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we are talking I’m giving away a phone giving away cash but more importantly when we talk about four strategies for investing in Bitcoin crypto currencies all this is probably the most common question and this is the first time I’m really going to talk about it I got a couple of exciting things to announce I’m not gonna be here super long cuz I have to fly catch a flight but I get we’re gonna get as much stuff as we can talk about if you notice Bitcoin popped over $11,000 per Bitcoin and it dropped down again but it’s reaching new levels people millionaires have been made even billionaires have been made I know some of the crypto billionaire crypto billionaires so let’s talk who here is interested in Bitcoin by the way I’m gonna give away this 128 gig black iPhone 7 plus at the end plus I’ll be giving 100 bucks people pay attention so let’s talk about Bitcoin will also of course be talking about other crypto currencies Bitcoin is the most common it’s the largest for some of you who are advanced you’ll know a lot of this stuff for those of you most of the world is not advanced so I’m actually putting together I’m gonna announce here a little bit later on a Bitcoin Krypto Academy for those who really want to learn this thing I’m flying in the best traders the best investors the richest guys in the world that I know personally to do me a favor to teach in this so let’s just get let’s just talk about these four strategies so the first thing you have to understand is there’s multiple approaches so we don’t have time to get into all B’s but you know you have the ico approach this is approach I’m working on right here initial coin offering you have people who are trading actively Bitcoin but more so other coins okay so you have the alt coins the alternatives to bit coin you have those other people approach cryptocurrency because they like the blockchain concept okay and they like you know the technology aspect of it which this right here could change the world these law already is changing the world some people are you know tech coders but most people that are involved have a common goal they would like to make money as they do this whether it’s an ICO whether they’re actively trading some people are buy and hold they’re using especially Bitcoin as a store of value okay like I said some people are super into alternative coins there’s all I just had a podcast Brock Pierce’s wife crystal Pierce was at my house she’s done an ICO launching an alternative coin there’s thousands of coin hers is called the cents coin you probably saw me doing that so there’s all kinds of things going on here and so usually when people are trading actively they’re doing more than altcoins not so much Bitcoin then you have over here the blockchain side smart contracts the most well-known is a theorem okay one of the cofounders of a theorem was at my house a couple weeks ago we went out to a out for a Halloween party so the first thing I want you to know in terms of approach these strategies is you have to know you have to become sophisticated enough to know what’s gonna fit your approach like I said some people want to do active trading and they want to try it’s almost like day trading stocks I have friends in there offshore and these guys have made they’re making their trading you know 10 20 million dollars at a time of these currencies and they’re making money they’re making crazy money now of course there is also the question of is it a bubble right there are famous people saying it’s a but it’s going to be a bubble then there’s people apologizing because they are now not sure you have people who are fans a Bitcoin you know like Andreessen one of the founders one of the you know the oh geez of the internet Bill Gates has talked about it you have countries like China and Russia that are stamping you know putting their foot down and putting regulatory controls on it especially your China around the ico market Russia issued their own coins so let me just talk about this why this is important for you to watch this right now okay what I want you to know it well first of all one of the things I want you to know is if you had put a hundred dollars in Bitcoin in 2010 you know today you’d have a hundred million dollars approximately okay so that’s a port for you to know now whether you can do that again is another question whether you’ll be able to replicate this but why as we know there’s new currencies being formed Bitcoin started at zero you know originally Bitcoin starts at zero and as it grows right it’s its value has gone up it fluctuates it went up to eleven thousand and dropped down now it’s climbing back up again if you look at here iam it’s been rising rising rising and there’s so many coins there’s so many others you know ripple and litecoin like I said these little teeny coins that you’ve never even heard of so someone says is it too late to make millions in Bitcoin and the answer is I don’t think it’s too late to make money in crypto we’re gonna talk about Bitcoin so basically we’re talking about as much as we can but so you have the number one traded coin is Bitcoin all right we’ll look at the market cap it’s it Dwarfs all the other market caps it by far is the largest coin then you have the other big one some people caught eath some people call it ether some people call aetherium kind of a slang for it among the people who are you know the bigwigs they caught eath but will call it a theorem a theorem is an alternative for it’s not just the different coin it’s actually a coin that’s