Bitcoin Gold, Walton, EOS explode higher/Altcoin Mania Charts

all right welcome back to currency 365 all coin mania charts we’re gonna look at the top 100 and we’re also going to look at and plus some other coins are not in the top 100 and then we’re gonna look at the charts here okay like coins actually make it a bull move right now as you can see just a cross over if you watch this video you can this review I did you could see that we were getting close to that MACD cross but and then on at threat post that video all of a sudden become people are buying light coin on you know and they basically forced his MACD crossover to come as light coins going up but anyways if you’re new subscribe to the channel love to have you aboard also among d to hit me up over there steamin hit me up over there and I saw a video that Trayvon said that he dumped all his coins to buy steam power and uh you know it’s uh interest I don’t know if he did or not even watch the video I will watch the video later but but something that’s not I’m not gonna do that but I am thinking about putting more money into the steam right into steam power okay on did on the steam and platform so that when I post a video and I up vote myself and I also up vote others it gives more power right because right now I’m only when I upload my own video I make two cents okay so imagine if I upload my video and I’m making six dollars every time I upload my video or up vote one of my comments that I put underneath one of my own videos right so and that’s what going on people are you know and I can also vote on what you know comments that you guys say and you guys could makes you know four or five $6.50 or whatever the case may be so yeah it’s it’s awesome and that is an art and and guess what as we make steam power it’s really steam coin right you just got to convert it over to steam right and steam coins are going to be worth a thousand dollars within probably the next two years in my opinion because I told you steam is my number one coin for the 2018 percentage-wise so okay litecoin is my number one coin as you guys know but steam is my number one percentage coin because I think it could definitely hit at the house in dollars that seems like a long way footing where’s that but if people pour into D tube and steam it it is going to explode the price of steam because they’re going to be locking up their steam in steam power and that is going to force the price up drastically okay so guess what Trayvon did it if Trayvon actually did I’m gonna watch the video guess what’s gonna happen thousands of people are going to copy him when they’re going to throw hundreds and thousands of millions of dollars into steam power which means they have to buy steam and then send it over to steam it or nd tube right and then they will lock it up and steam power they’ll power up is what they call it so yeah this is going to be very interesting and and we’ll see how that plays out but steams going to do very well this year and web bar report already told us that it is going to do very well as well the data sets right as they go from beta to live on Steam it and also as d as everybody starts to realize that they have this thing called D tube that looks just like YouTube okay okay so let’s get started here and also by the way if you didn’t see that last video titanium I did buy some titanium IC o—- coins and that’s one dollar per coin so I did get in I’m going to be buying more and also a little bit of update the connect site is in maintenance mode I almost cried when it was it wouldn’t work this morning so just yeah so anyway so that’s what’s going on hopefully it’s back up soon it should be it they’re saying they’re in maintenance so okay um that was a very very scary moment okay I like I like getting I like earning the interest on bit connect it’s really really some and I use that money to buy some all coins right okay so anyways let’s get started and I will be using I actually planned on using them by my titanium ico coins okay so that’s why I was a little upset okay so let’s get started Bitcoin looking good at 3m okay looking breaking out again 1,400 we call for 15 to 18 hundred so let’s see if we can see that ripple back to $2.00 MoneyGram news really didn’t MoneyGram news really didn’t work so far but it did keep the price from plummeting so it came at the right time everything was plummeting right for ripples Bitcoin cash 2700 car Donald’s coming down a little bit here uh but it did blast his way back up from 70 cents like coins 55 to 55 then coming back up to run 150 range stellar okay III odors looking good gos booming right 1671 ne-yo 140 just absolutely killing it Tron 10 cents the tron breaks 10 cents it’s uh it’s coming down okay so it’s got a hole 10 cents the Bulls need the whole ten cents man – eleven hundred mineiro just playing games between three to four hundred dollars an error look at Bitcoin goal it was that two hundred and thirteen dollars yesterday when I did a video it’s I think it even hit four hundred dollars a day sheesh okay it’s at three forty 14 right now I’m forty three percent during class like 42 bucks cute on 55 just holding steady there less icon nine dollars less 29 look I’m not gonna read to all the coins let’s just go through them a Mesa goes exploding back up again you know all the rest of the coins here let’s see we can find a Stratis looking good back to 20 okay let’s calm down Q coins down 10% steam up 18% sixty or six dollars and forty one don’t be surprised steam goes right through ten dollars after Trayvon said what he said you didn’t see a lot of he will follow him and buy and load up on steam and put it in steam power ok smart cash 58% corn zero X back to 236 did you buy over 10 bucks over 10 cents