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what is up everybody crypto heads here with another livestream update this is gonna be a fun livestream update we’re gonna go over a bunch of things we’re gonna go over the current market update you’re going to go over recent news and I put together a few things that I wanted to go over as well when it comes to the historical charts and what is gonna be coming in the future for Bitcoin there’s just so many exciting things to talk about I mean we’re seeing mass adoption happen right in front of our eyes and I think people haven’t really noticed it because the prices haven’t changed that much and we’re seeing low volume but I first wanted to start off with saying that at the beginning of this year January first we saw a 963 dollar Bitcoin now standing at forty four hundred dollars we saw some breakouts earlier today as well probably like an hour ago we saw etherium I $8.26 the beginning of the year and now it’s sitting at three hundred and eleven dollars and ripple was under a penny at the beginning of the year now it’s 23 cents litecoin was four dollars and 37 cents and now it is 52 dollars and Manero was 13 dollars at begin of the year and now it is ninety one dollars and the most important one I want to touch base on is dash dash was 11 dollars and 26 cents and it’s now 310 dollars which is crazy so if theory of and dash have just had explosive growth this year Bitcoin I mean everything has had explosive growth this year and we’re gonna talk about you know are we gonna see more explosive growth before the end of the year I know I posted something on Twitter about prices and I said to keep scrolling there’s nothing here but I’m gonna talk about that and explain it to you guys on why I’m really thinking that a $12,000 Bitcoin could be possible by the end of the year especially since we’ve seen this crazy growth this year especially for people that have been in the the community for over a year they have seen just craziness just this year alone so I think that you know it’s $1,000 Bitcoin is possible in I did a lot of math yesterday trying to come up with these numbers you know I have uh I’ll show you guys the post right now on Twitter we’re gonna go over a lot of something’s gonna get exciting sorry if I’m a little unorganized here I’ll just show you guys right here so I posted this on Twitter and it says 2017 at the top and it says litecoin $155 XR p which is ripple one dollar bitcoin twelve thousand nine hundred and ninety three dollars – nine hundred and twenty one dollars and ennio which would be a hundred dollars now any owe is one of these newer coins um it’s not actually that Neal I mean it used to be called an shares I bought an shares back when it was six dollars and now it’s sitting above I think thirty six dollars I think any oh just broke out too but recently we saw any o has rebranded it we’ve seen explosive growth with any o since the rebranding I mean I don’t think anyone has seen such explosive growth in a long time as we’ve seen with any Oh from the rebranding and people are calling it the Chinese aetherium and some people don’t like that people call it the Chinese aetherium people like to call it its own you know platform but it’s very similar to aetherium so I’m gonna talk about I’m trying to organize my thoughts because we’re gonna talk about so much stuff and I’m gonna explain to you guys why I really do think that this is a possibility and you can’t underestimate the fact that this is a possibility seeing these prices um you know let alone you know Bitcoin was what nine hundred nine hundred and sixty three dollars to begin the year now it’s sitting at forty four hundred dollars we’re seeing a lot of interest coming to the cryptocurrency community we’ve got hedge funds big investors big banks we’ve got adoption happening we don’t even people aren’t even noticed and that this adoption is happening so we’re gonna head over to the news I’m gonna check out the chat box to make sure that my live stream is running nice and smoothly I don’t know how many people we’ve got in the house right now but what’s up guys and shares is any oh yes I understand anxious is any oh what’s up Kevin nice to have you after a short conversation with an associate who is 70 years old got him involved with crypto and dumping much of his 403b into bitcoin and litecoin so earlier to convince the people of crypto hedge value absolutely what’s up crypto crypto Krypto the flat earth we’ve got a lot of the loyal hedge family in the house today bullish into Monday we’ve salt we just saw a breakout with Bitcoin so I think that we’re gonna be testing the highs we’ll definitely get into that guys what’s up Danielle what is up what is up guys all right so we’re gonna head into the deets we’re gonna go over the news real quick then we’re gonna go over to everything else so I’m gonna try to keep it as organized as possible so bear with me series pros 75 75 for what series bro all right so we’re gonna get over to the business now this is a great article this was written on business insider a former Goldman Sachs VP who founded a crypto hedge fund says betting on Bitcoin is like betting on the Internet in the 90s I think all of us have heard that are compared crypto currencies to the dot-com era which is basically I think cryptocurrencies a lot bigger than calm era or calm boom so he’s kind of comparing to that he’s talking about how Bitcoin might not be the biggest and baddest coin the best coin it really is technology and software that has driven the cryptocurrency community we have 800 plus crypto currencies he’s talking about how Bitcoin is unstoppable we’ve seen 450 percent this year at forty four hundred dollars per coin we’ve seen interest from Jamie Dimon JP Morgan we’ve seen interest from Wall Street CEOs and also Goldman Sachs chairmen and you know it’s only getting started guys I mean we didn’t have this kind of interest from big big money before this is incredible guys this is gonna be explosive once this comes into its peak moment and it hasn’t even started yet we’d have ledger X we have institutional money that’s waiting to get in we have Wall Street that’s basically already here that’s going to be getting into this field so I know that we had this huge bull run this year for not only Bitcoin but also the alternative coins we’ve seen a huge bull run that was around May of this year I’m sure everyone remembers that and a lot of people that are in the industry now or got in during that time in May and probably bought a lot of tops and are either in the hole or they are have recovered their losses but a lot of interest has been brought into the cryptocurrency community and I think that we are going to we are pending a huge bull run and I think that this the end the the from today until the end of the year I think that there’s a lot of things in stores and just like Charlie said the ball is rolling guys so I think that we are going to start seeing a lot of green in the sea so this is October last month we had a player market we had the fork that caused a lot of issues and we saw a lot of downturn with Bitcoin but everything that the future is clear and I believe that people are becoming immune to these Forks they don’t care about these Forks if any if anything they think they’re gonna get free money from these Forks so I think that we have a clear slate China is has juiced as much fun as they possibly can and I think people are becoming fearless of China’s flood because China isn’t the only country on earth and also people are getting fearless with a fork so that’s something to keep in mind guys the flood is priced in and a lot of people are trying to compare crypto currencies or Bitcoin to when a few years ago when Bitcoin now docks was hacked and we saw like a huge basically like a bubble pop if you will with Bitcoin from the mountain thocks incident and we haven’t had that happen again and people can’t really compare that to history repeating itself and Bitcoin going down so really a little bit numbers because we haven’t had a hack like that in a while so for anyone that’s trying to compare to that I think that it’s a little bit delusional to compare Bitcoin to a really faulty incident that happened in the past like 9 o’clock so I think I don’t think that’s gonna repeat itself but this is a great article so if you guys want to read this article I’m gonna leave it in the description I don’t have it in there right now but this is worth a read because it makes complete sense talking about how Bitcoin might not be the only cryptocurrency it’s talking about how this is going to be the next Revolutionary era like the dot-com boom even bigger I mean this is the currency guys this is humongous this is nothing to you know to just dismiss so that’s why we’re seeing such interest from these big names big banksters big money that one get into this field you know they’re trying to get the SEC to approve it because they want to make this money to the public the general public is so interested in crypto currencies that are using as a hedge they’re getting fearful of the current economy they’re getting fearful of you know a stock market crash a lot of that stock if the stock market does crash a lot of that money’s gonna hedge in to crypto currencies or Bitcoin a lot of people were at unrest with the current financial system fiat currency the u.s. is in over 20 trillion dollars in debt there’s gonna be a almost like an everything bubble pop eventually not just a specific industry with a bubble popping but it’s gonna be like in everything bubble popping because really this is so much debt and issues worldwide with the current financial system so I think that cryptocurrencies are going to be booming I am extremely bullish like I’ve always said but we’re gonna get into just so many other things as to why I’m so bullish so give me a minute guys yeah guys definitely read this article it’s fantastic so um this is an article about SEC ask for two new Bitcoin ETF applications withdrawal it’s gonna be temporary right here Indian self-drive car rental firm beats uber in Bitcoin adoption so India is relatively new to crypto currencies as we all know and they are starting to show a lot of interest in crypto currencies and they’re starting to recognize it as a actual currency rather than the fiat currency of their country and right here is a pretty awesome adoption article about India accepting it for the self-drive car rental firm and it’s beating uber in Bitcoin adoption now I think that there’s gonna be bigger and bigger ecommerce firms that are going to be accepting cryptocurrencies like Amazon or Alibaba or even uber in the future I think time will tell and I think that it’s a lot closer than most of us think especially since we’re seeing regulation take place which is a good thing because once regulation takes place these bigger entities can get in successfully without legal