failure to the market welcome everybody to another episode of savage cash stroke savage crypto here with me Superman your super hero of cryptocurrency here to save you from a very bloody day to give you some recommendations as to what to do I am always good at times like this times of crisis essentially I have seen tons of market crashes and in that time I have been recommending the best course of action and had she done the best course of action at the time I suggested it then you probably would have gained big out of it so today I am going to save you from this I have got some really wicked stuff to bring you this is going to be an epic show today so today firstly I am going to comment on what is happening why is there such intense bleeding why is essentially the market bleeding like a ruptured aorta valve and bleeding out bucket loads across the streets I am going to be sharing with you the top 5 sale items from today what has gone down so majorly allowing you to get a much better position in it and then lastly I am gonna bring you the crown jewels I am going to bring you the piece de resistance I’m gonna bring you an epic finish with a cryptocurrency that I have identified as being an incredible opportunity a potential and shares before it became neo and before you know it really exploded in price so I’m gonna be bringing you that and I would recommend that you watch it and if you’re excited about watching it then they said she smashed up the likes in excitement because I imagine that you’re probably feeling pretty bad your block photos are looking terrible so smash up the likes smash up the likes and make yourself feel a bit better so what is the state of play at the moment the market cap is a 571 billion it has crushed tremendously since yesterday now if you have done your research have you’ve been looking to uncover reasons why you all know the reason and it’s being it’s been splashed everywhere you know essentially it is China Fudd okay so it says market suffers from uncertainty in Asia losses up to forty percent okay and it’s being splashed over main kind of stream media okay big or a theorem almost every other cryptocurrencies plunging and then we’ve got this one to add insult to injury which is European regulator warns investors could lose everything on cryptocurrency i ce o–‘s so let’s now move into the detail so it’s basically taking you through a lot of what’s been happening a big slump essentially how the top ten are looking then eleven to twenty and then another few and then here it goes so it isn’t clear what’s driving what’s happening but a Bloomberg report yesterday suggested that China is preparing to block domestic Internet users so just everyday internet uses accessing international Bitcoin exchanges the countries already banned Chinese exchanges in ICS last year last week it emerged at the central government is working to drive out China’s Bitcoin miners as well and this in addition to what’s happened with South Korea the South Korea fudge where essentially they are looking to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well and it’s mainly coming from Asia yeah it is mainly coming from Asia and so this is essentially kind of growing and growing the fear and uncertainty is growing and growing and what is ended up with is his ending up in big red big Reds big double-figure Reds okay we are seeing Bitcoin under 12,000 it was under 12,000 earlier this morning and went over 12,000 this is this morning in the UK in the US this morning now but it went up overtook twelve thousand twelve thousand four hundred now it’s gone down again but then everything is going down as well theorems gone down from thirteen hundred to a thousand – has gone down from a thousand to nearly eight hundred and we’re seeing massive massive losses on our law crypto currencies except of course tether one of the best investments one can make if you just want your money to stay as is and undoubtedly a lot of the reason why this is one dollar – is because of the volume okay so anyway carrying on so yes so you can see here right down here massive losses massive losses what does this mean what’s this mean for you opportunity is what it means for you because if you’ve been here before which I’m hoping many of you have been if you haven’t ever been here before this is a very usual thing to happen when there is some fear uncertainty and doubt caused by a region such as China this happened in September back in September prices were not better to get into certain really good crypto currencies like some of the top 30 which are now absolutely thriving and which which really thrived at end of November and December and beginning parts of genu it was really just going up up up so really the best time to get in was September now there’s a little bit of respite now there’s some breathing space now this is where you work this is back in September during the China fuck that was where I work people said you know what you’ve what you do here what what’s your kind of plan and I said this is the time when I work the color November December January that’s the time when you just want to sit back and watch and enjoy looking at your property and growing every day you know some could be thousands some could be tens some could be millions growing every day and that’s what you’ve been able to do but now it’s the work time again now is the time when you’ve got a look at the opportunities to get into crypto currencies currencies that you’ve wanted to get in and they’ve been thriving and you’ve been thinking oh is it now still a good time to get into ethos is it still a good time to get into card Danno now it’s the time now it’s the time you’ve got to accumulate while it’s going down and even if it goes back up