IOTA explained in 2 minutes!

iota makes use of distributed Ledger’s unlike most kryptos it does not use a blockchain instead it uses a technology its developers call the tangle which is based off of a mathematical concept known as directed acyclic graphs this was a purposeful move from the developers as within this design is what separates iota from every other cryptocurrency within the design we have the removal of miners without sacrificing decentralization with the need for miners removed so are the need for fees yes iota is completely free to use this is because everyone plays an equal role in the network anytime a transaction is made the issuer must help authenticate to previous and random transactions it uses a series of cryptographic algorithms along with many other sophisticated techniques to do this work this work is done behind the scenes on such a small scale that any device could manage it without effort ultimately a network like this allows for two important features microtransactions and speed micro transactions are transactions that can be worth fractions of sense and Kryptos like Bitcoin faced many issues with this largely due to the necessity of miners in short you couldn’t purchase a coffee with most blockchain based grip dos moving on we have speed in cryptocurrency speed is measured by TPS transactions per second we covered this in our last video I Oda by the numbers we suggest checking that out if you haven’t already in simple terms none of us want to be stuck waiting hours for a transaction ultimately with iota the more people that use the network the faster it becomes alleviating the issues blockchain based crypto currencies faced today it is these two features that give rise to a Ottis purpose which is to support and facilitate a machine-to-machine economy and to be implemented as the underlying protocol behind the Internet of our goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers is well underway and everyone at everything tangle is so appreciative of all the love and support if you hadn’t heard at 10,000 subscribers we will be giving away one GI to enter this giveaway you need to be subscribed to our Channel you also need to follow us on Twitter and retweet our 10k giveaway tweet easy-to-follow instructions will be in the description below from everyone at everything tangle thanks for watching

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