issues so although Bitcoin isn’t necessarily it has the ability to be regulated but to an extent it is right here schools are officially accepting Bitcoin for two-ish universities are embracing accepting Bitcoin for tuition the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and arts in Switzerland the latest school to adopt if anything it’s another clear sign that cryptocurrency is here to stay I mean God guys it’s it’s happening before our eyes I mean we are we have seen low volume for Bitcoin for a little while now for a little while and we’ve like I said we’ve seen explosive goop’s explosive growth with Bitcoin but I think that we’re seeing this low volume but we’re seeing a continuous uptrend which I would believe it to be um the general public continuously buying cryptocurrencies the reason why we haven’t seen such insane surges with cryptocurrencies and the past you know past little time is because the big whales haven’t jumped in our new big whales haven’t jumped in um so I think that’s something to keep in mind we’re still on a full-tilt uptrend and I don’t think anything is stopping it but I think that we are waiting for the next bundle of big whales to get into this market and it’s going to be explosive once again so that’s really interesting stuff I mean we’re seeing adoption right here Vic one meets Netflix lalu which I believe is a developer of the Lightning Network the Lightning networks segregated witness coins lalu is building a lightning powered app for that pretty interesting stuff Netflix meets Bitcoin that’s pretty interesting I read this article briefly I try to get into this live stream as soon as possible so it didn’t get too late but they’re talking about say guack and lightning Network right here the lighting network is now closer to launch many apps that rely on the need to process high volumes of transactions could soon be built on the network now we saw in May and I already talked about May we saw an altcoin party for cryptocurrencies a lot of the blew up and I think that we’re gonna see something similar to that but it’s gonna meet be more geared towards more important coins now the two types of coins that I’m focusing on for this next big bull run are the top five cryptocurrencies which would be I’m going to tell you guys right now Bitcoin if dear iam any Oh like coin ripple but not all those coins I think are gonna be on this next big bull run but I’m looking at sig wit coins like deke read like vert coin and a few others day with coins as well so I think they’re gonna be very inclusive on this next big bull run for crypto currencies it’s not necessarily gonna be like library credits or some of these very new coins like Ark I don’t have any Ark I just I don’t have any art I’m not gonna talk about art but that’s really what I think is gonna happen on this next big bonus segment coins we have light Network atomic swaps which is gonna further adoption and acceptability because of the ease of transactions so focus on the saiga coins focus on the top five coins I’ve been talking about Ripple we’re gonna get into ripple in a minute but this is very interesting guys Bitcoin these Netflix a developer of the Lightning Network is developing a lightning power app for that which is really really cool I don’t even think I read this article so I’m not gonna talk about it um why fidelity is mining Bitcoin aetherium they say in the article that they are mining it to learn about cryptocurrencies filled fidelity investments big money it’s starting to mine Bitcoin and aetherium now we’re gonna get into aetherium – sorry if I’m doping all over the place but there’s gonna be a really fun livestream one of the biggest crypto currencies is a CNBC article one of the biggest cryptocurrencies topped its rivals last quarter and you’ll be surprised which one so it says right here Bitcoin was a top performing cryptocurrency out of the top five in the third quarter very true but there are going to be coins that you can get into that are going to outperform Bitcoin possibly like ripples so I do have ripple and I did tweet about it and we’re gonna get into that but this is just talking about how Bitcoin has topped its rivals last quarter and it’s rivals would be aetherium like coin ripple – or monaro so that’s an interesting article and everything is bullish right now if you go on Google and just type in Bitcoin search Bitcoin in news everything is bullish there’s no food there’s no issues all there is is Jordan Belfort who is a relatively butthurt that that Bitcoin is going to be the next big thing and you know if only Jordan Belfort was the ethical wolf of Wall Street for cryptocurrencies but no he screwed people over on penny stocks so that’s that but um right here this is where I started out the livestream Bitcoin and this is the historical snapshots on coin market cap it’s very fun to look at this I love time to time looking at the historical snapshots for cryptocurrencies and this is from January 1st of 2017 this year has been explosive out of the years I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies this year has just been unbelievably explosive just crazy so January 1st of this year like I said big 29 63 in theory of 826 litecoin didn’t have the biggest growth out of the rest of these crypto currencies the top five at least so light coin was lagging behind was four dollars and 37 cents and now it is 52 dollars and – was eleven dollars and now it is triple digits well above triple digits 310 dollars so I think that light coin um this year when we had the altcoin party in May I think that light coin continued to grow while Bitcoin was correcting itself during the fork may be used as a hedge which allowed it to keep its value but we didn’t see that it’s that much explosive growth like when I think that light coin will see explosive growth especially because because it’s becoming more relevant we have lightning Network atomic swaps we have a packed roadmap for light point so just because like one has not seen as much growth as some of these other top cryptocurrencies I think that uh it’s definitely going to be catching up and I think that it will become explosive once we see these much-anticipated technological developments be released on a litecoin network so keep that in mind guys but this is always fun to look at coin market Capcom you can look at the historical snapshots and you can see where we are right now which is pretty interesting a lot of growth I didn’t cover Bitcoin cash because Bitcoin cash was not a thing engine during January first there was no second Bitcoin so now we have what for bitcoins now crazy so I think that the main chain will always be the strongest and we’re always gonna have these Forks and whatnot and I think people are becoming immune to it they’re fearless of it etc etc so that is guys now we’re gonna get over to a few things that I saw on Twitter I posted this like I said as a timestamp so I want to come back to this at the end of the year to see where things are and I’ll tell you guys how I came up with these numbers in a little while so very exciting stuff going on out right here this is pretty interesting charlie leave the man with the plan retweeted this buying food coffee beer for all friends using litecoin and bitcoin and hackers Congress and Pulis as they are not accepting cash which is just so interesting I mean look at this guy’s litecoin and bitcoin being accepted this is crazy this is crazy guys litecoin is so prevalent right now and it is awesome we need to see this growth I think that we’re gonna see explosive growth of litecoin out of a lot of these other cryptocurrencies relatively soon so this is great stuff I mean we’re seeing more and more adoption is getting so exciting guys Charlie leave the man with the plan I mean you can’t go wrong oh this is an interesting post I toured this a few days ago showing the the the opposition between two different groups of people people that are for Bitcoin and people that are against Bitcoin you can see Jordan Belfort his butthurt self is against Bitcoin if I was gonna take advice from anyone it would not be Jordan Belfort what on earth am i drinking it’s matcha tea so it’s not a it’s not alcohol um but yeah so Jordan Belfort is against Bitcoin and Jamie Dimon is against Bitcoin he’s also being sued I believe for manipulating the markets and also buying Bitcoin on that massive dip after manipulating the markets during the China fight with China China banning exchanges and now they’re coming back with oh you guys uh you guys you guys heard us wrong we’re just gonna be regulating the exchanges so China is back in the game China’s gonna be buying up cryptocurrencies relatively soon they’re coming out with regulated exchanges BTCC will no longer be here but we have two other exchanges that are going to be related by regulated by China so um they’re back in the game they never left this is not the first time China banned Bitcoin they’ve never really banned Bitcoin it was just miscommunication from China to these other people that are just in the food these whales that like to juice the fuzz so in another good thing to keep in mind is that China was one of the larger uh countries or entities if you will that bought litecoin so that’s why we saw such a significant drop in litecoin it went out to almost $100 they found $100 and dropped down back to some levels following the uptrend line so I think that that was due in part because of China’s exit a little bit um but also the psychological barrier of a $100 light point I think that a lot of people sold off at the top there at $100 when it comes to technical analysis but when it comes to the fundamental side China was one of the larger purchases or purchasers of light coins so I think that now that China’s back in the game game they are going to be buying light coin for sure and also they’re gonna be a high-volume entity for the future once we see these regulated exchanges um so we’ve got China that’s coming back in the game we’ve got the US big money entities getting in the game institutional money getting the game we have Japan which is gonna be the next powerhouse for cryptocurrencies coming into the game and we also have India which is becoming bigger and bigger and they’re relatively new to the crypto currencies so keep that in mind guys and then we have Morgan Stanley that is interested in Bitcoin we have fidelity investments interested in Bitcoin basically Wall Street and interested in Bitcoin and Bullman Sachs that is planning on creating their own exchange for cryptocurrency so this is just insane stuff and I think that you know people say buy the rumor sell the news I mean I can’t tell you how many rumors that we are seeing with cryptocurrency right now but we’re seeing a lack of volume because of the lack of wales at the current moment because they’re just waiting at the doorstep to get in but i mean there’s so much to anticipate not only from