built on a different technology okay so that’s I don’t want to get too far down this cuz the goal is not to be confused by this my goal for this talk like I said I got ahead to the airport in about 40 minutes is so that you have an understanding of how to get started all wealth all success starts you know at just one moment in time I remember a moment in time in business when I was working in a little closet basically it was office the size of the closet with no windows I couldn’t even lean my chair back it was so small and I basically start found the internet found a new technology found Google AdWords and I went from zero to making six-figure making a hundred grand a year and then I figured out how to go to a hundred grand a month I remember doing that and I remember getting a hundred grand a day you know or 100 grand a week and then I remember hidden hundred grand a day and now I make more than that and so maybe this is your moment in time that you’ll be able to look back and go you know what changed my life is when I begin to understand the financial markets so basically one of the things I want you understand is very simply you have basically always for the last 200 years you’ve basically had you know well let me actually divide us in thirds okay you had your sovereign currencies okay then you had barter okay and now there’s something new so sovereign currency US dollars euros you know you’ve had now you’ve had gold at some point it was the gold standard then it switched off the gold standard about a hundred years ago or so various stages it kind of changed around you know you got pounds in you got pounds you have yen you have all these these are government’s creating money and now it’s not really backed by any gold okay so it’s just it’s backed by what’s called the full faith and ability for them to print money so the reason that you trust u.s. dollars is because there’s a government backing it that can tax if it runs out of money it can either tax us as American citizens citizens okay or it can print more money now both of those have problems because of course if you put more money you create inflation if you tax people more they go offshore look at Appl they got over two hundred billion dollars in Ireland right okay so you’ve always had barter and there you had gold – but you had you know I’m watching this show on Netflix where you have pelts with Jason Momoa what’s that guys it’s Aquaman what is it Momoa that says it so you had furs that they had wampum you know that’s what the Indians seashells and of course you could swap you know food or whatever now for the last thousands of years basically since the beginning of mankind this is all you’ve had okay right here now something changed about ten years ago it depends when you want to count it in a sense virtual currency has existed since even earlier since the 1990s but what we’re kind of talking about let’s just pick on the date and say for about the last 10 years you have had an alternative to these but not many people knew about it but now you know about it because it’s all over the news okay now you know about it because you everybody here probably has heard the word Bitcoin you might not know what it is you might not know if it’ll help you might not know if you’re gonna profit from it but that’s why you’re here right now so in the last 10 years there’s been development of something that really you should call crypto currency and it develops a with a certain type of technology called blockchain because it’s basically electronic money some people say it’s a little bit like Excel it’s a little bit like a spread sheet so think of how barter used to work you know you would give somebody fur and they’d give you something back but what if you wanted to like say don’t pay me and pay this person instead and you’d create this like ledger you’d write stuff out you could do on Excel you can do on a spreadsheet and you could keep track they call that even now with cryptocurrency they call that the ledger but I don’t get too advanced I just want you to understand that all of these things are changing these and it’s probably not gonna stop even if Bitcoin prices go down they went down they went up to eleven thousand I went down right even if that happens that doesn’t mean there’s not gonna be a continual growth of this one of the case in points is if you live in Venezuela right now if you live in certain countries in Africa right now where there’s hyperinflation we’re literally a billion of their dollars is only worth a nickel guess what they’re using instead they’re using Bitcoin right now in countries like Africa and that’s good news which means this probably is not gonna go away you know how much money is sent from country to country like people you know illegal immigrants work in Mexico from Mexico they come to America they work here and they send money back to their parents or their family in Mexico right well guess what right now they’ve been using Western Union sometimes they mail money if you use Western Union there’s incredible fees because Western Union has it takes on a risk they hold the money in the in change rate theoretically could cause any way not to get too complex but there’s problems if you bring cash you get robbed and all that well what’s probably gonna change the world or an already is is the growth of this and in the last while I’ve had some really a unique opportunities some of the stuff that I’m sharing with you is coming from the most powerful people in the cryptocurrency world okay if you’ve seen my snapchat for the last while I’ve been