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hey what’s up guys welcome to another session a fireside crypto with box mining this is a section where it’s very casual and which is chat about what’s happening in the cryptocurrency world it’s really all my opinion of what’s happening on the market and just a little bit of a recap of what’s going on so I’m going to start and talk about this whole new influx of new users into all coins then I’m going to talk about some really big favorites this week so we got called channel ADA coin got ray blocks we got a rip hoe we also got Sean they’re all very very popular I want to voice my opinions on these cryptocurrencies and finally want to talk about a little bit of what’s happening with the cryptocurrency credit cards because a lot of news came out yesterday was great press canceling a lot of visa cards that were issued by either 10x or shake pay so I’ll talk about all this I do want to say that this is my personal opinion not financial advice so starting off with what’s happening on the market so far so this has been a tremendous week for cryptocurrencies we just saw Bitcoin today pushing all the way up to almost 17,000 again and the overall market cap at almost 800 billion dollars so that’s a huge jump for crypto it just seems like after the new year everyone’s starting to find out both about the old coins because we saw a huge out rise in the all coins and of course a little bit of a return in the Bitcoin as well so earlier this week there was a huge push for all coins I mean people started talking about ripple all over the place and she’s people started just asked me hey what’s ripple what’s going on with ripple and we also see the same with tron rate blocks as well just all pushing for above almost doubling or tripling in value and of course we have various signs of that as well we see on YouTube there’s a lot of new channels coming and talking about all these coins and another sign of this was – – Ashley became one of the biggest exchanges now for all coins and there’s so much hype for finance that they had to suspend all their new registrations so they’re just basically at their user limit you can still use it it was a little bit laggy but what they had decided was that because there’s so many users going into they cannot scale I think you’re almost a three million as well and their trade volumes almost passing that of finance it tracks rather so people might be migrating from bit tricks to buy knives this year in fact it was so bad that people started selling their – a council basically accounts that they registered and weren’t using they start selling that out and – had to issue a notice to say hey guess what don’t do that that is definitely not safe because just in case their email or something can recover and steal your passwords that’s gonna be pretty bad so lots of movement for the out coin so let’s talk about few of the top all coins this week so we have ripples so ripple is one of the top talked about coins we also have a dark coin core down on rate box as well rate box pass disco idea of a personalized blockchain so with all these coins in mind I think there is one pattern here which is scaling so ripple has very cheap transactions very fast to send as well cuz their consensus is very fast we also have Cardinal ADA as well they also want to go for know the next generation of blockchain and the same idea goes with rate block so it seems like we are noticing the problems in Bitcoin and in aetherium as well people were definitely complaining that it was hard to deploy contracts on a theorem it took a lot of time and of course people want to take I want new coins to solve that of course a theory of itself is trying to solve that – so you’re going on my coming up with solutions for a theory of network they’ve been paid for this kind of new program to get developers on board to help those scaling issue but the Internet’s not taking any chances they’re like okay let’s spot what’s the next generation technology the coins that contain the next generation technology and let’s just go apeshit crazy over it so that’s why I think rate blocks I have been looking at rate blocks it seems very interesting their technology seems like a combination of iOS technology and your own personalized blockchain technology which seems very interesting and I might be doing a nut shell video on that soon we also have of course ripple so reports being called the bankers coin and I think it’s to point us to being dividing the community the most it’s risen so much in value and I want to talk a little bit about this which is what’s a total supply crowd we compared supplies because I’ve made a a Twitter post about you know would you really invest rip boy if it had the same supply as Bitcoin you know the total supply of ripple is actually a hundred billion so just think about that number compared to the total supply of Bitcoin which is targeting 21 million so it’s a whole unit of difference and of course ripple has 60 percent of those funds so the sixty percent of the total supplied locked up by the ripple labs but ripple labs can unlock this they can unlock this at the rate of 1 billion per month so it’s not mine but it just locked it under cryptographic protection and they can withdraw it to do deal with partnerships or more so it really just begs a question if ripple had the same cap as Bitcoin it would cost almost a thousand I’m sorry eighteen thousand dollars so I was talking a little bit about unit bias here because when people see and look at report oh it’s only two to three dollars but if they saw eighteen thousand dollars would they think the same where they think Oh ripple my triple or quadruple the same because every time we look at a small number especially for a coin with small number we have a tendency of thinking yeah it’s quite easy for you know three dollars to go to six dollars but if you look at eighteen thousand going to twenty six thousand you’re like I’m sorry thirty six thousand you’re