you know cryptocurrencies entirely but from specific coins like like when any litecoin there’s so much on the roadmap there’s so many things for uh you know so many things to come for litecoin so that is definitely something to keep in mind guys a lot lot of things to come just so much things what is this here let’s see I wanted to shout out boy on bully he’s one of my followers on Twitter this is like the funniest tweet I’ve seen in a while I guess he makes memes but this is basically Bitcoin driving the golfcart and you have vert coin and they have like coin so like coins a little skinny there and I think that what he said what he’s implying is that you sold all his life coin to get up to get a big fat bag of vert coin I don’t know it’s kind of funny some really really funny stuff I just want to call a shout-out bullion bully one of my loyal followers on Twitter and on youtube so shout out to you and then what else do we gonna look at here let’s get over to the actual stuff that I want to go over oh yeah so I’m gonna talk about ripple as well I tweeted about it kind of a funny tweet because it’s so true right here 17 hours ago I posted that like unquote on cool I hate ripple it’s the bank’s coin and a lot of people are saying that and you know how I look at it is money if I’m gonna make some money on ripple I’m gonna buy a ripple I know that it’s the bank’s coin blah blah blah but you know what I’m gonna make money off of ripple and then if anything I’ll put that money that I make off of ripple and put it into white coins so I look at it as an opportunity and I’m not gonna be biased off of ripple and you know it’s same thing with the theory I’m if things come about with aetherium to where I find interest in it I’m gonna buy aetherium but as of right now that coin is ripples so I talked about ripple when it was 47 Satoshi’s and now it is like 55 Satoshi so I did post a video on my YouTube that was titled top 5 crypto currencies for october and ripple is one that i definitely talked about in that video when it was at 47 stats and i talked about a few other coins like x and y am i think ICM will eventually find support and explode but ripple man I think ripple has a lot of things to come especially for the month of October we could see a new all-time high and I’m gonna show you guys two charts in a minute and there the reason why why is ripple so prevalent right now right here because of the swell conference the swell conference this is going to be from October 16th to the 18th and there I’m going to be it’s gonna be a huge conference geared towards big banks big money so if you look right here Ben Bernanke the chairman of the Federal Reserve System is going to be at the conference giving a speech now remember this is not a conference a big conference that has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies and ripple is just a sponsor this is a ripple conference so this is a lot bigger deal of just you know ripple being a part of the conference or a sponsor of the conference and then you have Sir Tim berners-lee that is the inventor of the world wide web that will also be there so um I think that hopping on the ripple train is definitely a good decision I have been on the ripple train and if you guys don’t want to be on the ripple train by all means let all the ripple come to me so that I can get some profits because I think that we can see a $1 $1 Ripple by the end of the year yeah I think that is definitely a possibility especially if what I’m looking at is lining up perfectly which it is I think that is definitely possibility so there’s a lot of big names that are gonna be there a lot of big money that’s gonna be there and people always complain this is what makes me giggle a little bit people always complain about oh my gosh there’s 38 billion and circulation there’s so much Ripple holy crap the price is never gonna go up well you know what you have to think of when you use your your brain you have to think of the fact that this is the bank’s coin banks have a lot of money so they can easily drop ten billion dollars like it’s nothing like it’s whatever so think about it in that manner and kind of you know disregard the supply for ripple I mean know that there’s a high supply for ripple but just keep that in mind guys um a lot of money that can easily be implemented into ripple which would give it the explosive growth possibly leading up to a dollar by the end of the year which would come into tune with seeing this post right here that I posted on Twitter let me show you guys real quick right here I posted this on Twitter a $1 ripple and I think that the rest of the numbers could be relatively accurate by the end of the year if we do see this big anticipated bull run that I think that we’re going to be coming into relatively soon so if we see a $1 ripple we can see these other prices as well lining up quite perfectly and we could the prices could differentiate like coin could go much higher especially since we’re anticipating you know lightning Network stay grated witnesses already been on like lane network but atomic swaps just a lot of things so I think that this is definitely something to think about but obviously I’m not expecting these numbers but I do respect some good growth by the end of the year for cryptocurrencies I know people are saying I mean last month well everyone was saying I think that you know we could see a six thousand dollar pick Nazi said a five thousand dollar Bitcoin by the end of the year 5,000 or Bitcoin we hit $5,000 Bitcoin not too long ago so I think that we underestimated the fact that it could hit five thousand dollars and I think that we’re under estimating the fact that Bitcoin could be twelve thousand dollars by the end of the year so I’m not gonna underestimate it and I’m gonna keep this as a timestamp on Twitter cuz I could I be completely wrong absolutely I could be completely wrong but am I gonna be you know losing my ass if I am wrong no because I expect the prices to go up by the end of the year regardless but it would be nice to have this on my time stamp on Twitter just to look back at it and see that maybe the numbers were close you know we have a John McAfee saying that bitcoins gonna be 500 thousand dollars by 2022 or whatever so there’s a lot of growth to come guys and just don’t disregard that and I’m very happy that we have people that really got to see the than the bear market for the alternative coins and also for Bitcoin as well but there they need to you know not be afraid now because I think that we were gonna be entering into that bull market that they missed out on and bought the top of when they first heard about it and got into the cryptocurrency market so definitely stick with it I am looking for to a lot of growth by the end of the year for cryptocurrencies so um I’m gonna get over to yes so this is the swell swell conference I’m not missing out on it I’ve got a ton of ripple on my legend in West right now I took it off the exchanges and I’m very excited for that so yep that’s that’s me I know I talked bad about ripple all the time but um I’m gonna make some profit that’s that’s why I’m here so uh let’s see what else we’re gonna do here we have a lot of yeah this is the ripple Twitter and you’ve got so many big names ripple with me and ripple is gonna blow up so we’re going to get over to bitch tricks I’m going to show you guys what I’m talking about real quick when it comes to why I think that we’re gonna be entering into just another big era of a bull market by the end of the year I’m gonna talk to you guys about why I think that because we’re gonna a lot of this has to do with May May of this year which saw explosive growth with not only Bitcoin but the alternative coins and the alternative coins rallied with Bitcoin um while Bitcoin was growing in May and then after that point we saw Bitcoin drop quite a bit from the fork fear and big point drop to $1,700 and the alternative coins really fell deep from that crash and a lot of those coins never woke up namely like to see a coin never woke up it just kinda has been sleeping and who knows maybe it’ll continue to sleep it’s almost at zero so I’m not sure what SIA coins gonna do but see a coin is definitely a coin that I had during that may bull market and a lot of coins like I said have not woken up from Stratos as one of them Stratos hasn’t woken up NXT hasn’t woken up library credits has not woken up so there’s just a lot of coins that have not woken up since this crazy time that we had after May which was like a pretty big crash for the alternative coins so we’re gonna get into that in just a minute I’m like and we’re gonna talk about trading view I want to get on the trading view definitely something to talk about there one of the plight prices right now we saw Bitcoin went up pretty pretty good in the past few hours we’re talking about coin ripple bitcoin and litecoin in just a minute guys I’m gonna go get a glass of water because I’m getting like dry mouth like crazy so bear with me stay tuned you’re not gonna win it you’re not gonna want to miss out what I’m gonna talk about in this next section of this live screen because it’s gonna make sense and it’s gonna be very interesting and hopefully it’ll give some peace of mind to so many people that might be negative on your investment so I’m gonna talk to you guys about which coins I think are gonna have the most growth and etc etc so let me go get a glass of water I’m going to turn the screen off real quick and then I will be back in like probably less than a minute so hold on one moment guys [Applause] [Music] what’s up guys I am back in business I’m gonna check out the chat box briefly just to make sure everything’s running well and if you guys I’m just gonna see what you guys are talking about in the chat box before we get on to this next part which is gonna be awesome by the way guys this is green it’s uh it’s green tea basically so people are asking what I’m drinking the burr point is kind of hi to buy now I’m gonna tell you guys about Burke coin so don’t worry about that I’m gonna I’m gonna cover Burke coin for you guys um it was a good time to buy a bird coin when it was 39 cents when you got when you boy got in I got in at 40 cents yes so what’s up Christie then what’s up Morse code we’ve got the whole hedge family here right now what’s up metal gear I have a bird coin next all-time high at one dollar and 80 cents I think that the next psychological barrier for per coin is gonna be two dollars but even at that point I like I said I think we’re gonna see explosive growth I’m feeling heavy on that I don’t think that cryptocurrencies are in anything but a bubble oh my gosh and you cannot compare it to the mount Docs era or point of time that we saw the big hack with mal Cox where we saw a huge crash in the market you can’t compare to that because that hasn’t happened until that happens again you know I guess you could