the theorem is that $950 approaching rapidly towards 1,000 the market caps are above 750 billion dollars I made a video on kobera discussing about the theorem hitting $5000 now a lot of people laughed at that video at first it came about when it was at 550 to 600 dollars and now when it’s going up towards 8,000 people are like hmm maybe this is making sense but here’s an update to that situation if theorem will hit ten thousand dollars my name is Micah Ravi stay tuned and this is my opinion so hear me out or don’t but if you’re against it and this is my opinion [Music] most likely crypto currencies will reach one trillion dollars pretty shortly bitcoin is rising up again after some pullback some of the Kryptos that i’ve invested in are doing phenomenally well that is tron that is eos neo steam and the whole scheme at platform are doing it very nicely now steam dollars did have some inflation I talked about that over on Kuvera but with this channel I discussed that previously so hopefully you guys invested in it and I like cart Donna I like litecoin I like a lot of these coins but if theorem is the one that I’ve been a little bit more supportive of than Bitcoin previously and that is due to the fact that 2017 the reason I got back into crypto currencies was XRP and ETH and as right now you can see ripples approaching $4 where when I got into it it was at like 15 pennies or something like that now I have bought and sold and bought and sold I am holding a little bit right now I’m perfectly happy with it I’m perfectly happy with the theory I’ve currently got like five or six aetherium and the reason I have so little of it is because I spread it out onto other cryptocurrencies that are most likely going to do better than a theory and when I say it’s gonna take me from $500 to $5,000 I mean those are impressive returns but there’s out there they’re gonna do five times ten times twenty five times better than that or hopefully that’s what we’re going into this for so gone are the days with stock markets when here wanting you know 10 20 30 % or your CDs your certificate of deposits giving you like anywhere from 3 to 4% oh wow or actually no wait don’t they give you like point 0 I forgot what it was because I don’t even use this stuff I’ve never gotten one before I’ve researched it for a couple months back when I was in high school but I was like that is silly why would anyone ever go into that I played around with the stock market and now cryptocurrencies are just a completely different animal a lot of people keep saying it’s a bubble it’s a bubble if it is a bubble then all right but let’s look at the dot-com bubble where that was going for a couple trillion dollars 5 trillion dollars this hasn’t even hit 1 trillion dollars and it’s climbing absolutely at these crazy rates so if it is a bubble okay it pops but then what what is left behind it’s the technology the internet is here doing better than ever before and it’s exploding right now more money more users than ever before same thing with blockchain technology so let’s say Bitcoin aetherium all of these giants remain and then the scam icos the scam coins get removed when a bubble bursts and by these coins remaining aetherium bitcoin litecoin the ones that have just lasted through everything they might remain there but they might lose half of their value or you know 60% of their value or something like that or 70% they’ll still stick around and maybe for a year or two it’s gonna be pretty bad but in my personal opinion if we wait long enough I don’t know how long it’s gonna be it will hate these numbers where it stabilizes or if it’s not a bubble then I mean it will hit a point of stability eventually but there’s still so many more countries so many more people so many more media outlets that are just finding out about Bitcoin let alone aetherium and look at Bitcoin where it’s at it came nearly twenty thousand dollars a lot of people are predicting 25 50 a hundred thousand dollars now with aetherium a lot of people are looking at it they’re like well it’s better than Bitcoin because it’s faster it has lower fees it has a better community more updates to it better though they keep listing off I’m not gonna choose sides here I think it’s amazing to be on both sides you know I it’s not like I only support etherion by Bitcoin up for both I love them both although I’m a little bit more biased towards the theory and I’m admitting my bias that’s what it is to you guys out there I’m going with tokens that are ERC 20s are based on a theorem because those are usually better and I always like investing in stuff that is known as the next aetherium so neo the Chinese aetherium Cardno a de the japanese etherium eos a lot of people are comparing back to aetherium and by the way invested a little bit into bitshares recently because that’s another one of dan lammers works he did well with steam and he did well with eos and I’m thinking you know bitshares is a little cheap let’s see where it takes us Tron oh goodness a hundred plus percent returns today Wow yesterday was like 40 percent returns on top of this hundred percent it’s just it’s going all over the place here with aetherium this doesn’t make sense but it doesn’t have to and I’m not seeing invest in it I’m just saying look into it if you like it cool go into the community that’s what it means so if you like aetherium you know necessarily have to buy Theory right now erna Theory earn a theorem through your blog through a social media page get a job you typer I don’t know a translator or even taxi driver get paid in aetherium you choose it more times than Bitcoin because if this is what it is if it’s not a bubble if it keeps going on and it keeps expanding and it is the technology of the