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welcome back to cryptic oi news today we are gonna be taking a look at rebel X RP and if it has potential to recover from its massive drop its seen over the last two weeks and if you could ever see that five dollar price point in 2018 but before we get into this video today guys if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to subscribe and turn on post notifications so you never miss a video here on crypto coin news we do three to five cryptocurrency news videos every single day and live stream almost every single night going over the market conditions and we try to find some new coins that you could potentially invest in after you do your own research of course but if you’re a cryptocurrency investor or you’re interested in the cryptocurrency space subscribing is definitely not a bad idea and guys let’s our conversation down below in the comment section what do you think of reply xrp do you hold it have you ever held this currency at what point did you get in at what point are you looking to sell and where do you see the currency going in the year 2018 but as you can see the markets sitting around seven hundred three billion dollars still under about forty billion in trade volume but that’s okay we’re still kind of consolidating everyone’s still selling off a lot of weak hands are being created people that were one-time lon term holders and very passionate about holding or now becoming weak as they see the market still isn’t recuperated after about a four to five day low so we’re gonna be losing a lot of people over these next few days and man I guess holding strength will be tested so let’s hope a lot of you guys have some very strong hands I know I do I’ve been holding my currencies for dear life as I’ve taken a ride with Tron Neb Leo substratum all of these currencies over the past couple of days and I’m enjoying I’m actually enjoying it cuz I know that this market correction was needed this sell-off was needed to these weak hands out of the market and make room for some whale buying out buying opportunities when whales see some of these lower prices and actually believe in the tech so if you’re in a good coin that has a great utility whales are going to infuse capital I promise that much and I think ripple is one of those that will see that infused capital very soon so as you can see it’s sitting under seventy billion dollars in market cap that is quite a ways down from its all-time high do we know what about 1.7 billion in trade volume so that’s still pretty healthy for this currency there’s still a lot of money coming in and out of Ripple so that’s good people are still interested as you can see the the graphs are all over the place especially in the last month as most coins got a lot of action throughout December about a month ago it was a $0.77 current and it went all the way up to I think what was it like 381 and then here’s where the Korean Won was removed from the marketplace seen the biggest crash for Opel history and then a lot of weak hands and then I thought what was gonna be stability but we continue to see more we can selling out whenever they possibly can but with a utility like ripple a lot of the whale investors are probably just watching this price and waiting for the right point to jump in and we’re gonna see a spike again that’s how I feel with ripple and Tron so these are two great coins and have great utilities a great team a great set of marketing strategist behind them and we know that these coins are gonna go somewhere now what’s happening is we’re seeing a lot of weak handed people a lot of investors that maybe did get in say down here at a dollar two dollars that were waiting for this to get to five to ten dollars but now we’re just trying to take any type of profit they can and that’s what you’re seeing here anyone they got in a dollar is probably taking profit down here just trying to get out and now we’re continuing to see people probably take losses if they got in at two to fifty and maybe some people taking small small profits or just breaking even down here at this point right now we’re a dollar eighty which feels pretty healthy and as you can see the graph does not show signs of still stopping it looks like we’re still gonna see some correction maybe we’ll find some support down here there’s a 162 mark I think this currency will probably be priced around the 160 to 2 dollar mark over the next couple of weeks but with any more big partnerships big announcements or more proof of its utility we’re gonna see ripple XRP rise now a lot of you guys know MoneyGram and ripple just teamed up to test XR pees currency transfers MoneyGram is a pretty big company that they’re not as big as they once used to be but they’re a pretty big company and this is a pretty big deal if money grams tests go well and they come back reporting great news about ripple XRP and its capabilities to do what it says it can do then we’re gonna see ripples price probably skyrocket again because with the MoneyGram news we did see a little bit of bump in price it wasn’t crazy it was nothing ridiculous I think this was the bump here to about 2:15 and then we saw the price dip back down again and kind of find stability around the $2 mark for a little bit now that this is something that we just need news ripple needs news and needs proof it is one of the top currencies as you can see top three currency still with total market cap and it’s still quite a ways ahead of Bitcoin cash which is making decent trade volume right now and could potentially catch ripples sometime in the near future but if ripple continues to come out with news and companies like MoneyGram can report good things about xrp we’re gonna see this price go up now smart money big whales investors people that are into Wall Street and have their their roots so embedded into the financial system they’re going to want to invest in ripple it’s old-school finance it’s it’s helping banks it’s helping our structure that we already have in place become better and big business knows how horrible our current financial structure is so if ripple works and money Graham goes well we’re gonna see that great reports are gonna come out money Graham’s gonna praise that reflects our PU is an amazing company doing amazing things with their tech and then we’re gonna see I think some whales some big investors get in early okay they’re gonna get in at that dollar sixty that dollar seventy price point and we’re gonna see this coin skyrocket I think two three dollars again and maybe even three fifty again to four dollar market cap or four dollar price point because once the whales get in and then once there there’s proof that week that XRP I say we that XRP can actually do something for money Graham we’re gonna see more companies want to get involved and this price is going to skyrocket guys remember the more transactions that ripple XRP can process the lower the total supply will become the more every single coin will become worse so we need them to have big partnerships and I feel like this is their