going around all over the place fly jetting around being with some of those powerful people in this game like i said co-founder of the the market makers the big ico people the the founders of what we now know now Bitcoin nobody knows who founded it some people think it was one guy and some people of course think it’s a conspiracy and it’s super smart people and all this stuff that like a little consortium group it’s like the Illuminati or something like that now so the first strategy is just I mean the first thing to understand is it’s not just Bitcoin that’s what I’ve been trying to say it’s not just Bitcoin the second thing like I said is you have to understand before you should invest in anything you should understand it that you before you invest this is the first rule if you ask Warren Buffett who’s you know made over his company that’s two hundred billion dollars a year Warren Buffett says don’t invest in what you don’t know in alright don’t invest in what you don’t know not don’t invest what you don’t know it so if you don’t know anything about that’s why I’m giving you this background so you begin to understand you know like okay this thing makes sense it’s kind of an alternative to bartering things it’s kind of an alternative to the US dollar it’s there’s multiple currencies not just Bitcoin it’s using a technology called blockchain there’s other technologies to we talked about smart contracts thing it’s electronic money is one way to think about it instead of having a wallet in the future you’re probably just gonna walk around with this thing your phone right and your virtual wallet now they already kind of have that with Apple Wallet and all that stuff but you know that’s under the control of Apple do you really want all your money to be under the control of one company what this does is it D centralizes so one of the things that you need to understand making money you got to understand the decentralized economy just imagine this there’s a guy named Brock Pierce and he’s one of the big crypto billionaire guys and and I was at his house he invited me there a couple months ago and we were talking and he gave me this talk just and Roman and my business partner out there and he was talking about the future of the decentralization so that no longer does the US government control all money no longer does you know Zimbabwe the the dictators their control the people no longer does Venezuela have massive you know problems in terms of people who live there can’t store their money because it’s now you know not it’s continually be either there’s deflation or inflation right inflation is the worst my grandma lived in Germany in the 1920s and there was inflation at such a point where you didn’t even want to get paid in money so what can the decentralization do well probably your house instead of just buying a house and having to get a loan from a bank you might get 10,000 people to buy the house with you and you pay them off slowly you could decentralize it so no longer this Bank of America does chase does the Freddie Mac for you know Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac no longer do these big government banks control the whole thing the biggest part of the world right now 15% of the US economy is financial transactions the largest part of the u.s. trillions and trillions and that’s just in the u.s. now they’re still we’re gonna be banks but they’re getting competition so one of the things that I want you guys to understand is remember I said a hundred bucks in Bitcoin in 2010 turns into a hundred million dollars now okay well I don’t want you to miss out because I believe it’s not too late for you and I don’t care if you have a lot of money if you have a small amount of money you can buy they basically took Bitcoin and they fractionalized it into it in I mean you can buy a team if you can’t afford one whole Bitcoin at eight ten nine ten eleven thousand dollars you can buy a teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny teeny fraction of it okay so it’s not too late for you but but it will get harder to make money so the longer you wait the worse it gets for example if you had I have a friend he bought 800 bitcoins let’s just put this in he lives in South America he bought 800 bitcoins at $1,000 he had some money in savings oops sorry 800 so he bought it at a thousand so he put an 800 grand I don’t know if you guys could see that okay he put that it guess what it when it if he had sold when it shot up to $11,000 oops 800 times 11,000 roughly it’s eight point eight million dollars not bad right get a 10x your money in a very short period time he’s not a billionaire someone said no he didn’t quite make a billion dollars but there are people that have made a billion dollars two years ago there’s guys sleeping on their couches who I know right now are worth hundreds of millions of dollars somebody said ties Bitcoin going to crash well we do know this everything that goes up must come down we do know that nothing can grow infinitely forever Bitcoin one Bitcoin will never be worth ten trillion dollars so at some point it slows down and for sure it goes up and down right now so the question is will crypto currency all of the coins let me show you something if you just go here and you I’ll show you how many different currencies there are besides so if you just go to a block Bitcoin market cap you can just Google it with me if you want the first couple websites that pop up so you can see there’s a website here and let me put here coin market cap will just tell you all the how much each Bitcoin