again somebody said 10 bucks were tasty and four for four and there’s no not gonna do a Beyonce electro Neum 17 cents next exchange and three other exchanges are coming for latrone iam that’s gonna be good look at Walton coin 30 bucks Wow 31 percent okay pivots holding steady there classic Z classic continues just to absolutely explode and I only have three million in volume I’ve been in circulation so that tells us that we’re looking at a four digit coin very soon salt coming down a little bit there eat those eight bucks needs to break $10 for the fun to continue right yeah gas just continued to rock because of any ou can side coin see your annexed East back down again I only had one day up and then you got the rest gang credits back to six dollars about to go to seven dollars a if it breaks that high Z is Z coin 106 civic 116 ever coin 36% got a break $10 10x 376 digital no fish okay so chain link is weld 110 let’s go here let’s look at pillar let’s see pillar 128 okay and I supposed to buy pull a day but I was gonna use my bit connect interest money to do it of course the connects down right now so I gotta wait on that um let’s see here also let’s look at cloak so you can get coke going on here if I pressed it correctly there this 2266 for cloak coin also bred coin read Quinn’s been going down a little bit so I’m gonna I wanna I wanted the Bona buy more not for wise going down beautiful supply there at fifty nine million and beautiful app high praises on the app so mmm Charlie leaves behind the UH working with the app so yeah I’m not sure why is going down but I’m gonna try take away I want to take advantage of this downwards trend here it still has not worse trend from down here so it’s right where do I see okay now you know it’s just been hovering around this price so it’s just hovering errands and I think you know I’m just gonna try to grab you know take advantage of this level and just grab it fifty nine million in circulation two dollar coin in early great app you know I think people I’m gonna I’m gonna try to take advantage of this coin it could just be me and myself with doesn’t matter I see a winner I’m gonna try to take advantage of Burke point 652 I was able to get minus five I’m into one thousand dollar club so that means the firown’ has a thousand dollars and at some point in the future I will be it will be worth 1 million dollars 1 million dollars um what else can we see here um is that it I’m not trying to figure out how many other coins all your air SWAT with the air so I I like air swap is it still going down yeah it’s still going down 169 I have a penny though I haven’t got in the air swap yeah but I like it let’s look at the charts yeah charts are trending up just going zigzag right now before it’s next move I don’t even know where to find theirs well you can check out the markets see what you can find in a guest let’s check out right now before we go to the charts let’s see what we can get here so uh finance as it okay so I can get it and you can get it on finance err swab 170 I’m buying it okay so let’s go to the charts check out the charts like coin making this move up to the off thirty day moving average 261 okay so let’s see here let’s go down here and check out the rest of these charts here words coin okay so let’s start um first coin oversold still still in the Oversoul line going neutral right now and staying neutral nothing to see there as long as it holds this line here it’s fine stay above this line and we’re fine with virtue if not if it closes below this line then it’s coming down it’s probably gonna come down to the 30 day moving average and then and the find support here and then it’s not to know you know maybe find support right here okay and then it’s not it’s coming down okay so just have to be patient with Virg looks like a little bit more patience a de X would I tell you guys something something’s coming we got to sign here that something is coming so we’re either gonna go down or we’re gonna buck so we got a MACD cross about to happen for a de X it looks like a smooth not not so business yeah it looks like a gonna be it look like it’s gonna be a little bit of a weak one it doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be able to go up so let’s see how it plays out we had a green we had a red day so far but we have with the Bulls did buy the dip and so let’s see what happens tomorrow let’s see we can go up here and break this high right here and and then continue higher and go up here and test this one and then test this one overall so maybe next three days we come up here and we test this with a nice MACD cross come right back up to 80 maybe we’ll see but usually when you see this we’re either going down big or up big okay so let’s see what happens for a B yeah maybe it’s a quiet before the storm before the pair about move up so we’ll see how that plays out our coin okay holding steady coming out of the power zone and just holding steady the Bulls bought the dip on art we want to see art over $10 and that would be awesome to see as we’ve been following art since it was pennies right so let’s go here next one is bit shears okay so bitshares same thing here just holding steady oversold holding steady nothing nothing really happening here just holding steady okay as long as it stays over a 30 day moving average we’re fine cloak okay cloak had had a week by signal come in so we’re not gonna leave much attention to that it’s still oversold territory and so we’re just waiting waiting it out and see what happens tomorrow see if we can maybe get some bull momentum in and we’ll get through to 20 on the MACD okay next up this – – continuing to go higher you can see here nice movement upwards continuing higher 4 4 – okay let’s see your Civic