Charlie Lee – Litecoin Price Prediction: 2018 Set to Become Litecoin’s Best Year

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so Charlie Lee as most of us know is the inventor of light coin he’s a great guy he’s accessible he’s all over Twitter he’s a humble guy as well and now he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT he’s had a very successful career he actually worked for Google and he left Google and he’s actually now went to work for coinbase which is the largest exchange in the United States on which you can actually buy Bitcoin litecoin and etherial now the thing is this everybody always asks well who is Satoshi Nakamoto and that’s the big mystery there’s all sorts of theories out there well Satoshi Nakamoto could be actually a collection of people does it necessarily have to be one person but I have this interesting theory I don’t know how accurate it may be but it’s a theory my theory is isn’t it possible that maybe Charlie Lee is Satoshi Nakamoto and here’s why I say it it’s number one because it’s just you know I think he wanted to create Bitcoin and see whether or not it was gonna work and then be accepted which it was but then he realized what the shortcomings of Bitcoin were once it started working so what does he do he creates litecoin and now he could put his face and his name to something because technically and I’m hearing it being said more and more while while Charlie likes to call litecoin the silver to Bitcoin gold I’m starting to hear more and more people say that actually bitcoin is like MySpace and litecoin is like Facebook so whether charlie is or Charlie as if I don’t know I just think it’s fun either way the whole crypto community is just an amazing opportunity it’s changing the world it’s changing the way we do business it’s bringing freedom and it’s the democratization of global money because I see that every time these crypto currencies go up in value that’s a vote against traditional government-issued fiat currency [Music]

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