Bullish Litecoin Forecast (2018-2020) by Charlie Lee and Clif High

[Music] do you still see litecoin is doing some huge moves come Christmas began of the year we’re getting our Christmas surprise and I sort of suspected that it was going to be the CM II but now I’m thinking no what’s actually going to occur is that there’s reasons for litecoin adoption that’s going to appear before Christmas that will make like claim a little bit brighter of a star as we go forward past the Christmas period of time so and we should hold the three digits substantially and grow as we go into 2018 Jojo and I always comment you know three digits is 100 or it’s 999 yeah exactly well don’t blame me it doesn’t four digits comes up too and that’s the thing I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be arguing against anybody that said hey do you think it’s possible that you know thousand dollar Bitcoin are a light coin but before the year s next year seeing how everything has gone that’s that’s just honestly to be no problem you know just look at how things have gone but it is funny to think about such a high number when something was just $42 when cliff was telling everybody data is showing triple digits okay here’s all J snip hey guys cliff I just spoke the God has spoken you know he said triple digits oh of course I do it always do it I believe the guy if he’s beta says it I’m all-in you know I’m jumping in so this is just before two one with the with Bitcoin right yeah that puts us at like 3,000 bucks a light point I’d settle for ten to one you know I’ll be fair I’d sell over ten to one don’t settle you don’t have to well look at the look at the numbers here okay let’s just talk about it as though coinbase let’s just say all the exchanges all right so all of the US exchanges let’s say that they were double what coinbase did that the entire aggregated five or however many major exchanges there are were as good as coinbase times two so if we were getting that would be four hundred thousand people a day showing up for all the exchanges and over that that holiday period but if we actually look at it with 350 million people in the u.s. let’s just cut that down into half just so adults and their families etc so we’re looking at say a hundred and eighty million people well if we are going to get those hundred and eighty million people to get into Kryptos and we’re going to start in 2018 then we’re gonna have to maintain at least half a million a day getting in through the exchanges day in and day out day in and day out through the whole year then we’re only looking at maybe maybe a third being able to actually get in out of 180 million over the course of this next year but I see like when we’re working closely with Bitcoin to help job cryptocurrencies scale and if I had to choose I would say Bitcoin is can be can focus on being a store value like security and decentralization is the most important and that’s why the court does the Bitcoin coordinates are not willing to risk that right I think the reason why bitcoin is so valuable today is because it’s the most secure coin and it’s the most decentralized if the court does actually risk that and just like increase on chain capacity like eight times all some like people can’t run those anymore the low count would decrease and before you know it like it becomes a better like a little bit more decentralized PayPal and it’s it’s no longer like the store value that can compete against gold and all this other asset classes rate so if Bitcoin focus on that like coin will focus on being more for like a payment coin more for cheaper transaction fees for purchasing goods so that’s the direction I kind of see it going but well I mean kind of we’ll see what happens with lighting Network and how Bitcoin can also tackle the the payment space or whether we’re about there is where I like we can help for me what’s most most important its Lodz decentralization so like Bitcoin like development for Bitcoin can stay can not like really go anywhere and because it will still be successful right like big as is like what Satoshi Nakamoto created was already an amazing like product like does could just be fixing bugs and not adding new features and it’s still gonna be like a trillion dollar currency in like however many years minor centralization is an issue but in the end like it’s still a pretty competitive market it’s still hard to it’s hard to attack Bitcoin DM I think like if you can 51% attack it you can reverse some transactions but you still can steal money from people right and once the attack happens people can react to it like if someone if miners start attacking Bitcoin it will be very quick for consensus to form to change before work and basically fire all the miners and get advisors or if some or some government entity tries to attack the core in that way it can be like change pretty easily so I’m not worried about minor centralization that much but what I’m worried about is load centralization right so if if it’s really hard for for anyone to run a node then all you get is like companies like coinbase big companies or big miners reading nodes and everyone else will be using like SPD wallets where they can validate themselves but they just have to trust a third party to do to validate for them and when that happens then it becomes very easy to attack Bitcoin because all you have to do is course the big companies to change Bitcoin and no one can people can’t do anything about it right so I think it’s important that people can run notes and can validate their own transactions if they want to not everyone would choose to but once people aren’t really can’t afford to do that anymore then we have a problem litecoin can scale up like coin is extremely fast I expect light coin to be you know a component a complement to other payment systems maybe even dominating things I expect that maybe like coin and Bitcoin cash will be co-equal at some point in terms of operating speed and use and so under those circumstances a thousand or more for a light coin makes a lot of sense I think it Charlie Lee was also working on the masked I’m not sure exactly what does but it would facilitate the the smart contracts that you had talked about before and I don’t know maybe that’s the Christmas surprises is an announcement that the the masked is yeah I don’t even know what masked is but I did read that it would facilitate smart contracts and and I know people are they love etherium but there’s other ways to do it as well so maybe it’s like coin and there’s something about this too and that is that okay the lessons of aetherium are learned by light coin when light coin rolls out its offering it will have a piggy backed off of what it was able to ascertain occurs with aetherium and make the product better the next coin that comes along that does it will take the experiences of light coin and scale it up so we’re in a constantly improving universe relative to the crypto currencies at the software level as we go forward and it’s you know it’s not static it’ll just be a kicking ass that’s really amazing I had some people sell out on bought some light coin at 42 and sold out at 78 and our we’re waiting for the generalized downturn and they’re using this guy out of England his system and then they’re gonna buy back in their target I think was around 64 or something so they made the Delta there in way of one way of thinking from 42 to 70 into the 70s but then really in another way from 64 up to the 70s because that’s that’s their buyback in basis and and I you know I’m really I’m puzzled about how you even address that kind of thing on your taxes right how you would even describe this to the IRS but I know anyway they’re out of England anyway so they’ve got to deal with their own Inland Revenue Service on that kind of thing and they’ve got algorithms for all of this but they’re actually expecting that and these guys trade based on I guess you’d have to say inside rumors they hunt down rumors and that’s how they’d contacted me to see if I could invalidate the particular rumor language that they had heard about litecoin and and I was able to say yeah I’ve seen the same thing with within the spiders and it has to do with some technical successes okay not the atomic stuff but that goes a little ways towards it because the idea is going to be that light point will come up as the data has said way back when as a competitor to aetherium not necessarily as a coin competitor but as a network base as a smart contract carrier and so light coin has got some function appearing within this and these guys are betting on that now what actually struck us here was the Chinese the government deciding to calm things down and try and shut things down in anticipation of the new five-year plan that’s going to be coming out and in order to do that or well the way that they did that with the rumors and the creation of the food and then all of this sort of thing it generally suppressed everything across crypto space over the like the last 25 or 30 days and will will do so and lead-up into October into those last 10 days then we’ll see stuff start breaking out again such that by the time we’re in the next spring there’s Chinese icos all to hell agon you

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