EOS = Blockchain Real Estate. How the price of EOS tokens will increase over time

so with the away command channel I try to bring you new information sometimes conventional sometimes not but that’s the aim of my channel for this particular video I’m going to be discussing EOS and the value in that particular cryptocurrency if you’re not interested in crypto currencies then please switch off now right so first of all I’d like to clearly stay that I’m not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice I’ve been looking into the crypto market for a while now and I’ve invested in a few and my biggest investment today is in EOS with EOS it took me quite a long time to discover where I believe the fundamental value of this cryptocurrency is going to be and I wanted to make this video so you basically helped you guys if you’re still looking for information on you know where is the intrinsic value within EOS so with with a normal cryptocurrency you like let’s say a coin like Bitcoin or like coin or you know a currency where you can spend the concept of where the value lies in that token in that token is quite easy to understand you know it’s a crypto payment it’s a currency whereas the value held within the EOS token is a lot more complex and therefore it’s harder to summarize where the value of that lies so I’ve been studying this for quite some time and I want to give you an analogy because a lot of these Kryptos do have analogies to the real world so the analogy with Bitcoin is it’s blockchain cache some referred to it as blockchain gold but essentially it’s a currency or somewhere where you can store value that is the intrinsic value of the Bitcoin token the analogy for theorem is its blockchain oil which means you have to the oil the the ether which is the etherium x’ token is much like oil in which you its value is empowering contracts so you put some gas in the contract and that’s what powers it that’s where the intrinsic value within aetherium x’ currency Geetha token lies EOS is blockchain real estate now that’s that’s how I personally look at the analogies when you’re putting all of these tokens next to each other bitcoin is digital currency digital gold or somewhere to store value etherium is blockchain gas gasoline oil and EOS is blockchain real estate and what I’ll do is I’ll make some graphics to show you exactly what I mean and how I personally see the value of the EOS token feel free to make some comments and let me know whether you think that I’ve got my analogies right but this is how basically I see the whole strength and the whole ecosystem of EOS blossoming and where the value lies in it and why I think it’s going to be such a huge phenomenon so in this graphic I’m gonna show where I believe the value of the EOS token is derived from and how analogous it is to real estate in in my own sort of thinking I’m also going to give various scenarios and assumptions on how the value of the EOS 2 token will accumulate over time after it’s been officially launched so to start with there are going to be 1 billion EOS tokens in circulation come the final cutoff date of the crowd sale which I believe is June the 1st 2018 so come this date there will be a total number of 1 billion EOS tokens in circulation now I actually believe is going to be considerably less than that the reason being is I I think quite a few people will leave their tokens on exchanges and I also think there’ll be a lot of people that won’t have registered their tokens mainly mainly traders and flippers I think we’ll get caught out on that one so I think it’s going to be considerably less than the 1 billion total EOS tokens that it’s going to be at the end of the crowd sale so moving on out of that 1 billion those 1 billion EOS tokens black block 1 are going to allocate themselves 10% so a hundred thousand sorry a hundred million tokens are going to be allocated to the block 1 obviously that’s going to be slightly more than 10% in my view because there’s going to be less than a billion tokens but there we go for just the ease of sake that’s going to be 10% allocated to block 1 now at this point I’m gonna kind of explain why I believe this is analogous to blockchain real estate if you imagine this rectangle as a huge office block or a huge warehouse whereby investors who are buying tokens are actually buying floor space within this huge office block so every time an investor makes a purchase of a set number of tokens some will have a very very small amount some will buy big blocks what they’re actually buying in in my my view of this is they’re buying floor space within this huge office block now as an investor you’re not going to ever step foot inside this office block to actually work within your office space you’re just owning the floor space what this office block is or who it’s for is decentralized application developers or DAP developers which I’m going to call them from now on these are the guys that are going to actually set up fully fledged working offices inside this office block you as an investor who’s buying tokens you’re buying floor space and it’s up to you as the owner of this real estate to either rent it out or sell it to a DAP developer so I’m going to put the the investors in black they are they are owners of the real estate but aren’t taking up a residency within this within this office block however it’s not just going to be investors that are gonna be buying tokens in EOS there are going to be a number of DAP developers that are also going to want to buy tokhes early on now I’m gonna add these guys in in red and what these red blocks now represent are DAP developers that have bought floor space within this huge office block and they are planning on actually working living and working within this office block ie laying down their dab within the EOS form and I think it’s important to sort of separate the to the investor from the actual gap developer because they both have different requirements of this EOS operating system so as the tokens get bought up each and every day two million get released and two million get bought every day you’ve got DAP developers and investors buying up these tokens now his an assumption is my assumption I would generally think that is it is mainly investors that are buying at this stage I I also think there will be some some DAP developers