say history repeats itself but unless we see another mount Cox incident I don’t think that we’re going to see something like that so I think it’s only gonna go up from here I think it will be a bumpy ride on the way but when is it not a bumpy ride when is Bitcoin not volatile when is cryptocurrency not volatile I mean so what you see and be saying it’s gonna be a bit uh you know brace for volatility like oh yeah like yeah big surprise all the volatility you know nothing nothing’s new to me with the volatility I think we all of us here have seen the volatility guys so I do like like when we’re gonna talk about likely I’m very excited for like coin good time to buy berkland will we get Bert coin um I think that there’s still growth for her coin on a technical standpoint but on the fennec fundamental standpoint I think that burr coin has a long ways to go like up up up like really high especially because of the fact that it is the one is it has lightning Network it’s going to have atomic swaps it’s going to be basically a rival to litecoin in a sense and it’s very cheap still and it has the same supply as litecoin so we’re gonna talk about that I will get into that real quick we’re gonna talking about a theory of enemy aetherium I’m not against aetherium and I think that aetherium has a rival hence ennio so I think that any Oh will have a lot of growth I don’t hate aetherium I just don’t have any theory ‘im and I’m not really I guess the guy to anticipate talking about a theorem but that’s just my take on a theorem I think if the room has had a lot of issues they failed to implement um you know a secure smart contract they’ve had a total chaotic period with these I SEOs it’s like an icy Oh epidemic so I think that we have to take an account with those things and until they until they step back and in fix those issues I think that my perspective on ethereum is going to stand and I think that I would be favoring any ill more than a through him at the current time current period of time so so if things come out about where he is interested in through him he would buy but that ain’t happened yeah I’m not I don’t have any three M goes and I’m not hating on it cerium I’m just I don’t have any so and yeah like I said it was ripple you guys have heard me say it was ripple multiple times you know I am against ripple I am still against ripple but me as an investor me as someone that is here to make lots of money and I see the potential for ripple and it has just woken up I mean if you look at the one-week MACD and RSI we are it looks like it’s just gonna be explosive so I’m gonna be – I am gonna be definitely riding along that ride for ripple to make money so that’s just you know if you guys don’t want to make money I don’t know why you’re in the cryptocurrency space cuz that’s why I’m here I’m here to make money but also I’m here because I believe in the tech and development of specific coins I don’t believe in ripple at all but I have it because I think that it’s going to definitely have gains so I don’t have I don’t really want to defend my you know my stance on that so we’re gonna get into what I’m talking about real quick crypto hedge is removing the politics from this trading with Ripple exactly so I’m removing the politics with Ripple being the bank’s coin and all that stuff the the centralization I’m removing that aspect and I’m going to buy it because of the technical side and fundamental side to an extent because of the swell conference that it’s gonna have big names I’m going to take those profits from ripple and I’m going to put those profits in the coins that I believe in for the long term so I’m gonna go over to ripple right now and I’m gonna show you guys something that I talked about in a previous livestream through history history of the ripples so this is just a technical standpoint but of course keep in mind that we have the fundamental side to or the events that are gonna be coming so if you if you scroll out on the one day I mean I should go over here look like let me see if we can go over here alright right here so what I would compare this to which I noticed actually during the livestream that I was talking about the top 5 picks right here I would compare to this I’m gonna take out the marker I’m gonna change the color of it so that you guys can see what I’m drawing so I would compare this right here to the current point in time that we’re at right now with Ripple now I see I know that we are retracing a little bit with ripple which is expected I would compare it to like right here let me pull out the arrow right here so I would compare it to that that being where we are you can see the FIB retracement the first goal would be it like 87 SATs for ripple um if you were going to be getting into it now I think that we could very well pass this 87 set and be testing the all-time high of ripple potentially going above the all-time high and breaking into a new all-time high for ripple which is definitely a possibility especially with the events coming up but right here around this time frame is literally the last time we saw a huge altcoin party for cryptocurrencies the explosive growth in alternative coins I mean we can go over to multiple different coins we can look at what was another point and we can look at see if we can pull up xcm so I can show you guys what I’m talking about X again whatever so we’ll just get back to this so ripple I would compare it to that and I also think that it’s gonna probably pass 87 stats or 8,000 SATs 85 hundred sets I think that we could potentially see an all-time high or we’ll be testing the all-time high right here so this is a very good thing to look at now if you go to the one week right here if you go to the one week right here look at this this is just so crazy we’re history repeats itself it’s pretty insane and within one year as well so Sara Goldberg has a right to share an opinion Mazda backup absolutely don’t let Sara express her opinion the only really only time I want people to be to have their their uh their chats to be deleted as if it’s like just total utter BS but if she has a point absolutely leave it leave it there I like to see people I like to see constructive criticism absolutely you know I’m there’s a reason I’m here doing live streams for you guys so alright so you guys can see this this is on the one-week now if we go right here it’s both the RSI and also let’s pull up right here moving average right here so looks look at this looks like Ripple and even the on balance volume has definitely spiked if we pull it to lbv but it looks like we’re going to be repeating ourselves possibly testing the all-time high for ripple which is just absolutely incredible so I’m definitely riding that train guys of course we’re seeing a little bit of Correction but I would be beat EFD I would be buying that bit for ripple because I think that there’s just a lot of growth to come and I definitely have a nice percentage of it in my portfolio right now so keep that in mind for ripple now this is this is the location that we’re gonna keep an eye on for the next parts of this live stream right now so let’s get back to the one-day right here okay so this is a time period I’m looking at you have xen we’re gonna check out X p.m. right now so that I can show you guys what I’m looking at it also will look at Bitcoin – I think bitcoins waking up now Bitcoin will get the big point – I’m gonna tell you guys the scenarios that I think are gonna happen for Bitcoin because we saw a lot of neutrality with the markets and I think that it’s basically a calm before the storm incentive so I think that things are gonna be waking up relatively soon so I’m really really 46 minutes into this livestream that’s awesome we’ve knocked a lot of stuff out let me go to the this is XDM so we’re gonna do the one day on Xen nexium has held its value pretty well compared to x RP x RP was almost like a ultra pump-and-dump when we saw it in May right here this would be like May we saw a pump up really high and slowly just fell right back down to baseline it found support so that didn’t really happen with XDM so let me pull up x cm so x cm is right here this is the one day for x cm it’s actually held a lot of its value and we already went over X cm it’s the Japanese crypto currency Japan is gonna be the next powerhouse for crypto currencies so I think that we’re gonna see some nice growth with XDM in the near future it looks like it might be finding support this level right here where it’s at hopefully that’s what I’m hoping but right now it’s definitely on my watch list I did I did decrease my holdings of XDM for a small amount of time and I put it into Excel RP as a hedge um but I will be getting back into XDM once I have like you know foolish confirmation but we have and we have a conference coming up for Xen we have multiple things coming for Xen in October so keep an eye out for that now if we look right here in May right here in May we saw explosive growth with xcm now I think that history is going to repeat itself and we’re gonna see the same thing happen with xcm and a lot of these other alternative points xgm is a high cat coin it’s a one of the more relevant coins in comparison to maybe orc orc is a new coin so I wouldn’t really compare Ark to this when I’m coming to the point that his room is going to be repeating itself now I think that there’s a lot more bullishness currently with XR p which is ripple then there is with XE m but I think XDM will absolutely wake up now we can look at multiple coins I’m gonna show you guys we’re gonna go to the 1-day charts on a bunch of coins just to show you guys that May of this year was a huge time for alternative coins and Bitcoin the alternative points actually rallied with Bitcoin so I’m gonna pull up which I pull up next let’s pull up Stratus Stratus would be one to look at try this is one of those coins that never woke up from the last small bull run that we had and look Stratus is waking up right now at the current moment so we can see right here May May of this year we saw just a massive surge and rally with Bitcoin now it fell all the way back down to baseline and I think that Stratus could be one of those coins that takes another massive bull run this year and we can go over to what else can we go to we can go to what NXT NXT starting to wake up let’s go on the one day for our next team right here May of this year right here we saw a massive bull run then it felt a low baseline felt quite a bit and it looks like NXT is waking up so a lot of these coins are waking up and they’re gonna have just just massive growth but my personal focus and I’m just putting out there is the top five coins top cap coins my biggest holdings or Bitcoin litecoin rip I have any oh now I have a little bit of XDM I’m planning on increasing my bag so my main focus are these tap cap coins and also segregated witness coins like like coin or vert Klein and deke