Litecoin: What to Expect in 2018

right so I’m back with another one of these what to expect in 2018 videos last week I covered Bitcoin and in that video I asked you guys for suggestions about which cryptocurrency to cover in the next video by popular demand judging on the top comments with the most likes the most in demand comes a currency for me to cover was like coin and so I’m happy to oblige with that today and I feel like there’s no better place to start in the world to them with this now quite infamous tweet from Charlie Lee that he posted back in the 20th of December 2017 he said this the litecoin team has been hard at work working with companies to support light coin nothing to announce yet but he is what’s in the works and then he says merchant processor popular online wallets goods trading platform and one huge unexpected surprise 2018 will be a good year for like coin coming from the Creator a light coin that’s a very positive thing and we know that from subsequent tweets when he was referring to the good trading platform he was referring to open Bazaar if you don’t know what that is it’s kind of like a a peer-to-peer online commerce platform with zero fees which is you know quite a rarity these days pretty interesting it’s a cool platform I’d recommend you checking it out as far as I’m aware none of the other announcements have been made yet and so that means that this year we still look forward to merchant processor a popular online wallet and of course the most you know notable inclusion in that list or in that tweet the one huge unexpected surprise there’s been an awful lot of speculation about what this could be you know that kind of tweets coming from again the creator of like coin someone who has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter that’s a pretty big deal there’s been suggestions around whether it’s Facebook or Amazon and those two things have been pretty much refuted by Charlie but still it kind of you know it’s led to an awful lot of hype and buzz around this what it could possibly be people love speculating about these kind of things and I just hope it does deliver I really do because it would be unfortunate for people who both the long-term hold as a litecoin and people who bought in based on this news if it doesn’t deliver then a lot of people will of course be very very disappointed but I do genuinely believe that Charlie Lee wouldn’t have made that announcement if it wasn’t actually big news because he of all people after a lot of this thick that he’s got recently from saying that he sold his like corner or that kind of he knows exactly what kind of vicious public backlash you’d get from people if this does turn out to be complete rubbish I think he knows and understands that better than anyone else out there and so I do think this is gonna be very very big exciting news for you know like coin investors including myself I’m one of those people that are being said personally I’m not a big fan of this I’m not a fan of being told in advance that some kind of surprise is coming I’d rather either just be given an actual surprise whenever we do get it or I’d like to be told when in advance exactly what to expect I’m really not a big fan at all have being told in advance of a surprise to me that’s not a pleasant experience at all and that’s not just with cryptocurrency investments that’s anything in life so there’s that tweet from Charlie Lee which is you know pretty exciting details about what we can expect to see in 2018 and then if we just set that aside I think there’s an awful lot to look forward to in terms of general development as well we all know the light coin is a testbed or a kind of crash-test dummy for Bitcoin when it comes to these major developments for the Bitcoin protocol and so pretty much everything that I said about Bitcoin and what to expect in 2018 for Bitcoin in terms of development it’s going to apply to litecoin too and possibly an earlier date as well litecoin is a much smaller project than Bitcoin a slight easier to roll out these kind of major changes and so in the same way that we saw segments implemented on litecoin before we saw it implemented on Bitcoin I expect the same kind of thing to occur when it comes to these other major developments as well and so even though I don’t like making a video where I have to refer you the viewer to another previous video I made I think I will make an exception this time around simply because I only made that Bitcoin video last week there’s no point me regurgitating all the information in this video if you haven’t seen it just be sure to check it out the most important of those developments as far as like coin investors and like coin holders are concerned are probably the Lightning Network and atomic swaps I say Lightning Network because that will help immensely with like coin becoming the true coffee coin ie you know fast and affordable medium of exchange for people even if like coin eventually becomes a little bit more congested like Bitcoin is currently and on chain transactions became you know that little bit more expensive for people to use then we could still use the Lightning Network to allow for you know practically free instantaneous transactions of people and then atomic swaps will be huge as well because it reinforces that idea the light coin will be the silver tube it golde what better way is there have demonstrating that kind of metaphor than by allowing people to really simply instantly and trustless Li convert or trade they’re like going to Bitcoin and vice versa one development that I didn’t mention in that Bitcoin video which probably will benefit like coin quite a lot is mast which stands for Merc alized abstract syntax or sign tax trees this is another form of computer science wizardry that will basically allow much more complex smart contracts to be created on the light coin and Bitcoin block chains and without congesting the network too much with all this extra data it does this by ensuring that the nodes only read the very top layer of the miracle tree rather than the entire thing you’ve got other things in the pipeline for like coin as well such as covenants which would allow like coins to be bound up no matter what for certain periods of time and this will allow you to create vaults which can act as an additional layer of security as it would allow you to basically lock up your funds for X amount of time even if someone managed to gain access to your private keys you’ve got colored coins too which would allow you to repurpose your like coins to be attached to an asset and yes that does open the door to ICO is being created on the litecoin protocol but with both of these developments the covenants and the colored coins you’re more likely to see those in 2019 rather than 2018 then setting aside development I think like with most other top crypto currencies we’re gonna see a lot more media coverage for litecoin people actually recognize it rather than just Bitcoin and we see a little bit more institutional investment maybe and as a top 10 currency that’s been around for a long time now I think it will probably be included in most kinds of general crypto currency basket funds in terms of investments in the future as well and so if you care a lot about the price of light coin maybe you are along to him holder like myself I think all of those are good things to ask for what I personally hope and expect to see from like coin in 2018 more than any other cryptocurrency out there I really want to see a great expansion of niche and adoption when it comes to light coin you know Bitcoin has store a value functionality absolutely nailed down and nobody’s gonna be taking that from Bitcoin anytime soon but like coin is position itself as the medium of exchange coin the coin that people will actually use to make payments for everyday goods and services and so the number one metric of success that I’ll be using to judge at the end of this year where the light coin has had a good twenty eighteen or not is the number of retailers both on and in you know physical stores we could hope to see maybe as well just how many more new retailers and large companies will actually accept direct payments with litecoin maybe it’s asking a bit much to be asking for that this year in 2018 you know maybe that’s something that’s a few years away but at the same time like calling will see intense competition in the space of the next few years now from the likes of – Bitcoin cash many other cryptocurrencies out there – and so I feel like light coin really has to get a move on with this and get you know acceptance from major retailers across the world if we really wants to cement its position as the true medium of exchange coin for everyone to use and that’s all I have to say as with Bitcoin I think litecoin is another cryptocurrency that you know in all likelihood will probably have a great year in 2018 and beyond what do you guys think do you thin like coin is gonna have an excellent 2018 is it gonna get completely crushed by Bitcoin cash or – or another cryptocurrency this year what’s going on in your mind and which cryptocurrency would you like to cover now in the next video I’d appreciate any thoughts or opinions you’ll have about this to be shared in the comment section down below get this through the like if you enjoyed it and I’ll be back with more videos very soon Cheers oh and I’ll be leaving a link to this t-shirt in the comment section down below this is another one from the guys over at Kings a crypto cooler UK it’s a nice Bitcoin to the moon t-shirt [Music]

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