how’s it going guys just eclipta here today we have a video on nem slash Sam this is my price prediction for 2018 on nem slashes M why do I sing them slices I’m Sam and are the same thing ok let me show you guys what I mean by that nem is what it’s it’s called right but the actual coins name is Sam as you guys can see down here okay so nem is the actual I guess company you could call it Sam is the coin name okay so to do my price prediction first we need to see what is nem what does it bring to the table how much further can them go before I get into that I want to see how much nem has already grown to be able to see what is gonna happen for the future we need to see what happened in the past okay so right over here nem started around April 1st 2015 it started with a price of zero point zero zero zero four if you bought an M back then and you are cashing out now you are a rich person but yeah it was very very low and the 24-hour volume was literally pretty much nothing $24,000 right so it kind of started like that and he actually was going even lower and lower and lower and then around 2016 let’s say 2016 it started growing okay and then he had his first huge spike it entered finally right here each nem cost around one cent finally in June 28th of 2016 well we keep going and going and going and going and then that became 7 cents 10 11 cents 12 cents and then right over here their highest peak their first highest peak at least was per annum May 21st 2017 it was 24 cents well then it started going down and crippling down quite a lot and then it went up back to 28 cents over here and then let me see something 24 and then yeah 2020 yeah 27 so then I could start going down down down that down and then as of recently it’s been spiking up very strongly guys let’s look right over here and bam a dollar and seven cents so nem has been having a trend for its entire life where it would go up exponentially and then start crippling down go up exponentially and start crippling down right now is going up exponentially and hopefully it starts crippling down a little bit why do I say hopefully well if the price goes down then more people are gonna watch want to buy right the law of demand if you guys are familiar with micro and macro economics the law of demand is pretty much if the price is up on something the demand is lowered if the price is lowered on something the demand is higher so if name goes down more people are going to want to purchase if more people are going to want to purchase them then the price goes back up so is the law of demand right so I’m expecting them to go a little down in the beginning of 2018 right and then I expect them to go very very high in the middle 2018 I’m already expecting them to be minimum five to ten dollars minimum I’m gonna tell you guys why I think that first we need to talk about what nem is right and then around the end of 2018 I’m expecting them to be minimum $20.00 guys minimum $20.00 these are my predictions my own opinion according to what I know about economics according to what I know about nem sizes em according to what I see in these charts okay so we’re gonna go to the website of nem I actually did a video on what is nem not too long ago and nem has the same technologies and they say it’s better which it does seem better to be honest as a fear iam like smart contracts in a way but it’s not smart contracts for none it’s a little different but you can make your own cryptocurrencies use name’s technology nem also offers a lot of other things and they also say that they are revolutionising the blockchain just like every other cryptocurrency says so that’s not really a big view as far as future use but nem does have an advantage as far as having supply of our resources right for people that want to make their own cryptocurrencies and all that stuff so let’s kind of look at what they have here I don’t want to do it what is name video I’ve already done it what it’s not video so we’re gonna just you know look through it very quickly right NAB technology we’re gonna want to look at that because when we’re gonna see when what we want to see for the price prediction is what can them bring to the table to be able to further its market cap right well right over here says a total totally unique implementation of blockchain technology name is built from scratch as a powerful and streamlined platform for applications developers of all kind I just has a digital currency using them in your application is as simple as making restful Jason API calls allowing you to configure your own smart assets that’s what I was telling you guys you can make your own cryptocurrencies using MEMS technology and make use of names powerful blockchain platform as your fast secure and scalable configured for your use and them is suitable for an amazing variety of solution classes such as direct public transactions via stream line or smartphone app so they they offer they also offer app related things efficient cloud services that connects client or web applications or a high performance permission enterprise back-end for business critical record-keeping they offer a lot of things especially to people that need slash wants things related to the blockchain technology blockchain doesn’t deter evolutionized our currency it can revolutionize other things such as documents and all that stuff and then gives people that kind of thing now I have now I have their wallet let’s look into the water really quickly here is the wallet now what are we looking at the wallet well obviously the more people that hold NAMM slash them the more higher the market cap gets and the higher the price goes so the wallet needs to be usable friendly and good to use because this is where the majority of people going to be storing their names such them on the official wallet of names I’ve done right we’re gonna say is m4 now on because then is the actual coin name so right over here it shows the kind of things that you’ve done it has like a firm confirm as your basics you know as far as sending and and receiving you could go through there right here send area and send a receive you could just click receive here and send there seems pretty self-explanatory here now services this is probably what is more important as far as implementation right they have services they have multi signature and multi user accounts namespaces and subdomains delegated a harvesting which is really nice little bit of the hardest thing is the feature that allows mining even while your account is closed that is really really good I’ll change the instant exchange use the change Li widget to buy them at the best rates now I believe right now yeah it is change Li does not have them available to purchase at this exact moment so you convert Bitcoin to a fear and you get zero phillium but they don’t have them right now which is why it’s showing like if it’s you know to give us a theorem they don’t have them session them available on their website right now which is weird because you know but I’m pretty sure they’ll have available again just like how they did with Ripa where they took it up and then they brought it back mosaics named mosaic are asses I expose additional properties and other features this right here the mosaics thing is really interesting because it’s not for currencies it is for things like I told you like documents and stuff like that account must rent at least one root namespace very interesting I pasta I just book voting create and vote on polls so as you can see nem has a lot of features a lot of services a lot of things that other cryptocurrencies do not offer now what I find more interesting actually well not more interesting but very interesting is look at the circulating supply the circular supply is pretty much nine billion okay now let’s compare that to ripple for example ripple has a circulating supply of thirty eight point seven billion whereas nem such dam has a secondary supply of nine billion ripple is something that banks use nem is something obsession is something that we would actually use us cryptocurrency people making our own cryptocurrencies and all that good stuff so in the long term I’ve seen them more important then things like rip on stuff like that as far as people that are into cryptocurrency I’m not talking about as far as people that want banks to Excel and go further then yes ripple would be more important as far as us you and me people that love to use cryptocurrency and want to make money out of it I want to make money holding it nem is very important it’s almost like a feeling like I said with the hope making your own cryptocurrencies and smart contract kind of thing nem has technology very similar to that kind of stuff so I definitely seen them growing in price very soon like I said I do expect it to go a little bit down er I’m probably in the beginning around here January February I expect it to go a little more downer and then in the middle in the middle I expect it to be no less than five dollars per nem so and then in the end I expect it to be around twenty dollars right so that is my price position for nem slash them I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys want me to do more price predictions as in-depth as I did with nem let me know in the comment section below guys so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I do daily cryptocurrency videos guys so make sure you guys subscribe I have passive income weights in the description below that I use myself so make sure you guys check that out and I’ll be seeing you guys on my next video take care

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