Will Dogecoin go up 10000% in 2018??? WTF! Check it out!

hi guys what’s up its your boy Krypto Marco yet again with another awesome video on the topic of cryptocurrencies and today we’re gonna talk about dollar coin or dogecoin a coin that is very serious in its technology but trying to be silly on the outside something that’s kind of contrary to many up coins out there that are kind of silly but trying to be very serious so I’m gonna talk about dot coin today in dogecoin today I wasn’t in the mood for contact lenses so I’m wearing my glasses but basically if you enjoyed the video make sure to leave it a thumbs up that will help me out a lot and let’s get into it so if you want to know more about dodge coin I highly recommend the Wikipedia page of dodge coin where you can learn a lot about the technology the community and the history behind dogecoin but something is definitely worth mentioning is the community behind dogecoin because community must be probably the nicest community of cryptocurrencies out there maybe even the biggest one and people here they’re just super friendly and can’t wait to help you with all the questions you have about those coins so you can see they’re taking themselves not that seriously if I go if I hover my mouse over this here you can see it turns into a rocket so it’s kind of a playful style but you have to keep in mind that dogecoin is a crypto currency after all so there are some high high high mathematics behind it I don’t know if that the word high mathematics or complicated in serious mathematics behind the how dogecoin works and I highly recommend the Twitter page of dogecoin a lot of cute dogs over here and a lot of spicy memes definitely worth mentioning that on the 7th of December so three weeks ago tonight the dogecoin has reached 2 million blocks on its chain which is also almost exactly four years after the Genesis block Wow much coin very chain congratulations to dogecoin and as you can see if something special about dogecoin is that the circulating supply is super high we’re having one hundred and twelve trillion dodge coin dogecoin out and every year five trillion are getting added and something that’s unique about that is that supply does not end so dogecoin are getting infinitely added into the system which might be a bad thing because obviously that’s that could be you know that could help inflation but then at the end of the day you know right now it’s zero point zero zero eight and if you add five trillion to 111 112 trillion it’s not a very big difference I mentioned that the community of dogecoin is super friendly and super cool and something that they have done is they they do a lot of charity work so they they are fundraising for clean water in Kenya and I have yet to see a cryptocurrency that does that much charity as dogecoin does I think it’s really amazing to not only think about profit to block sides and technical stuff like that but also do some charity work so you know and by buying dogecoin you’re pretty much becoming a part of this amazing community which is kind of a social aspect to the cryptocurrencies that I have not seen in this form in another cryptocurrency and I think that’s pretty cool so keep in mind that the community can be a big factor when it comes to the value off a coin it can be a cushion cushion for when the coin is dropping because the community our community members are rather long-term holding than selling off so especially something that we see in the light coin community so there is super unbiased when it comes to light coin they will probably never sell a single light coin until the day they die so that’s really holding hold on to your dear life but we’re getting off track here another thing that dogecoin has done is they did charity for a Jamaican Bob team so in the 2014 Winter Olympics they could compete and also they sponsored a NASCAR pretty amazing basically dogecoin came from lucky coin which was a fork from litecoin and litecoin obviously was a fork of bitcoin and it was launched on the 6th of December 2013 so yeah pretty much dogecoin had celebrated its 4th birthday a few weeks ago and another thing I have to mention is that on a 25th of December 2013 the dogecoin wallet users have been hacked and they were they the hacker stole like millions of dogecoin which isn’t that much because you know one dogecoin back at that time was one ten thousandth of a dollar but the dogecoin community came together in an act of charity and brought back the coin of those people so imagine as in the amount gosh imagine so many bitcoins were hacked and then the whole Bitcoin community comes together and refunds the bitcoins to people that got hacked that’s something that I could not imagine so it’s really amazing what the dogecoin community has done there also there is a in February 2014 and there is there has been and dogecoin they made a they opened a dogecoin at the m in ATM in Vancouver and on March in Tijuana so kind of funny places to open up ATMs for dogecoin but it’s kind of you know what else would you expect from a mean coins such as dogecoin and the reason why I made a video on dogecoin is because somebody in my comment said oh yeah you can see that we’re in right now because shitty coins such as such as doge coins that were only supposed to be memes are getting are getting are that much value but guys to be honest many social media channels are using dogecoin as a form of tipping system because it’s fast and it’s cheap and that’s something that other cryptocurrencies can’t do so red coin is kind of seriously – dogecoin but I’m gonna get into red coin into an in another video but basically red coin and dogecoin are great coins if you are a complete beginner to cryptocurrencies because you can send like one Doge quant from one wallet to the other and if you fuck up you only lost one hundredth of a dollar so zero point zero zero eight eight eight six dollars that’s not a lot so if you fuck up a transaction with Bitcoin now that’s where you’re losing a lot of dollars so basically if you are new to cryptocurrencies and just want to put your feet in the water instead of jumping straight into the cold water I would advise you to check out dogecoin and as always I’m repeating something that’s very important in almost every video when you’re investing in certain cryptocurrencies you have to make sure that the team behind it is passionate that the community is passionate that the technology is solid and dogecoin is a coin that has been around since 2013 so it has been around for a long time then many other coins out there and keep in mind that a few years ago dogecoin was at the third or fourth rank in crypto currencies and on the market capitalization which is amazing right now dogecoin is sitting with rank 34 hard to imagine right now but you know the cryptocurrency market was totally different a few years ago and there are some even though it’s a meme coin you can see what solid technology and the great community behind it can mean so in my opinion i think that right now it’s not a good time to actively invest in dogecoin because it certainly has passed a all-time high of almost one cent but let’s see one month ago it was it was a tenth of that so not sure what triggered this increase in value but I think that just being part of the dogecoin community if you’re a fan of spicy memes might be worth buying dogecoin plus if you’re a beginner and you never you know owned your own cryptocurrencies out there dogecoin might be a nice coin you want to get started with it’s open source it’s decentralized it’s everything you need to have in your cryptocurrencies but keep in mind and that everything I said here is not professional financial advice it’s only my personal opinion so never invest money that you can’t lose that you can’t afford to lose never invest mortgage money never invest your savings never invest your rent money your food money and I think dogecoin is amazing for that so as you can see there are a lot of markets where you can buy dogecoin so with you you pay $1 and you get $100 corn so that’s pretty cool and there are really a lot of places where you can get dogecoin and this was pretty much my whole opinion on dogecoin so thank you very much for watching hope you like have a lot of success in your trades nice Christmas Happy New Year and see you soon bye bye

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