is right now at ten thousand six hundred sixty-six of theorems at four fifty seven you got Bitcoin cash the third biggest Ripple – Bitcoin golde litecoin iota Minero aetherium classic you got all these and you neo I mean you can go down look at this look how far down we can go so number 100 right now is Aragon a on counterparty pop coin nav point V chain Nexus Zen cache so the question is will all of them go down probably not what will happen is some will go down and some will go up it’s like the stock market a little bit okay except it’s not the stock market that’s the whole crazy thing it’s not controlled by you know one board in New York City the regular stock markets controlled by dependent which one you look at you know New York Stock Exchange that’s its own it’s a company so it was Nasdaq okay and if you look you know hang saying and you’ve got the foots you got these come the lending stock exchange and you have India has a stock exchange this is no government this is no borders man this thing is basically determined right now by supply and demand one of the common things that people bring up about crypto currencies like Bitcoin why they say it’s gonna crash is they say there’s nothing behind it and there’s truth to that and that’s also a false statement there’s truth and there’s falsity to that the truth is in a way there is nothing bitcoins not something you can hold in your hand there’s no Bitcoin like this you can’t print out Bitcoin I mean you can print out like your screenshot or something but there’s nothing but that’s very similar to your bank account right now log into your Bank of America bank account there’s you can’t I mean you can print the page but you can’t take your Bank of America login screen shot of your balances and go to a store and go I’d like food right so what determines the u.s. dollars value what determines the Euro supply-and-demand okay so as long as people are demanding Bitcoin and what’s happening if you look at coin basis one of the largest wallets or the is the largest they had like in the last week they have like 10 million new wallets creating now that doesn’t mean 10 million unique new people because some people open more than one but I mean millions of people and the more people who use it the less likely probably that it is to be to crash but the US dollar could crash the Euro could crash you know all currencies can crash so you want to diversify probably you don’t want to put air and everything all your eggs in one basket but you probably don’t want to miss out on this trend okay you probably don’t want to miss out on this trend so one of the things and like I said I got to go to the airport here in a little bit but I’m gonna try to get what time is it yeah so I got 29 minutes to talk to you guys I’m gonna put up a link in a second I’m creating a small group of you I’m flying in the top crypto currency experts traders investors millionaires billionaires and I’m making a basically a secret online it’s not secret because I’m announcing it here live but I’m making a Academy that you can do you can go through on your phone will take you step-by-step give me two months 60 days and will train you it’s not even launched it won’t be released till next week but I’m gonna let you guys for those you who want to get early access I’m gonna let you in at a lower cost now this is not for everybody I’m telling you the guys that I’m bringing in I can’t even announce one thing about cryptocurrency it’s somewhat of a secret world right now because remember a lot of people don’t want to you theoretically with Bitcoin you can hide your identity fully you know there’s people using all kinds of techniques there’s people creating many many different wallets and stuff like that so there’s people using VPNs and things like that so I think that it’s important for you to know that some of these people I’m gonna bring in to teach I might not even be able to put their face on the camera we might do one of those things like in the Mafia like a trial where you like change their voice and put a dot over their face but trust me you guys probably saw a couple months ago I did a crypto dinner at my house I invited thirty the top crypto people that we had the big you probably remember if you saw you know we had some of the big market makers there you saw guys like Brock Amir and all these kind of like I said the I don’t even know they’re gonna teach but I’m gonna ask them and I’ve got guys already lined up to teach some of them are gonna say no and some are going to say yes the one advantage that I have that will help you is I have access to a lot of these interesting people so somebody said they’ve done that before they had your buddy disguise his voice so yeah so I’m gonna put up a link in a little bit if you want to get in I’m gonna let you a small group of you I’m never gonna let it’s never gonna be I do these talks on social media but I’m never gonna freakin put it like all this on my youtube because here’s the problem the people who really know who can teach you how to trade who could teach you how to invest you know what thing they don’t really want to be all over YouTube if you go to youtube right now and you type in you know Bitcoin and stuff you get all these people who haven’t really made that much money I’m bringing them people made 100 million bucks 200 million bucks five hundred million dollars people have done icos over 500 million but I mean these are the big big people so if you want to learn from the best and that’s how I’m continuing to learn this is so new that nobody knows everything