buying these tokens but in the main the majority of cases I think it’ll be investors so there we have it by the end of the block chain crowd sale for EOS all of the tokens will be allocated to their owners and their owners will either be at this stage investors owned real estate or DAP developers real estate owned by DAP developers essentially now block one I’m gonna click I’m gonna change block one into red so they’ve now become a gap developer now there’s two reasons why I’ve done this one is I read somewhere that block 1 cannot sell their 10% stake or they’re not going to sell their 10% stake whether that’s changeable in the future I don’t know but that’s that’s essentially the assumption that I’ve made because I’ve heard it somewhere and the other thing is you’ve got Dan Larimer as the CTO so he’s literally a board member he is he’s the guiding light on this and this guy is a DAP developer himself okay he’s the daddy of all DAP developers but having built bitshares and steam it to decentralized applications you can bear the now he’s built this huge huge operating system in which you can plugged apps in he’s going to launch continue to launch new decentralized applications why wouldn’t you if you’ve got that skill set you’re not just gonna not use it so I’ve changed block one to red because I think block one are going to be a serious DAP developer now I’ve also have the blocks in red which are the DAP developers who’ve who since who bought in their tokens during the crowd sale I’ve labeled them one to fourteen and they’ve got various sized blocks that they’ve bought in now I’ve done this just to give you some scenarios that I think may happen with the EOS tokens so let’s just say applica decentralized application one and two were very well became quite successful let’s say they became as successful as as bitshares and steam it let’s say they took off and they’ve done you know really quite well they will need more token space basically the more tokens you have the more floor space you have in this real estate the bigger your decentralized application can become it’s basically you’re buying bandwidth the more throughput you have is dependent on the number of tokens you’ve got so if you’ve got an asset a successful decentralized application you’re going to need to expand your token base so you’re going to have to go back to the market and buy more tokens in order to expand your application and again let’s say let’s say for example that the app developers 3 and 4 are not quite as successful but they’re they’re seeing some some success they’re also going to need to buy a little bit more real estate another scenario that could take place was let’s say number 14 let’s say at let’s say DAP developer number 14 BK hugely successful let’s say it became another whatsapp or snapchat or Instagram let’s say it was a it was an app that was that took on the popularity of let’s say one of those apps they would need a huge amount of tokens in order to get the processing power that they would require you know Instagram snapchat these have got like hundreds of millions even if maybe even a billion users using it every single day so they would need a lot more tokens in order to expand basically again think of it in terms of office space but really what they require is more bandwidth more more room in which to expand and again all the while you’re gonna have more and more developers come in set up shop and expand the more DAP developers that enter into the EOS platform the more the price of tokens are going to go up because they’re going to have to come to the market and buy tokens in order to produce a decentralized application you can’t use the EOS network without buying tokens you can’t set up shop without shop space so again I’m gonna make up another scenario or another situation whereby let’s say you as an investor let’s say the token is the price of the the price of an EOS token is the same price as an aetherium token is now so let’s say each EOS token was at this stage worth four hundred and seventy five dollars let’s say so it’s the value of the token is increased exponentially and now it’s going to cost quite a lot of money in order to set yourself up as a DAP developer on the EOS platform but the EOS platform has proved itself and you want you now want in but it’s too expensive whereas before you could buy these tokens for a few dollars you’re now having to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for them you may because success is never guaranteed you may want to rent some of this office space test your decentralized application to see if it’s popular if it then takes off you can then buy floor space in the office block but prior to getting to that stage and you want to test there you might want to rent so let’s say you’re an investor and you hold floor space in this office block you can then rent your space to this DAP developer for a fee until he or she has proved his or her DAP works so what I’m gonna do is gonna put a gonna fill that green with red I’m just gonna show a little bit of green underneath to show that that’s rented so that div that developer now is renting space off an investor who owns the actual floor space of the office block and you know let’s say he’s spending I don’t know he’s renting that for five grand a month so if you’re if you’ve got a huge chunk of Eos and you’re renting that out to adapt developer at five grand five grand a month let’s say you still own your investment you are just renting out for X amount of period so let’s say you give him him or her a twelve month contract and say yeah you can rent my floor space for twelve months at the end of that 12 month I can either renew the contract renegotiate it or cancel the contract and then I get my tokens back and I can either sell them or keep hold of them or do whatever I want with them but as an investor of this floor space and this is why I’m kind of thinking of Eos as real estate as the owner of that floor space you can pretty much do whatever you want with your tokens and there will be smart contracts actually built on the EOS app possibly even by block one that will allow you to set at rental agreements to DAP developers for this I believe for the EOS operating system so this could be quite a popular solution for both EOS token holders ie investors and DAP developers the