Price Predictions: Litecoin ($LTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Bitcoin Gold ($BTG), NEO ($NEO), & Tron ($TRX)

what is going on snipers 90 my little baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics today and take a look at several different coins that are making some price movements over the next couple of days today we saw a little bit of a slight market correction for a lot of coins a market correction is considered over 10 percent or above in traditional markets typically 10 percent of a decline is a substantial decline but in crypto that’s almost like every day so for me I like to actually look at market Corrections as more of a like a 30 percent threshold in the crypto market but anyways let’s dive right into it so starting off with light coin I know a lot of you guys have been watching this coin if you guys are on our discord or patreon you guys know that we’re talking a lot about light coin this is the one day chart because I want you guys to focus on several different indicators here if you guys are new to snipers soup I’m gonna mention some of these indicators we have the three moving averages here you can see this red moving average represents the 50 day the 100 days in green and then you see there is a dark blue one back here which represents the 200-day moving average the RSI is right here in the bottom the stands for the relative strength index in which if it goes over this line right here it means it’s over 70 which indicates something is overbought so typically prices will head down you can see here when we were overbought over 70 prices head went down and then it saw this consolidation and then you saw this bounce back from this support level now seeing a little bit of resistance right around the 18 let’s say 1 million 1.8 million satoshi level so pretty much with litecoin if we were to do a technical here we’ll go ahead and pull up let’s see if there’s a chart that has a little bit more information here you can see this is a little bit better you can see that’s a lot clearer in terms of the moving averages the other chart was just a different exchange now what’s interesting about this as you can see in the past there was some very clear support levels right here around 1 million Satoshi’s and Satoshi’s by the way are the fractionalized version of bitcoins on the right-hand side you can see there’s decimal spots here up to eight decimal spots represent satoshi values almost like having a dollar than having cents right so that’s like the easiest way to put it so looking at previous patterns you can see we’ve been on this volatile you know channel here for quite a bit now it looks like we started right around I’d say March April ish and we had this initial run-up coming from around looks beyond four thousand four hundred thousand satoshis now looking at current price levels after this initial increase first I want to mention you know we’ve seen this before and being that we’ve seen this before what typically ends up happening when you see these run ups in the past prices have consolidated so is that what’s gonna happen to like when well it’s certainly possible now one difference here and I do want to mention this is we are at these high levels right now and not only are we up here but the 50-day moving average is also starting to get up here as well you can see we bounced right on top of that fifty days so looking at litecoins previous history about the 50-day you can see it likes to bounce on top of these 50 days and breakout and then you can see here the EMA is actually right here in the back this stands for the exponential moving average and if it is bouncing on top of that it’s also a great indicator that price movements are heading upwards remember you can never determine the price magnitude but always the price movements and you see this channel heading up and then you saw this initial consolidation and then around it up a little bit now this is really where the 50-day caught up to litecoins price because all around right here you can see if you take out the ruler we’re almost 75 percent away from that 50 days so looking at where we’re at right now and what has happened in the past every time we move away from the 50-day it looks like litecoins like it likes to get back around that 50-day moving average you can see we went right below it here what right above it below it it kept pulling it back and then this really stuck right there below the 50-day here breaking out and now you can see we’ve bounced right on top of that 50 days so let’s go into a little bit more of an in-depth chart here pull up the one hour based on the one hour we did predict this on our patreon if you guys are patrons you guys know that we sent this trade alert recently for litecoin forming this extremely narrow channel and it’s all under by the way a lot of you guys have asked about that so for those of you that don’t know where to access that let me actually show you guys where the trade alerts are because a lot of you guys have asked about that and it seems as if some of you guys are getting a little bit confused by the posts that patreon have has versus the feature tag so when you’re on the patreon you go on posts and then on this left hand side you can click trade alerts here and then you can see there’s 27 so far this was actually the one that we predicted for litecoin now I didn’t just use the indicators that we were using right now when predicting this when I pretty do this I was actually looking at the Fibonacci levels and the Fibonacci levels for me were indicative of a possible breakout because of the fact that we were still here within the mid levels we still had all this room on top and now if we pull up the Fibonacci retracement here you can see here let’s see if the indicator will be able to be inserted into this one right now I like to use the auto fib actually I have one here my favourites there so now you can