Bitcoin Price Correction? Buying Opportunity For Cryptocurrency?

what’s going on everybody this is Jeff ballpoint buzz so right now we’re currently watching the Bitcoin price continued to go down now this is for some of you who are new to this might be getting a little bit panicked mm-hmm but it definitely looks like there’s money coming out of the market right now there’s it’s more than likely institutional pull back with a little bit of small small-time investors like myself and you guys when I say small-time I mean if you’re if you’re doing in the thousands or the hundreds that’s nothing compared to what the the whales are playing with when you see a market capitalization fluctuate between 15 to 20 billion dollars in a short period of time that means that there’s big-time institutions playing with money now a couple things to think about with this price of Bitcoin fluctuating like it is now in the 17,000 range pulling back off the twenty thousand dollar range so if you just pull up the Bitcoin chart we did hit twenty thousand dollars for Bitcoin on Sunday by the way guys we’re not in panic mode okay there was there is twenty thousand dollars so we did finally hit the Bitcoin magic mark of twenty thousand dollars but ever since then it’s been a pullback and a sell-off we should look to find resistance around the sixteen thousand dollar range if it breaks past that we’ll have to go to the next form of next spot of resistance which is around about 13,000 so we’re looking at the lows here on the dips that’s where they find resistance so if you’re trying to figure out how a little bit coin can go right now I wouldn’t be surprised if it if it uh definitely hits around this 16000 mark and if it plows below that you’ll probably look for your second tier to be around thirteen five and if it goes below that then you’d be looking at some resistance around about ten thousand dollars okay now here’s the thing if you’re sitting on Bitcoin and you’ve been sitting out Bitcoin you’ve been buying at these prices whatever you do do not sell yet okay hold it just basically ignore the whole price of the bitcoin all the pandemonium your job is to hold all your job is to hold you’re not gonna panic you’re not gonna panic sell and sell because you know at some point in time Bitcoin will go back on a run what’s gonna with what it’s looking like is happening his institutional investors are taking money out of the market they’re taking profits okay that means big money people with big dollars they’re taking money they’re taking profit and what that means there’s gonna be the pullback the bubble whatever you want to call it kind of popping okay so I mean it’s not the time for you to panic sell anything just hold and if you have to hold for six months to a year you will and that’s the that’s the that’s the idea here guys now with that being said let’s take a look at what this investor has said so investor bought Bitcoin at $72 warns of a 50% drop could happen before the next boom so what he’s saying is be ready guys we could be pulling back to about $10,000 and if you’ve been buying at high prices do not panic right now do not panic sell for sure okay there is no reason to panic sell unless you were trying to date trade Bitcoin so what are the positives to the Bitcoin price pulling back well bitcoin is the long-term store value more than likely it is going to be the gold standard the new gold standard so instead of looking at it like oh my gosh my price and Bitcoin is going down you should be looking at it like wow yes I finally have a buying opportunity to get in Bitcoin so if Bitcoin does start going massively bearish and pulling back deep into the the low 13,000 and even into the ten thousand dollar range you should be like saying okay I’m bullish on Bitcoin long run during this bear there’s bear bubble burst that’s happening and this is healthy for Bitcoin guys this retracement is going to be healthy for Bitcoin long-term and like this guy’s saying here he’s really saying he thinks we’re in a multi-decade bear market okay he’s saying this is going to this is going to continue to be this is going to be a long term sustainable bull run for Bitcoin as it you know he you know the you’ve heard the projections Bitcoin a million dollars Bitcoin 100,000 dollars so if you’re gonna be able to get into Bitcoin the the more than likely the probable gold standard of the future to get into Bitcoin at $10,000 or $15,000 after it’s already hit 20 20,000 you should be like yes like you know you should be excited even if your portfolio is going down at value do not panic be if you if you’re new here I know it can be kind of frustrating and kind of scary but the thing is hold hold hold all right and just be aware where it is now and where it is in three months can be very different okay so it’s volatility that’s why everyone mostly is shirts like most of there’s Bitcoin shirts they always say Hodel Hodel means hold and I know I know you guys get really excited you guys been kind of spoiled in a way you’ve seen your current you’ve seen your investments go up seven eight times right so right now it’s not the time to panic sell anything so if it pulls back get excited about the buying opportunities and it as far as the altcoins go we’ll have to see what the Bitcoin reaction that looks like but right now if we’re just taking a look at the Bitcoin price and how it keeps pulling back let’s see see it just keeps dropping it’s dropping even more right now Bitcoin dominance at forty eight point four but it appears as though there’s money pouring into the altcoins so it’s I can’t I don’t know for a fact but it looks like it’s possible that some of this Bitcoin money so it’s looking like some of this Bitcoin money will pour into altcoins if the market cap stays high so if the market cap stays over six hundred billion dollars you can expect it as the Bitcoin price continues a retracement as it pulls back if it does because we don’t know yet we don’t it hasn’t it hasn’t hit the resistance zone yet the resistance zone is what we went over previously about the price point they’re about to sixteen thousand dollar range and then the next one would be around about thirteen thousand so if if it’s if the market cap stays at six hundred eight billion and continues to kind of stabilize or even go up and Bitcoin dominance pulls back that means the money is coming in to