EOS Price Prediction – Buy Now or Weep

[Music] hello everyone princess of rhetoric here your aetherium evangelist i wanted to jump in and make mmediately a new video because I see a very promising opportunity that I have jumped into and this opportunities cos so what is us us is a commercial-grade operating system that’s been developed for autonomous applications to run on the blockchain it uses multi processor algorithms there’s a lot of really cool features that are unique to itself and it’s pioneering pretty much is the only one that’s developing this technology similar in some ways if you know iota because it’s felis transaction so a lot of these they do have in a way transactions but it’s for like large project and corporate you’re not having to pay on a transaction scale so they had an ICO back last month and they have an interesting distribution method for their tokens but um today is the first day that Kraken is allowing trading and acquisition non margin wise on their exchange so you can purchase a iOS u.s. OS e o LS is how you save them so us looks incredibly strong I looked at the chart earlier you know I was able to get in at the dolma 90 it’s already looking at like 260 soon as it came on it topped up at a little over $3 and kind down the charts try finding strong support I think that a lot of people are just flooding in on this one um reminds me a little bit of stenosis I see oh so the question here is you know how far is it going to go I think a lot of people excited about the technology and are going to willing to put in enough might keep pushing the price to me for weeks you know I don’t feel a lot of people that that I know that have invested don’t have this quick you know day trader mentality I don’t think a lot of people are even dumping the original coins they purchased at the ICL this gives me more of a good feeling as far as a long-term personally you know I’m going to a few weeks to a month maybe longer depending on what it’s doing I’d love to see us hit 70 $80 the end of that it’s very you know market demand driven the more people to get involved a mother price is going to rise so I would not be surprised I would not be surprised to see a OS hit ten dollars before ICN economy and the economy represents other funds so you know why also am excited about this coin and I think part of its surge is because of the negative kind of sentiment that’s been developing in the out coin market the especially day to be looking at best week now we haven’t seen a lot of performers you know this has been a couple of moon coin Yaya’s they jump out of nowhere but everything spent down so this iOS iOS I see it ICO has proved an opportunity and a vehicle for a lot of people to make themselves whole again all of the trades that they might’ve missed out on because the markets down and so you know I’m still holding personally see what I’m doing is I still have ans but I went ahead and switched a quite a large percentage of my ICN over to EOS so far I’ve already gained 30 percent so I’m pretty happy about that I’m gonna hold on my idea as far as trading to to minimize risks but still quite bold I’m thinking when it hits five dollars I liquidate 25% of my holdings in AOS and transfer them back to ICN of ETH probably ICN and then when we hit ten dollars I will liquidate another 25% into ICN and by that second trade time I do it soon and I to you or not as optimistic you know a lot of people every time it goes up 10% you could liquidate 2.5% and put it in another coin so it’ll you know aunt my strategy you know it depends on how soon it’s going to happen but I could see it hitting ten dollars within weeks you know it’s already doubled up in just a few days so and I think I think we may see three dollars it’s not four dollars by the end of today so look at the date this video and then look at the price of EOS and see if it’s surpassed three dollars I think it will happen today so that’s all for now I will post some links to articles that I found interesting and informative about AOS remember you can find on the cracking exchange it’s not yet on Pitt ryx I believe but hopefully it’ll come soon so it’s all bubble net through oneexchange but um it’s very exciting stuff so good luck to everyone and you know let’s see how far we can take this bye [Music]

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