again you got to just keep on accumulating if you want to take a good position on certain crypto currencies because like the likes of card ello which went over $1 looks at 64 cents today so you just got to take the opportunities well when when they present themselves to you and while they last although you can’t necessarily predict the bottom you have got to really jump on the opportunities when you can now I did mention this okay this article which is not related to the China and South Korea or Asia flood this is something else this is more fear being driven into the market where people are set where basically you know it’s like European regulator warns investors could lose everything on cryptocurrency icos now ICS have become huge absolutely ginormous in like the last you know two months particularly this month it’s become ginormous the biggest opportunity now to make money is when I SEOs because you’re getting at the lowest possible cost but this is targeted at people that have either just started or learnt about i SEOs or people even venturing or heard about I cos this is like saying you can lose your loss of investment it’s not like IPOs where you get a stake in the company you know you could just lose everything that’s what they’re saying and you know I think that most people who are operating in this ICO space know of the risks so it’s you know the end of the day it’s not it’s not there’s nothing you in here anybody who’s in cryptocurrency it’s nothing new so you know at the end of a everybody has to do there’s an onus on people to do their own research understand what’s happening understand what they’re getting into before making an investment so this is nothing new so you see here that you know there are a massive amount of cryptocurrencies just bleeding out as if they’ve just been cut and by the hip and they’re just bleeding out across the streets or alternatively it’s like the go back to the Baron Rothschild quote which I always bring out the time to the opportunities to make money is when there’s blood on the streets basically referring to a stock market crash where stockbrokers threw themselves out of windows there was blood on the streets that was when money was there to be made okay so now is the time to make the money so let’s now move on to the five best sale items of today let me just make sure I’m life and that you can hear me okay smash up the likes in the meantime 3k people watching nice nice nice nice so anyway yes so three k people watching smash up the likes there’s only 450 likes out of 3,000 people come on b-positive smash up the likes peeps I will join you like smashed so Fudd sales that’s why I’m calling this fear uncertainty and doubt sales this is the time to jump in and I’m gonna come up with five really good sale items for you okay so we see today 16th of January and this may come down as a landmark day when you had a chance to get back in there is every likelihood this could last a couple of days what I have found is typically when America wake up it goes one way or the other and since America have woken up it seems to be going the downwards way at the moment but I will never worry this has happened tons of times back in September the market the the market cap went under a hundred billion after ages and ages of of being in the nine figures aweto billion figures that hundred billion figures and the plus and then went down under hundred billion so lots of things have tried to kill kill cryptocurrency it’s not gonna happen this is just an opportunity to get back in okay and when you’ve got whales that play the whales are the ones that make the damage the whales take their money out put it into tether or cash out whatever and that causes the the prices to plummet but then they get back in they essentially break the market and then make the market again so you just got a beam you’re just going to be accumulating whilst that’s happening so smashing it let me just make sure you can actually hear me because I wasn’t yes you can’t hear me cool okay okay yeah so let’s start with number five so number five we’ve got bit degree okay now bit degree is a very new cryptocurrency is just literally come on ether Delta bit degree is essentially going to be like udemy but for crypto currency okay so it’s going to be the udemy that offers crypto current that allows you to pay in crypto currency to buy courses but more than that they offer something called smart incentives that means that you can essentially get paid to take courses so people who make courses like for instance me you can get I can pay you I can offer to pay you tokens to reward you for watching the first three lectures okay for instance okay so this is a it’s a reward learning platforms that’s also what makes it different to you to me you know me you pay and you watch okay with bit degree not only can you pay cryptocurrency but you can be paid in cryptocurrency paid in bit degree tokens for actually watching courses and courses of value so that means that Peter is going to be an in demand token because people there’s gonna be the supply isn’t necessarily gonna cover all the amount of learners so to actually hold the supply is a good thing now this has gone up to near 60 cents has been at 58 cents when it entered the market and I was plummeted down to 23 cents that means there’s a 61% sale look at imagine you’re going into Ralph Lauren or or I don’t know Walmart or JD I don’t know what shops you have around you but essentially imagine going into high-end shop of desirable items items you really want imagine you see a 60% off an item that you really want that is this it’s 61 percent off a chance to get back in it’s not quite I see a price it probably whatever good I see a price again but it’s a