Coin Hive Is Mining Cryptocurrency On Your Internet Browser

be its it right holy I’m pro dude hey are you still using better you see a client yeah it’s what all the pros use why do you know that location is using your CPU to mine cryptic can’t see right that’s what are you talking about holy ESEA was using my computer to mine coins that said I’m deleting this application right now well at least I’ll never have to worry about someone secretly using my computer to mine coins again man I love 2013 [Music] just another day on my favorite website what what’s this my CPU usages going through the roof don’t tell Bitcoin oh Jesus Christ they’re using browsers to mind coins now coin mining is when a program or a website uses your computer to mine crypto currencies for money back in 2013 it was discovered that ESEA used a program to mine Bitcoin from their users and they were dealt a 1 million dollar fine after people found out nowadays the most popular way to mine coins is through a JavaScript miner called coin hide which uses your computer to mine a cryptocurrency called Manero a few popular websites and services have been using this such as the Pirate Bay and even Showtime these coin miners are used to generate more revenue and since more and more people are starting to use ad blockers it may be in response to the lack of ad revenue on these websites the only catch of course is that coin miners heavily tax your CPU and can actually shorten the lifespan of your computer coin mining is also not just limited to big websites and corporations some individuals have even put coin hive on their personal websites take the case of ice Poseidon for example or more specifically his former developer named Andres ice poseidon is a popular IRL streamer on YouTube who gets thousands of viewers every stream he also has an incredibly active subreddit a Chrome extension and a personal website where you can also watch his stream the latter two of these things his website and the Chrome extension were made by his developer Andres one of the members from ice Poseidon’s subreddit came up with the idea for something called CX stocks in which different memes and characters appearing on ice Poseidon’s stream would have an imaginary stock market based on popularity the idea was proposed to also include the possibility of the community making real-life money with these stocks the idea was well-received and Andres decided to implement this concept in doing so he also decided to include a phony crypto currency called shekels now shekels had no actual monetary value it was just a fake currency for fans to play around with however in order to mine shekels users had to sign into ice Poseidon’s website and then they would have to accept the terms of the prompt in doing this a user’s CPU usage would shoot up as expected with any sort of coin mining and many of Isis fans reported as much what was not divulged from this prompt or any other public information however was the fact that the website was also mining actual cryptocurrency using coin hive for ondrea’s own profit game journalist Richard Lewis made a video explaining exactly this but actually what’s happening is you get something that’s worth fuck-all in layman’s terms absolutely zero meanwhile the developer and whoever else he’s agreed to share it with they get something that has a monetary value they get the crypto currency and they use your machines to do it some users from ice Poseidon’s community found out about this and work naturally furious that they had been deceived overnight andreas became public enemy number one within the community and after a series of hateful threads and responses he ended up deleting CX stocks and even his own reddit account after finding out about this ice Poseidon commented the mining must go on one of the many threats after which he cut ties with Andres after this whole debacle another streamer destiny questioned Andres on stream to hear his side of the story and he cleared up a few things ice beside and calm the website that runs ZX talks is not owned by ice beside it’s my company for it to run the steps if someone had to take to start the miner once they had to go to the website then I had to click on the CX talks tab they had to login to the website through the YouTube account then they had to press the start mining button they had to press a confirmation screen and accept the terms that it would increase CPU load now Andres isn’t lying here and I don’t think he ever did lie but he is withholding some of the truth rather he did because there was no expectation of this coin miner mining real cryptocurrency for Andre’s when people signed up for it what was they always the money going for that was it to pay for its night cost and labour won yeah yeah because I’m working for free pretty much I was just like this would it always felt like he told me the same thing the first time and it just felt wrong from my side to like ask him for money without even there being in an expectation of earning money like I told him in the beginning that I would do this like for free and then it seems like Andres after working countless hours for ice was not being fairly compensated so he decided to make a little extra money on the side since he was not comfortable confronting ice Poseidon about the payment now that’s just my conjecture I obviously don’t know exactly what Andres was thinking but needless to say in terms of making money this was a terrible way of going about it for full disclosure there may be some bias here because I am friends with ice Poseidon and I have met Andres in person and he seemed like a totally nice guy and even after this I don’t think he’s a bad guy I just think he made a big mistake in response to some miscommunication with him and ice but that’s just my take on it and it turns out that Andres wasn’t the only one in ice Poseidon’s circle involved with cryptocurrency and coin mining I loved so much even wasting their caravel I don’t see this greedy little he goes by the name elixir but he’s better known as Jew kid within the ice poseidon community he’s been on pulse stream many times being obnoxious annoying in at times funny he’s even been on my stream when I was at VidCon actually well it turns out elixir has his own website called elixir labs dot net which is apparently marketed towards people who need to stay up to date on the latest YouTube trends so if you want your email flooded with jake paul and cringy vlogging videos this is the place for you now if you scroll down you’ll see that in order to sign up you have to hit verify and attach to doing that is a coin hive logo that’s right elixir the Jew kid is even getting in on this money-making scheme and given the demographic his website is aiming for I think it might just work too as I mentioned earlier the Pirate Bay a more underground web site used for illicit activities also uses a form of coin mining one difference here is that they actually announced in a blog that they would be using coin mining in order to help sustain their site initially the coin miner they used heavily increased CPU usage and thus caused a lot of backlash but they’ve since reduced the stress it causes on your computer what’s more surprising was this story about media giant Showtime having a coin miner embedded into their website for a weekend in September of 2017 this screenshot of the website’s code is proof of the coin miner but it seems pretty out of place for a well-respected company like Showtime to try and make a quick buck off of their customers like this what may be more likely is that a hacker or maybe a hacking group got into the website’s code and implemented a coin miner for their own benefit either way this is just further proof that wherever there’s money to be made people are going to do whatever it takes to get it with the popularity of ad blocking software it seems like people are getting more creative in ways to generate and why not invest in coin mining and cryptocurrency which also seemed to be on the rise coin hive is just one of many forms of coin mining and we’re probably going to see this phenomenon only increase as time goes on the question is if we as users will tolerate this sort of thing are computers being stressed to make money going forward in fact we’re already seeing some of the effects play out with the price of many graphics cards increasing due to people buying them in bulk for coin mining the free and open Internet may not be so free in the future if we end up having to pay with our computers so let’s hope we can prevent that from happening before this gets too widespread now where was I oh that’s right [Music] [Music]

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