will get your points obviously it works I mean I have a ton of points as you can see up there so it does work so moving on there’s just some other type of offers that you can do these are called surveys and all you do is just enter in your email and some information and they’ll give you the points these are worth more points and and they’re still easy and free and I highly recommend using them 2,000 points 2,000 points this one’s 13,000 points just for one quick survey 10,000 points for a survey super easy next point tab is the sign up same same concept just complete an offer it’s free and then last last but not least if you want to gain points you can actually watch videos to earn points the points are a little less but I mean hey what do you expect it’s you’re watching videos for free to get free etherium it’s super easy so if I’m gonna go back just a couple more things I want to cover just to make sure you get the max amount of points and then I’ll show you how to redeem those points for aetherium so if you scroll all the way down to the bottom you’re gonna see what’s called offer walls and it’s the same concept but I want to point this out because there’s a lot of apps in here that you can that you can make extra points so each one of these offer walls there’s tons of points that you can get through that and then if you scroll all the way down to the bottom this is your network guys and what this means is if anybody signs up under your link then you get 25% of their earnings you’re not stealing from them or taking their points but like for example if you have a user that sign up under your link and they have a hundred thousand points the system the play Rich’s system is gonna is gonna put twenty five thousand points into your account so how you get points is you click on that it’s gonna give you like you can share on Facebook or Twitter you can email it or what I like to do is just get the the website the URL and it’ll give me just the link that I can text out to my friends or do whatever I want with if I press continue it’ll it’ll copy to my clipboard so you earn for that with for life so if two years three years ten years down the road they’re still gaining points you’re still getting points so I highly recommend signing up your friends and family you can even do this on multiple different phones that you have if you want to sign up like other people if you have like other phones that you want to use or like your family or something you can sign them up as well under the link and and complete offers so these offers are free they’re easy once you get enough points like I have i’ve been redeeming for aetherium not all the a theorem i have is from this from this apps you know i sell some things and trade and things like that but i’ve made a ton of aetherium through this app so once you get enough points you go to the top right hand corner it’s going to show your points if you scroll down it’ll give you some options different options that you can redeem to use your points for so if you want aetherium all you have to do is click on this and seventy thousand for $10 and aetherium a lot of people are saying oh my gosh seventy thousand points so oh my goodness that’s so hard look you can make seventy thousand points in like three or four minutes it’s super easy all you have to do is just download some apps open them for 30 seconds do some surveys and it’s free and there’s no mining involved guys at keep in mind mining etherium or bitcoin is very intensive on your computer costs a lot of money and electricity and if anybody’s been doing mining they’ll know and will tell you that it takes forever to mine coins this is way easier way faster and and it works so if you click on this put in your email address put in your theory amad address and then they’ll just send you out your aetherium so there it is guys go ahead and sign up with my link below if you it’s kind of a thank you let me know how you like it in the in the links or the comments below it does work trust me if for some reason you’re not getting your points just give it a little bit of time and download some more apps and complete some more offers your points will come you can see that I have a ton of points and you will get the points so trust me it’s it’s unlimited the amount of points that you can get and the amount of aetherium you can get with this app so go ahead and download it let me know what you think and we’ll talk to you soon thanks

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