chance to get back in and this is one of my top picks for this year bit degree I’m gonna be on bit degree by the way I am going to put some courses on bit degree so um you know so I think this is gonna explode in popularity in a number for my favorite cryptocurrency ethos now ethos or was one of my top cryptocurrency picks for 2018 it darted from that point which was about three dollars 30/11/2011 this year on the basis of their mobile wallet a wallet that essentially allows you told all crypto currencies allows you to have the best security since the nano Lajeunesse on your mobile so therefore it’s and people have said it’s actually safer on your mobile than on the internet or internet-based desktop or desktop based what it so you need to have this cryptocurrency before it essentially releases it’s what it which will be in quarter one this quarter so ethos at an incredible price right there in a number three we’ve got high-performance blockchain now high-performance blockchain is a cryptocurrency I bought you the other day a really exciting project essentially a fully built hardware and software blockchain that enables millions of transactions a second it’s as powerful as EOS if not more powerful ok business is going to be able to have it and particularly big business so if the get likes of Google or Facebook or eBay or Amazon if they wanted to have a blockchain business a blockchain solution fully Bell architectured you know good software and hardware architecture fully bail enterprise system they would have their needs met by high-performance blockchain now the other day this absolutely soared up to $13 65 where there was real excitement about this project and it has since dipped tremendously down to $5 22 which was the price it was before it blew up it was at about $5 where people were starting to identify this was a great opportunity it doubled and then some and now has plummeted back down so if you were looking to get involved in high-performance blockchain this is a good opportunity to because I see this being a potential biggie up there with the laser card I know up there with likes of EOS a super blockchain solution for business in a number two quant stamp Quon stamp is a unique cryptocurrency essentially allows cryptocurrency companies developers to order their smart contract software so I i ciose a case of i cos they’re big on smart contracts at the moment they’re there’s a lot of IC o—- sort of businesses looking to get into the crypto space offer smart contract systems and how do they audit it how do they make sure it works with Quon stamps automated solution essentially they use the auditing software they essentially plant it on top almost like overlay on top of their smart contract software to see if there are any security flaws make sure that if you know people are sending aetherium to code part in an ICU that they get their tokens back so make sure that smart contracts work now that only automated smart contracts auditing platform that exists in the cryptocurrency market is unique and it’s searched up to 83 cents earlier this month and now it’s at 20 when it has gone down to 27 cents don’t know what it is now might be a little bit higher but it’s gone down to 27 cents that’s a 68 68 that’s nearly three-quarters of the value it realized removed okay it’s lost nearly three quarters of value at the peak so that means that you can gain now an incredibly cheap price under 30 cents potentially and over the next few hours depending on how America reacts then you can get more cumulate more buy more if you haven’t yet got it so quantum one of my big picks for this year I see this being a huge cryptocurrency a double figure cryptocurrency easily and you know at the moment it’s it’s low under a dot so pretty flippin amazing I II personally will get more Quan stamp if it goes to this price again and a little bit less I have been doing some buying this morning I have got a lot of money on Finance and I’ve been using that money to get involved in some cryptos and I’ve got a lot still to get involved in more so therefore you know you’ve got to use this opportunity now it’s just accumulate because you never know when it could just go back up again even if it goes down get some more so it’s my number one peeps what do you think my number one is what do you think my number one today is let’s just have a look and see quick show of hands see if anybody can guess what is gonna be for k people watching smash up those mics that’s fantastic so anyway let’s see I’ve already spoken about the market crypto master so just go back and have a look you trust in substratum you trust you trust you trust lots of people guessing you trust it’s you trust so you trusses had an almost has had a humongous loss in this fun period so you trust have absolutely skyrocketed to $1 41 earlier this month after having been released from ICO getting onto the market people bought this up and up and up this is the next paypal of the cryptocurrency world they offer buy it and sell a protection over and above what even PayPal offer and this is in cryptocurrency so essentially if you’re buying something with cryptocurrency you’re insured okay so that is something which I don’t think that there’s no one else providing such a such a platform no one else providing such a solution that’s why you trust has such incredible value to be realized and it’s just ridiculous it’s gone down to 32 cents having been a $1 41 that is a ginormous loss a loss of 78% that is over three quarters you are almost starting from scratch where it was when it came out from ICO so you’ve got a chance to get in if you hadn’t before this is perfect and if people had actually got you trust at the peak or near the peak this is an opportunity to get