see we’re starting to see a little bit of support levels right here in the bottomless Fibonacci level but we’re at the top level of the total Fibonacci so based upon where we’re at right now for me personally you know I’ve recently gotten hold of some bike coin matter of fact today I actually had dinner at a restaurant here with one of our with one of our patrons and we actually went to dinner and paid in light coin so it was actually really cool to do that today you know when I went on I went there it’s a Korean barbecue restaurant actually so it’s a very popular one and they actually gave me 15% off for using crypto currencies apparently the owner stores them so anyways um for litecoin right now in the short term pretty much obviously you see these support levels here and we’re currently in this tight channel after this huge run-up that we saw we’re seeing some clear resistance levels right around one point nine million Satoshi’s and if we do head back to that level I think that we will test this resistance level if we can break out of this resistance level and the Ruby but possible break out for litecoin and that would be obviously a parabolic right guys as we’ve seen with most breakouts out of support levels here’s another example of that so you can see here we broke out of this support level and when you break out a support I’m sorry this resistance level you can see when you break out of the resistance you see these huge run-up so that could be certainly possible for litecoin but now that we’ve broke out of this pennant let’s watch and see is it gonna form support right around this Fibonacci level and if it does that would be a good thing and if we can form a channel up here and continue to see resistance because these resistance levels have been continuous for quite a while now you can see it’s happened three times already that we’ve tested that resistance level so I think it’s a little bit overdue now hopefully we can see that break out in the next coming days so let’s pull up etherium and take a look at where Ethan is headed I know what all these charts are not showing up the way that I want to see them so we’ll do the bit tricks chart usually that has high volume you want to make sure the charts that you use have high volumes so you can see the true volatility of that coin and somebody on this could actually help me out with that today and message me about it so looking at this coin you can see there’s an obvious reversal here following this downtrend and if we were to chart this out you can see we found the ground level here right around it looks to be about 2.4 million Satoshi’s and as soon as we found that level we ended up rising right back up to around nine point seven eight million Satoshi she’s heading back to that 10 million mark and our previous resistance was right at about 15 million Satoshi so what is the prediction for aetherium I’m very optimistic about there and this is what I’ll tell you the being the fact that he or she 20 tokens pretty much hold the majority of icos that you see nowadays and a lot of projects are built on here see 20 tokens like OMG and other other projects that they take advantage of aetherium in a way that if theorem is almost like the Linux of you know blockchain right where Linux was the back end you know platform that really enabled Windows and especially Mac OS to really come about and what they’ve created today you know even Mac OS if you look at it right now it’s almost like this polished version of Linux so I think aetherium can act upon that as well being the blockchain market is the smart contract provider and and really working with a lot of these companies and you know takes a lot of stress out of these ICS I had a buddy of mine just having I just had an IC o—- and I was having a conversation or them and I asked and I said why did you decide to do it on IRC 20 token and he said well you know if you think about it they are almost like working for us without asking for anything in return because they are developing the blockchain enhancing it you know they plan to implement that rate and protocol soon so that’s gonna be a protocol on top of the current blockchain and you know who doesn’t like that you know who doesn’t like almost like having a it’s almost like if you were just have your car washed and detail and taken care of without really paying for it paying attention to it just happens right everybody would want that so instead of going out and doing all that stuff yourself you can utilize the ERC 20 tokens and then build your platform on top of that so you know I’m very bullish on a theory I’m long-term and you know now that we’re seeing discretion this is my opinion long overdue once again similar to what light-cone has been seeing and it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to you know we’re seeing a little bit of resistance up here but I wouldn’t really consider that resistance because even here in the one day you can see it’s still green I bet you if we put up for one hour there’s some negative decline here but you can see we broke right past that saw a little bit more resistance around this level and we did break through this resistance levels I don’t like to actually pull up the Fibonacci here see where we’re around that see if we’re at the top yeah so we saw resistance at the top of the Fibonacci once again so and that was previous resistance back here as well so you know I’d really be waiting to watch if and when if there M can break through this and I say when because I’m fairly confident that it will you know we saw resistance but it wasn’t that strong of a resistance level I mean you can see it was pretty over stretched here it was just over the EMA for quite a bit of time before it went under it’s kind of just trailing through who doesn’t really like to go back here in this blue Fibonacci level it typically likes to stay up here in the red so being that it’s