ok so once again we see this and we specific made a nice MACD crop but we still oversold so it’s not nothing confirmed yet until we cross the 20 but nice this means that something was coming so we got a nice movement upwards now that it’s coming for civic if we break this 20 then we will definitely probably go higher a lot higher than this so we’ll see how that plays up next up is the crab the crash same thing going up making a nice move looking like – a little bit right here right when you have this little crossover and then come right back up so it’s looking like – a little bit on there and just continuing to go higher not sure that this when you see this with that it’s usually actually use the red day tomorrow so we’ll see how that plays out ok we’ll see how that plays out usually when you see a parabolic move what a reversal that means that it’s coming it’s gonna be a red day tomorrow so let’s see if they have a red day tomorrow or we continue higher so we’ll see how that plays out okay yo s is doing his thing it started to curve now so now it’s in the power zone 100 on the blue and it’s curving so let’s see if we can go stay out of 104 maybe another day or two or three and let’s see how far we can go out so the so some profit-taking here at the top let’s see if we can close a little bit up higher a little bit more higher and just continue to run continue to go higher let’s see how this plays out for the he OS maybe we’ll head 20 maybe we finally do hit twenty bucks we’ll see how that plays out digibytes digibytes holding steady here so what we we cannot go close below this line what is this line let’s bring it back up again for you guys there it is okay 687 687 satoshis of digibytes stays above 687 Satoshi’s we continued the bull move up okay at some point this was this is starting to correct a little bit here so and then once we get the Matt be cross we’re going higher for dizzy by we’re looking for 20 cents maybe even higher right now we’re looking for 20 we’re looking for another devil for dizzy right alright so there was so we got a clear signal here that something big was coming either up or down and we’re going we actually went up so this is what a de X you know we’re looking for a DX the same thing okay so right now we got that and we’ve got the MACD cross back and we’re strolling the powers on free-to-air classic and we’re going up so there you go okay so a DX we’re gonna find out very soon if we’re going up big or down big we should be going up big in this bull market okay so next is Yoda Yoda same thing here look at that okay and we’re going up okay so iota clear break out here and we’re going up so I was telling you guys yesterday we made it we’re starting to make a move for iota but is it are we going to actually challenge this we’re just gonna come here and fake out and then come back and just rest upon above this our 30 day moving average we don’t know but you this usually tells us that something big it’s gonna be a big move up or down so we’ve you know so I’m thinking we’re going to be going up and you’re gonna go challenge just high up here okay and that’s yoda ne-yo okay so down up so any of your continuing to break higher highs you know higher higher lows higher highs for Adrian I mean for any oh and it’s is playing out exactly how we thought it was gonna it was gonna play out for January I mean we hit it right on the mark and we were saying this we were saying this back in September you know we were like wait until January for any oh wait until January for me so go remember that wait until January January January right and so it’s just unbelievable we hit it right on the nail January it explodes right wait for January we kept saying okay okay cash low high higher low pattern is intact and now we’re starting to go up we need to break this high right here and create a higher high okay so we need to break four thousand six eight four satoshis and create that higher high and so let’s see you get a MACD cross four okay cash only so go a coin we said was gonna do very well in January so we’re about to break this let’s see if we did already this one says point zero zero one seven ninety-nine this one says point zero zero one eight so we did break it so we just created a higher high for me so go today let’s close at the top which we will and we gotta buy that fifty three minutes left before this candle closes so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna close at the top and we’re gonna go we’re gonna we’re gonna break back out and we’re gonna go right back into the power zone for me so go and this thing is going to run let’s make let’s see this thing run really we want to see it into the 30s and 40s and 50s let’s see if we can get that for me so go in January keep it going let’s see your pate open tenex pay okay so you got your low high high or low pattern intact barely you know lucky for this whip right here no we wouldn’t it wouldn’t be intact right it would be a double bottom basically but anyways that’s intact so now we want to see we got a matte B cross and we want to see it close above the thirty-day and then give us a higher high didn’t this so we’re coming up here so it looks like 10x plays about the run if we get a higher high here we’re going back to all-time where we’re basically going to challenge all-time highs for 10x paint which would be awesome because after what visa did and then to be able to still go to authorize that that tells you not powerful 10x pay would be so yeah let’s see here cue them okay so cute them had to thing then we come down it looks like we’re trying to make a little smiley face cup and handle smiley face here and maybe you’ll get a handle here we got a Mac B cross but maybe we’ll get a handle and then we’ll