red I think that they’re going to have big growth in the coming short term timeframe by the end of the year especially since the next big technological focus on cryptocurrencies is the lighting Network that’s a huge thing people are anticipating not only for the segment coins um or not to save a point but for now not only decreed Verte coin and white claim but Bitcoin as well so that’s gonna be a huge revolutionary change for crypto currencies knowing that Bitcoin already has segment you should be focusing on the sacred coins like ver coin if and shilling ver coin shilling quote-unquote since 40 cents and I have a fat bag of that stuff and I’m very happy that they’re gonna be on the ledger in 2’s tune because I can’t wait to put it in cool store to have it on like the provided wall it’s like the core wallet and the electrum wallet as well so but and yeah so a lot of these coins like I said haven’t woken up since this massive bull run in May and a lot of people got into the cryptocurrency community after that bull run because everyone was talking about crypto currencies because we saw this explosive growth in the market and people were buying tops um and unfortunately a lot of people lost money from buying those tops so now would be a good time to I think personally to not buy the top and buy low okay for a lot of these cryptocurrencies so we can see a lot of these coins are going to start looking on that litecoin is a little bit of a different scenario let’s get over to let’s go to this is Ripple this is Bitcoin Bitcoin is at 44 or 42 and we can compare if May of this year this is May of this year right here we’re gonna compare it to you don’t lose money until you sell absolutely but it just it sucks for people that bought the top it’s not fun to have to ride the wave all the way down and not sell at least sell EA the best to do if you’re in a loss and you anticipate and you know what you’re doing when you’re trading and you know that it’s gonna go down further I would sell and buy back at a lower price even though you are at a loss at that cell so here’s May of this year we saw explosive growth with Bitcoin but also keep in mind we have the alternative coins that rallied with Bitcoin as well so it’s very interesting stuff we’ll get to decline I mean I wanna get over to slight point so like coins starting to wake up at right here you know I want to look at this alright coin guys like what is sitting at 52 dollars at 56 cents we see that light coin broke out just recently past 52 I think the next stop next target for like coin would be at 56 to 57 dollars hopefully we can break through that and possibly start testing the previous resistance and possibly testing the all-time high which is what I’m anticipating but we can see that like when broke out a little bit and I think that it’s gonna continue to move up testing $57 hopefully we don’t see too much of a retracement from this level and maybe we can break out of there and start testing like I said the all-time highs so I’m excited for like coin I do think that it’s gonna continue its way up I think that the volume is increasing and I think that we will be testing the high soon so I think that buying low selling high would be definitely a coin like litecoin especially since China’s getting back in China was a big fire big volume percentage of the of litecoin so I think that the the coin is gonna go up in value and I know a lot of people bought the tops of life points so many people have told me they bought as $70 they bought it $90 which is crazy but now that right alone hopefully you guys didn’t sell I think that we are going to be moving up for litecoin and yes and see this is my 39 day forecast I told you guys that it was extended so you obviously can see the past this first target right here we’re already past I think within 10 days we’ll start heading back up to test the highs but I do think that this is going to be whether or not we are on the same exact timeframe I think that we will test the highs and then we will see a retraced meant for going into a new all-time high for litecoin so that’s my take on life when right now although the timeframes weren’t exact which is all right you know nobody’s gonna be exact 100% of time but the good thing to keep in mind is that we’re not going down we’re not seeing further retracement of litecoin which is a good sign so we’re just seeing some you know very low volatility low volume a steady increase at this point right now and I think that we’ll start heading up shortly fairly soon so especially with the long anticipated implementation of lighting network anatomic swaps so keep that in mind guys so I’ll probably be doing another forecast too that will be different than this forecast so that um yeah I just want probably do I’ll probably make a new forecast so that we can follow the new forecast rather than this one since obviously be past that target here so well as Bitcoin out right now some Bitcoin broke out past forty four hundred dollars and I think that Bitcoin will either I think Bitcoin will either I think the first target for Bitcoin is 4600 dollars now we can very well test the all-time high for Bitcoin and then see a little bit of a retraced now when we do test this all-time high I’m starting to think that when Bitcoin tests the all-time high the retracement is not gonna be significant enough to be swing trading so I won’t be swing trading when we test the all-time high because I just don’t think that it’s gonna be worth the swing in my opinion I think that in a this is just one scenario now if we test the all-time high and we retrace a little bit then I think it’s gonna be a rocket ship and then if the second scenario is that we don’t even test to the all-time high and we just break out into a new all-time high which is the second scenario for Bitcoin so I’m very bullish obviously we are definitely we we are not necessarily neutral right now anymore we are actually moving more on to the bullish side so like I said testing the all-time high maybe retraced and I’m looking like I think that when we test feel all-time high and if we do have a little bit of retracement it’ll be like a five percent retracement and then we’ll break into a new all-time highest what I’m feeling that’s what I’m banking on right now and if anything we might not even have that five percent retracement and we might just break into a new all-time high so I’m gonna get into why I think that we could see a $12,000 Bitcoin now I’ll tell you guys right now a lot of people want to compare I’ll show you guys something that people want to compare real quick people are comparing Bitcoin to this level and this level now as much as I want to compare it the puzzle pieces are just not lining up they’re not lining up so for me to be comparing this with this would be a little bit of an out stretch um it would be a little bit of an out strip so I think that if you were gonna compare this you should be anticipating a new all-time high for Bitcoin at this current moment because people want to compare it and they want to point out to these specific locations for Bitcoin they think that we are at this level right here and this level right here for a Bitcoin so I mean hey more power to you I think that that would be awesome if we could see some growth like that that would lead us to percentage base that would lead us to yeah like an $8,000 Bitcoin in the next like month and a half so hey guys that seems pretty awesome we can have an $8,000 Bitcoin in the next short period of time but seems a little crazy seems a little crazy but I’m gonna show you guys what I’m comparing to right now and I talked about this in a previous life I don’t know if it was a private livestream with the crypto campus club or I talked about it on my channel but I’ve been comparing it to this area right here now I’m someone that like I’ve said multiple times um people do this other people don’t I like to look at the history charts the history historical charts – maybe solidify my judgments off of all the rest of the indicators that I’m looking at for bit now where would I compare and this also comes into tune with right here so let’s see I’m going to compare it to this level right here let me look at Ripple right now because it compares to ripple as well and vertical and we’ll look at Berkeley in a second NXT is waking up and XE is gonna go on a bull ride believe oh but I don’t have any of it so I’m so ripple right here we would be at this point right here so like five one five one for Bitcoin let’s give it a Bitcoin okay right here so this is where I would presume that we are in this area right here for Bitcoin we saw the retracement and then we were just consolidating a little bit until the next move up which would bring us to a new all-time high but then we’ll see a return after that new all-time high but on this is what I’m looking at right now and I think that the alt coins are gonna wake up they’re gonna rally with Bitcoin and I’m gonna show you guys why I think that we could see a $12,000 Bitcoin you guys ready for this this is just a timestamp obviously you’ll see a $12,000 Bitcoin I’m not gonna be butthurt you know I could care less because I think that it’s still gonna go up in value but let’s just go right here seventy-two percent actually let’s go right here uh-huh that’s crazy right here so eighty-five percent 35 days right here if we were to compare it to that from this point of time right here and all coins line up to that specific time period it’s not just Ripple it’s xcm it’s library credits its NXT it’s all these other coins I had a huge bull run in May and I think that we could possibly see history repeat itself in that short of a period of time so if they’re supposed to see 85 percent growth let’s say if we see 200 percent growth right here and 117 days let’s say let’s say that this happens let’s just say it happens now I spent hours coming up with this conclusion so I probably won’t be covering everything that may we come up with this conclusion but there’s a lot of components that I put into place to come up with this idea but yeah so you can see right there it’s $1,000 Bitcoin if we do end up seeing this altcoin party that we saw in May and we saw this explosive growth with another two waves starting the first wave right here could bring us to a potentially $12,000 pick one by the end of the year um you know anything can happen nobody has a crystal ball I don’t have a crystal ball but this would be pretty exciting to see that we have a 12,000 article that I needed I mean like I said I mean I’m not gonna repeat myself in the waiting times but even I said no I could see a $5,000 or $6,000 Bitcoin by the end of the year a lot of people thought $5,000 big claim by the end of the year and we saw a $5,000 Bitcoin within weeks of most people saying that so not under estimating the end of the year for Bitcoin we could see a $12,000 Bitcoin it’s possible