NEM (XEM) 2018 price prediction – The sleeping giant?

what’s going on everyone Quinton here once again with a prize prediction video for 2018 but first of all a big shout-out to everyone subscribing to my channel really appreciate it in a few days I went from 15,000 to 17,000 subscribers so that is actually it’s going pretty fast right now so once again guys if you like my channel please subscribe to it for good content for portfolio that you can follow for my tips etc so basically do everything but let’s get to it what we want to do and that is a price prediction video for 2018 and today I want to talk about NIMH as you could probably see on the title down below anyway NIMH is very undervalued I guess me personally I bought into NIMH at this point right here I bought in 25th or 24th of March this year so right here it was 1.2 cents and right now it’s actually exactly 60 cents which makes my investments be increased by times 50 compared to months ago but still I think a lot of you guys and a lot of people within the cryptocurrency industry don’t know about nem but name is very valuable in my opinion so first of all NIMH is actually one of the best technologies out there in terms of being a cryptocurrency a payment platform but also a platform on which you can build cryptocurrency of course we have right now very good upcoming platforms that can replace aetherium as the number one platform to do ICO zones such as Cardno cardano’s Co is so strong I will probably also do a prediction about cordana I really believe in the project cos also if they’re going to release their first first version actually because they’re still working on it button them is also a very good one and I think a lot of people know about this so NIMH is a platform which the technology is one of the best out there still with the catapult release that is happening right now actually in the creation of catapult there are new core release they can handle up to eight thousands transactions per second and their transaction time will be below ten seconds and it was with the previous version it was already up to four thousand transactions per second and a transaction time of fifteen seconds so they’re still improving their technology that’s what I like about NIMH that are focusing on the technology focusing on the platform to be included to be actually upgraded and instead of doing a lot of marketing but on the other side it’s bad that they are not doing so many marketing there god they have no height actually nobody’s hiding up NIMH I didn’t know a hype of NIMH actually they are always pretty down-to-earth you don’t hear about them a lot but what you need to know they are the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in Japan and Japan is still one of the biggest most important cryptocurrency countries in the world nem is very valuable in Japan they know that a very unique thing about NIMH for example they have a very user-friendly interface they have some kind of vesting which is that you can actually earn NIMH by some kind of it’s not mining actually but you are part of the network and if you have a certain amount of assets I think it was 20k I’m not sure actually if you got vested that in your wallet then you can earn and I’m also doing that I’m vesting my NIMH so I got some free coins once in awhile yeah that’s pretty cool I mean and also something very unique is that they have like text messages and what I want to say about text messages is that it actually is necessary if some cryptocurrency wants to take over traditional banking then you should have text messages but these text messages very hard to make apparently on the blockchain to send messages from the typed messages from one person to the other with the transaction of the blockchain so apparently nobody or at least not a lot of projects are doing this right now which I found really weird that they are not managing to do it because even the previous version of NIMH already has this text message integration so if you sent over the blockchain a transaction with your name wall it’s not a wallet from one person to the other then you can add a message to it and the other one receives it so it’s pretty cool they have like these encrypted messages together with the transactions which is necessary if they want to replace banking so it’s a very user friendly interface with very very great technology which is actually not discovered by a lot of people still it is growing but the top 10 cryptocurrencies because some people know the value of NIMH and what I will but I think NIMH would be worth by the end of 2018 is I think NIMH will go up at least times 6 so I think NIMH from now on it would be really reasonable for them to go to 3 and a half dollars which would make name worth more than 30 billion market cap but I think that would be at least because more and more the bad things about crypto currencies such as scalability such as transaction time distance transaction fees these things are big problems for also big cryptocurrencies and it would be more important for technologies that are doing very well on that and them is one of those and then in terms of blockchain not leaving iota aside I think name is still one of the best technologies out there with a very good scalability case with a very good user interface case with a very good case for icos to build on so I think men will be discovered sooner or later and there will be some nem hype while this is not the case never been the case like a real name hype and still they’re there without any hi so that say something about the crypto see I guess so I think nem three and a half dollars by the end of 2018 I think it can go even higher with some good hype we will see but I still believe in EM I personally hold them it’s actually my second biggest exposure my first one is obviously Bitcoin so I have my holdings of Bitcoin or the biggest one in my portfolio then I have name as my number two so it is pretty cool I really believe in them so guys I hope you also believe in them if you have some suggestions about other price predictions I could do by the end of 2018 let me know in the comments down below once again if you like my channel subscribe or you can also like the video if you want if you liked the video obviously thank you guys for watching Cheers and have a great weekend

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