explode and break this we’ll see how that plays out little nice little cup and handle maybe maybe come up here we did actually come up here on the wit but we didn’t close them up there yeah nice little cup and handle so we have a breakout and then we have if you if you draw a line here I don’t do lines I don’t really I don’t need to I can see with my own eyes okay we draw a line here from down to the bottom to here you can see the breakout was today right we had to go up or down Matt be cross we went up so now you want to come up here and then give us a handle and then we break out and we test all-time highs that’s will called a cup and handle okay so and I’d only have to draw lines to show you guys you guys can see that with your own eyes right I know the people I like when people would draw lines and stuff like that but I want to be different I want to see it with my eyes and be able to use my eyes cuz what if one day you can you can’t use any lines and stuff right you should be able to see it with your own eyes right you should better read the charts without having to draw lines okay so which is awesome which a lot of people cannot do okay but there’s a lot of people who use lines so I let them do that and I liked when they do that but for me I want to see it with my eyes I don’t want to draw lines okay because I can see it clearly without that so if you need somebody if you have you actually if you want people to draw a line for you there’s a bunch of youtubers I do that so if you need that if you’re a beginner and you need the lines which you should use the lines of your beginners then please you can subscribe to a lot of other youtubers out there and they can help you with that and then you can come back here for the advanced stuff we don’t use lines okay we see it with our eyes and we do very well seeing it with just our eyes now which is very very hard to do but we are in the advanced stage okay um let’s see here let’s look at and that is cool and let’s look at salt okay no you can already see a low high higher low pattern is intact here for salt so far okay and it’s holding up very well even though today was the red day we’re still holding that because we’re sitting because we do have this support line now this support line isn’t there I think it’s work you know this this uh this pattern would probably come to an end but because that support line is there we can that we can say okay the we’re comfortable saying that the support this high this low high higher low patterns is still intact even those salts coming down will probably touch this line maybe or maybe we’ll stay above it but we’re going neutral on the Magdi lines and let’s see what salt does man I’m surprised I’m actually surprised salts not at twenty thirty forty bucks by now with what an actual working product and and a really high demand for their loans and you can use attorney a mentor in plastic as well I mean I ate there iam and Bitcoin for the loans kind of weird you know that it’s you know it’s kind of like going sideways now when actually have a working product and maybe that will last for a little bit and there and then all of a sudden people will wake up and say wait a minute they have a working product let’s go right and then they’ll push it up to a hundred dollars like like battery I’m still calling for 254 so salt by June first okay but it is surprising that once you get that working product people just go uh you know let me move on to something else and but then they come back and say you know what the other things have burned me but this thing right here has a working product and it’s going to be successful right that’s what usually happens you know you’re in on potential you get out you make some money and then you come back to the working product that you know because you might so you know you might have got burned from other coins and you go back to what’s working that’s why a lot of us are in litecoin right a lot of us are in like going because we know it’s we know they have a successful growth map and plan for things that no one else is going to be doing atomic swaps are you kidding me right and they’re also gonna be using their platform for icos in the future right Lightning Network bitcoin and litecoin are going to join together and and and with the Lightning Network right and it’s going to make Bitcoin 10 times faster transaction trees are gonna be lower and stuff like that like coin the same thing and they’re both gonna be joined at the hip with vert coin which is there you know the little cousin for Bitcoin and brother little brother for for litecoin and they’re gonna be doing atomic swaps capability of two atomic swaps and and and also smart contract i SEOs on the Lightning Network you know I’m saying so things like that that you know that’s gonna make evil millionaires right so and the fact that those two and those three actually would vert Quinn are tied at the hips so really safe bet to being right and they’ll both those three um okay so moving on citoyen sorry I was talking about like when when you’re up okay so psyche point SC looking good okay kind of pause the day but we’re still higher we’re still higher up so looking good still lines are still going up maybe tomorrow we get a green day and continue higher okay and I already said congratulations to you guys that were in there and looking look at um steam okay just absolutely exploding okay you can see there is a Mac beef we’re not out of the woods yet though we’re not out of the woods we still are over so now you can tell this is going to ten this is gonna this is gonna blow right through $10 and this is why I told you guys I didn’t even see the chart and I told you guys that the next time you see steam run it’s gonna go right