Cardano, IOTA, Tron Price Projection

what’s going on everybody this block change a with all Kalon buzz today we’re gonna go over three top 20 crypto currencies that are hot and on a dip they’ve got long-run potential in my opinion and many people are excited in the overall blockchain cryptocurrency community about these three projects they’re Cardinal iota and Tron what I’m going to do is I’m going to give price projections based on a 100 billion dollar market cap and what the price would look like if they were to achieve that now as you can see you theorem is well above a 100 billion dollar market cap and why did I choose 100 million dollars as a market cap to give us a price projection well number one is we wanted a point of reference to go for an aim aim towards and you can see here that etherium at one point let’s just take a look at july youthere have had a twenty billion dollar market cap which is actually where cardano’s at now and we’ve even seen the etherium with a four billion dollar market cap as soon areas quick as it was that’s a Tron Tron market cap right now in April 3rd 2017 so what I’m suggesting is in one year we can watch any one of these three projects developed to achieve a hundred billion dollar market cap because we saw aetherium do that now is it fair to compare a theorem to these three new projects well I don’t know you tell me you go you do some you watch the video maybe do some research and come to the conclusion on your own but I would say that if there was three potentially theorems out there these three might be some of the top ones that I would refer to I’m not going to include Neil on this list but I could I could include any one of these top tens or I could look for something outside at the top 20 okay or any of you know anyways let’s kick this off so Cardno if we just look at card a no card a no is a decentralized public blockchain cryptocurrency project and is fully open source the these guys they use academic papers to do the research for io HK which is input/output if you don’t know it IOH KS you can come on here and you can take a look at the i/o HK website input-output HK I think stands for Hong Kong because these guys are out of Hong Kong cascading distribution experimentation is the mother of creation so when you come on to the cardio website you can come around here you click on white paper tap the philosophy academic papers and what that means is if you’ve ever gone to college some of you may have or may have not that you peer-reviewed journals where people write up a case study about a specific subject in this case it would be about the blockchain or ways to understand the technology behind it and how to improve it and then they share it in an open source environment at a collegiate level so to speak and that’s what they’re looking to do with their academic papers and that’s their philosophy of IOH k so it’s provide some input and then get some output from the community after you write at the paper has been produced and put out there and cardano’s looking to use the peer reviewed journals or the academic research to apply it to embedder to make the technology better and they’re one of the only ones really doing that now if you’re gonna get invested in cardan I’m gonna recommend Charles Hoskinson he is the former he’s a useful he used to work for ëthere IAM or work with aetherium now he’s developed cardinal and you can see it’s i ohk underscore charles i do recommend if you’re gonna get involved with Cardno did you come onto twitter and you follow him okay he’s kind of funny at times but you could see this is his twitter and he puts out updates he’s he’s fairly humble but he also knows what he’s talking about so he does talk with some assertion now if you’re gonna take a look here why are we building cardan oh you can come on to this part of it and see that their separation of accounting and computation in two different layers implementation of core components in highly modular functional code small groups of academics and developers competing with peer-reviewed research we just went over that heavy use of interdisciplinary teams including early use of InfoSec experts so they’re using brain power the people in the community to create the best platform possible to utilize that’s why people are so bullish on Cardno even though there’s not really been anything built on car down whereas there has been things built on the ethereum blockchain so they’re looking to use brain power to create the ultimate platform but some other things that are interesting about this bring bringing in stakeholders closer to the operations and maintenance of their cryptocurrency abstracting transactions to include optional metadata in order to better conform to the needs of the legacy systems learning from nearly 1-thousand all kinds by embracing features that make sense so taking from all of these blockchain projects kind of creating a hybrid and putting it into car down it’s that’s what makes it really interesting to me is the fact that they’re taking a little bit of everything from all that and they’re putting it into a pot and making this ultimate jambalaya this ultimate dish right find a healthy middle ground for regulators to interact with commerce without compromising some corporate principles inherited from Bitcoin what they’re saying is well we’re gonna work with the global community to keep the establishment but we’re also going to try and mediate that in