more a substantially reduced rate so you trust is definitely my number one because over and above all else it has the pad has experienced the biggest loss yet it’s actually got the most potential out of most of the crypto currencies out there they’re currently experiencing losses this one is a new cryptocurrency very very early stages a chance to get in whilst the value is tremendously low so these are my five picks I imagine that these are going to go up significantly over the course of the next month I don’t need to worry about you know if you take action or not these are going to go up over the next month I said the same when EOS well gosh there’s so there was so many at the time eyo s was one of them Ami’s go was another one 10x was another one there are tons of them at the time that had been experiencing dramatic losses climbin think of it but so many of us experienced dramatic losses that I knew would go up substantially and then they did and then some heΓ΅s was at 50 cents now is say $11 actually I think it’s go down a little bit from that but you know that’s that’s the point I’m making the fact is these are gonna go up it’s just a case of are you gonna get in whilst the price is right there we are Marble Arch so that is my top five now I am going to be getting on to my number-one subject of today okay so I’m going to leave it this is the Big Finish all right this is the Big Finish I hope you’ve stuck around for it this is gonna be big so in light of all of these crypto currencies established crypto currencies once that have been building up trust credibility over the years people have a lot of understanding of who’s behind them what’s behind them there’s a new cryptocurrency a new one that has just entered and it looks so promising it looks almost on an unmissable opportunity now if I can take you back to you let’s just go back let’s just take a look back in the history of neo okay so neo at the moment even in spite of what’s happening in the market neo is a good hundred and fifty four dollars okay I got involved in neo at four dollars if you remember that one of my best videos ever was all about getting involved in neo at four dollars okay and it has since then absolutely smashed it now before that time which was around about gosh where was it about about here I think it was because it initially exploded look back then it was such a huge peak when this went up to $10 and then it sunk down to about $4 this was the point where I said get it because it’s proved itself and it turned and was about to turn into neo and then since that point is gone right up but even before that point the money was made down here the money was made when nobody in the West knew about this this was fully in China and wet Eastern audiences only they knew about ant shares at the time and this is where people were investing getting involved in it and then all of a sudden bang once the West got their hands on it realized basically this was a potential Goliath eafit etherium competitor and they boy all the way up to here and it’s got so much more growth to realize but the money was made down here because nobody in the West knew about it only the few people in the West that knew about it made the profits and there is another cryptocurrency a new cryptocurrency now that I think is going to experience very similar to neo and that is internet node token okay now this is at the moment just a completely a Chinese project Bane originated in China if you have a look at their twitter they’ve they’ve just not even started look 1400 followers hardly any followers just goes to show just how early this is now this may have gone down even more since the point of this this this morning was 32 cents and people have bought this right up and the reason why is because all of a sudden it’s now being made known to Western audiences and I’m hoping that this does exactly the same so internet no token why is this special the reason this is special is because this is the potential next iota this is this is built as the Chinese iota okay it’s an Internet of Things cryptocurrency so what I’m going to do now before I tell you essentially or before I show you like the website and everything I am going to do a savage crypto episode on this okay so what is the Internet no token what is insane essentially what it is is is the Chinese iota is a device and machine info sharing technology okay so what this means is essentially devices and machines do all the sharing of info now when I say devices and machines I mean anything that’s got electrics technical there’s got you know circuits every all of that kind of thing inside it this is essentially a way of it being able to communicate with the blockchain okay so you don’t need any users it’s completely device and machine orientated okay so it’s useless it’s trustless therefore and it’s private okay so this is an internet of things way of sorting data using devices and machines to transmit the data to the blotching okay so let’s talk about the positives of the internet note taken so number one it’s a framework okay it’s essentially that’s what what they are it’s a framework for devices and computers to share data with the blocking now why is this needed essentially the issues with the Internet of Things at the moment is use of privacy so the users are the ones that essentially are sharing that data relies on users agreeing to share data with certain you know entities and that is how the information is supplied and that puts the user at risk because you know in the transmission there’s a lots of hackers out there they can get people’s data but people say people’s details are attached to the data that is transmitted to entities and essentially that data can be used to hack those people