through $10 and now I see the chart and I see why I kept saying it okay because now you can see clearly it’s going to go right through $10 okay so here it comes here comes $10 right we’re gonna go right through $10 am I even go to 15 $20 okay and it’s not due to Trayvon but if he did help right if he did you know put put a lot of money in steam power that is locking up a lot of steam and so it’s now a lot easier to move the steam tokens there’s only like 200 million of them so of everybody so 100 million are in steam power and you don’t you know it’s gonna be easy coin to move straight to 50 bucks quickly so yeah we’re we’re in on steam Manero crossover they’re from narrow by signals in we just made a higher high than this wick right here from an arrow so let’s see how we close and let’s see we continue upwards when error should be at $1,000 by now gonna mean come on okay it’s a is it more is a better privacy coined in – but – is sitting at 1,100 you might want to get some Manero right it’s a better private it’s the number one privacy going – and not the number one privacy coin mineiro is right so just think about that okay and it’s way undervalued right now Stratus okay so Stratus came up and we see a weak buy signal here but we’re still around $20 because and that’s because we’re holding strong against Bitcoin and Bitcoin is going up so we had this pullback and then we settled here and we’re coming up a little bit this is gonna be a critical point right here we got to break this we got to break this and then we got to go into all-time we got to go into blue skies you know we got to get the blue skies against Bitcoin and just run but it’s gonna be kind of hard because bitcoin is coming up but as long as we hold steady here we’re going to be going up on the US dollar value right for those that care about that so we’re gonna try to we’re gonna be battling against Bitcoin but we’re also going to be going up to Menace Lee on the US dollar side we might even double if we can get a nice little curve back up to 80 we might double them maybe 30 you know 30 is not a double to be 50% so we might do a 50% move here for Stratus with my events we might even go higher on I know traitor traitor J traitor boss whatever he’s called he did call for four with a four hundred thousand satoshis on Stratis night and I definitely see that coming so we’re about to go to 150 150 thousand so we’re getting closer to two thousand two hundred thousand Satoshi so once we get there I think we definitely could see four hundred thousand satoshis okay and for coin here okay so bicycle came in for Berlin but look we have resistance here and you know this tells us that something big is coming we’re going up big or down big and dust right now we’re just you know we took some profits here because everybody’s scared of the saw these you know resistance lines but at some point we’re gonna power through them could be tomorrow could be tomorrow we could power through them and come right up here tomorrow tomorrow could be a parabolic Bayless so let’s see you that happens tomorrow or we might come up here and just you know chill okay so we’ll see how that plays out MACD cross has happened so let’s see we get a parabolic move somewhere up here tomorrow or not for Verte coin okay so let me put the thing in so I don’t lose you guys okay so let’s finish this off where we point okay so let’s let’s go through this nice signal there okay so now we want to see ripples over Souls so let’s see we get back to $3 this week okay ripple holding steady with the MoneyGram news not falling anymore and let’s see we can get a pair of body moved back up here to $3 for ripple this week or next week let’s see here Z cash Z cash coming down like a little bit dear you know on the magdi lines but it’s holding steady against Bitcoin really well and set 694 nice reverse later so I’m not sure which way it’s gonna go you say you see that we got one here we want a big up upwards right so let’s see what happened to see if we make me maybe we go up to 850 maybe even $900 with a nice MACD cross tomorrow let’s see what happens that would be crazy okay Zen cash coming into oversold territory and we’re still holding up very nicely on the on the day look at that I’m in at 50 it’s at 55 it’s holding up very nicely against Bitcoin a lot of a lot of profit taking but it’s a it’s at one that you you can trade in and out of you know every day $10 moves up and down a day so it’s very lucrative for trading let’s see here NXT so NXT it’s about to break out here even those down the day look at that the blue is out of the 20 and now we just gotta wait for the orange now of course if it’s another red day tomorrow guess what’s gonna happen this blue is gonna snipe down and give us a sell signal and it’s gonna it’s gonna play us so we gotta watch this carefully if it’s another great day tomorrow we come right down about here we’re gonna see a MACD cross down and we’re gonna see a sell signal it’s gonna be a fake out okay so let’s see how that plays out if we get if we get a green day tomorrow then the orange will break out as well and then we’ll see this thing come right back up here okay because what I usually sell tell you guys when you see a gap oversold and you see a gap it’s gonna close it’s gonna close okay so that should tell you that we are at some point we are gonna close this gap okay so if your end NXT just be patient we’re gonna close this gap at some point okay same thing at the top when you’re at the top and your over soul and your overbought and you have a gap you’re gonna collapse gonna close so you might want to get out that’s when you want to get out right okay so let me let me let me and this is a perfect example right here car Donal okay so car