Falcons vs. Eagles | NFL Divisional Round Game Highlights

day to work from the 25 by action he starts to slip and then throws deep downfield it’s under throwing there’s all kinds of contact there are two flags that come in three roads deep that’s over 34 very windy on this chilly late afternoon and now the give it on a draw to a jockey you started the season with Miami the ball is loose the ball is loose at the 26 yard line the Falcons start to run away is if they come up with it everybody so signalling and so do the officials Freeman is the running back short drop quick throw to the outside and that is Lolo making the catch and comes up with the empty backfield on a third down and five bangs in the pocket then has to escape floats one boy and that’ll be a first animal vomits anew towards the Eagles defensive coordinator and again they run it to the outside and he’s gonna pick up 12 yards and a fourth successive first now Michael Kendricks knocks him down blanking Ryan with a play clock at one and Ryan from the pocket throws caught but short of a first down and the Eagles think it’s incomplete so it doesn’t even matter Taylor Gabriel never had it to begin with and it’s fourth down that posture to put it down a 33-yard attempt which is the length of an extra point these days is good there’s porn there he comes those rows on the outside and that’s a little too high as well but a flat comes in intended for max Holland’s deep v over 21 second down and three a lot more he picks up a lot of yardage in Afric Montague and a sense for fellas in trouble that would take them out of field goal range Tevin Coleman is the back straight drop and then a quick dart over the middle and breaking tackles and picking up 14 breaking away from Malcolm Jenkins is Tevin Coleman the 26 or play-action ton of time for Wyatt is a beauty to Jones big-game covered by Ronald Darby frame it as the back give it to him and he gets taken down after a gain of one and only four thousand right they’re looking around way clock at zero and they just did they may have been delay of game I don’t know the snap the leg game [Applause] Goforth it starts this drive from the 14 [Music] pump it then boss for a first down remedy got that name down that’s great the energy bouncing his way like a bowling ball [Applause] and there he goes to the 39 yard line of the quarter the screen but stays on his feet and gets it up to the 48 yard line like the shot here you certain it could what and blood picks up a first down to the 44 yard line Burton goes emotion on second cool sighs its plummet undrafted rookie picks up a first down 38 yards five consecutive ablutions and now look at that play to a galore who takes the handoff and makes it a first down and goal beautiful design stop by Allen after a big gain of 21 or in motion he’s back the other way and then comes up with the ball and takes it to the endzone for a touchdown Cole’s coming up with it here comes Poole who had a big game last week in LA clearly he makes contact Trey Burdon leading the way to the block we’re team play of the drive McCann Philadelphia the land Jake Elliott from the extra point and hits the upright and he’s no good missed it five receivers in this set blitz coming ryan hangs in there throws and that’s part of ranking away is Sununu Bertels his way out to the 49 yard line it’s Jones and he gets taken down at the 48 yard line by Malcolm Jenkins washer bucking into the wind and you can see that that is truly into the wind in society so flawlessness at the 19-yard line and the falcons wind up with the ball some teams have had their eyes on him as a potential head coach that’s Patrick Robinson off his foot and then off Bremen you don’t get any extra points if it hits three of them trips to the right Ryan looks that way it’s Freeman for a touchdown moving forward just stayin behind the line of scrimmage and in they go for the score is an awesome quarterback play here goes Freeman right out here and you’re gonna see Matt Ryan’s going to get sort of turned around spun around and then just sorted through a little jump pass over the top spectacular quarterback play all through these playoffs now on these two days we have better and quarterbacks that have stays in the game on a third down and three and takes the pass can he pick up the first back is she Neal was right there in Clement forces lis past the sticks [Applause] a little too high Pudd’nhead trade Burton who had sprung loose and its fourth down with 215 to the half ball at the 20 yard line toss back to Kevin Coleman with a big rod of 21 yards with Julio Jones leading and Ryan from the 43 yard line Fyers Jones and that’s close to a first down taking it into Eagle territory McCloud makes the tackle remaining because of that one drive they call both on defense Ryan quickly it’s taken down at the 50-yard