is it probable not necessarily but from looking at what I’ve been looking at I really went deep into this I spent probably like six hours of my time coming up with this theory if you will so I think that it’s possible and especially you’ve got the big money we went over everything that’s coming in right now cryptocurrencies there’s a lot of anticipation or cryptocurrencies of the current moment so 12,000 Ordway now if we saw 12,000 or Bitcoin litecoin is different like coins different cuz if we go over to here the May of this year for like coin it’s all continuous growth but then we saw even higher growth with like coins so it never died down like coin never lost its value as opposed in comparison to a lot of these other cryptocurrency so I think that like coin once I make my profits with ripple I’m probably going to I’m probably going to sell my ripple and put it into light coin so ripple of Richard Hart thinks it will be 20k by the end of the year that would be awesome that would be awesome I love to hear other people’s opinions and you know some people think I’m crazy but I’m really not because you can’t underestimate the market bitcoin is not in a bubble and it’s just getting started and I think that there’s so much more tension getting placed on bitcoins so I think by the end of the year I’m not gonna say $20,000 bitcoin but I do think that we’re gonna see actually it’s according to my my note right here it’s twelve thousand nine hundred and ninety three dollars so let’s put that up a little bit we don’t want to we don’t want to cut it short so if we saw two hundred percent growth with Bitcoin from now until basically how many how long is this let’s see this is not going to be precise so calm down all the precise Nazis out there I’m not this is not supposed to be precise this is just a this is just what I’m looking at and I’m trying to do this map this out quickly cuz I didn’t save it so if we were at this point right here like two hundred percent of growth in 115 days we could see Ripple hit the all-time high in like 21 days and I’m gonna show you guys that in a minute I know I’m jumping all over the place but whatever whatever um so let’s see 200 percent in 119 days so that would bring us to pass the end of the year actually so let’s see 119 days right here so 200% 119 days that would bring us to February of next year February of next year it’s supposed to you know precisely map this out we see may yeah so we’re gonna precisely map this out we could see a like almost a $13,000 Bitcoin by the second month of next year which is just absolutely incredible we’re seeing continuous growing ways with Bitcoin and I really wouldn’t be surprised if we see a $13,000 Bitcoin either by the end of the year or by you know January or February of next year so that’s definitely exciting stuff right there now we’re gonna go over and I’m jumping all over the place but it’s fun to be doing a livestream route while bitcoin is going parabolic and hook so let’s look at XRP real quick yeah so this is XRP let’s get over to this I’m gonna go to the one day this is the one day so if I was supposed to map this out for ripple we were going to precisely compare it to historical charts which I don’t I don’t base everything off the historical charts like ever I like to take a bunch of different things put together and then come up with a conclusion so historical charts aren’t the only thing that I base my my decisions off of so let’s go right here so 17 days basically maybe even less we could possibly be testing the all-time highs now was today’s date today is October 7th so by the end of this month we could be testing the all-time highs for Ripple and that would not necessarily be the case for litecoin I believe and we have the swell concert that’s gonna be this month when it when is the date again October 16th October 18th you guys I’m feeling I’m feeling an all-time high for ripples so I’m staying in that and I think that if history is going to repeat itself we can see this surge and possibly a nice sell off with Ripple like we’ve seen multiple times so that’s what I’m looking at guys that’s why I’m riding the train with Ripple there’s multiple other reasons as well looking at indicators and also the fundamental side that we just went over yeah Bitcoin doesn’t look like it’s stopping which is fun I’m so excited I’m excited like coins making its way back up which is really fun to watch it’s following this trend line we fell out of it we fell out of it sadly but it looks like it’s continuing to follow that trend line and I made this analysis a month ago a lot of you guys were here when I made it so big going to the movie yet Nick went to the moon we could see even more explosive growth we could see a 20 thousand dollar biklen by the end of the year like someone said Richard Hart said I didn’t I don’t know if I think that’s a possibility it could be higher than 20,000 by a meter I don’t know I’m just looking at the historical charts and doing the numbers and I think a $12,000 pick home by the end of the years possibility how much pullback you think from now I wanted to get in badly for which coin cigar sorry if I mispronounced your name there’s other things that I wanted to go over as well oh yeah I was really upset I was really upset I checked my vertical Angkor wall and I had no no mining payments for a full 24 hours and I was so upset I was like where are all my mining payments and I go back I go over to the computer that I have running 24/7 mining vert point and the the mining CMD file the bat file it was I it failed so it wasn’t running anymore the mind I wasn’t running anymore so I basically wasted 24 hours of of time that I could’ve been mining vert coin so I just reset it up and it’s mining for a coin again at about 14 mega hash so that really upset you guys know that I love my vertical like one is starting to pop up popping it’s it’s popping is fabin so yeah we already went over why the little volume I think that the general public is continuously buying Bitcoin all over the world and we’re waiting for big whales to come into the market which they are gonna be coming have relatively soon I believe last big bull run was in May so I think the old coins are gonna pop they’re gonna wake up you can make a lot of money on those all points if we are indeed ending up repeating what we saw in May yeah look at that so my analysis actually was off by a few days now if we took this analysis so this is 528 now if we meant back well it would still line up with testing to the all-time high with like 1 so I’m expecting that yeah so my main focus and it’s always gonna be this way is the top 5 cap coins and also the segregated witness coins so Bam Bam Bam that’s what I’m thinking of course you can get into some of these other coins like Stratos or whatever you know a steam and in some of these other coins that are NXT that will probably see some massive gains if that’s what we’re that’s what we’re seeing with Bitcoin taking on and ripple taking on these this massive bull run so there’s gonna be percentage gains that you can get with these crypto currencies and I think that ripple is gonna be one that you can get a lot of gains from I think that litecoin long term for sure I’m ha telling like coin for sure I think per coin is gonna have a lot of games I think that NGO is gonna have a lot of games LTC x RP BTC – and you know I think that they’re in for some big games and like I said the sacred coin so yeah that’s that’s really what I’m looking at guys I’m I’m feeling I’m feeling the bull run it’s gonna be massive and $12,000 Bitcoin by the end of the year guys man that’s just crazy so you guys know the two scenarios and I’ve already said it multiple times we could test the all-time high and have like a 5 percent retracement or we can just break out into a new all-time high so that’s what I’m looking at guys is what I’m looking at I’m gonna check out the chat box briefly if you guys are just tuning in to watch everything that I just talked about I’m just gonna be chatting in the chat box for now and then I’m gonna be tuning out so thank you guys for tuning in make sure mash that like button and also subscribe to my channel and also follow me on Twitter I’m very active on Twitter we have just recently traded a crypto campus Club which is a private trading group that’s focused on education and it’s focused on you know we’re gonna be making long-term calls profit potential big profit potential calls short term calls swing trading we’re gonna be doing all of that stuff in the crypto campus club I think we have a hundred and sixty members right now in the club I still have people that have been Deanna meal I have yet to answer um to get them into the club but if you have interest just the end me on Twitter and I’d be happy to get you into it or you can DM Jeffrey day to day trade referee who I partnered up with for this journey with the crypto campus well the waiting for the website to be finished and stuff like that but you can reach out to him which I’ll show you guys his Twitter handle day trade Jeffrey you guys reach out to him or you can reach out to me so I’m gonna chat in the chat box and then answer your guys’s questions and I’m gonna gonna head out of here just like the silver just like the silver boom what’s up everybody in the chat box what’s up and your song it’s nice to have you more like implode that’s how good points rule so you’ve got a lot of these coins that exploded that are fairly new I’ll go over to bitch tricks right now I’m gonna show you guys what I’m talking about I’m so excited ripple that is gonna be some exciting game exciting games but you have coins like elastic you’ve got coins like Ark you’ve got coins I mean I can literally name a handful of coins Oh knees go are what else Internet of people what else elastic token corn pip X relatively civic all those coins rise Rises another one of them all of those coins were really taken on bull runs when um after all these altcoins that were relevant in May took the bull run and started the dish so that’s why I’m not focused on any of these coins I’m not focused on orc I’m not focused on pivots at the moment I’m not focused on civic I’m not focused on Oh misko I’m not focused on rise um that’s just my decision I’m not focused on those coins I’m focused on the coins that I’m currently invested in and I think that they’re going to have a lot of growth in the near future so that’s my opinion it’s kind of like chain coin you know chain coin went up when Bitcoin was taking a massive foam and chain coin just went to the ground so I think that a lot of these coins are not going to be pumping up on this next bull run now to keep in mind that there’s gonna be some of these coins that I just named that I’m not invested in that will have massive gains in and they’re going to grow with the coins that grew in May but I’m not gonna gamble with that I’m going to get into the coins