playing around around this top channel very optimistic and bullish about aetherium so we’ll continue to watch this and and see what can occur you can see there’s also an ascending support level here that is forming and that can definitely lead up to that run up so let’s pull up Bitcoin gold so hopefully some of you guys were able to take advantage of this Bitcoin gold obviously had this huge breakout today tons of volume came into the market primarily institutional traders because you see this huge screen candlestick which is indicative of an institutional trader or you know what we call a whale in the market you can see even right here we saw this previously happen before and this is pretty much what I looked at when I saw this happen I was like well this has happened before we saw a consolidation we’re kind of acting in the same manner here you see initial pop-up of price after this huge by order of volume and then you see that initial consolidation almost like a bull flag and then it pops below above that resistance and then finds true resistance on that second run-up and it looks like we’re doing the same thing here we popped up once popped up twice now we’re finding true resistance right around the level right here point zero two so when I look at a chart like this you know what it tells me is it’s really following what has occurred in the past now the past is a good indicator of the future but it’s also more of a fundamental there’s also a fundamental aspect of trading that you have to keep in mind because technical analysis works well but fundamental analysis can also work against technical analysis you know I mean if something gets banned right the prices are probably gonna drop whether it’s forming an ascending triangle or not so you know it’s good to keep track of that as well now something that I am paying attention to I don’t think a lot of people huh are watching right now is there’s gonna be a potential pattern here that is forming you can see here we have this really stretched out cup and handle and I bet you if we pull up this chart I’ll be a little bit clearer you can see here we’ve formed this cup right here you see the top of the cup right there you see the base down here and then you’ve got this depth right here see that initial breakout and then you also seen this resistance that possibly can form the handle so what I’m looking to see is this I’m personally watching the coin to see obviously the EMA is pointed straight up which can predict that the prices are gonna start heading up now being that we’re at these high levels what I would say in this case is I’m gonna watch and see is this gonna start forming a true cup and handle seeing a little bit of consolidation pretty much finding support maybe around this area to see a bounce back and a breakthrough through this resistance and if that’s the case then I can certainly see us going back to these previous resistance levels that we saw right around point zero four nine six nine here and that’s right up here so if that does occur and we see this breakout and the cup and handle form properly if you guys don’t know what a cup and handle looks like we do have a free resource this is our discord you guys can actually click the link in the description access our discord by the way tonight for those of you watching this live we’re gonna be doing an open night out tonight for everyone that is watching this live stream you guys can come in and ask questions it’s gonna be under voice underscore one so I look forward to having you guys there and once again let’s go ahead and pull up this chart here we are going to be updating this soon so we’re currently in the process of getting that finish we’re pretty much almost done now we’re just finalizing some of the descriptions to make this look a lot better but it still works right so you see this is our cup and handle typically forms you see this cup form with the depth and then you see that handle form with that breakout right around these right hand side areas and what you’re really looking for in a cup and handle is to see how nicely you can form that cup because if it can form that cup well and then it forms that handle then it’s certainly uh you know a price indicator there that there will be a potential breakout so let’s go ahead and move on to the next coin here which is neo I know a lot of you guys have talked about neo recently and you guys know I like the neo project you know I think there’s other projects as well that can really compete with me but I think neo has really taken the the spot for being one of the leaders in you know almost being like a Chinese aetherium right so you can see here there’s some clear support levels that you know has been following for quite a while now since around July 22nd it’s found support right around the 196,000 satoshi level currently we’re still within this run up looking at the one-day CH are not necessarily forming any sort of pattern with this rounding area here you can see we broke right past this previous resistance level which shows a high demand for neo right now and I think the demand for neo is increasing because of the fact that I think China is starting to get ready to really start regulating icos and if that can be the case I think that can be very healthy for the market in general being the fact that China can come back into the market and really start prospering in different ways such as having their own I SEOs allowing them to you know raise funds for different projects that people have in mind there you know so it’d be interesting to see where regulations head you can see that this is really where we’re watching in terms of resistance is it gonna break through then you have these long whoops as well that can also be something that you guys could watch now looking at a more in-depth chart let’s go ahead and see what we’re seeing here within the one hour you can see there’s this clear