welcome back everyone crypto Patrick here and today I’m gonna talk about ripple again I just did a video a little while ago on this how the CEO is gonna be on Yahoo Finance’s livestream but today I’m gonna go on ripple and its massive drop right now it’s on it’s at 160 you know it’s still the third in the market cap right now but and I just I want to talk about why and how it could hit eight to ten dollars in 2018 and why there’s still a lot of potential in ripple and if you guys are new to my channel before we get into this video make sure you guys subscribe and turn on those post notes notifications it is a good idea because I do cryptocurrency videos every day I also do do live streams on showing you how to make $20,000 a month through Bitcoin mining because you always want to invest profits that you’re getting paid in this instead of your own money that you have saved up it’s a lot better that way also if you guys are interested in crypto or if your crypto investor it’s a good idea just to watch my videos cuz I do giveaways and let’s start that conversation in the bottom in my comments make sure you guys put your ripple address when you are just tell me you know how much do you like ripple do you hold it when do you when have you if you did did you sell it what price did you guys get in that where do you guys think it’s gonna go in 2018 this like a conversation down below and I do giveaways oh right like with the YouTube picker and I just randomly pick a good comment but I’m gonna do a giveaway video on Friday alright so getting into this right now looking at ripple I’m taking a look right now it’s about 60 1061 billion dollar market cap about a dollar sixty right now it was about a dollar eighty earlier today the volume is still pretty high about one yeah we still got about a billion dollars being traded billion nine hundred and ninety three million almost two billion it’s down 14% I still think this is a really good buy guys we had up we’ve seen a couple really big dips when that coin market cap happened and the they basically had to correct itself the market corrected itself for the Korean Won and today there’s been a couple really big news announcements that happened one of them was the South Korea said that they’re not gonna ban crypto currency trading they’re just gonna they’re just gonna look at the people that aren’t following the tax laws so this is really big guys it’s like South Korea has been a hub for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies accounts for 20% of global Bitcoin transactions and if you look on coin market cap right now I mean they’re just responsible for are like look on even ripple on some of these exchanges you can see it sticking off the market but they all look at though this is the Korean Won right here it’s almost a billion dollars in trade volume and if you look at ripple right now it has about two billion and trade volume today that’s a half of it that’s about a half of it is coming from South Korea so this news right here is going to be really big for ripple and other currencies and it just basically says a panic over the potential crackdown on South Korea is one of the one after that has caused bitcoins price to tumble surpassing nineteen thousand last year so that huge panic you guys over South Korea and the coin market caps adjustment caused a lot of decrease in ripple and if you look right here let’s just take a look real quick we’ll look on the charts this is on coin market cap for any of you guys knew that want to look at this I’m just gonna show you some dips that happen let’s do the month okay so what happened here is we started out around 70 cents in December and then we had it went all the way up to 381 which was right here there was a lot of favorable news going on like it’s kind of take a look right here and then we had a huge drop which happened right here with a coin market cap and that’s the drop that you guys see right here and that cap right there when this happened a lot of people panic sold and they started panic selling around here and we saw another we saw another dip a lot of people kind of have like weak hands they started selling out but what happened right here is the same thing and this is what the it being around 160 right now is right around the time all these whale investors will come in because the thing about ripple that a lot of people don’t understand is it has a good utility it has a good team and it has a good marketing strategy there’s a lot of companies like MoneyGram that are testing it right now this is the bit basically a proof abuse it MoneyGram starts using this this currency and they can see that it works you know a lot of a lot of investors are gonna come in you guys you’re gonna see like banks start using it you’re gonna see well investors start investing in more financial institutions like a lot more people will come in and that will drive the price up that’s when we’re gonna see like a $10 ripple is when the you know you’ll see the market cap at like 360 billion or something you’ll have to like four times it like if you look at ripple right now you look at the market cap of sixty-two billion dollars if you were to take our say Oh 62 billion if you were to take this number say it was like 80 billion and say on the price was $2 if you were to times up by four you would have a 360 thousand dollar 360 billion dollar market cap and if you look at let’s just compare them real quick to the other ones comparing them to Bitcoin which is 225 billion that’s why it’s you know Bitcoin would probably go up too because the overall market cap would have to be around I would say around 2 to 3 trillion dollars for ripple to be you know a $10 price point or $8 but I think this year we could see that with a lot more people coming in to crypto and you know crypto is getting really popular a lot of people are holding crypto crypto if you look right now there’s a lot of downturns in the market so that’s why a lot of people are selling a lot of people are selling off their crypto like even one of my friends right now he holds like a good amount of Bitcoin he’s like oh should I sell right now and he got this Bitcoin for free and he just thought like he’s like I just want to make money I’m the type of person that just wants to make money right now like a lot of people have really weekends they don’t want to hold for long term you know and ripple is a long term hole it is a long term hold but the utility with this X rapid and all these these companies starting to use it is gonna show like some really promising stuff one thing I want to show you guys on this is a financial express right here if you guys look at finance row Express if you come down here they say that there’s an $8 Ripple um at ripples current price USD to the market cap stands at 80 billion so it’s not two anymore it’s at 160 remember guys I think 160 is the threshold here I don’t think it’s gonna go much below this I think this is what a lot of people have panicked sold and they’re trying to make their money back but now it’s time for like all now these whale investors and people that are into um after they see I can’t use my money grab and say the proof of use it gets used and they know it works you’re gonna see all these financial people on Wall Street people that earn into the banks that want to keep this old system going but they need innovation there needs to be like a brand new product with innovation and that’s basically what ripple is doing it makes payments really really fast like three to four seconds there’s a low transaction speed and the value with with more people adopting it and more like money grab and all these different people that are coming