right now that looks a little bit sketch maybe not so we definitely have a unit bias here and someone did some research on red and said yeah the coins that are under a dollar they’re performing so well this few weeks it’s just absolutely insane so unit bias is one thing and of course scaling is another so I did a new episode on the what is ripple and the difference between ripple and the extra P so I hope you guys can take a look at that and make a judge for yourself if you guys like ripple or hate ripple so moving on to rate block so for great boxes something I want to talk about and card on oh I have Charles Hoskinson coming in that interview is scheduled for the twenty something I’m gonna post a link below but he’s gonna come in and we’re gonna chat about court down I’ll see if you guys want to ask some questions about it that will be the chance to do so so moving on to the next thing of course Tron Tron has been making waves they just shot up over the past few months we clearly Iran this week it’s right now trying to stabilize it got a little bit of a pullback but I was making so many just waves across the internet of course Tron is also a very controversial coin as well for me personally I looked at the white paper and I wasn’t very impressed because it wasn’t very detailed we didn’t know what they were planning to do you know they basically had these like fancy keywords like Star Trek you know what the Star Trek even mean what’s your detailed plan for the future so generally speaking on like coins that have a well laid out plan but of course people in the internet they being liking planet like general plans too because sometimes plans change so it really depends on how you view things and I will always respect everyone’s opinion so of course with Tron personally I just feel like the white paper was a little bit lacking so one thing I do have to give Justin son of Tron 4 is that he really knows how to sell himself you know there’s a strong association that he has with chochmah well he attended the same like University as Jack Ma but that’s not the strongest link possible if you really chased back to it he bit some partnerships but it doesn’t mean everything but of course he’s being you know hinting at future partnerships and he’s creating this cult personality around himself and I think that’s why Tron’s really taking off it does seem like people are analyzing him as a person and he really knows how to sell himself so that’s my take on Tron I don’t really like a plan but of course they do seem to be making a lot of hype and fever and they seem to know how to play the markets and especially played a formal very well lastly for me today I want to talk about these cryptocurrency cards so we had these visa cards come out you know I was what user of 10x so what happens is that you can get these cryptocurrency cards you can put Bitcoin inside and spend it as a Visa card and it’s extremely convenient if you’re in the crypto world and you have a lot of trip it’s just some crypto and get one of these cards I can tell you it is a game changer but unfortunately last year so Wavecrest one of the issue is are these cards so what happens that these card provider companies like token card shake paid 10x they all use card issuers to help them issue cards well the unfortunate thing about last year was that last year they disabled Wavecrest disabled cars for people outside of Europe so I was owning Europe only and now all of a sudden this week disable all these cards so everyone now who owns a card from shake pay or 10x well you can’t use that well the good news is of course that seems to be isolated to wait for us as a card issuer and I’ve been talking to Julian from with 10x and he’s been saying that while they’re working with new issuers to issue our cards and that’s gonna come out soon so I’ll update you guys when that’s available I hopefully gonna show you guys one of these cards because I think that’s gonna be a game changer for cryptocurrencies you know what I explained cryptocurrencies I always say yeah people always ask me the question you know how do you use Bitcoin well I just pull out you know my 10x card well that’s why I used to do but now you can’t do that anymore you know you can’t spend it and it’s quite a shame that this is not possible for us anymore so I do want to update you guys on that and I’m very excited for this year to see what’s gonna happen in that front so that’s my summary I feel like right now the markets kind of discovered or the new people in the market has discovered all these all coins we had this whole all coin boom coming up even today we have coins like see acquaint enter coin V chain electro neum they’re all were just rising I do want to say with all coins is that they’re highly volatile and of course you really have a double fact-check when you see news I think that’s one very important thing because it’s very easy to just get into the full more and feel like oh man I must immediately click that button and buy but a lot of times when they go up they sometimes fall down you know that’s time how the phrase pump-and-dump came about well if you get up on the hype the pumps but then you get dumped on then no one feels good so I do want to just say with everyone just be careful when you’re trading I love to hear what you guys think about rate blocks about trying about buying ants about card I know leave them a comment down below I’d love to read them and of course reply to them this has been a great journey and I really enjoy chatting with you guys I hope you guys like this segment section as well so there’s kind of more casual talk do you guys like it or hate it or do you guys prefer me with a computer screen in the background and guys so much for watching this episode remember to click the little subscribe button describe to this channel and a little notification bell to get notified of new videos like this thank you guys so much for watching see you next time

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