NEM | XEM explained by Jason Lee | РУССКИЕ СУБТИТРЫ! Singapore fintech festival

[Music] my name is inna and now we’re filming a small video for my cryptic immunity and I know that they’re very interested in them so would you please explain in a reveal in some simple words what is them and what is different from other cryptocurrencies maybe as an example we can take beach boy hi so good to have you here Singapore FinTech Festival the world’s largest rhythmic festival so name is proud to be here and short answer who we are is we are a blockchain technology platform we call ourselves a plug-and-play enterprise solution because it’s so easy to work on them and the way we are different than other blockchain platforms is that you can build on us on basic computing language like Java JavaScript other platforms you may need to learn a whole new language on this old and it’s very easy to integrate all developers and the people who work on them can testify to that so you have a definite number of them exposed right now so it’s nine billion is as far as I know yes vetrix is 9 billion minus one so it it 100 million nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred nine and it is a cryptocurrency app so so the Bitcoin is more of a stock value as a cryptocurrency but name the Zeb’s can be used on a blockchain for transactions as well as a cryptocurrency and it is very fast I think I tried it once and it’s like it works in seconds yes literally in seconds the launch of catapult you can go up to 4,000 transactions per second even with what we have is a public box in in a private blockchain which we call mijin I’ve planning to maybe replace MasterCard or Visa or PayPal oh no no with Visa MasterCard I still six two thousand transactions per second paper about 200 transactions per second but what we do is focus on non non financial use cases as well not just where the banks use where a lot of transactions happen but we feel a blockchain has potential for both non financial and financial use cases seems really nice and also I know that you have messaging system within them flood phone yes that’s right it’s one of our good features to have as well so when you send some Zeb’s to your friends you can actually send a message to them okay thank you so much so as far as I know you already have a lot of great integrations with other platform for example I’ve already talked to Punta X like they seem to be very interesting so kind of you can work with them within wire it’s as far as it yes that’s right so yrx is integrated with nem as well to shape-shift so if you go to VAR except comm you can download it and you can actually uploads m’s and use it as a cryptocurrency debit card in fact i think resol would be putting on the Zeb’s as well as part of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet and if a number of companies that are adopting the name blockchain platform and let me just clear up i know that your is the second popular cryptocurrency on asian market and especially in Japan after Bitcoin it is correct and I like planning to expand all over the world to Europe so the expansion is definitely there we’ve got the regional hits across the world in terms of whether we had a number two popular or the most popular or close to it it’s hard to tell because you know things are moving so fast in the aerospace but what we know is that it’s growing and nem is really going to put ourselves out there in major conferences in working with good – and in really just growing the technology yeah as far as I can see it here for example now we are in Singapore FinTech festival and it’s really huge and you have a very big stunt here and everybody can see you so how do you like the conference is very it’s amazing 25,000 people registered 200 exhibitors and just people coming in and out and some people said hey I know name I love the dev’s and some say oh I’ve really heard about you tell me more but Hawking will review further and those were the skeptics are not so sure so it’s very interesting to see are the different kinds of people who have come to our booth and said hi thank you so much for the interview and I wish you good luck with them and them expansion worldwide yes very good thank you [Music]

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