kitty pool money Graham is their kitty pool it’s their tests point so they can do good things with money Graham and they can get great marks across the board golden stars all the way around then we’re gonna hear money Graham praise them and with that praise Allah will come whale investors and when the whale investors will come probably other financial institutions willing to give them a chance and if they can continue to succeed with from financial institution to financial institution where you see this coin explode this could be a ten dollar currency before the end of the year it just needs to show that its utility is actually usable and it works and it’s reliable and it’s something that people can trust and if people can trust it it could replace our old financial system and how everything’s set up and make everything a lot faster and a lot cheaper and that is innovation and innovation is worth money so if it can prove that it works and it can do good by a company like MoneyGram we’re gonna see ripple acts are piece price skyrocket as well investors will know value of XRP then okay Wow okay the utility works I know if this works what it’s actually worth and we’re gonna see probably billions infuse into this marketplace in the span of 48 hours just because a lot of people are gonna hop on it and then yes we’ll have we can selling out as it rises but I see this coin definitely being a five dollar coin before the end of q2 and being a ten dollar coin before the end of the year as long as they can prove that it works now obviously South Korea potentially banning the crypto currency trading marketplace was a huge concern for ripple as if you can see here the Korean Won is one of the biggest supporting factors a billion dollars almost are in the top leaders here look at this okay so six hundred two hundred one hundred then you have another 75 so over a billion dollars of this 1.7 billion is from Korea so this scared a lot of people this had a lot of people selling and with all these people scared and confused and and not knowing what to do they just got out before the news was actually clarified and there is actually having no crypto currency trading banned South Korea government confirms there’s going to be no ban they’re just cracking down on exchanges that aren’t going to apply comply with their tax and report policies if they’re not going to apply comply with their tax policies they’re gonna shut down those certain exchanges but they’re not banning crypto currencies so that should put some people at ease and we should see this prize hopeful this price hopefully stabilized I don’t think we’re gonna see a rise from this news but hopefully we see it stabilized from this news okay so hopefully some stability there now another piece of news this is someone that went over now is writable valued where how will here is a framework for valuing this cryptocurrency in this article they go over how it’s valued and how they can see it reaching eight dollars now a lot of things have to happen but I agree with this article and think that an eight dollar price point from ripple by the end of 2018 is possible if you want to go over the market cap okay say we’re at $2 around 80 billion dollars okay so then we only need that for X so you only need to see about a 360 billion dollar market cap now that is higher than Bitcoin currently but we’re hoping over the course of the year that this becomes like three trillion okay a three trillion dollar mark after a two trillion dollar mark cap and the top three coins are all in that 200 to 400 billion dollar range that’s my hope in that I think ripple will be a top 3 – top 5 currency still at the end of the year as long as they can prove their utility with money gram and continue to do great things and partner with great companies and financial institutions we will see this price stabilized and hopefully rise I think it is about to stabilize especially with the news about now banned from South Korea and then the news that obviously there’s a lot of room for this market place to grow as long as it grows alongside the total market now we do need to see the market probably add a one point five to two trillion dollar market cap to really see this coin hit that 7 to 10 dollar price range because I never think it’s going to be the number one currency or at least here in 2018 it won’t be but it could be a number 3 to 2 for the rest of the year especially if this market cap grows as the market cap in general grows these top currencies will continue to grow and I think in the end of the year we’re gonna see top currencies being Bitcoin aetherium Ripple Bitcoin cash and litecoin okay those are gonna be your top 5 cárdenas probably gonna fall out and we’re gonna see litecoin hop in and take this number 5 spot and these will be the top 5 currencies they have the best utility as of yet that I believe and bitcoins just a store of value like gold so I feel like that’s always gonna be somewhere up here if Bitcoin is having a bad day a lot of other coins tend to have a bad day but right now bitcoins not doing too bad it’s actually up today we’re seen in the 14 thousand dollar price point that feels great I know I hold a decent amount of Bitcoin so I’m happy to see a bit clean recoup and recover here especially with my mining contract with hash Fleur I want a Bitcoin to go up because as I cash out I want those pants to be more and more and more so I’m personally excited you guys are following us on Twitter yet crypto coin news with a Z that’s our Twitter and it’s also linked down below in the description give us a follow we tweet about a lot of stuff we tweet about Tron this morning Bitcoin you have far we do a lot of just like in little polls here asking you guys about certain videos and ideas and crypto currencies definitely give us a ball and we started a group discord it’s gonna be a swing trade discord where we’re gonna announce swing trades every other week or so on that disk where you can chat with everyone in the crypto coin news community that link to our discord is also down below don’t forget to join that hit that like button if you enjoyed this news piece found it informative and actually feel a little bit more at ease holding rip Lex RP guys like I said ripple is now maybe someone at its basement at its bottom level about a buck 60 I would say is its bottom level buck 65 we’re gonna see this price go up before the end of 2018 so if you’re into ripple ax RP for a long term old you will see profit of probably 2×2 or more I definitely can see a 2x happening in this year but I’m more if I’m gonna be bullish I’m saying 3 to 4 X before the end of the year so definitely hold on tight guys this coin is not dead it’s got a great utility a great team behind a great advisors it’s gonna go big big places as long as it can prove to companies like MoneyGram then its utility is actually capable of doing what they say it can do but thank you guys so much for watching until the next video don’t forget to have some happy training out there and good bye

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