that I’ve been following the past few years since I started trading cryptocurrencies um that have definitely followed each other precisely they’d been relevant in the top cap coins so that’s my take on it guys so focus on multi coin walton coins another one of those coins just like it’s like an art queen so those are relatively new coins and some of them am I saying Walton coins not gonna grow on this next big bull run but I’m just not gonna take a gamble that’s just my opinion do I think Burke point three dollars by the end of the year I think that’s a pot I think that’s probable not even possible I think of birth coin a three dollar vertical by the end of the year can very well happen right here let’s go over the vertical yeah we never we didn’t talk about per coin let me go over the Burke point now look at NXT is is really waking up right now this is actually pretty exciting I’m not a next to you that I might hop in I might chase this bad boy and start making some profits with an NXT I’m not sure definitely thinking about it it’s definitely growing and you can see this coin hasn’t woken up since the main bull run and it looks like it’s starting to wake up I’m sober coin has been I’m sorry for not covering berkland guys you’ve been in NXT to keep her NXT is one of those coins buy low sell high I was really anticipating on getting into NXT I know I talked about it on my channel for the people that stick around for my entire life strings and unfortunately I didn’t get into it before I woke up which sucks totally sucks man totally sucks so that’s a total example of buy low sell high total example like if you guys bought down here where it found support right here me kind of sad I didn’t get into that but I’m glad I got in the ripple at 47 stats and I hope some of you guys got into as well now Berkman has been following a precise channel price channel I think that I think that the next stop for Furcal could possibly be like 38,000 SATs 38,000 sets which would be like roughly could be like a $2 big $2 per coin and I think that’s gonna be a psychological barrier so we’ll see a little bit of a trace been falling out of this price Channel until we see further highs but I think per coin is definitely gonna wake up and it’s definitely gonna have Kings holy is definitely on my long-term model bag list so keep that in mind we saw a little bit of retrace from the third point I think that we’re gonna start heading up now with Bert let’s go over to the Ford for our and I think Burke winds waking up me delete that total rise man rise rise rise let’s see let’s see look at this we’re seeing a significant a sufficient and consistent rise with vertical I think it’s gonna continue to rise and like I said I think that we’re probably gonna be going to like 38,000 stats which would be my first goal target if I was going to swing that’s would be my first target at the current moment looks like Brooklyn is starting to head back up we have a bullish divergence with Burt coin so um this would be you know a time that I would buy my Verte Colline if I was gonna be getting in so definitely had a reversal dinner so Berkowitz gonna I think Brooklyn is one of those coins it’s gonna have crazy games in the next year it’s gonna be one of those points that people wish they got into especially with you know the tech and development that it has great team thank you crypto curb it I’m gonna make you a moderator I appreciate your support holy pivots stick with what you heard me say what’s up Morse code don’t beat yourself up I just spent in it about a week but been watching it about two weeks lol it’s not really it’s not totally noon yet I don’t have any NXT I will definitely announce it on Twitter if I do get some NXT but I did tell you guys my top 5 picks in that video which was xcm Ripple litecoin Bitcoin invert point those are my top 5 picks not only for October but really I think for yeah well rip floor I think will shoot up really fast and then it will probably retrace quite a bit we’ll have to wait and see things change targets change key building with a plan and sometimes the plan changes but I like going in with a plan and the plan you know it’s consistent and I follow it precisely so but yeah I’m very excited for preferred coin guys I mean I’ve been showing it for months now and I’m very happy for the hedge family that has gotten in at 40 cents or under a dollar so following a precise Channel let’s see so yeah NXT is waking up I don’t have any of that stuff ripple is sleet is consolidating a little bit it looks like before as the next tooth up which i think is gonna be pretty large – so which I’m excited for so that’s exciting and then look at you know Bitcoin is still rising this is on the 4-hour chart still rising and it needs to needs to it already broke out of 4400 it broke out of this resistance right here so we should be testing the highs in the next few days to a week I believe so what is up guys what’s up Anthony nice to have you what’s my opinion on ways look at waves in a second you’ll buy a ripple if I buy NXT well I’ll see I think I’m at the losing end of this agreement let me I’ll look at NX I guess I’ll just have to look at NXT right now okay let’s make a deal look it like cool into the moon oh man I’m so excited I never I told you guys I told you guys that I I got back into my my my swing bag of litecoin you guys saw that in my livestream was a very short while she was at the office I bought back my baguette what fifty one dollars and 20 cents and now it’s at fifty two dollars and sixty two cents so I’m glad I got back in I’m glad I told you guys that I got back in and I got back into Bitcoin that same day I got into Bitcoin I did a private life sure I’ll post my private live streams that I do with the crypto campus Club I’m making public after what I say and those lot those private live streams comes true so I’ll you if you guys see a private live stream crypto campus Club you guys can watch those I’m gonna go make them public after this live stream but let’s look an XD booklet go to the let’s go here Morse code is Oh Lord you are so loyal you’re always in my live streams I appreciate it I appreciate it I mean what’s actually like a good amount of people that consistently come into the live stream so I really appreciate you guys are the only reason why I keep coming back from oh look at that spike in volume for NX team nice fight you know it seed ripple on the on balance volume for rip blade was descending pretty heavily and it spiked up just like I next he’s doing right now so pretty interesting stuff guys pretty interesting stuff so I haven’t looked at I haven’t looked at NXT at all I’m gonna quickly look at it I’m gonna do this quick a quick little analysis my computer’s acting up – the RSI is definitely diverging heading upwards I might have to get into this point still in it’s still in a oversold territory NXT on the 4-hour can you pull up ah we’re gonna put it out look at all time frames real quickly yeah so there’s been low volume and see a nice spike up right here nice spike up I might actually get into this coin totally divergent something other than one this is actually the one day guys this is the one day yeah this I think that the first target for NXT would be right here what I’m thinking right here let me see I think that NXT could test the highs the first target would be right here for NXT oh well you have to obviously take an account there’s target right here right next to you and then looking at right yeah yeah right Nia I don’t really know the fundamental side of NXT at all like not even a little bit I couldn’t tell you this is the one day we’re gonna go to the four hours a second to see where we stand I’m gonna make it I’m gonna can be a bad tree Kyle base is now saying he underestimated cooked a currency now is on board um yes you can send your LTC to vetrix then sell that like coin for BTC then take that Bitcoin to buy ripple yeah you can buy ripple with Bitcoin you can’t buy it with like coin hearing those Twitter alerts go off on my phone those are actually blocked folio alerts going off I said I said alerts all the time on blocked folio if I’m not at the computer wish I could show up more crypto heads unfortunately I worked night shift at a hospital and they would be pissed if I was watching your livestream and not work you know I completely understand Kevin the complete understand I’d say and that’s an important job but you know I always post my livestream so you guys can watch them asked for his view he said he accepted that he was wrong to dismiss it early on so he field to grass the technology yeah so bases on board what’s his name what’s the guy the shark tank guy oh man what’s his name I can’t think of it no Marshall one of my loyal followers is tweeting me right now let me see what he’s saying what’s the shark tank guy’s name I can’t think I can’t think Oh guys it’s the guy that is the shark tank guy whatever I can’t thing in the name so right here Kyle bass sounds off on worthless cryptocurrency Gold Rush and guns now I guess Kyle Bass is back on the board Mark Cuban yeah more Cuban that’s so funny I kid you couldn’t think of his name mark yeah Joe Marshall this to me message me mark even marcheeta was talking crap about her into currencies and now he’s in the game there they’re gonna they’re gonna get into the game and they’re gonna accept the fact that they cannot control Bitcoin it’s not controllable so on yeah let’s so let’s look at this hold on one second guys so we can do a fibrillation as well on this this puppy right here I did a Gann Fann on the Berkeley hold on let’s see I would do the retracement from yeah look at that it perfectly lined up so that yeah that would be my first goal right here first target right here first bid level would be like 3000 SATs not necessarily that level but yeah obviously have to take into a lot into account right here so this would be the first goal would be 3000 SATs for NXT I might hop into it on a small dip by the dip let’s see let’s real quick yeah so that would be the first target and then the second target would be right here and then the third target would be so yeah I think I next he’s waking up I probably buy the dip for NXT and ride it and watch it closely neither the for our real quick and then I’m out of here howdy let’s see a nice spike in volume with NXT like we said actually NXT is very overbought right now as you guys can see on the four-hour right here so I’m really I’m gonna wait for a dip with NXT since it is in over BOTS territory I think it needs to retrace a little bit but once it does dip I will be getting in because if you look look at the one-week actually so the four hours overbought so I’ll wait for a dip on NXT before getting in I’m gonna be patient so I’m not gonna jump into this you know I’m not gonna formal buy that’s something you don’t do is fumble by yeah that’s not good look at the divergence look at the