[Music] hey what’s going on everyone Matthew from the right trader compacted it with another cryptocurrency video today I’m gonna be talking about Cardno give you my updated price prediction for 2018 also talked a little bit about how big can it really get right because it is becoming a large market cap cryptocurrency so we’re gonna talk about if that’s gonna slow things down or if it’s gonna continue to climb up this ranking and otherwise if you’re interested in purchasing card on o or other cryptocurrencies go check out by Nance I have a link to them in the description of this video and if you want to get monthly cryptocurrency buying opportunities you can check out my premium content I’ve linked to that as well in the description of this video let’s get started with Cardno and where I see it heading in 2018 I’m gonna go ahead and pull up some numbers here pull up the chart now what you have to realize is Cardno is one of the one really one of the first alt coins that didn’t have any kind of major financial backing or anything like that that made it into the top 5 right when you think about it ripple is now top to butt ripple does have a lot of industry connections so to say and it has some big money backing it card Auto is really backed by the people right and that is a big difference I’m not trying to bag on ripple or anything but it is important to point out that card on o really made it on its own in this top five ranking and really became one of the first alkynes to to make it into this kind of exclusive group that’s the top five ranking we see some other cryptocurrencies that are getting close to that but Cardno is kind of the first one like I said and right now market cap of right under 330 billion dollars made its way above $1 currently pulling back a little bit so let’s go ahead and take a look at the the chart here really quickly just to kind of recap what’s been going on it it really you know pretty much had a as close as you can get to a non-stop increase right because the the spikes were very big and every time it did pull back and consolidate a little bit but that didn’t really stop it right at every that people were saying the market cap was getting too big it got big too quickly it surprised everyone by going even higher right and that’s the pattern that we’ve been seeing and it doesn’t really look like it’s gonna stop of course sometime in 2018 they’ll probably be a bit of a of a consolidation or something like that but overall I don’t think that we’re done with seeing Cardno continue to increase and just to give you a quick heads-up I do think that right now we’re gonna see a little bit of a pullback as we do after all the big spikes in the short term so don’t be surprised if it pulls back a little bit maybe towards 7,000 or 6,000 Satoshi’s but to give you an idea of where I think it’ll be heading in 2018 I think that based on some of the other Kryptos in the top five ranking I can see it getting towards that etherium market cap level right so aetherium is currently at a hundred billion dollars in market cap and I should also point out that if you know what Cardno is all about it’s trying to kind of become you know the Bitcoin and aetherium killer right but take what’s good from both of those and and beat them pretty much so that is a very ambitious goal they have a strong team behind them and are they going to manage to do that well no one knows yet right it’s still in development and and for the timing I think that it might be hard really to go in and bypass both of those just yet but for 2018 alone I think that we can definitely see it know get towards that aetherium market cap and maybe even if it really becomes you know that big could maybe even start trading I would say in between aetherium and ripple and kind of continue alongside those two as all of them move up together in in 2018 so based on the current pricing that would be about a little over a three times increase but to give you an idea I think that we’ll see basically the price moving towards $5 in in 2018 I think that’s a pretty reasonable prediction and of course the market cap is getting big but from what I’ve seen now with with these crypto currencies is that they just keep on surprising as far as how big they can really get right and just a couple months back I even got con trap of thinking that the market cap was too big for some of these and now you know being a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency even tens of tens of billions of dollars isn’t really that hard anymore it seems like and Cardno is managing to to do that very well and is proving everyone wrong time and time again so I think that yeah I mean getting towards that that 100 billion dollar mark cap even a bit higher is fully possible can it get to ten dollars in in in the near future you know in the future at least I think that it is possible for that to happen though you know that would be a 10 times increase it would be a 10 dollars at that point and the market cap would have to be basically where bitcoins market cap is at so it would potentially have to be thrown Bitcoin and that that’s definitely possible you know it is in the cards for card oh no it’s still a bit early I think now but I would be looking for Cardno to you know definitely bypass Bitcoin cash here and like I said it’d probably be either at a very similar market cap as aetherium or maybe even start trading in between thorium and ripple right and I think it’s again it just gonna be hard to beat ripple right now because it does have an or Missoni backing it and Bitcoin of course is still king for the time being there’s gonna be a lot of changes to this whole ranking in 2018 and we’re seeing that cardano’s kind of paving way for these out coins to make their way to the top on their own volition so this is the end of this video I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on where you think Carano will be heading let me know in the comments of this video but I appreciate you for watching make sure you leave a like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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