find a middle ground between Bitcoin and the establishment so it’s taking some of the good things about decentralization from Bitcoin and blockchain they’re from the Satoshi white paper and kind of also pairing that with the governments and the banks and all that so it’s really important they’re not saying they’re gonna go full-blown ripple and they’re not saying they’re gonna go full-blown Bitcoin but they’re learning from the best to create a hybrid and that’s what it comes out to so if we just give if we just look at card a now and we say where can card an out go from here let’s take a look so sitting at 81 cents you can see it’s a 21 million dollar market cap what I did was I put card on o at 20 20 billion dollars when I made this and it would have a valuation there abouts at $4 so you can see a $4 card a know if it were to achieve a hundred billion dollar market cap where can you pick it up you can pick it up on bit tracks finance coin nest gate do like I said follow Charles Hoskinson you can also follow card Dano Foundation on Twitter and I do recommend Twitter you can also follow us on Twitter as you know if you don’t want faul every single cryptocurrency we try to get it out there but it’s all coin buzz io so if you’re having a hard time following everybody keeping up with your favorite coins keep up with us at least and we’ll do our best to keep you guys informed next project that we’re gonna review is going to be iota I’m a fan of iota not just because of the fact that I’ve been invested in iota for a while it’s because I like the fact that they’re a great project they’re the tangle ledger which is different than the blockchain and if we just explore some of the things that are great about iota number one if you’re into autonomous vehicles you can see how iota is pioneering the sensors that will be used in autonomous vehicles or looking to at least have their product line or their development technology used by I don’t know the likes of Tesla or Elon Musk so you can see the Internet of Things which is IOT if you ever watch a commercial and someone’s talking about IOT now you know what it is Internet of Things keep expanding the the need for inter pair ability and sharing of resources become a necessity iota enables companies to explore new business to business models by making every technological resource a potential service to be traded on an open market in real time than no fees so they’re saying they’re going to be faster currency and with no fees whereas if you know anything about Bitcoin network fees in Bitcoin core what they’ve been doing you might have heard about Roger beer and how he just loves Bitcoin cash but doesn’t love Bitcoin because of the fees and this and that I can see why I Roger beers like that because Roger beer has been in Bitcoin since 2011 or even before that probably so when there’s videos of him talking like that and now that the fees are high he’s he’s like what happened to the cryptocurrency with virtually no fees you know that’s what he misses but iota having that aspect to it and being the tangle ledger which is the ledger of things in this new autonomous machine economy iota will be the backbone the tanga ledger is able to settle transactions with zero fees so devices can trade exact amounts of resources on demand as well as store data with sensors and data loggers securely and verified on the ledger so this is what the tango ledger is you have sensors smart energy grid and computation Fogg station you can see how it all goes into it’s all connected this is the tangle the main innovation behind iota is the tangle a revolutionary new blockless notice they said blockless me and there’s no blockchain here this is tangle the tangle is lightweight and for the first time ever makes it possible to transfer value without any fees contrary to today’s blockchains consensus is no longer if you coupled but instead an intrinsic part of the system leading to decentralized self-regulating peer-to-peer network and here you go they got the white paper for you guys to read you can go through all of this obviously this would be impossible for me to read in one big long subject but I want it I think that if you do get excited about iota it’s going to be worth it for you to understand some of the white paper here they talking about the low low of the typical number of tips as small and frequently becomes one this may happen when the flow of transactions is so small that it is not affordable that several different transactions approved the same tip the vitalic has talked about this several times also if the network latency is very low and devices compute fast it is unlikely that many tips would appear this even holds true in the case when the flow of transactions is reasonably large moreover we have to assume that there are no attackers that try artificially inflate the number of tips so you can see these high low low load things here’s that here’s the diagram here of what it looks like when things get congested and that’s what they’re basically saying is look look we’re looking to make things more efficient with cryptocurrency and the blockchain so that we don’t have these issues that we’ve experienced with some of the older texts like Bitcoin and they’re using the tangle ledger which is essentially lightweight blockless technology but this is the white paper you can see I know some of you guys would prefer me to go through this and read you some of the the key