Bitcoin Gold BTG Price Predictions and Forecast

hello everyone visible here you idiom evangelist your crypto Thomas for those of you who don’t know who I am I am a longtime online entrepreneur an ethereal millionaire meaning I made my first million in aetherium a long time Bitcoin investor and a crypto currency trader now some time have been making videos regarding my trades and some of you know my insight and what’s going on in the crypto currency market and in this video I want to talk about Bitcoin Gold [Music] to make a long story short let’s just jump into it and talk a little bit about Bitcoin gold but when gold is the most recent fork that the original Bitcoin has gone through just let’s say two months after the August fork to Bitcoin cache now I I did some similar predictions with Bitcoin captian I had my own little strategy about how to trade it I waited until become cash came out because I predicted that it would be dropping in price temporarily and that’s when I invested heavily the content hit around hundred dollars and then it came back to five hundred then went over and now you know if it’s over a thousand dollars for Bitcoin cash how you feel about these Forks in theory you know whether or not you agree with them what do you think it’s good for the overall network there happen and with Bitcoin gold is more of a purist version of Bitcoin meaning they’re trying to give power they’re trying to Reedy centralized Bitcoin what does this mean the coin is decentralized already but the voting power sits in the hands of the large mining is you have to be miner to do the voting bitcoin is mined with these like the ant miner s9 there’s a very expensive mining equipment and there’s very large companies that hold all of the power it’s not originally Bitcoin was devised to be kind of like a one CPU one I mean one GPU one boat kind of situation so that’s where it’s going back so now Bitcoin gold can be mined with the same type of rigs that you can miney theorem we can mines e cash which are two of the more profitable and popular cryptocurrencies to mines so anyway my price prediction for Bitcoin gold is going to be around a thousand dollars within the next thirty days I think Bitcoin gold is going to perform exactly like the Prakash and we’ve already seen this off Bitcoin cash come on to the scene at four hundred dollars immediately drop lower and now he’s recovering and looking really strong so whether or not you agree that it’s going to be a viable option as far as it goes our currency in the future you have that against consideration is previous performance and the previous performance of Bitcoin cash so many people interesting I think has more potential than Bitcoin can but I believe that in the end bitcoin will prevail I think that these are these cryptocurrencies they’re going to keep on 14y on are you getting they don’t have as much potential long-term we couldn’t gold so far has been doing exactly what bitcoin cash a lot of people didn’t believe me you know then it’s been all over the place for the next foreseeable future for the next few years both Bitcoin cash Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin are gonna be around and they’re probably gonna be more Forks now you can argue whether or not these Forks are good for the network I think eventually they’re going to be we’re going to start seeing Bitcoin forms and you’re gonna start have to treat them like alt coins ring regardless when comes the bond line is it profitable yes it’s profitable I think it’s gonna be very profitable next you must invest in Bitcoin gold I think the price is gonna go up to over a thousand dollars exactly like Bitcoin cash did I want to go ahead and wrap this video because I didn’t want to make it too long I know a lot of you guys have a very short attention span I know I do I just wanted to I know I didn’t go into relase I didn’t go into a lot you know block sizes you know block difficulty all this other stuff because I didn’t think it was as important a lot of you guys are traders you just want to get the information you need so a lot of great other videos out there discussing the ins and outs of Bitcoin gold for now like I said I think it’s a very profitable investment that’s gonna pay off big-time I think you can see at a twenty five hundred dollars before the end of the year also mining I did a little mining calculator real quick we’re doing about twice the profitability I see cash right now with your theory of running grid now I used a pretty much standard calculator on one of the pool websites you know you’re talking about a six GPU mining rig you know pretty standard kind of GPU with like four eighties five 80s I would turn around and like I said before if you don’t if you have your reservations as far as the code you know the development of Bitcoin gold its future you can always set up your shapeshifter you change leave whatever to automatically change over a portion or all of your big Winkle that you’ve mined and turn it into Z catchy theorem like point or whatever else you want so that’s a good way to kind of diversify right off the bat so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on with Bitcoin gold it’s more than just the name because I know I know a lot of you guys are thinking ah this is just a big marketing ploy because they get the copy the original you know they get the four from the original Bitcoin so and they get the name and that attracts people that the people didn’t and it’s just not people getting confused it’s people that are introduced into the market and they have more auctions obviously they’re gonna go to Bitcoin first because all of the major exchanges already have Bitcoin the ATMs or you have Bitcoin but then they’re going to look I think a lot of people see that price point and we see a lower price point that still hasn’t even hitting a thousand it’s just a psychological manifestation like Bitcoin is not about to hit ten thousand dollars and so they’ve work it up in the head and they see you know bitcoin gold at two or three hundred dollars and they’re gonna invest and that every time that someone comes in with these Bitcoin forts there automatically distributing some Bitcoin to everybody this doesn’t actually hurt the network when you get it’s like give me somebody for something free when somebody gives you a free appetizer you know for Applebee’s I know it’s not a good comparison but when someone gives you a coupon for free appetizer they already know the yeren are good most people are not gonna go into Applebee’s and get a water and then just get the appetizer you know you’re gonna end up ordering other things it’s the whole concept of coupons it unfortunately the Bitcoin fourth thing is like that the powers that be have seen that these Forks are profitable you’re giving somebody a little bit of free Bitcoin you know for every Bitcoin that we give you a one Bitcoin goal may be worth a lot less but suddenly you’re aware of it suddenly get all this free marketing is just all this awareness of it that everybody all of the sudden has this vested interest in seeing it succeed to some extent even if it’s just from a value so even if you’re just interested in seeing go up in value it’s hard if you have possess four or five Bitcoin gold how are you not going to want to price to increase and you know all this awareness more people are gonna put money in it the price is gonna rise it’s my bet based on all the information available that this price is going to keep going up that’s all I have for now check out some more of my videos to subscribe to my channel got a really funny video about how I got ID theorem and started traveling around as you see I’m in a hotel right now because I’m in Pennsylvania I just came from Portland Maine before that I was in Los Angeles before I was in Vegas then to Chicago so you know if you have any questions you know add me on other social media platforms if you want and let’s take this journey together I mean the price point the Bitcoin gold is now you could you’re looking at a 400% return if it hits a thousand dollars within the next 30 days I think it will so hold me to it guys thank you [Music]

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