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what’s up guys crypto Gordo here and I wanted to introduce you to a site called coin – hive it’s coin I’ve comm coin – hive and it is a way for you to monetize your website using your users in your browser’s CPU power to mine Manero it’s a really interesting really simple tool relatively speaking I’m not an overly technical person but if you are any type of web developer this should be a pretty easy walk in the park for you and again an easy a nice way to monetize your site and probably more profitable depending on the traffic you get rather than use something like Adsense or peer fly or any of those other big you know networks you can simply integrate this into your site remove the ads that you have up and get to mining right away and I’ll show you a couple of different ways you can do it there’s one way which is sort of putting this miner into a text widget and I’ll also share the the code snippet that was given to me by user the bent on Krypton the cryptocurrency subreddit and and and then we’ll you know we’ll show you how it’s working in process and I’ll show you what little bit of manera I’ve earned at this point I just integrated it yesterday and I don’t get a ton of traffic on my sites but if you get anywhere from say one to two thousand you know users in a week this is probably going to be incredibly profitable scene is that I usually get anywhere from one to two thousand a month on my affiliate sites so let’s check this out so there’s two ways that you can go about integrating this into your website you can do it via a text widget which is what I did it’s it’s a JavaScript miner and you go in it’s again a simple text script which I’ll share with you in a second and you would plug that into a widget and that automatically starts running in the background as individuals visit your site borrowing their CPU power to then do the mining and you can see that at the moment I’ve got a pending payment of point zero zero zero zero six Manero which is probably about a half a penny or so so it is working it’s gonna take a little while I think payouts are point five Manero so it probably gonna take me a little while to get to any decent level but if you go about doing this properly and you have enough traffic you certainly could make a decent amount of Manero doing this so so let’s take a look at the documentation again this is where you could go to integrate this if you have any type of login site if you run a forum or have any type of service where people log in you can use a CAPTCHA service to prompt users to you know verify their credentials as a user which will you borrow their processing power to verify their their information and actually when you sign up for coin hive you’ll see how it works when you log into the site and create your account it’s pretty cool it does last longer than a normal CAPTCHA but is a much nicer way to go about doing it in a more profitable way certainly but we’re gonna look at is the JavaScript minor which is again just a little code snippet that you plug in and then you can be up and running in a little bit of time so let’s take a look at this code snippet here which i’ve got below and now this isn’t very very easy on the eyes and I get that but I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the description below for you guys to download and use however you want the only thing you would need to do is change out your API key which is located right here which is the variable miner equals new coin hive dot anonymous and then in there is the API key which you would need to swap out and I’ll remove mine so that you don’t mind for me unless you want to keep it in there and you can mine for me that’d be pretty cool too but in any case so you can take this you plug it into again a text widget on WordPress or however you would do that on say Drupal and and then you can be up and running in a matter of no time and and and then you know we can take a look at what this looks like so I went ahead and save this as an HTML file earlier so that you can just see how it runs in the background because I don’t want to show you my affiliate sites otherwise you might come at me and and take my my profits so this is what you would see in a text widget obviously it would be much more condensed in a sidebar widget on your WordPress site or again wherever you plan on integrating this but you know the moment someone hits your webpage this then it starts running immediately and you give in this particular circumstance you give individuals the option to stop mining if they wish because it does you know crank up the hash the cpu power quite a lot I was checking my task manager earlier while I had it running and it sucks up some serious CPU power so it does give people the option to do that but you want to be upfront about the fact that you’re doing this I don’t think you necessarily want to be just you know blindly taking you know people’s CPU power without them knowing or at least giving them the option to not have that be the case so so again a really cool little little tool for you guys who have WordPress sites or have your own web sites and again is a potentially a better way to make profits on your website and a you know opposite of using Adsense or anything like that so so again check it out coin hive coin – hive calm and be sure to LIKE and subscribe as always and disregard for yacht and the choir yourself some Bitcoin or in this case mine yourself some Manero we’ll see you guys later

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