onto it they said there’s three money transfer firms that’s gonna make the that’s gonna make the supply decrease with a lot more people using it and then the value is gonna go up more and then so basically if you look right here on Financial Express this came out today the other day and said we can arrive at a target price above eight dollars which implies a 4x return from here build your own model and frameworks before I refine ripple don’t buy it because it’s available USD for two dollars that’s a big difference in price and they are basically just saying that ripple secret sauce is this is why it’s good guys if you guys are new to this and just watching this channel just know that ripple can settle a thousand transactions per second compared to Bitcoin seven the transaction fee is much lower Ripple aims to be a bridge currency at many financial institution institutions will use to settle cross-border payments for faster and more cheaply than using global networks which can involve and slow multiple middleman so this is getting this is going to be like accepted by all the major institutions ripple has basically they still hold 50 million in escrow they’re trying to make that price you know go up and I want to show you guys another thing on the price real quick we’ll take a look at the seven-day I know I just took it in a month before I actually know what took at the month so looking at the month right here if you guys are new to ripple let’s just take a look I go one month not three months okay so basically like we had a lot of people at this drop this is one coin market cap adjusted the price we saw a huge drop these people that came in like this is around you know they were in up like 193 some people probably came in around like you know – they made it a minute less this like $2 235 mark and now they’re like okay it’s it’s 190 we’re gonna sell off so I’ll sell off sell off and then that MoneyGram announcement came out and this was the MoneyGram announcement that made it go up to – I think it went up to 220 and then it looks like it’s stabilized around $2 right after that and more people were like oh I probably just make my money more panic sellers and now it’s at 160 now the people that really know it’s gonna be good are gonna start using it I think it’s gonna stay around 160 for the next couple weeks this is gonna you know we got to see that proof of utility guys you know around January 11th is when it started I think yeah I round it’s when it started to take the dip we saw the dip right there and that dip just showed like it’s just that it’s stabled off let’s stay ability is good I think a lot of these whales will come in MoneyGram is the test the the old school finance people they want to they want to get into this they’re gonna be I think that’s gonna drive the price up maybe to $4 we’re gonna see a steady rise in the next two weeks it’ll probably stable for a little bit and then a steady rise after the proof of use so it’s kind of just like the trial period and then um after this trial period and if MoneyGram is successful then it’s gonna explode guys that’s when we’re gonna see everyone start adopting it you know I’ve done a lot of videos on ripple I’m a big believer in it I give a lot of Giveaways on ripple because you know a lot of people kind of hate on it but it still is a good currency it’s gonna you know with more financial institutions with more whales coming in you know after this giving us these panic sellers are dropping the price giving a chance for more people to come in at 160 the utility alone is just good it’s a really good utility even if you’re not into the crypto currencies and banks liking it it’s just a really good utility it needs to um so basically with this proof of use it needs to show its usability it needs to show it’s reliable it needs to show it’s something people can trust and um it could be basically something so it’s gonna basically replace the old financial system the institution at that at that point it’s gonna make it faster and cheaper the thing is here it’s innovative having this innovation guys is gonna really help it’s gonna basically drive up the price and we look at this price right now how much would it take all right so it if this does happen and we do see like a proof of use and we do see it becomes a really good utility then within a couple of days we could see billions of dollars dumped into Ripple and it’s not impossible guys to think that within the second quarter of 2018 we’re gonna see a $5 ripple and a very possible 8 to $10 ripple at the very end of 2018 but you guys remember in order for that to happen we need to have at least one to two trillion dollar are probably like two to three trillion dollar market cap up here that means that all the other top five ones are gonna be doing really good as well if we look back on like the top five I’ll just tell you guys what I think is gonna be the best for 2018 let me just refresh this and let’s just take a look real quick okay so for 2018 you guys I think the best utility coins it’s Bitcoin aetherium Ripple Bitcoin cash card oh no is probably gonna fall out because like coin has a better utility I just did a video on that showing how light paid debit card there’s a lot of favorable news coming out and it’s just way more useful but I think it’s not impossible you guys free poll to take over a theory I’m again you know it’s been kind of contending for the number 2 spot if it’s gonna beat Bitcoin Bitcoin is always gonna be a really good standard just to hold you know kind of like a gold standard where you just hold it for holding and I think ripple could move up you know to it could move up to Bitcoin probably not gonna overtake it but it might overtake it it’s hard to say but for the most part guys at 166 see it’s already it’s already gone up since like six cents since we’ve done this video 160 is the bottom the bare minimum of where it’s gonna go it’s not gonna go much lower see how I’m going up again good thing to buy we’re looking at at least 2x gains in the next few months I think I by the end of the year ezel it could easily do three to four but we’re gonna see a huge market cap increase up here guys and anyone that doesn’t believe in it just remember it has these ones ripple aetherium Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like coin those are the top five for 2018 they have a great utility you know great team of great advisers and that’s why I think it’s gonna do good and any of you guys watching right now that want to make money definitely check out the link in my description for Bitcoin mining with all these coins right here you know what I do is I mined Bitcoin it’s way better to take your mind your daily mining profits that you get from a one-time investment and spread them out into multiple coins and that’s what I do with bit Club and I also mine litecoin and so I basically also put a link in the description but if you guys watch my video I definitely do live streams and if you watch a live stream I usually my friend Sean Logan on here and he’s a he’s been doing this a long time he’s made a quarter million dollars I learned a lot from him and it’s just basically that’s the best way to do it and then you can invest in icos and other ones but I’m gonna try to make a lot more videos for you guys definitely say subscribe thank you for watching you guys are all awesome I appreciate all you guys I’m gonna make more videos and definitely drop a comment and leave your ripple address below thank you guys so much for watching and I’m the next video I think is gonna be on electro neon video so stay tuned let me end it with a song here

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