EOS: The Sleeping Crypto-Giant

hey what is up guys this Wyatt and welcome back to my channel today I want to talk to you guys about EEOC Yost has been on the radar for me as I’ve been reading up a lot on blockchain and its scalability issues as you guys may have made on know crypto kitties has been taking up the etherium network completely it’s been clogged for the last couple of days and it’s sometimes that has been taking hours or you know maybe a day just to send a transaction if we one blockchain to be mainstream adoption needs to be relatively fast I’m not saying for aetherium to have a full fledged product in a year but to only handle one decentralized app and that decentralized app literally takes up the whole network how can that give me confidence of aetherium one year down the line when right now it could only handle one app I still think etherium will grow it’s not like it’s gonna be stuck on this one decentralized app that takes up the whole network however there are solutions right now to the scalability issues that are already out on the table yet a lot of people just don’t research and realize what is out there yose is one of those options that plans to just eliminate scalability issues let’s get started on what iOS is here’s the FAQ so what is the es of iOS software iOS is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications this is achieved through an operating system like construct upon which applications be built again so they’re describing it like aetherium where you can build decentralized apps on top of this framework it goes on to say that the resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second user fees and allow for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications scalability is like the biggest issue in terms of blockchain we can’t send a product out to the masses if the masses can’t even use it if we rolled out aetherium right now to the masses and had people build decentralized apps on it then it wouldn’t be able to withhold all the traffic the etherium network will just crumble sorry I know there’s probably aetherium fanboys that watch my channel but with this new technological age technology is growing exponentially it’s completely different from back then where you would have decades of just no advancement in technology this era like the 2000 and beyond it’s just there’s just so much growth happening that I feel that etherium can’t keep up that’s the main reason why I’m kind of thrashing aetherium even though even though in theory ‘m is a great company it’s just I don’t believe in their scaling right now why is enough about that what you do want to know about Yoast is that there are technology when they will release it will have an architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second eliminates user fees and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized apps so it’s kind of like Yoda where it’s pretty damn scalable it has no user fees and allows for decentralized apps iota will have decentralized apps on their framework later which they just announced which is pretty cool one thing that I would put us over iota for is that blockchain technology has been proven a lot more than the tango technology the tango technology well I do have high hopes for you do have to realize that it has been not as proven yet bitcoin has been out since 2010 2009 and that has been running on blockchain we know how blockchain works and we know that it can be scalable as long as the blocks don’t fill up with tangle it’s completely different so we aren’t entirely sure about that and the reason why this scalable is because it’s been built up from the ground up this was taken from dan Larimer the EOS has been built with scalability in mind it’s already been taken in effect that they know that the devs know that scalability will be a big issue in the future so they took precautions in the beginning to make sure that US will be scalable is that your token distribution work well from right here it says 200 million euros tokens will be distributed during a five-day period beginning on June 26 and it’ll end on July 1st then the 700 million 70 % of the remaining US tokens will be split evenly into 350 consecutive 23 hour periods of 2 million euros tokens each beginning on July 1st 2017 at 13:00 UTC there are a couple reasons for this token distribution to that I could think of one is that since this token distribution is held over a longer period of time more people can jump onto the ship if they want to and second of all with this longer distribution period you can also see the progress on their github as they are open source you can check the progress and if you do like the progress then you know again this is why this distribution works as they’re also interested they have a resource page where yose shows you everything you want to know about it the white paper gets started blah blah blah if you check out the roadmap though you can see that phase 4 includes parallel optimization for summer fall 2018 however this isn’t the real case because damn Larimer said himself that a lot of their goals and deadlines are met a little earlier or aren’t exactly on the date that they do release the reason why is because a lot of deaf developers are working on this project it has gained a lot of attention so anyone like anyone like you or me can help the project since it is open source because of that they are releasing iOS dawn 3.0 a lot more ahead of schedule if I can find it go on get it real quick yes and right here u.s. dawn 3.0 coming 31st of January 2018 if you click on this right now it does show that it does describe it as multi-threaded implementation new shared memory database implementation parallel transaction so on you get the point however if you do look it does show parallel transactions in 3.0 and if you look at the roadmap they plan that to be released in the summer of fall 2018 this milestone reached earlier tells me two things one is the working on the project and it’s not just stagnant another is if they’re rolling this out they can expect more bug fixes and more ways to improve the products and why I’m sort of bullish on a cos is the fact that damn Larimer created steam and bitshares according to block tivity from right here the text one way to consider a blockchain project is through its market cap another way closer to the real value is observing the activity on the blockchain basically saying the more users and you know activity on the blockchain so if you can tell right here steam is the number one blockchain with the most activity and bitshares is the worth developing to companies with blockchain technology and not to mention the fact that both of those are on the top 10 for the most used that’s pretty impressive one other thing it also shows that the blockchain is able to scale with their technologies what steam you can tell that there is a lot of activity and along with bitshares and if those can handle the transactions and processes on that blockchain I expect euros nonetheless to deliver the same type of quality again it’s not a direct correlation to EOS but having a good track record is a very big plus as an investor to know I will be posting more news on EOS in the future as they are coming out with a lot of stuff in 2018 if you guys are if you guys like my content be sure to subscribe the light content be sure to tell me what you guys think about Yeo’s are you guys still fogged up by the fudge surrounding it with the token distribution and so on and so on or are you guys bullish on EOS do you guys think it’ll rival aetherium in the future let me know and I will see you guys in the next video peace out guys

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