line that’s Fletcher Cox who gets in there [Applause] been deflected bounced at the 30-yard line and it will roll dead at about the 28 yard line we got a flag out your Nils he’s able to get a hand on it that’s going to change tip [Applause] Jeffrey if you wanted to try and get one down the field hands get you down he’s deflected and caught by Torrey Smith he gets to the 50 only and now they’re gonna have to take their final timeout or Crockett and they do they take a timeout here it’s judged it trying to make the interception I think his knee shot it back the other direction well we are in Pennsylvania it wasn’t quite the Immaculate reception but very bizarre it hits his knee and shoots him pass and play Wow [Applause] there’s one second on the clock as Jeffery steps out of bounds has missed the next two point bangs on through that’s something the Falcons like play clock at one on a third and six Ryan pumps twice gets chased and fires that field and it’s tipped out of bounds and then complete by Jalen Mills for keep it on the ground – first Super Bowl championship first things first as Atlanta stars from the toy line and Tevin Coleman went to the outside of the tunur room and gets bounced out of bounds by Jenkins at the 30 yard line [Applause] then even 11 and get 12 inside should have enough under pressure down he goes in the 46 yard line Nigel Branham backs him down which was more likely to run out of the run pass options – that’s caught and he first down by a son Jeffery back to the 21 yard line from the gun from the 21 another one and that’s gonna be a gain of 12 and a sack earlier polls open man Jeffery down the sideline big conversion first out at the Atlanta 44 was connecting with Jeffery that’s been an issue in the last couple two games again and that pass is caught by Zach Earth who was their leading receiver during the season [Applause] that is caught that story Smith and he lunges inside the 20 for another Philadelphia first out the game nearly a yard here instead we’re going to get something now they got nothing a giant looking downfield as the bass came to his hands to its fourth down burgers for the lead the kick is good on the banks of the olden pengie river from the 40-yard line he’s gonna be bad is rotten akwonton the safety blitz and backer and leader of this defense je breaks free and takes it all the way to midfield Alfred down the field watch him come underneath this time let the pass rush go come underneath it I gotta find Dionne Jones there he is a little slip and there we go convert the third and seven and biggest play of the game receivers sent to the right goes goes to the left and he hits sack hurts so another big third down conversion this one to the 34 yard line [Applause] – skirt the sideline battles at the 24-yard line very close to a first down what now in the backfield [Applause] max Holland’s for a nice little game [Applause] moving the sticks first now LeGarrette Blount 33 [Applause] stop short of the first down he goes to Clement Trufant make sure he doesn’t pick up first and it is 15 to 10 so Philly is up by 5/3 the 50-yard line it is some new making the catch idea here he bobbled it for a second is he back under control he’s got a finger extended down oh my goodness I I mean at first glance I would say they’ll rule no catch in the play receiver never had possession of ball let’s chose the main man chosen and stuns the crowd first down at the 38 yard line good protection we’ll be caught at the 26-yard line second down and three from the 19 yard line and this is Tevin Coleman taking it to the yard line he’s in the backfield and Ryan to the end zone for Joe [Applause] covered their bike Darby to make it second down and goal Ward flanking Ryan on a second goal and the shuttle in the middle and that is incomplete just the pure shovels screen whatever it was you want to call it don’t blink [Applause] those that were in a slant and it is caught at the 2-yard line so the replay here so he’s controlling it those that here we go again right here we go again stands completed pass the Derrick Coleman is pulled back Bryan in trouble flipz live into the engine with a prayer and complete jaelyn Mills covering biggest play of the game Julio Jones falls down it’s this Jalen Mills who has come so far here in his second year he falls down that what’s really going to get it up Bryan still wants it and they can’t quite get the completion even Amin had courted take a look where his feet are not sure we would have come down in bounds anyway well there is they want me to hook manga Atlanta almost jumping did day it’s Grady Jerry let’s see whether they call it a false start or offside [Applause] is Cory Clement he’s gonna pick up a first down take a kneel down Atlantic musics timeout of the queue

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