so there’s the use of privacy issues there’s costs associated with you know submitting data to these centralized entities data costs and all that kind of thing plus there is security issues as well and inefficiencies because there are so many different entities that you are supplying data to so all the information is not ordered it’s not organized by one central kind of resource one central blockchain that has all the information this is where internet node token comes in so it’s no data sharing the knows within devices they are sharing information between them and the blockchain this basically cuts that pain okay so it makes it secure because it’s useless it’s not relying on a user to send data it’s the device that sends the data not with the user information it’s just the complete device data sends it to the blockchain it’s secure therefore it’s much cheaper because it doesn’t rely on the big infrastructure costs that come with the data being shared it’s also much more reliable because it’s a direct transmission from device to blockchain so it’s not a person essentially submitting their interpretation of the data it’s the device itself submitting the data to the blockchain so it’s going to be absolutely you know true information and it’s unhackable and of course it’s trustless as a result because it doesn’t rely on the trust from user to entity because basically the device itself will just communicate with the blockchain automatically so therefore it’s trustless therefore it cuts all of the issues involved in the internet of things right now now internet no token is essentially at the moment geared towards the China market so trade transport so vehicular information so so self-driving cars and submit data to the blockchain cars submit data to the blockchain trains and bike submit a to the blockchain transport logistics and freight as well that information sent over to the blockchain via device devices sending that information rather than people so it’s absolutely accurate because whatever is recorded on the device which should be true goes to the blockchain so it’s China marker at the moment with the potential for it to go all the way globally essentially so this has ant shares potential at the moment this is only being shared with Chinese audiences Chinese audiences are the ones that know about this it’s only literally a handful of people have found this Golden Nugget inside a ginormous haystack they found it and a few people have kara said this is it and I’ve picked up on this and obviously this has amazing potential because at the moment it’s in you know it’s way under $1 okay but this has the potential to get to become much larger okay and I’m gonna share with you right now so in the second page of positives they have got partnerships already established with some humongous partners okay so IBM Microsoft Research away or who are who are away some universities and the financial services industry okay and I’m going to take you through that in a little bit they have got 13 people in their core team that means large breath okay now with it now they’ve got 13 people 8 advisers but the most important thing here is in the breath it’s not the breath that’s covered by the team it’s not covered by the advisors and it’s not necessarily covered by the investors you know the kind of venture capitalists it’s the absolute value in the team is the internet-of-things strength device megastar so I’m not talking about superstars I’m saying mega stars and I’ll show you in a minute we’ve got people that have come from you know Microsoft who away and big computer companies device companies 5g and you know not 4G 5g people with real huge experience in this market so I kind of define them as mega stars they’re not just people that have been in the industry for a few years and may have you know some good contacts I’m talking about like really big people in this space so I’ll show you that in a little bit but their core team they’ve got a very very solid core team a very very experienced one and they cover a lot in the internet things stroke technical stroke device side of things now this is where you can see the ant chest potential so the moment and this is based on what is said to be the supply Cerf so this isn’t confirmed yet and that’s the negative thing but it’s not been confirmed but apparently there’s a hundred and fifty million in supply right now this would mean a market cap of 69 million based on the current price now look it’s biggest competition iota iota is essentially eight a billion and that’s having gone down a little bit because of the because of the market plummeting but even at eight billion it’s still 116 times the size of Internet no token that means that this has the potential is current current state and this isn’t taken into account the fact that over the course of years iota is going to be worth quadruple what it is now this is giving a lot of room for internet no token guy really annoys me I haven’t whole thing but internet no token to essentially just to get to where i oughtta is now over the coming years it will make it a hundred and sixteen times the size of what it is now okay so gains of one hundred and sixteen that gives you the massive long-term potential and massive gains that you can make and multiplies that are there they’ve only been listed on my net exchanges at the moment so ok ok exchange the Chinese exchange that is very well known in China’s essentially it’s very very good exchange personally I’ve used it and it’s a lot like buying ants very very user-friendly there is some Chinese language but you can get the English interface it’s also listed on basically exchanges I’ve never heard of coin egg all coin cool coin never heard of these so essentially the