divergence on the OBD so yeah I think that yeah an XT could be definitely taking a run for its money up to the all-time high we’ll have to watch it closely like I said I’m gonna wait for a dip let me go to the 1-hour and see where I’m gonna buy this dip cuz its overbought on the four hours over bottom the one-hour OBD is increasing steadily you can see a nice reversal to the upside could actually continue to go up yeah so my target to get into NXT would be around here which actually just happened yeah so NXT actually could just be could start running up right now but just a little bit of a yeah I think it’s gonna head back down a little bit yeah so I’m gonna wait for it to I’m gonna wait for it to drop back down to like 1750 SATs and then I’ll ride the wave now fleece if I see that it’s gonna continue to go up and disregard the the fact that it is overbought because we already saw a little bit of a retracement here it could very well just go right back up so I’m gonna watch this one closely my target right here at 17 K I might get in for a swing on NXT but it actually looks like it is starting to head back up because there isn’t we’re seeing another bullish divergence on the 1-hour so gosh I might have to get in right now oh my gosh I gotta go but I’m not gonna go I probably won’t go long line next team I’ll probably do it for a quick swing and then I’ll go go buy me some more like going to some more like oh and totally grow but um let’s look at XRP I don’t look at extra people quick before I go yeah XOR P min XOR P I’m so excited man I can’t wait for these games I’ve already had a bunch of games I’m gonna told you guys 47 shots this is literally where I told you guys to hop on the XRP train right there right at that level so now we’re really in profit territory we hit this level right here but I think that we’re gonna be hit in 8k 8.4 K SATs 84 73 and if we hit there we probably see a little bit of a retracement but we’ll have to watch it closely I will definitely update you guys on a live stream if we do see a retracement if we are going to see you ever trace them because we very well could just pass right through this fib level and start testing high that’s done that’s definitely a possibility especially with the conference and stuff like that I wouldn’t doubt that but my target for XRP right now is $1 x RP $1 lumens is going up right now lumens is gonna have bigger gains and ripple they always trade together excellent xlm market cap much smaller um stellar lumens is a coin that I have bought before but I’ve never held on to in long period of time what I look at solving this real quick I’m not saving any of this my thing is almost up so women what is stellar lumens is a one’s good at the tricks see I think Bert coin is gonna start heading back up I just told you guys that her coin looks good my opinion I’m gonna make I’m gonna make the livestream full screen so that you it’s a lot easier to see well there’s my face oh I like this better that’s illumines has had the highest volume a lot of people like to say luminous stellar lumens is manipulated some people hate lumens I know crypto News’s Channel hates lumens for the time that I’ve seen oh yeah look at lumens taken off Wow this isn’t even this is from yeah so this is ten five like here we can see we’re continuing to head up now if we let’s go to the 1-day real quick hahaha look at that guys look at that history repeats itself look at this look at that volume spike four lumens Wow I mean I’m kind of like shocked right now I might have to I’m have to buy I’m gonna have to get into this so look at that so five the month of May we saw the big bull run and then the crash and all the else are crashed you could scalped and get little profits on the way down but yeah so lumens went up ripple went up at around the same exact time period let’s look at the percentage base growth of that look at that’s why I’m saying guys we’re entering into a big bull market I’m feeling it 12,000 old Bitcoin you’ve already here first so if anyone starts telling you 12,000 or Bitcoin tell them nah crypto head said no on this plan guys yeah so it looks like NXT is continuing the head up it’s not gonna stop for right now but I’ll get into those trades later XRP looks like it’s gonna start heading up again let’s go look at stellar lumens man so let’s look at this actually listen I think they’re ready went over this so we were to compare it 511 percent 511 percent or that’s actually like 600 percent so we weren’t gonna see the exact same scenario happen again like history repeating itself like it always does even in the stock market oh man haha man look at that so 38k SATs that would be insane that would be insane that’s that’s the third scenario so hitting 8k and just dying off is a scenario hitting the all-time high and dying off is a scenario or you know going up to 38 case ATS is a scenario but let’s go look at limits xlm Bitcoin doesn’t look like it’s popping I don’t know where this when I lost the window I will display there once I got the chat box and now I haven’t been looking at it banks are gonna jump into Bitcoin to get BTC gold probably unit coin I know people are talking about unit coin in my private group but I don’t have any of that looking to trade it though yeah I’m not a fan of look at the look at the volume of lumens that’s just that’s insane look at that volume and compare it to over here that’s just insane guys wow that’s insane this is the one day getting into it’s becoming overbought quite fast Wow that was a trade I wish I was in look at that guys should have knew it should have known it was coming it’s like it’s still already got it so there’s so many cryptocurrencies it’s like how am I supposed to track every single one of them I mean look at look at the on balance volume like that’s ooh that’s so funny I what the hell what is that that is crazy I have to change the settings I usually have default settings for my indicators but I’m just looking at them look at this divergence I might have to get into this on Ivan King yeah I might have to get into this I look forward to seeing how high likely to go over the next few years I think my coin is gonna have a lot of growth and it’s been lagging behind especially this year it has had the smallest amount of growth out of the top five but I am firm believer in the tech and I think the technology is going to be the winner and you can see right here on this article I won a superior tech right here so this is the best sentence of this article I’ll save your time blares that sentence start that is a run-on a sentence Matthew go it’s a former Goldman Sachs vice president and co-founder of block tower capital like etiquette based crypto hedge fund recently told Business Insider that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are technologies like any other and as a result are susceptible to being usurped by a digital currency with superior tech so this guy is basically saying that bitcoin might not be the granddaddy coin forever which I think it probably will but we’re in a time period where superior tech is going to win what coins have superior tech Verte coin litecoin possibly – or ripple so that’s really I mean this is something to think of and I don’t really know anything about lumens I have I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on I don’t know anything but it looks like it’s definitely adding up and I might have to chase this yeah look at that yeah I think that we are totally seeing a total gross diversions I should have seen it coming I really should have like I feel really dumb right now but I’m happy I mean ripple because I think you know it being an established top cap coin I know stellar lumens has been up on the charts I know that I understand that so I might have to buy the dip for if there is gonna be a dip for lumen because it’s definitely not a turbot gosh but the one the one hour is overbought right now ah lien and I don’t post on Twitter if I get into this thing on the one week this is kind of looking like XRP on balance volume is continuously rising on the one hour for stellar lumens when you’re not over blah yeah I’m I’m like I’m gonna get into this so after this live stream I’ll see I’ll get in I will look at the indicators after if we’re gonna see it dead but it doesn’t look too much like we’re gonna sit there yeah I if you could actually probably pop into this coin right now and take a quick scalp you know take a quick gain and then get out may I’m disappointed should have been in this haven’t looked at the charts like all day today I was on I looked at charts all day last night only all last night Wow man but the 4-hour is overbought so I really do think we have to see some sort of retracement for seller lumens before we get hired for sure I really do think that so I’m probably gonna wait till we see every trace mate I’m gonna wait for it settled for it to settle a little bit but we’re staying a little bit of a divergence on the RSI on the 4-hour even though it’s in overbought territory so could start going up still for a little while I’m probably gonna test I think I think Stella will probably test this right here it’s gonna test that what happened it’s gonna test this right here and I think that it’s going to retrace a little bit possibly down to like three hundred and seventy two sets maybe four hundred twenty two shots we’ll have to watch it I’ll post on Twitter but if we are seeing a divergence on the RSI for for our I think it’s just going to hit the top right here maybe maybe up here at this level I haven’t even done a fib or trace man on it and then I think we’ll see a little bit of a pullback because of the for our being so overbought very overbought and then I might get in so it’s definitely on my watch list Stratus woke up today – I did get into a position with Stratus I have my target set finally Stratus wakes up I mean you can look at strat now I’m going to knit – not after this I’ll talk to you guys in the chat box briefly how long I’ve been on live for an hour and 43 minutes we’ll grab time flies so that the volume is increasing for Stratus and like I said this is May May we saw the big bull run I think we were anticipating another big bull run for Stratus it found support here but I have my target set and I’ll post on Tarte on Twitter as well but I think that strat is starting to wake up and an excuse starting to wake up Stella lumen is waking up it looks like we’re in May again so this is exciting stuff guys alright guys I am going to be tuning out thank you for tuning in for this excessively long live stream I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend I hope you guys are excited for the next moves for crypto currencies and also I hope you guys have a great next week I’ll be tuning in for a live stream soon I’ll see you guys later [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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