aspects of it but in keeping with the length of the video there’s also a lot of mathematics in here and I’m not going to claim to be the most I’m not going to claim to be trigonometry or whatever this is I mean this math equations into something you might make a lot of sense but to me it’s over my head and I’m not going to try to fake the funk and so that’s what I see when I see the white paper in some of these areas but you can see how they’re talking about attackers hackers etc yeah this is the tangle ledger the white paper is very technical and I’m not gonna fake the phone to pretend like I know the ins and outs of how these coding works I’m an investor and I like projects and I leave the the technicalities to the the people who were really into that kind of stuff now if you’re gonna follow this project this is david’s unstable this is the guy you’d ask the technological questions to and he’s the one of the pioneers he’s the founder of iota and you can keep up with him on twitter at david saw and stay beau so just as I showed Charles Hoskinson we’re also showing David’s unstable and how to keep up with them they’ve had some issues with Microsoft they’re still looking to work with Microsoft from what I know they’re they’re in some sort strategic alignment blockchain tangle and beyond so you can see these guys because they’re in the tangle edge where they’re using a totally different technology than what the blockchain is which makes them unique and why I like them for the long term because they could be a pioneer of a new tangle ledger revolution so to speak alright so gone over all this now we’re going to take a look at Tron oh by the way if we were to see a hundred billion dollar market cap for iota we would be looking at around a thirty five to thirty seven dollar iota price okay so four dollars for card Danna $37 for iota and we’re gonna take a look one more time here at Tron this is a long video I’m feeling it alright I’m trying to move fast for you guys so you don’t get bored alright Oh iota you can pick it up on Finance I know that I apologize I missed that so you can pick up Tron here on Finance also coin nest look we fitzy as you can see you can pick up all these pretty much all by ants if you don’t have an count with bye Nance I’ll leave a link in the comments below so that you can sign up with a link that I provide now yeah I mean I don’t care where you get it you get it I get coin look.we but it seems like all of these are all on by Nance so to make it simple now if we were to give this cryptocurrency a 100 million dollar or a hundred billion dollar market cap it would have about you’d be looking at about a dollar fifty to a dollar sixty Tron ok it’s currently sitting at fourteen eighty two is is on a dip it’s it’s off a massive high that was already at thirty percent so just be patient if you’ve been holding it but it does have another high circulating supply and total supply and if we take a look at Tron from the technical aspect of it you can see they call themselves web 4.0 so you have web 1.0 is comps web 2.0 is applications web 3.0 is blockchain but they’re calling themselves web 4.0 they’re saying they’re gonna one-up everybody and take it to the next level kind of like how I own is coming in with a different hybrid approach and of being the tangle ledger card a know coming in saying we’re IO H K we’re going to use academic pure research our academic peer to peer research and create take the best from all these thousands of crypto currencies that exist and make it the best that’s kind of what Tron saying they’re going to do this is a project out of Asia they’re there in collaboration with Jack Ma from Alibaba and you see Internet 4.0 blockchain application development platform I guess what they’re saying it’s the web 4.0 is blockchain but with applications so calm with applications is 2.0 blockchain 3.0 blockchain with applications 4.0 I hope I can explain that at least kind of clear to the way that you can understand it so it is well wave filled Tron is a blockchain based open source decentralized content entertainment protocol so in the world of entertainment Tron is looking to break in it is committed to the use of blockchain and distributed storage technology to build a worldwide free content enter system that allows each user the freedom to publish store have data and through decentralized form of autonomy well if you use Google Drive for example you do what you upload your information to Google Drive you also use YouTube you know for your entertainment so Google has a wide plethora of platt of applications or tools that you can use and Toronto saying they’re looking to do that also where you can publish store have data through decentralized form of autonomy to digital asset distribution circulation trading methods to determine the distribution of content subscribe push enable content creators the formation of decentralized content entertainment ecology so I’ve seen him call I’ve seen Justin’s son by the way you’re gonna want to follow Justin son here at Justin son Tron he’s got a three hundred twenty two thousand followers there big project out of Japan but he’s kind of actually called out FB Facebook Zuckerberg and he said some things about how the centralized king being Zuckerberg and him being more of a part of the decentralized network so I think he’s looking to actually create some social media channels that the challenge the establishment and what’s in