Donal we had a reversal candle here but no one wanted to you know the power of car Donnell was was so much that no one cared about this the signal okay so we continue to go higher and and then we got to the point where I said that once we see something like this where at the end okay and there was so we saw it a long wick and then we tried to hang on the next day but but look when you’re over so when you’re overbought and you have a gap you will close that gap so this was the perfect time to get out of car Donald right here okay and then this with this confident this gave us confirmation that it was a perfect time to get out okay because it was coming down reversal candle meaning the end was near it was confirmed here and we’re coming down okay so now we got the reversal this was a reversal you know bottom candle okay so telling us that the bottom is in for now and and so now we’re starting to go back up but look at this so you see this gap right here when you see a coin that’s overbought on these charts and it has a gap you need to get out okay because it’s going to correct itself and it’s going to close that gap okay I’ve taught this before and hopefully if some of you guys are using that but it’s definitely a way to save you guys a lot of money okay none of your long-term in the coin then that’s fine you just you just bear with it and then buy at the bottom you know buy when you when you see a reversal and then take it back up and continue to score higher okay we’re almost done here Lissa this is all coin mania currency 365 for those that are tuning in okay so let’s go okay so now we’re at GTO so we’re going on we we stair-stepping our way up for gto and we’re still you know we’re still in good shape here think those cell signals are in yet for GTO just stair-stepping our way up words okay bread has been bread surprised me today for some and we have a we have a MACD cell signaling for bread and and so this is what I was saying about what was that one we just talked about an XT so look at look at NXT and let’s see the let’s compare it okay so NXT you see that we have a we have the blue out but not the orange so you could have a MACD cross back down if we see a red day tomorrow and it could also do the same thing as bread is doing okay so we got a watch and XT carefully but at some point this got real close but but it could it could surprise this tomorrow now we have a green day NXT is gonna make a nice run okay but bread surprised everybody with a with a with a you know with a Matt D look the orange is not out of the twenty is sitting right on the twenty and we got a Matt be cross for a sell signal on bread out right everything was looking good and guess what we got one of those candles again I mean the doges again then something big is either coming up or something big is coming down and they’re into us okay so we got our big down day today okay Matt be cross down so signal in for for bread and hopefully we get back to turn around quickly and we get another we got a nice buy signal and then we come out of the twenty dollar range and once we come out of this twenty dollar range bread is going to ten dollars okay but right now this is a great time to load if it comes back down here we did lose our support line here okay so that means the next support for bread is right here okay of course we could hope we can hold on here on the wicks there is support here on the wicks right here at 16 170 okay but if we break that then we’re coming down here to support right here okay and then that should hold okay 15 1 2 H and O and then we should see a nice MACD cross and then continuing and start to make our way back higher and I think once we get all the way up to the hundred will be at $10 for bread coin okay so lesson learned there you know it looked like we’re going to go higher but this was telling us we either going up big or down big and bread surprises us with a MACD cross for a sell signal right when the orange was about to come out of the 20 out ok so just hold on guys Brett’s gonna be a good one this is long term play I’m gonna try to grab more as it stays in this range maybe it’s a blessing just you know who can buy more while it’s in that range okay look at the DNT for those that were complaining look at this thing shoot almost right back up to all-time eyes right or at least all-time eyes on the charts here I don’t know if it’s ever been this higher or not but look at that move on DT and after everybody was complaining right look at that just couple days later of your people are people complaining it’s right back to almost all-time highs on the charts right okay so and we don’t have a buy signal yet we have a neutral sign and we have a oversold neutral sign for DTN so I don’t know how this is gonna play out but at some point we’re gonna get you know we’re gonna we’re gonna come out we’re gonna break 220 and we’re gonna probably go higher to $1.00 okay solar coin absolutely rockin and I said today was gonna be a great day for solar coin and we might see a MACD cross we did see one very sweet one but we’re in the power zone and that was enough to take us higher so let’s see what happens tomorrow for a solar since we did get a week by Sigma later but we did see a nice upward trend still and nice a nice doji they’re telling us we’re going higher we’re gonna continue to higher trend so we are and let’s see what happens that is it all coin mania is done I’m done talking see you guys later like subscribe and share up vote me on d2 or steam and same thing okay and that’s it see you guys later man follow me on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook currency 365 bye guys and girls crypto chicks holla at me peace out

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