Buy EOS COIN Before Moon Shot in 2018?

what’s going on everybody this is Jeff with Alcorn buzz today we’re gonna talk about the very exciting cryptocurrency known as e OS eos right so for those of you who have been in the cryptocurrency market for a couple months now you’ve more than likely heard of eos probably multiple times as this one has had a love-hate relationship with some people some people have known for a long time that els is going to be the next great cryptocurrency some people have held onto the position and sold early and those who bought maybe a month ago are pretty happy at this particular moment with their investment because look at this it’s rising so while there’s a sea of red in the altcoin market vos has proven to be resilient to that and bulletproof and in fact surging alongside bitcoin they’re not they’re not the same now so EOS has been as high as 509 per coin and right now it is at 121 so you could have bought it about a month ago for 50 cents there abouts even as early as October 28 52 cents so you could have doubled your money in the span of a short time if you were accumulating so you can look at this chart it hit the market back in July pumped dumped balanced rebuilt or what I guess not rebuilt but focused on the focused on the mission took care of business and got some big press releases and now EOS is surging again as high as 138 so you have one of two plays here and I can answer this for you but you can either buy now because you’re fearing that it’s going to go to the moon or you can hold hold and wait for it to pull back a little bit and buy back in but at the end of the day you should have been accumulating right here and not being impatient is what we all should have been doing right we should have been saying well Els is gonna go up and I’m just gonna hold out because I’m in this for the long haul not just day trading but day traders did make out pretty nicely when the big news hit so we take a look at the places you can pick up BitFenix finance craic in the cui so it’s on most of the major exchanges notice it’s not on bit tricks so that’s kind of interesting it’s not on bit tricks check them out on social media there in Tokyo these guys are very very involved I mean this is a major organization these guys are not some you know ICO just looking to you know get attention these guys are serious doing serious stuff guys this is a this a real company and they’re serious about what they’re doing okay they’re not they’re not playing games okay they’re very active they’re in there they’re on the global stage they’re dancing on the global stage so to say right so there was big news that came out that drove this cryptocurrency up but let’s take a look at their website so this is their website us look at that I mean it’s a well they they screamed but it kind of looks like in a aetherium logo but they scream like we’re serious like this is a beauty we’re a diamond support thousands of commercial scale D apps parallel execution asynchronous communication separates authentication from execution freeze and fix broken applications generalized role-based permissions so they’re quite the technology here and if you bounced around let’s go and see what some of the frequently asked questions are what is e OS iOS software UI z OS iOS software the name introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications this achieved through an operating system like construct upon which applications can be built the software provides accounts authentification databases asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters the resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second eliminates user fees and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications you could see how every cryptocurrency could benefit from lightning fast user free user fees or eliminating user fees every cryptocurrency could really benefit from this who is building the EOS software block one a Cayman Islands exempted company now that’s the only thing that people are concerned about because Cayman Islands makes them you know Cayman Islands are known for that tax evasion but well yeah I guess it’s it’s a place where you go set up an offshore account to avoid any sort of laws from major companies are major countries so that’s one thing that people are concerned about like why the Cayman Islands why not be an American company or a British company or a Singapore company or something like this so that’s the one thing that people that have made people kind of reserved about it but moving right along here we’re not going to spend too much time focused on that will the EOS software be released under open source software license yes at the end of its development stage block 1 will be released in the US the i/o software it is developed under an open-source software license that is great for potential mainstream adoption because if the community of developers and programmers likes us software so much so that they start utilizing it then what’s that going to do accelerate adoption what are us tokens us tokens are ERC 20 compatible tokens distributed on the etherium blockchain pursuant to a related ERC 20 smart contract so you can come you can come to their website check out their FAQ so you just click on the FAQ you’ll get that here’s their technical white paper as you can see they are very involved in the global community I mean you can click on any of these and get insight into what they’re doing what they’re up to and like I said they’re very active you have the road map here on their flashy jazzy website here like this and here it is on github phase 1 minimal Viable testing environmental Summer 2017 we’re already past 2017 summer days to fall so you can come in here and just take a look at it or you can pause my screen and read right now I’m not gonna go through all that that’s a lot to read for you guys it’s on github and you access that through their website and there’s a get started area cool it’s a cool website of minutes but even past the cool fullness of the website they’ve got a lot of resources on here showing that they’re very involved in I mean they’re going into China like basically I’d like to see if they’re going into Europe the same way they’re going into Asia but that’s smart to go into Asia like that support for Apple secure Enclave and similar so what does that mean are they gonna be trying to work with Apple pay yeah I don’t know I mean I I haven’t looked into that particular resource but you know this this dropped October 31st 2017 they have announcements here Hong Kong that’s big I just came from Hong Kong Hong Kong is a very powerful epicenter of Commerce in Asia so statement regarding the SEC report on the DAO great website you can learn a lot just by hanging out here and let’s see what else they got meetups finding eos meetup near you and then if we go back to their home page right here cos Tolkien is distribution current period 1:32 I 350 total distributed yet a OS so please read the LS token purchase agreement Terms of Service and Els technical white paper and confirm the facts and check boxes below in order to proceed us token purchase agreement you got to go through here and check all this I’m not going to do this right now but if you guys are interested in the token distribution you can come on to this website and scroll down to where it says get us obviously there on all the social media platforms you want to follow them on Twitter or Facebook steam it you know anyways guys what do you think about us would you will you be accumulating at these prices or will you be waiting for us to come back down and so to speak come back down to reality or do you think that it’s gonna do a moon shot and just keep rising from here it’s interesting to see how they’ve really been able to be surging while other what alt coins are not so that’s that’s interesting I’d say anyways guys thanks for watching share your thoughts on us also subscribe to this channel if you like this is Jeff with all coin buzz

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