🔴 Crypto Mining with Google Tag Manager? Cryptojacking and Coinhive

[Music] and then welcome back to another video of measure school teaching you the data-driven way of digital marketing my name is Julian and today we are like to talk about Krypton lining now this goes out of what we usually do here on this channel but I’ve been involved with some cryptocurrencies buying and trading and so on like a lot of internet people out there and I found it interesting that I wasn’t really able to talk about this on this channel because it doesn’t really have to do anything with a data-driven way of digital marketing but today I found an entry on something that I’ve read online which I wanted to share with you because it has implications for US marketers as well and mainly the implications is JavaScript so if you know we are doing a lot of tutorials on this channel on Google tag manager and how you can use that to track things on your website and Google tag manager is basically a JavaScript library that you install and can do different Tracking’s easily now I’m always on the lookout for interesting use cases of using Google tag manager with other things that you can do on the website and one of the things that came up recently are crypto – so crypto miners are just if you are in the world of crypto currencies you know that you can mine cryptocurrencies through trying to decode some hashes for or going through the algorithms and and trying to decrypt hashes and then making that available later on to the ledger so this I mean this is way over my pay grade on how to explain this but the interesting part here is that a lot of bigger – out there they actually have mining rigs and they they use mostly GPUs to do all these algorithms algorithmic hashing so you need a lot of computer power to actually do this efficiently and somebody or a company called coin hive has has actually figured out how to make this useful on the user’s browser so you could be using the actual computing power of the browser and therefore the CPU as well to to decrypt such has hashes and they have actually built a JavaScript library that you could install on your website and then you would have this library doing encryption on the actual computer of the of the user who was visiting the website so I’ve just looked at this this interesting article I came across this article somebody embedding JavaScript on their website to do a crypto mining and what their results were so I dig dug a little bit deeper and I thought maybe you couldn’t solve this with Google tag manager wouldn’t that be great now this company that actually provides this javascript library is coin hive and coin hive works through crypto mining and through the user’s browser now the first thing why this actually works is actually because the browser gives us partial access to such a CPU power before like all the browsers wouldn’t have done that now with the newer browsers you can actually have a deep integration with the systems and you can play games within the browser pretty complicated games at some point at such ponds so I’m a little bit loud here so you you have maybe these this descriptive power to available and they have made this available through their JavaScript library so you could install it on your web page and do crypto mining sending these hashes back to the library and then essentially decrypting such asses now how does that work it’s actually just a JavaScript library so you have this this thing running and I’m I enable this right now so it’s now calculating these hashes and it’s sending it back to the server and in the end if lot of people are doing this this would actually help the the server in the background decrypt such asses for the cryptocurrency Monero now Manero is a different cryptocurrency from Bitcoin because it actually is very privacy concerned so it doesn’t really give out who send what money to whom and so on and that way it is very much often used in the dark web as well and yeah crypto mining in that sense is kind of inefficient because you’re doing it on a computer browser with a CPU unit so it’s not very efficient but if it’s doing if it’s done by millions and millions of people who are visiting your website it might be something that is could make you a little bit of money especially when cryptocurrency are going up and so on so if you look at this website and I’ve dug a little bit deeper it actually is framed as something that would do would get rid of advertising on your website but an alternative to monetization on your website so if you don’t want to have ads on your website or looking for an alternative you could do crypto mining get basically take the computer power from your users giving it to this network to this block chain and then mining cryptocurrencies in this case Manero here and they have blown up over the last few months because a lot of people saw their entry with crypto mining and said I have a big runnin website I will put this onto my website whatever but exactly does is in the background it uses your CPU so when I clicked on this button I actually heard my computer here which is just a MacBook the the the CPU unit or the the fan really spun up and that’s when I mostly noticed that my computer is using a lot of power here so this this actually would in turn mean that it my computer uses more more of its resources and therefore also more energy on that side so it would come on to my bill in the end of the month but it’s actually just on this website running on this website so it’s an alternative way to actually pay this forward to this website now they have different integrations here one of the integrations is that something is running on your browser where you where you actually click this and it would start crypto mining here you could also they have different API so here we have also a capture system so you don’t have to if you want to verify you would go through a little bit of crypting and you would verify that you another bot similar to recapture they have short links so if I click on this link and are forwarded then it would cryptographically it would it would calculate these these hashes and then forward me on so that’s how you could earn money as well and it is all integrated through a JavaScript API so just as JavaScript API could be implemented for example also through Google tag manager and you could earn money with your website now should you be doing this I have been going down a rabbit hole over the last 30 minutes trying to figure this out this took me from Twitter here of a few articles what this actually means and a lot of people are actually calling this crypto jackin because it actually takes advantage of your users browser and sometimes and you can configure it so somebody is not able to actually see that this is being used other than looking into his system requirements and seeing oh my CPU is spun up once I went on this website so a lot of people are seeing this as very intrusive and it has shown that is been used by a lot of websites illegal websites such as not illegal website okay I guess like the if you look at websites such as such as what’s this torrent web site called piratebay The Pirate Bay