only real listing is ok exchange that means that there’s so much potential for it to be listed on cue coin on Finance on bit tricks on Polonia X on crypto P on coin exchange there’s tons tons of exchanges this could still get on and it’s only on one so far and that’s only because it is it’s basically been launched to Chinese audiences so it’s available for the Chinese people to get involved in but once this comes more Western this will already explode in value so so I miner listing so there’s so much more value to be realized and the main chain release almost like the main net essentially the beta version of the chain is going to be released at the end of this month that means that this is really the time to get in before the value starts exploding in it because essentially they have they’ll have a product out they’ve got an alpha out but the actual main chain will be released at the end of January so you can see already some really good positives also it’s an e rc 20 token so it can be held on a nano ledger so you can keep it nice and secure it’s 46 45 cents so it’s cheap coin price and it’s got global potential and it’s one of the it was I think yesterday it was the top performer in volume on ok exchange that just shows you essentially it just shows you how China have reacted to it because it was top sales while it all sounds good doesn’t it so there are negative so let’s now take you through these negatives so number one it’s got 1 billion total supply so essentially there will be a dilution of the circulating supply over time now this still puts it a third of the size of iota in terms of total supply so it’s not too big it’s up there with the Civic’s and the eos civics taken quite a while to move but EOS has really grown based on having institutional money thrown into it when Internet no token starts really blowing up that’s when it’s going to start getting the institutional money because people particularly in China and Chinese Wales are going to be looking to make this explode and essentially compete with Iota so although it’s got 1 billion supply which is high when you have real institutional money when you’ve got real when you were real interest and appeal in a particular project the supply doesn’t matter as much because this is going to be so much money invested into it they will make the 1 billion supply a redundant fact but there is going to be dilution of this 150 million supply it’s not 100 percent unique you have got Walton you’ve got iota you’ve got all this RFID crypto currencies that are coming out they’re essentially getting involved in the Internet of Things space so this dilutes the uniqueness now although internet no token has got unique features on it in terms of the device the device communication it is still competing in quite a sexy niche but also quite competitive niche as niche as well but everything this seems to be coming up in the Internet of Things are exploding and IOT is one of the big reasons because that has that has just absolutely exploded so based on how that’s performed a lot of people are looking for the next iota and this looks like it’s it and it’s not really come to the West yeah well there is kind of now right now thanks to me say anyway so it’s not upset unique so doesn’t have the first mover advantage but it’s not unique in a very very attractive niche there’s a hundred and fifty million circulating supply that’s not yet confirmed so it’s conjecture at the moment a lot of people have said that is 150 million supply there’s quite a few sources but it’s not been and it’s non coin market cap and anything the team have have absolutely confirmed it on any of the social medias so it’s not confirmed so essentially when you’re getting involved in it you’re not knowing what the circulating supply is and therefore what the market cap absolutely is we’re just operating on conjecture but having said that seeing how well this is grown it wouldn’t surprise me there is 150 million cuz it’s growing quite nicely doesn’t seem to be growing at the rate of 1 billion supply coin would so it would would lead me to think the circuiting supply is drastically smaller but it’s not yet confirmed so it’s just important you know that there’s no published roadmap now on their white paper it does say roadmap and it does kind of give you an inkling of what they’re going to be doing but there’s no actual roadmap you don’t know where it’s going we know that there’s going to be a release of the main chain this month but we don’t necessarily know what’s going to be coming up for this cryptocurrency unless the publish roadmap comes out however having said that there was no published roadmap ID card that for card a know at two cents and once that did come you know that was when the the value started really exploding of card Annie because people are saying right we know where that where it’s going now so without knowing where it’s going you’re kind of investing into the hype but also investing on the premise that once they do release the roadmap you’ve already invested before people have realized the future value of that cryptocurrency and then lastly the product is in its very early stages so it’s in alpha right now the main train the next month so it’s in the early stages so we don’t we haven’t got definitive proof of how this is changing while making it better that the the products actually working and it’s delivering value to those massive partners that we’ve seen so given all of that I am now changing my rating system so my rating system now isn’t going to be a final rating it’s gonna be a rating on three things so firstly the team so the team I’m giving five stars because this is really a magnificent team is probably one of the best teams I have seen for a