altcoins it could be pouring into all coins like aetherium it could be pouring into iota litecoin ripple or maybe even some of these other all points down here so it’s not going to necessarily be a bad thing right now we’re seeing some green some red it’s it’s hard to tell right now we don’t have enough data to suggest either which way we do see some of these other cryptocurrencies in the green but this is an opportunity for maybe one of your all points to kind of catch up to Bitcoin look at Bitcoin cash see this is where the conversation about Bitcoin cash threatening bitcoins dominance could Bitcoin cash make a run what a Bitcoin cash makes a run this would be interesting right so how do you hold a Bitcoin cash remember in my previous videos I said it would be it would be a pretty good idea to hold just as a diverse mint strategy to hold one Bitcoin one Bitcoin cash a you know maybe one to two thousand ripple or maybe more than that maybe five thousand ripple back when it was at 20 cents you know that would have been an easier time to get that but if you can’t you know maybe 1,000 ripples but here right here maybe like two or three litecoin I hear em you probably hold that I always say well hold two aetherium and don’t look at it for five years you know and and and those are really the core position maybe one – but it’ll be interesting to see how there’s Bitcoin retraces how it pans out is the money going to come out of the market entirely or we’re gonna dip below a half a trillion dollar market cap or are we gonna stay around this range in Bitcoin dominance stead you know 48 to 50 percent but we’re gonna lose the money from the market or is the the market gonna stay strong and bitcoins gonna Bitcoin dominance is going to retrace if we see Bitcoin dominance retrace let’s just look at this from the so you can see right here back in June Bitcoin was at 38% so that’s very interesting to see in right now it’s getting closer to that than it ever has been in my previous videos I was talking about how Bitcoin dominance going below fifty eight fifty five percent was interesting now that it’s gone below 50 percent can’t go below 40 percent and could it even revisit these this price range here where it was at 38 percent so overall crypto currencies benefit from the Bitcoin retracement so it’s not necessarily doomsday and even if the entire market were to see well money come out if we all start pulling a lot of money out it’s still not the end of the world it just creates a buying opportunity right now you’ve been in you’ve been in a profitability margins so take note of how things played out here and for those of you who are saying should I have sold Virg at seven cents if you’re concerned that the market might be pulling back completely take your profits right now converted into fiat and our USD T well I would say US dollar for now if you wanted to you probably don’t want to put it into Bitcoin if Bitcoin is going to continue to pull back because let’s say even take a look right now while we’re making this video to see what the latest update is on the market thank you to coin market Capcom by the way for having this data available so the market cap has gone up Bitcoin has kind of stabilized at seventeen six seventeen thousand six it’s up 1% over the hour so there’s an incredible action here and it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens it really is going to be interesting and you’re going to have to really take some calculated risk if you’re going to be getting into Bitcoin right now because we don’t know if it’s going to continue to pull back or if it’s going to stabilize and and this is the low and then it’s gonna pump back into 20,000 are people gonna start taking profits on their altcoins and shoot it into Bitcoin which is gonna charge Bitcoin back up to 20,000 because right now I’m seeing the if the market cap let’s take a look at the market cap so the market cap if it pulls back below 600 billion right so let’s look at the seven-day see when that happened okay so the last time we were below 600 billion dollar market cap was on Monday December 18th so that was yesterday so we did so we haven’t let’s see here where’s the low hmm so we’ve seen a 562 billion dollar market cap so we’ve we’ve we definitely we’re in new territory for that the market cap being here so I guess the point that we’d be looking at would be if the market pulls below let’s see let’s see if we can get a one month here on a low there’s a low right there Wow we’d have a long ways to go if the market starts pulling back into this range see that I’m doing the data I’m doing a date I basically record these videos while I analyze things that’s what I’m doing I’m doing like live play-by-play as it’s happening I’m not trying to fake anything I’m not trying to pretend to be anything all I’m doing is showing you the things that you can look at from a data analysis position and if I’m gonna dive into the data I’m gonna take you guys with me and if you guys want to watch these videos why we dive into the data that’s up to you if you don’t you don’t have to but I’m not faking anything I’m not trying to be like on CNN I’m gonna trying to be CNBC I’m trying to be as real as I can be with you guys and so as I’m doing this videos I’m basically discovering things that for myself so right now I’m like so as I’m doing this live play-by-play I’m like hmm December 10th we are at 371 that was the last low if we hit this range here that will be time for you to consider definitely time to hold but time to kind of you know okay time to definitely not consider taking profits but start looking at where you can start accumulating again so some of your favorite crypto currencies that are sky high they’re at all-time highs that you’re not buying right now you’d be saying well when they retrace like if card a no retrace to I don’t know 25 cents would you jump in there what are some of your crypto currencies that you’re looking at if the market does pull back let’s see again so we’re keeping an eye on the market it’s staying stable at sixty eight six six hundred eight billion so we have Bitcoin dominance still at 48% Bitcoin price stabilizing around seventeen five I’m not touching Bitcoin right now I’m not jumping into Bitcoin I’m not taking profit on anything right now but I’ll tell you what anybody who does if you’re taking profit on any of these crypto