then they have seen that they have put this onto their website so everybody who visits the website would start mining Manero for them and they obviously make money with this and it’s an alternative to the advertising that they have on there but it takes a lot of your resources of your computer with you so a lot of scammy websites have done started doing this in the background and there are different alternatives to to call in hi here as well so in a lot of instances security firms have actually put this onto a malware list so this would actually be malware considered malware and I wouldn’t even be positive that you could put this onto Google tag manager for example because it’s actually not something that it is classified as malware and Google tag manager would block this automatically for you I haven’t really tried this out with Google tag manager so this is not really something I would I would encourage you to do but it’s really interesting that we have a JavaScript library here potentially could be put onto your website and you should be looking out that maybe also for security concerns if you are marketer or if you are website owner out there somebody could inject this onto your website now sometimes this is not even done with Cohen hive not even done with libraries out there but could be done through a plugin that you have installed on your website browser on your website so if you have asked a me a wordpress plugin running they could inject that in the in the background and suddenly you have you have this on your website and don’t even know about this and it’s mining for the actual plugin creator for example so this is all considered malware now and it has blown up over the last few months because obviously a crypto is very hot the second thing is that it’s easily installable with a JavaScript library the third thing is that it is accessible to hijack the CPU power of the user via such a plugin or I could think of plugins I could think of [Music] what’s called browser extensions that you can install websites plugins so apparently it has been found on or yeah and on many scammy websites and if you find your browser being hugged up all the time when you work to visit your website then it’s it’s worth going into javascript and looking what javascript is actually installed on this page now obviously a lot of these ad blockers actually put this on to their roster and said we are gonna block every common hype that is out there and i think it it’s it’s a development that taken and obviously all the block ad blockers can do what everyone you can also install a Chrome extension such as no coin no coin which blocks these these miners on the web and there are several out there already and again this is not something as you see visually on your website but it would be something that is happening in the background and that you can actually configure when I look at the documentation here how how big or how much you want to actually mine and maybe how how much of the CPU power you want to make accessible to your script so maybe it’s not something actually that you notice on the website maybe it’s not going in and and hogging up your your CPU and your fan so you wouldn’t actually notice it you would maybe notice if you go into your systems monitoring and see there if the CPU is somewhere off when you visit a website but this is definitely something to be aware of now there are two main things that I guess I would look at is one of the things is the new interesting use of blocked blockchain technology but also monetization and cryptocurrencies in the space of a website monetization so you have that and I think coin hive when I look at the website it it is framed in that way but also for me in the first glance I was like oh this could be an alternative to ads out there just help the website owner who has built a big website apparently to monetize his website somehow the other thing is which is scammy at the at the same time it’s like not making I’m not making the user wear of this now current coin hive by default in their widget default you can actually you actually need to show once you you embed this thing and the the user has consciously click on it like we did in this demo a while ago to actually use their CPU power so they have gotten rid of it but obviously the technology is used and you can probably rewrite this somehow to to not have this openly shown to the user and then it gets into a realm of yeah malware in the end right so they have created a new and haven’t admitted this they have created a new wave of malware where suddenly all the scammers out there say okay I don’t have to like get my person to go over to a pond side I just do crypto mining on this page and this is what apparently has blown up especially because the price of Manero also went up multifold over the last few months so they see their entry there I think as a marketer as somebody who is looking into like this channel as looking into new marketing technologies which also bound to monetization I think this was just the video to show you what is possible with javascript this is obviously possible because we have these new powerful API is available that actually hook into the computer’s CPU somehow with the with the browser API is that we have available and we should be aware of that one coin is the malware one coin is the one other side of the coin is the monetization and we’ll see how it develops now I I wouldn’t use this on my website just because I wouldn’t one is that everybody actually says that you need to have a huge huge website in order to make this work now for maybe something like Pirate Bay it would wouldn’t make sense but on the other hand and first of all I’m misusing the trust of of the users because I would be doing something against their will that may change over the next year years or so where people say ok I trust this technology and it’s not using as much as of my resources so I trust this person and I want to help him out the the the second thing is that I wouldn’t use this because it’s also nowadays classified as malware so you shouldn’t be using this through Google tag manager just find it so interesting how javascript can in fact how the connections between you as website owner and then suddenly cryptocurrencies and you can mind stuff through the users browser so that’s that’s the interesting part to me from a marketing technology standpoint as now if you super enjoy crypto and watching this video you can actually I’m gonna put up a website called measure school.com slash contribute where if you want to donate any kind of Kryptos that you have then I will have a wallet there as well because I find it a very very interesting development what is going on with cryptocurrencies but the blockchain in general so that’s something I’m gonna head up there as well alright so that’s it really with this week’s no not this week’s video but this live session here now if you like this video then give us a thumbs up and also subscribe to our Channel right over there because we will bring you new videos just like this one every week now my name is Julian till next time

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