cryptocurrency and particularly when in in terms of it operating in the industry in terms of them being mega stars in the industry that the cryptocurrency is operating it so it’s number five out of five for me project wise so the the product is in its early stages they’ve not really got going and it’s still very early stages okay still very early stages and that would put it to about one and a half basically but given the partnerships that they’ve currently got which are huge names and given the uniqueness of the value proposition this puts their three stars so overall that makes it a four star cryptocurrency so four stars are 5 therefore excellent given you know what we know of it so far okay so am i investing well you can see right there yes I am investing and the strategy is long term okay so I told you yesterday about the tax implications of selling out early so what’s the incentive what’s the point in saying in the short term anyway so I think this is going to be I mean I ate has taken quite a while to realize its vision to realize its value and it’s not even really fully realized it yet and so this is the kind of next iota it’s not really started yet therefore if you stick in for the long term you’re more likely to see the gains particularly as the cryptocurrency market absolutely explodes over time I imagine this is going to lead to seriously massive gains I mean you can see just there are literally equals the market cap of iota which you know over the course of years it definitely will that’s a gain of 116 times from the point that you invest it okay so there we are Marble Arch so what do you think of that that is this is a powerhouse and personally speaking at the moment I read up about it I absolutely loved it so let me now take you through it so this is the in chain to i/o website hopefully I’ll load up had some issues of this earlier because it’s all in Chinese but I managed to get it to translate so this is essentially V this is the website okay so it shows you essentially it takes you through what the Crypt what the project is about and essentially how they are adding value their achievements why it’s being built and who is being there to serve what the mechanism is about and then here we are here’s the team now a better explanation of the team is actually in the white paper okay so there is an English version of the white paper and and you can see that the team is is quite a big team okay so here we have the core members so here we are we’ve got yang now apologies about the pronunciations because I’m I couldn’t do this box might probably do this really well he’s really good with names from China but I’m really bad so apologies so so yeah he’s the chief architect of enchain and he’s a young expert in the next generation 5g wireless communications and Internet of Things technology and now majors in applica in the applications of blockchain in Internet of Things okay so he’s he’s from an academic point of view he’s done a postdoctoral research on such matter of on such subjects so he’s obviously more on the academic side we’ve got here another person that has come from a computer software company and work for who Iowa after so bad at pronouncing things extensive experience in communication infrastructure system architecture research and development so he’s got the appropriate kind of technical expertise for a project like this worked at East calm seas EEO he’s not a younger guy worked at East come from 1993 to 2005 served as research development engineer and deputy general manager big company join hue who are way in 2005 minister of enterprise communications there’s more that everybody has kind of Internet of Things stroke expertise stroke what what’s the alone in their things and device kind of experience yochanan Bachelor of mathematics bath Bachelor of Science in mathematics but he’s got 20 years of IT experience worked in Microsoft SAP which is a SAP less financial accounting systems isn’t it HCl another well-known software companies responsible for large database systems banking systems ecommerce systems so massive wealth of expertise there and there there’s tons of and a lot of them have worked for the big mobile company then we’ve got tanley who’s a team advisor celebrated blockchain and Big Data expert North American blockchain Association co-founder 13 years of Microsoft experience author of blockchain 2.0 and other books and you’ve got other big names here so I would recommend you have a look there’s just too many to go through but this megastar list mega star list okay so there we have it peeps that is that is this company so you can have a look more on their website and you can see their partners here IBM who away rough they’re there with xijiang University as well there’s actually a really good article on reddit about this that gives you some kind of brief explanation as to what’s great about it anything worth saying from here as the Internet of Things industry continues to expand there’ll be hard I demand for projects like int chain within chain having an experienced team very promising partnerships and in a position to thrive long term with China’s vastly growing economy and infrastructure and obviously we know that from like the likes of red pulse neo big companies essentially out of China so there we are I think that is thing that’s all there is really to say on the next IATA but anyway let’s have a show of hands let’s see basically what you think of this so let me just get down to the bottom of the chat which may take a while by the way guys I’ve they haven’t contacted me at all so somebody saying I’ll see you man yeah you’ve been you know you’ve been paying I haven’t been paid they don’t even probably know who I am so what are you guys thinking yes or