What is Bithumb & How Safe Is it for Coin Trading | How to make money in Bitcoin Part-5

hi guys good morning my name is Dee booty welcome to my channel so today we’ll know but is Vietnam and whether it should trade here or not okay so basically if you look at here you see some different language many people might think it is Chinese and you know the thing you do in China that will be censored for that means anything you will do in this side that will be won by the Chinese family and so but make one thing very clear it is not Chinese it is Korean different it is how couldn’t I think so but I can’t be that Monsieur whether it is but I am sure it is South Korean I I think okay so coming back to the thing that whether Batum is how good the site is and whether we should trade here the critic honest or not okay so you see I have told you a lot about the coin base you can compare it with the coin base okay so coinbase is much simpler okay converse is very user friendly and there also you you know means you can easily trade Bitcoin I three amend right coin but here you here you can trade every kind of coin okay all kind of cryptic wind and that is there in the world but having said that I’m not too sure whether it is safe enough okay so if you go to the sign up is okay I have signed in also in the you know in the you can say the coinbase I found it very very useful but here you will need to give your email ID you know to give your nationality unit to give your cell phone number to be even if verified also so do a very friend I thought no it is not that safe enough to trade the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency here because you never know suppose some day and there will be some issue they might shut it down and they will lost all your Canseco data in this wallet so for my hump is a very very good site because of it carries it can allow you to create all kind of crypto coin it has a promotion of all the Crypt open that means we are getting all the information at a single place having said that it is not that safe enough okay so it is my opinion only if you can consult to your penance of constant and to get more detail about it but guys if new to it better do not use it thank you for watching this video have a great day

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