currencies that are up sky high like this and you’re putting it into Bitcoin if Bitcoin does turn the corner and go back up that calculated risk that you take will be huge for you because you would have just forked to a dynamically powerful position so what I’m saying by that is if Bitcoin goes on a bull run and these these kind of peak and then pull back if you make that trade on card an oh well let’s see what’s what’s a big trade that would happen right now hmm let me give you a perfect example of what I’m talking about what’s sitting at a real close to all-time high if you hold a OS right now and you’re like hmm this is just a hypothetical this doesn’t mean it’s going to happen I’m just giving an example of what it would look like so you’re sitting on EOS you’re like Els is at a peak it’s at an all-time high and it’s due for a retracement look at that chart it’s got the indicators of being due for a retracement right it’s even kind of its kind of bouncing around a little bit so let’s say you took your profits on Els because you think that Els is due for a retracement like bitcoins getting right now so you know we saw Els at around 7 8 7 85 on Monday which was just yesterday not very long time ago but you okay so you you sell here right you sell that Els an all-time high and you get into Bitcoin at 17,000 5 well it’s been on a retracement so you just so basically you’re like forking it you’re like boom boom bada bing bada boom in the eos the Bitcoin you sold at an all-time high you got it on a dip that’s the kind of stuff we’re looking at but that’s a calculated risk or are you willing to take that risk or are you gonna play it safe and Hodel are you gonna hold hold tight and wait for things to kind of develop and then stabilize and then find your opportunity there because you’re you’re always in one or two positions you’re in a you’re in a buy you’re in a buying opportunity or you’re in a profit opportunity or you can owe the the third factor is hold but it’s there’s two actions that you can take because holding is not an action that means you’re not moving you’re staying still the action you would take is are you going to take profit or you’re going to buy well it’s very simple guys we do not buy it all-time highs we’re buying the dip and I keep stressing that because that’s really how you win it this okay so I’m making this video to talk about number one thing do not panic if the thing pulls back way down do not panic your friends are panicking and they’re texting you and saying you told me to buy Bitcoin now what’s going on with this tell them yo bro hold or if your girl’s telling you you told her to buy Bitcoin you know tell her let’s go to the beach today let’s go let’s go bobsledding let’s go enjoy the family at the christmas don’t worry about it everything’s cool we’re gonna we’re in a multi-decade that guy on that CNBC here are you saying we run a multi-decade bull run here so remember the holiday season patience is a virtue you would say or good things come to those who wait so if you’re trying to day trade this is where it can get a little bit sticky but I’m saying hold and continue to hold don’t panic don’t do anything but right now I mean we went from red to all of a sudden green so you can see this the market shifts so quickly let’s see so 606 now let’s take a look we’re waiting six oh six okay so it’s huh I’m not seeing too much I am seeing some buying opportunities in some of these crypto currencies right now but none of them that I’m really too stoked about so I’m looking for buying opportunities as I see them I’ll let you know a little bit of a buying opportunity with salt still a buying opportunity for electroni on a little bit of a buying opportunity for pivots this B chain definitely they got a pump yesterday it’s coming off a high if you’re looking to get into B chain let’s see how Power Ledger’s holding up Power ledger had its nice little run now it’s kind of stabilizing avert coin still in a very nice buying opportunity so there’s buying opportunities and we’re looking for them but I’m saying I’m probably holding until I get real big sindelle signals I’m not seeing I’m not seeing real strong signals to buy I’m seeing more anything like okay the markets moving and I’m not I’m not touching anything right now I’m kind of hands-off I’m hands-off right now because I and I’m realizing it could go way up and I could be missing the opportunity or it could go way down but I’m not really looking to take the calculated risk right now so the calculated risk is telling me I don’t have enough data to suggest making any move so I’m holding so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna take profits and I’m not gonna sell I’ll let you guys know if anything changes but as of right now that’s where we’re at so just hold everything’s holding no panicking guys no panicking no need so anyways guys let me know what you think bitcoins price is gonna do let me know what you think the market activity indicates to you let me know if you guys are holding or selling if you’re gonna communicate with the community let us know your own your place here and let us know what the heck the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency holds in 2018 drop a comment I like to hear these things and who knows maybe I’ll be able to make a video based on your insights on what you guys are seeing if you’re on Instagram you can follow us at Instagram or alt Point buzz if you’re on Twitter you can follow us at Twitter at all Point buzz I know you have to type in the I oh okay if you’re new here you can subscribe and if you’ve been subscribed you can click that bill notification to get notified whenever we drop videos so like I said at the core of this video just be patient be calm don’t panic if you’re trying to get into Bitcoin it’s on a dip might be a time to get in I’m not doing anything with any of these crypto currencies right now and I’m definitely not selling any Bitcoin I am not selling Bitcoin right now I don’t even care if it goes down at $10,000 I’m still not sowing cuz I don’t have any I don’t have enough data to suggest that bitcoins gonna go how far bitcoins gonna pull back is it due for a retracement yes is it due for a little bit of a correction yes is it due for a big correction yes but does that mean that it’s gonna happen no so I’m holding

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