rental solution could be quite popular so let me just put that up as a as a sort of an example of a scenario that may play out what you’re also going to have continuously within this platform is you’re gonna have investors who are selling up because the EOS token has reached their target price and they are going to liquidate their assets and sell them back into the market so I’ll just put those in white there so these are basically tokens that are being sold off and these are either going to be bought up by DAP developers or they’re going to be bought up by new investors or or old investors just accumulating more EOS tokens so that situation is going to basically continue as oh the app developers are going to continue to come in to come onto the EOS platform and in order to launch a decentralized application you’re going to have to buy EOS tokens that’s the only way you can launch a an application so what happens when you run out of space well in that scenario you’re going to have to build onto the side of the office block you’re going to have to expand your building now in the EOS Constitution they’ve laid down a framework whereby they’ve stated there will only ever be a maximum of 5% inflation now this means that each and every year you can only expand the tokens by an absolute maximum of 5% now the figure of 5% being an absolute maximum is decided upon everybody within the block voting on what the state or what the percentage of inflation should be so if you’ve got more investors than DAP developers that are currently owning floor space they won’t want any inflation at all whereas if you’ve got the majority of DAP developers that have taken up taking a residency within the office block they are going to probably want more inflation because they’re going to want to expand their applications or maybe they’ve got a few applications that they’ve developed and they want to develop more so in that scenario they may want more but because it’s a democratic system and every single token holder gets a vote that will be voted as per the complete entire office block will vote so investors in just the tokens that aren’t doing anything they’re just seeing on tokens will have a vote and their vote will be equally as valid as block one and all of the DAP developers what I think will happen eventually maybe not straightaway I mean if we’re if if he oz runs out of room very very quickly then well number one the tokens going to be at a humungous valuation and number two the platform will have proved itself so maybe maybe during the growing stages if we get to that max maximum 5% inflation every year that will only be a good thing anyway because that’s just proving that the thing is going gangbusters so what I think is I think it’s eventually going to mimic the real world in the real world a more realistic level of inflation is around sort of two percent you know one and a half two percent and I think that that’s probably where I mean I have no no idea about this in its entirety but you know I just assume these systems will take on some mimicry of the of the real-world scenarios and in real-world info it doesn’t really get that far beyond 2% on light unless you’re living in you know a troubled economy yeah anyway that’s a lot of different scenario situations of course this is how I’m sort of perceiving that it’s it’s gonna kind of unfold this way I’m trying to basically just give give situation scenarios and and I’m trying to sort of Patriot in my mind as I best I can as as to how this thing is going to unfold and some some of these things may happen some of them may not and you know don’t take this as as the gospel truth this is basically just how I am seeing the whole EOS platform unfolding this is this is how I see its potential and if if the take up of these that developers goes gangbusters like I’m hoping and thinking that it will then then these tokens are going to be worth an absolute fortune this is going to be prime real estate this is this is going to be Manhattan but first it has to be come popular with DAP developers this whole thing the whole value of EOS is built upon the popularity of the platform with DAP developers if they pour in in their droves this thing is going to go insane if it if they don’t pour in in their droves and other applications or other operating systems there aren’t any at the moment you can’t classify aetherium as an operating system because it’s you can’t build upon it you have to build a very unique business within their smart contracts platform and and every business has to be streamlined in their own way to the etherium network so with EOS what they’re doing is you can be you can be a JavaScript – programmer and just plug in to the bits of the blockchain that you want within your application so if you’re if you’re only wanting the smart contracts element and to work for you and your other application is doesn’t need a blockchain you could simply plug into EOS take all the blockchain parts the working parts that you want and without really being a coder you can put them into your application so you can effectively have a blockchain application without being a blockchain developer which I think could be absolutely huge there are millions of JavaScript app developers out there but there are you know a handful of blockchain developers out there more than a handful but you know what I mean there aren’t many blockchain developers out there you would have thought that if there was one blockchain operating system that could appeal to the masses of application developers then then this would be this would be one there’s a reason why these DAP developers aren’t jumping onto the etherium network number one it’s because it’s expensive and number two you need to be an aetherium programmer in order to have an aetherium smart contract so this is why I think if EOS can get it right then this will appeal to the masses of application app developers okay great well listen if you found this video useful or helpful then please give me a like of the more likes they get the more I know that I should make more videos like this on EOS and possibly other crypto currencies so yeah please subscribe as well so you’ll know whether you get other videos like this delivered to you or notified ok my name is Kyle goodbye

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