future then that means over the next couple of years these prices are certainly going to happen where $5,000 doesn’t seem crazy anymore 10,000 boom it surpasses that I’m not putting a timeline and when this $10,000 may happen it may never happen but in my personal opinion I am more confident than ever before that if theorem will hit $5,000 and it will hit $10,000 now I don’t know if there’s gonna be a flip inning with Bitcoin aetherium I don’t know if the theorem will ever reach to the point that Bitcoin did but there’s one thing to look at the theorems in a better position than Bitcoin is Bitcoin was one of the first of its kind and as a lot of people say it’s always nice to be kind of in the middle instead of being the first through the last because the first one has to go through all the problems so bitcoin and litecoin they they’ve been through their own set of problems that theory and while it came out better than the others and it was prepared for the environment and with the roadmaps with a lot of developments over the next couple of months we’re gonna have some pretty awesome stuff pretty cool updates for the media outlets to just report on everybody’s gonna be super hyped up for that and it’s like well as soon as that stuff happens well with Casper and all that I mean hello I think I’m excited I’m super excited also I’m biased because I’m working with an ICM and advising an ICO right now that will be an A or C 20 token so we’re launching within the next two to three months and with that hey if etherium keeps rising then every single ICO that’s on the etherion blockchain will be making a lot more money and if you’re holding a theorem you’re gonna be making a lot of money personally I prefer getting paid in aetherium for sponsored videos than Bitcoin now and it’s just lower transaction fees for me so it’s like it’s easier I like it and I’m excited for the future with it there’s no exact reasons although some people have looked at the logarithmic charts for $5,000 I linked to another article they said it’s possible and with this I don’t know about $10,000 I haven’t looked into it but it’s just a hype alone that over the next couple of months even if it is a bubble there might be time it but if it’s not well if this is supposed to be the next technology of the future there’s so many more people who still want to find out about this right and it’s just like no no we’ll see right now it’s astonished a lot of people that theorem is where it is right now approaching $1,000 where previously in 2017 you could have gotten it for I don’t know $20 $30 $50 probably even $10 yeah can I have bought it for like $7 at the beginning something like that absolutely crazy so Wow there’s plenty of new millionaires and billionaires coming my name is mai kakou Berra or avi avi that’s avi check out my compare channel but I posted this on this channel because I wanted to reach a larger audience today and I don’t know if you want support the movement cool but before you invest into something they showed you a lot of research into it make sure it’s money that it’s yours and if you really like the project it’s not just investing you actually go full out you try and get others involved in the community you get paid in it you you advertise it you go fallout with other ERC 20 tokens and projects and it’s just like you got to do whatever you got to do to make that money to get involved with it because if is the next dollar if the up currency does fall or I’m not one of those people are thinking that Doomsday’s around the corner I do think that it’s just an interesting thing to look at and over the next couple of years it’s a revolutionary new item if you’re m in my opinion has a lot more to go than Bitcoin because bitcoins older and if you’re in like if the theorem gets to become eight years old which by the way it was bitcoins birthday January 3rd today is fourth happy birthday Bitcoin if it becomes eight years old wow that’s uh no wait Bitcoin came about in 2009 it is 2018 bitcoins nine years old my bad Wow time really does fly mine it’s a new year forgot about that anyways if the etherion does become nine years old I see it being at a higher value than obviously you know 2000 3000 $4000 and especially where it is right now where right now we’ve seen certain things go up by fifty by hundred by two hundred percent in 24 hours you know the market cap itself it fluctuates by twenty thirty forty billion dollars sometimes within a couple of hours those are entire states entire countries just being shifted if you enjoyed this video please leave a like um subscribe and share please be aware of anybody who is selling it at really high prices also think about that if we do purchase aetherium and it does fall hold on to hold on to it but if you really hate it then at least saw for an extra ten to 15% kind of like with bitcoins got local bitcoins and you sell on forums and paxville and all that there are people who want to convert their aetherium into Bitcoin and to other alt coins or they want to purchase ëthere iam directly your able to sell anywhere from ten to thirty percent above so that means if you buy today a thousand dollars and it falls down to nine hundred dollars but you’re selling it at like 30% of course you’re still going to profit it doesn’t matter so you know and always if you’re buying more the fees will just be less it’s just gonna be easier to work with stay safe my friends see you guys later hey guys thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed what you saw check out the links in description below follow me on my other social media and we shall see you guys back tomorrow [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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