My Top 5 Cryptocurrency Picks For 2018! (Huge Opportunity For All Time Highs)

what’s going on guys Nick here bringing you a brand new cryptocurrency video today I’m gonna be giving you guys my top 5 picks for the long term investment into the cryptocurrency space which cryptocurrency coins are the best for the long term okay so before I get into that just want to say I’m giving away Bitcoin daily for free in the comments section of this YouTube video I do it every single video here all you have to do is like the video just come like the video every single day please subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications click the bell next to subscribe one and just leave your Bitcoin address down below and you have a chance to win some free Bitcoin and I give away usually like 20 bucks to a few different people well 20 bucks you know diversified among about among about six people so if you just want to win a few dollars with a Bitcoin you can do that so let’s get into my top 5 cryptocurrency picks of course number one is Bitcoin but that’s not gonna be included my list of course bitcoin is the ruler of all cryptocurrency it’s what started at all–it’s number one but I’m not gonna include that in my list of course bitcoin is my number one favorite though so let’s get into my number one spot here is like coin like 1 is a great coil limited supply it has the same characteristics of Bitcoin was its limited supply has a have a name here coming up in 2019 which will create even more demand demand for it and only it’s a market cap of about 2.7 billion it’s actually worth a little bit more than – right now which is surprising but um 51 dollars is a great steal it went up all the way as high as 98 dollars I believe about a month ago to hit its all-time high so I feel that there’s some great outside in litecoin also has the creator Charlie Lee he has a Twitter calories are always releasing good news about the coin which usually drug drives the price up so I think like corn is definitely a must-have in your portfolio number two is – – is a great coin for just you know instant instant send you know they have on there – evolution coming out next summer limited supply even smaller I believe – is one of the small supplies supplies out of all cryptocurrency right now only at 7.6 million coins at a price of three hundred and seven dollars on market cap of 2.3 billion I feel like the upside for – is it can go really far you know I do see – hitting about a thousand dollars I wouldn’t say next year but over the course says cryptocurrency evolves I see – being a great going to hold has a marketing team – doing some really great prize with – and like I said – evolution is coming out summer of next year so I do see that driving the price up pretty pretty hefty within the next few months leading up to that so that’s my number two spot like coin and – number three is BIC in it okay now big connect it is the investment program which the coin is based around of but I do think big connect coin just to hold it for value not even investing into the program is a great hold like I said I’m a fan of limited supply coins and BIC connect has a limited supply of six point nine six point nine million BCC coins at a price of $140 when you do a loan on the big connect platform it locks up that cryptocurrency right you’re basically giving it back to the company for starting the whole project so basically that’s basically just gonna be an endless demand and create demand for the cryptocurrency coin and of course the company makes profit on holding the coin trading it and of course of course exchange I have on the website so I do think they connect is also a great coin in having your portfolio once a it’s a must have but it’s definitely one of the top ones here to make some good gains number four z cash ok z cash very small compared to some other cryptocurrency competitors only 592 million dollar market cap which is very small when you compared to you know something like Bitcoin of course you know it’s not even close to its value two hundred and fifty two dollars per coin but look at this supply 2.3 million z cash now I know the inflation on Z cash has been pretty huge when I got into cryptocurrency I believe there was a little bit less than 1 million C cash so even though it’s rapidly increasing the Manatee cash available that’s still a very small amount two point three million so yeah I mean you can get a large amount of Z cash and have a pretty good percentage of the total supply for not too much money so I do think that Z cash as dumb as the privacy feature non-traceable so if there was to be a privacy corn out there I threw that you know – Z cash corn corn second moon era would be definitely some of the among the top competitors so that is my number four spot Z cash um my number fifth spot was that gonna pick oh yeah the theorem classic okay theorem classic one point 1 billion dollar market cap at $12 per coin 96 million et Cie now you’re probably thinking why not just pick e theorem right twenty-nine million billion dollar market cap number two out of all crypto currencies I picked the etherium classic because of the upside I’m looking to make profit over the long term but of course I wanna make the most much profit possible so if I look at something like a theorem if I want to double my investment make a hundred percent that would require aetherium almost surpassing Bitcoin in total market cap going up to $600 per coin if if he theorem classic went to $24 which I believe it’s all-time high is I 21 22 dollars so there’s some big upside in there it would only require it going at $24 double my money in that we put the market cap at 2 billion surpassing a few of these going up to like the number 5 spot you know I mean from the loving spot so the upside in the etherium classic I feel like it’s huge now there probably won’t be any new news anything in classic you know it’s a pretty outdated coin of course in theory I’m original as you know you know number 2 spot is the better coin in terms of technical value but I just feel like the opportunity is there you know if someone decides to buy up a ton of a theorem class your portfolio value could shoot up like crazy so that’s my top 5 cryptocurrency picks for the long term like I said number 1 like coin then – then Z cash then big connect and then of course he theorem classic so those are five coins I feel like you know you should probably diversify among them me personally I usually just hold one coin at a time right now I’m all in Bitcoin if you know I feel like there’s opportunity like one or – or something I’ll switch it all over I’m slowly working to get a – master don’t as well which is worth about $300,000 so we’ll see if that will happen but overall guys that’s my top 5 cryptocurrency picks thank you so much for watching the video let me know what you think in the comments down below have a good one peace out

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