there’s only a few people who have really been in crypto for more than five years there’s only a few trust me most people have only been in this game two years like I said some of you take someone like Brock here have been in this thing since in the 90s before crypto currency just virtual currencies there’s a few people like that but I want to show you the average person whether you’re young old you know middle-aged if you want to not be left out of this trend I’ll give me 60 days we’re gonna show you how to start investing in it we’ll talk about the different currencies that you can get well we’ll talk about you know the wallets we’ll talk about alternative coins to Bitcoin we’ll talk about the pros and cons we’ll talk about I cos is a whole nother world out there is our initial coin office offerings how you can actually raise money for your business idea using cryptocurrency that’s a whole literally we’re gonna include a whole part on that and we’re gonna be talking about things like smart contracts how they’ll be used eventually they’ll be used instead of stock options so when stocks will go up and down you use options right to hedge your bets that’s the same thing that’s gonna be happening with cryptocurrency using things like aetherium smart contracts and basically some of your gonna learn how to be cryptocurrency entrepreneurs I got a buddy of mine raised thirty million bucks for his entrepreneurial venture in ether etherium and Bitcoin and he did that last year his basically his net worth he it went up thirty million dollars this year okay from an ICO so we’re gonna talk about that that’s a big part of this program I’m gonna I’m gonna put the link up now so here’s the deal I’m gonna give you guys pre access what that means is you will be the initial people in this Bitcoin crypto Academy online you access it on your phone you can access on your laptop you’re gonna get a special password a special login don’t share that if you share it with people you’re gonna be locked out of it and blocked forever okay so all this stuff man we’re gonna I’m gonna show you this is the exact same people who are training me when I want to learn something new I go straight to the top so if you want to get trained along there by the exact like I said millionaires 100 million billionaires the big crypto traders the people like I said I’m not even gonna be able to say all of their names some of them will put up pictures and videos and some of them are gonna wear a freaking mask or some of them gonna just be an audio so you’re gonna get videos you’re gonna get audio it will come out next week okay so you’re gonna get in I’m gonna put it at a lower price because you know you’re getting in early and then I’m gonna take this down so I’m gonna have this up for the next one hour I’m gonna be here for about how many more that’s what time is it I’m gonna be here for 20 more minutes answering questions on it and then I’ll leave it up for another 45 minutes while I’m driving to the airport okay someone says ty knows so much about a wide rage he hooks up with the best teachers dude you’ve got to get the best teachers you want to learn this thing a Bitcoin crypto telling you I’ve been on YouTube I’ve googled it all those people teaching they know a little bit but they’re not the people making big money you think somebody making 50 million dollars is gonna go make a YouTube video and tell everybody how to do it the only reason that I have access is a lot of these guys are friends or friends of friends so I can ask them for a favor yo man will you record one video from my secret crypto you know Bitcoin Academy and they’ll be like I’ll do one and then it’ll be a compilation of and that’s better instead of just learn from one person cuz I see I’m on Twitter’s big on crypto currencies there’s these individuals that think they know everything about crypto there is no one person smart enough to fathom everything that’s going on with the decentralization of the entire financial world man you think there’s one guru that you can get all your answers from no but if you get the collective mind from the top 10 or 20 people you’re gonna learn from different balanced perspectives if that makes sense okay so I’m gonna put up a link here oh so you should see the link for those on YouTube it’s in the title Twitter it’s in the title it’s clickable Facebook it’s in the title you’re gonna be learning about Bitcoin I’m gonna be learning how to make money how to buy it how to trade it can we learn about the alternative currencies you’re gonna learn about how to use it to raise money for a company possibly for your idea we’re gonna talk about advanced techniques we’re gonna talk about alternative coins we’re gonna be talking about smart contracts we’ll be talking about and like I said some of these people who are building who are gonna be teaching you are the founders or on the boards that’s what you want to learn from you know you don’t want to learn from somebody there right now one problem in crypto and Bitcoin everybody thinks they’re an expert cuz they’re buying their buying bitcoin now and it’s going up and they’re like see how genius um I’m like not that’s not you that’s a rising tide that’s raising you up so there’s a lot of people that think I don’t even think I’m a genius in this area okay someone said that the link didn’t work if the link didn’t work you can go here well now one of the things you’re gonna get is a I’m also building by next week I will have a special private Facebook group okay the special private Facebook group is gonna be badass the