no show of hands yes or no sounds good seems like a good pick I love a coin for Internet of Things yes yes there’s a few notes a few those but mainly yeses mainly yeses there we are quite a few yeses now coming through and quite a few that already invested quite a few already invested in this I actually open this out to to my my mastermind group so if you guys if you guys want to join my mastermind group because I’ve got a telegram channel basically that the mastermind group ran out to Gavin so so I sent this out via telegram so all you need to do to join in that mastermind group of which there’s a community and also a telegram alert service so if you want to join that just essentially join one of my cryptocurrency courses ten dollars in the description selling like a god Church not fifty dollars like it says here just ten dollars in the description just drawing any of them you don’t need to join one and once and that’s it and you’re part of it for life so that’s it peeps so essentially what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to bring joy and optimism to you on a day which looks like it should be in Great Depression it’s gone up a little bit the bitcoins gone over twelve thousand dollars theorems gone over 1100 so it’s summer picking up some may take a while so it all depends America really the ones that kind of dictate what happens from this point in sometimes they really tank it so back in the China fad period Bitcoin was about four thousand dollars and it’s slumped from that was fourth it was about five thousand dollars in its slump to four thousand and then when shut when America woke up I thought they would go back up to five thousand because it was cheap Bitcoin but then it’s slumped down to under $3,000 so you know so America normally is the make-or-break cuz they’re the guys they’re the big big guys they really come in and the way all start waking up and then they start buying up cheap cheap stuff or some of them take their positions out and make it go even cheaper so really because of the uncertainty you’ve got a kind of accumulate while you can I’m giving you top five cells like sale items I’ll show you a really top one a top iota competitor which I think is going to be massive and I think probably in a year’s time you’ll kick yourself you didn’t get into it anyway anyway so that is it for today so I hope that you kind of are left feeling a bit more optimistic but happy about it happy about what’s happening if you’re looking at your block radio today and realize that you’ve lost a lot think about me cuz I’ve lost about a million something or other so and I’m not worried look at this look at this face does this look like a face that’s lost a million dollars I know at the end of the day it’s all going to go back up and it’s going to smash where it was so I don’t I don’t worry you just shouldn’t worry you should use these as sale opportunities and that is the best way to thrive in this market so that’s the best advice I can give you from the desk of Superman I hope you enjoyed it I hope you feel a bit happier about it and I hope that you look at this more as an opportunity than as a reason to hang a noose around your neck and essentially throw yourself off a chair because it’s not that bad it really isn’t a lot of these are picking up now icon just moments ago was was way under eight dollars now it’s gone back up and a lot of them are starting to go back up so you got to kind of take the opportunities while they are there and while they are present some will go down and you may worry are why is something going up while mine is going down don’t worry about it because essentially if you have invested in something that’s got long-term potential you’re not going to get badly bet anymore so just to let you know I was actually going to do a cryptocurrency video on today’s video is going to be about i SEOs but because of what happened in the market I haven’t brought you that today I’m not sure if I’ll bring you it tomorrow it all depends really on what’s happening regards to the market but at that time is that’s when I’ll bring you more data so that is it for today’s episode of savage cash stroke savage crypto did if you’re not already following me on Twitter follow me on Twitter I probably follow these guys as well I would recommend that you follow any cryptocurrency you have an interest in to make sure that you’re up to date with what’s happening I know that something’s happening with Clare pal they have got a site I think are gonna be launched tomorrow let’s have a look at some of that I see a verifications are open just 30 hours till the clarify lon so this is clarify the essentially the verification service that they’re offering where essentially you’re making sure that you are paying who you who you think you’re supposed to be paid so you’re not paying a fake you want pay paying somebody who’s not going to deliver whatever product you’ve asked for from a cryptocurrency perspective so you can actually clarify you know who you’re paying so that is an awesome product let’s just have a look and see where Claire poll is value wise whoa six dollars it has gone down a bit this was at nine dollars but I did expect this has gone down would go down a little bit more so in the run-up to the market news is as potentially a this is a potential by the reamer potential okay so anyway that is it for today I hope that you have been entertained smash the likes if you haven’t already because I can always do with more likes I have you enjoyed this episode of savage cash and I will see you tomorrow let me know in the comments if there’s anything you particularly like me to cover until next time guys it is lights-out or

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