place with you know the the product the the social media platforms that already exist I think that’s what he’s basically suggesting here although we don’t have anything other than well let’s see he’s talked about some stuff where he’s working with P well app maybe P well app I don’t know what they’re trying to do I’d have to look in more into the P well app but maybe he’s trying to create this decentralized social media platform that no one really owns so we’ll see but that’s kind of the the direction it appears like he’s talking about content subscribe push enable content creators the formation of decentralized content entertainment ecology that’s what that tells me is that he’s looking to do that with my tens of millions of users from my app will be the first in the future compatibility with tron content entertainment applications then wave truant will be the first user to exceed ten million smart contract blockchain agreement smart contract is from ethereal the theory amuses smart contracts that’s basically if you don’t know what a smart contract is it’s basically a set protocol that executes using an algorithm so instead of a judge saying you’re found guilty or whatever the case may be the the the smart contract executes based on what’s written into the contract so if the contract says every time it reaches nine so that’s a smart contract because it’s given a specific command to execute what the contract says it’s like when someone reaches three hundred twenty two thousand dollars in their account they sell and the contract executes the sell order and so that’s basically what the idea of the smart contract is which is used on any theorems blockchain so to create a decentralized Internet and get the internet back to the beginning anyone can create content web pages applications and connect freely with others having without having to rely on centralized services so it’s interesting because you have the stuff coming up with the net neutrality you also have in China they have the Great Firewall of China which basically means that Facebook Google’s not allowed in China so there’s a whole bunch of interesting things where the government’s involved the government the United States talking about net neutrality China has a Great Firewall of China but the original document from I think it’s somewhere out of the Val Switzerland it’s called the Declaration of Independence of the internet I believe is from 1996 you can type it in I believe the guy’s name was Barlow something Barlow but it’s you you can watch it on Vimeo where he reads it to you it’s the Declaration of Independence of the internet and in the internet it says government stay away from the internet and that’s kind of what he’s saying here is take the internet back and put it into the hands of the Internet the people of the internet and that’s what the whole mantra is behind decentralized it’s like the internet was originally intended to have governments out of it not have government intervene in the internet ecosystem and so that’s kind of what Ron’s main mantra is basically bringing decentralized for everything from entertainment to storage all that and introns really trying to push that agenda and saying that they’re the guys to do it even though there are company out of China you would say you can see how they’ve seen that the downside of having a centralized internet from the government basically with the Firewall of China so you can see how Justin son could be influenced by saying hey let’s rip down that firewall let’s break down that wall so you can go through the Tron website on your own and I know you guys want me to do that but it’s a long video and many of you have now asked me to keep these videos a little bit shorter even though this one’s running on to 20 minutes so you can also follow us on instagram 19.8 kay just keeps growing that’s all in one month nineteen point nine K and all climbed buzz on Twitter Oakland buzz IO so let me know what you guys think Tron would have a dollar sixty valuation iota thirty-seven dollars in cardan out four dollars if they reach the hundred million dollar market cap which we already went over what that would look like here in 2018 ripple has approached has gotten close to that so you can see it’s not completely unachievable and these are solid projects for those of you looking for solid investments of solid projects not just looking to get into quote-unquote crap coins or coins that they just don’t think are going to be around for a while these three projects have the hallmark of something that will be around long term so they’re solid investments especially car Danno iota is gonna be around for a while and Tron really looks like it’s gonna be around for a while so if you’ve been in Tron since $0.30 this hopefully brings you some some green pastures if you’re willing to be if you’re willing to be patient you will look to see some gains on all of these from where you’re at they’re all on dips right now so obviously if if Tron being an eight cents right now goes to one dollar and sixty I mean that would be a nice game for you so you can see how this is a buying opportunity for Tron now this isn’t professional financial advice you need to do your own research and come to your own conclusions but we’re just planning painting the picture of what can be possible assuming we stay in a bull market so anyways guys we’ll see you guys later

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