value you’re gonna pay for this to be in the online Bitcoin Academy is going to be just for the Facebook group I’m gonna bring in badass people you’ll be learning from other people it’ll be a very active Facebook group so you only it’s private Facebook group only for those people who get in the program all right let’s do Todd what’s a good amount to start in Bitcoin start with what you start always with disposable income do not bet all your money do not bet your rent money do not vet your kids tuition do not bet money you know like okay I see people pouring in long wind congratulations where do you live damn everything’s all crashed this is Yahoo Mail do we crash yahoo mail I get my alerts there when people join these test groups let me close every other window all right let’s see who just got in for some of you it’s working okay let me take some quick questions somebody said yeah just key I’m gonna leave it open for another hour after I get on here just to give you guys a chance then I’m gonna take it down so people are gonna be just keep refreshing the page okay congratulations Malachi Ferdinand trying to get Malachi even my yahoo what is it well I’m gonna turn off my wireless see if that loads it faster Malachi congratulations you know what it is damn charger yeah let me see all right congratulations to Craig Lamar ooh in Alberta Canada welcome to the group congratulations to Kelly Chen massachusett now let me just be clear it may be clear it’s launching next week you’re getting a special price because so don’t go how come I didn’t work right away it’ll be up next week okay it’ll be up next year I’m just giving you a preview okay someone said it’s not working I know that we crashed it died what you’re paying on litecoin invested $200 okay here’s the thing one of the things that I want you guys to learn remember the principles of investing and this is what I’ll be teaching the course are generic meaning a good real estate investor will understand how to do Bitcoin because once you understand how to do real estate you understand the fundamental now of course you’ve got to learn the specifics of cryptocurrency but the same principles apply for example you got to understand that things go up and down and you actually want them to go down some people go uh what would you do if Bitcoin crashed all the way down to a thousand bucks you know what I would do buy that shit up you buy that a thousand probably gonna go back up to ten fifteen thousand you’ll 10x your money so some people don’t understand the rules of investing so they’re freaked out and they sell low and buy high and then they no no no no no okay I just want to add that you know I said I’ll give you four principles the fourth principle is advanced investing techniques which I’m gonna teach you over the next two months me and this group of people they work on crypto they work on the stock market they work on real estate they work in business you know in business when there’s a economic crash you can buy businesses I don’t I’m not afraid of that I’m not afraid somebody said tie can you not spell is that why you scribble well you don’t think I have great handwriting come on man CR why pto crypto I don’t even know what I wrote the old stock that’s real Arielle I’m not so bad at smell at spelling ok let’s talk about some other things let’s talk about so the invest investing techniques most people are afraid of this why why are you afraid of this why are you afraid of this if you buy a house here and it crashes what are you afraid of that it was it still have a roof does it still serve the utilitarian function ok well if it serves the utilitarian function you’re good because guess what the market will come back people need a place to stay so the question is not is Bitcoin gonna go up and down you should pray it goes up and down because you only lose if you sell so if you bought Bitcoin at 10,000 and it drops to 8,000 and you sell here because you have a heart attack because you don’t understand the principles of investing you don’t understand in vast investor techniques this is what millionaires understand as long as the underlying utility is still there and as I’ve said I believe the underlying utility of crypto currencies some of them will go up some of them will go down there’s people trading you’re gonna learn in this program how to trade between so some people will take the profits from Bitcoin and flip it into another coin they’ll buy ether with it you know so there’s so much if you can keep a cool head if you cannot flip out can I see your no maybe you cannot flip out you’ll be good I gotta unplug this thing people freak out too much we live in a world where people have too much anxiety goal is that whether you become yeah this is course is not saying that everybody’s going to become a crypto billionaire for those of you who get in this group the private Facebook group will be up next week it’s ty Lopez homicides Bitcoin except so many people are going here to get in we have crashed my website which I guess is kind of good but kind of bad by the way why am i charging money for this two reasons one I don’t want to go like in life you have to make some profit but number one I’m going to fly I’m already flying in some of the best people in the world so I have costs expenses video team all that stuff number two it’s working now okay it’s working now number two I’ve learned if people won’t pay for something serious the average person spends 800 bucks a year on coffee so you know if you’re serious about this you’ll do it and if you’re not serious then you shouldn’t be in the group I want serious people in the group I want people we’re gonna share in the Facebook private group I want people that understand that there’s a lot here to learn that are willing to put in two months you’re gonna log in on your phone you’re gonna get a special password you’re gonna be able to log in on your phone you’re gonna be able to log on your laptop or you can download the audio you can listen to it on the way to work you can listen to it while you’re on the treadmill you can listen to it while you’re laying in bed you can watch videos if you prefer that or you can listen to audio we’re gonna take you step-by-step through every aspect of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it’s my Bitcoin crypto Academy that’s the test group those of you got in I’ll see you in the group I’ll be in that face group Facebook group will be talking I’ll be introducing you to badass people we got Canadians we have Europeans we have Asians we have South Americans we have Americans everybody’s getting in because because the most important thing is there’s a lot of misinformation my goal for you is that you get the best information the best techniques the best strategies on making money investing storing money trading money with Bitcoin and all the alternative or other crypto currencies that’s my goal for you we’re gonna be talking about how to store your passwords Zacks uncle was given $1,000 in crypto currency and Bitcoin like two or three years ago and he can’t find his password and guess what guess what he probably has $500,000 and he can’t find his password one thing about Bitcoin it’s no joke if you lose it they ought there’s so many there are so many permutations of a password that you can’t be hacked so if you lose your password there’s more possibilities on the passwords than there are all the same if you imagine every grain of sand in the world right now on every beach and then every one of those grains was a universe that had another set of it was another world with grains that’s about the odds that you can randomly guess the hash okay that they use for crypto you’re probably not gonna guess now there have been people who hacked into accounts but they do things like you know somebody writes their password on a piece of paper and their person sitting in the cubicle next to them sees it but trust me it’s very simple you’re getting the Bitcoin Krypto Academy it’s an online program 60 days to months you get access on a phone to a special login and password I’m bringing in the best teachers we’re recording videos with them audio with them we will also have live calls we’ll have live calls you’ll get access to meaning you’ll be able to ask questions to top crypto traitors crypto experts crypto investors founders of coins you know what you’ll also get access to a private Facebook group which will be launched next week you’ll be one of the first founding people in it it will be an active group you can ask questions you can learn real-time Taif the grid goes down what then the good thing about crypto technology and cryptocurrency is it’s not just know if the whole Los Angeles power grid or we were hit by a nuclear bomb the ledger is spread out the ledger is how you basically keep track of you know these transaction it’s spread throughout the whole world so as long if the whole world explodes then we’re you’re in trouble but if it’s not like you know Google you if one set of servers gets destroyed a lot of data is destroyed it’s spread it’s decentralized decentralized remember that that’s the power of this bad boy we’ll talk about crypto mining do one of my buddies is one of the big crypto miners they got big servers that’s Bentinck raising money we’ll be talking about all this sounds crazy but let me just say I’m gonna end with this it wasn’t too long ago that the internet sounded crazy in 1994 when Jeff Bezos is he were gonna start Amazon who’s that all what is that so this is a scam this is there’s actually old youtubes where you can see news reporters talking about it what is this this sounds weird this is this is a crazy fad well guess what Jeff Bezos just passed a hundred billion dollar net worth because he caught a trend he wasn’t a first but he won the last my mentor II said never be the first or the last to try to to test and get involved in something new you don’t you’re not the first this thing’s been around about a decade at least depending how you count it’s really gotten hot in the last two years okay so you’re not but you’re not too late but if you wait too long you will be late and it’ll get hard it doesn’t mean it’ll disappear the opportunities what it means is there will be harder to make money if you had gone Bitcoin that $100 would be better than getting in at eight thousand dollars okay someone said eath is 2.0 cos is 3.0 yes I know the founder of eos brock he friend of mine and he’s built a OS which is a whole nother competitor to theory emits another blockchain technology they’ve raised over five hundred million dollars already for their IC o—- maybe it’s up to a billion now I can’t even I don’t have time to get into all the craziness Yost wife the sense girl yes crystal I’ll try to let you in on some stuff some of you I’ve been snapping a little bit where I’ve been around the world around all jetting around with some of these crypto monsters I’m talking monsters we’re talking people who got you know seven hundred million bucks 100 million bucks 900 million dollars billion there’s a you crypto billionaires in the world

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