sending pattern after that reversal from the initial downtrend and then now we saw this huge sell-off volume with a couple big buy orders that came in and now you’re seeing a lot more of this by volume come into the market which is driving this price up but what concerns me here looking at the bit Rick start for example is the fact that the volume is starting to decrease quite a bit so I’d like to see maybe is there any more volume from any other charts maybe even by Nance – looks a little bit better in my opinion it’s starting to get a little bit more volume and then even if we pull up a chart from BitFenix not as much volume so I think so far based on this chart it looks to me like you know I’ll pull the buy Nantz one for now looks to me that obviously we’re in this uptrend but how long is this gonna last that’s really the big question here if we were to look at that one day once again let’s see how far we are from that 50-day and that’s something I do want to address here because we are quite a bit away from it you can see we’re about 82% away from that 50-day and 50 date for me is a good level of support you know you see Bitcoin have these huge rallies and then correct itself and I think that with coins that have these that have these Corrections a lot of the times they’d like to go and they like to bump off of this 50-day obviously sometimes it doesn’t follow that rule in some aspects in some degrees but for the most part if it’s planned around within the 50-day you see here I broke past that 50-day typically you can see a little bit more of an incline there especially with the arm the EMA back here pointed straight up so is there more potential for a gains with you I can certainly see that however is it a good time to get in and buy now that’s maybe not the best scenario I think there’s a lot more opportunities to get discounted prices for a neo being that China hasn’t necessarily gotten their regulations together yet I think there’s a little bit more time before we see huge run ups for this coin now if you are a value investor you can always feel free to dollar-cost average right so dollar cost averaging for those of you that know no is a great technique to use it as a value investor where you invest the same amount at the same time whether it’s every week on Monday at 12 p.m. you invest $100 in Neil that could be a form of dollar cost averaging if you were to utilize the neo asset but you can do that with any coin of course or any investment so I’m gonna continue to watch Neil I think over here in the shorts and maybe we can you pull up a day traders chart here see if there’s anything we can see for the neo I would say right now you can definitely see there is some support levels right around nine thousand five hundred and nineteen Satoshi’s looks like we’re finding a little bit of resistance here right around looks to be about ten thousand Satoshi’s and if we can continue to follow this channel that could certainly be a channel that could be either day traded or swung and what I mean by that is if you’re a swing trader you can always trade within this channel if you’re a day trader pull up that one minute and you can see that there’s this constant volatility here with clear levels of support and resistance so easy channel to trade here I think that’s one of the funnest parts about crypto right coming from a traditional stock background the volatility is really what attracted me so let’s pull up TRX BTC and this I believe will be the last one before we start engaging here within the livestream I know we’re taking a little bit of a different approach here we’re gonna go through all of these coins first before we start the livestream just so that we can have a little bit more of you know a pleasant video for those who are watching this afterwards and then we can get all of these requests out of the way so looking at this chart here with TRX you can see it’s obviously declining in price you can just pretty much tell I mean it’s really staying below this 50-day here right now and it’s really coming from this decrease in volume in my opinion I think people have lost the interest that they initially had with Tron because we did see a lot of interest now we’ve pull up the one day you can see it looks like we’re starting to come back down to this 50-day what I’m watching to see because you know I know about the Tron project and I’d like to get a position in Tron however I think being that were 61% away from that 50-day right now and it looks like we’re starting to really just strike we’re starting to catch up with that 52 in the EMA is just now starting to point down I think you know for me personally I’m kind of waiting this out this coin to see if it can start correcting itself back to this 50-day if it touches that 50-day I would have an issue buying around those levels because at that point it could certainly indicate a you know a good buy level being that it’s so low there right along the 50-day and you look at this RSI it’s starting to head down and you can see even the RSI is pointed down right now so it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with tron it doesn’t have much history I think that’s one of the other reasons that I’ve stayed a little bit cautious about it um you know still not available on a lot of exchanges so I think I’m gonna continue to watch this trend and see how it goes it’s obviously not a bull flag at this point it’s continuously going down just now you know a descending trend for sure so that’s what I would say with Tron you know there are a couple points in its pattern that you know showed that it possibly could have had a breakout but I think this is really where things slipped up when we broke past this and we kind of had that landslide drop below these levels so I think that’s where we kind of you know validated that this is gonna start descending down so I like Tron however at this point you know there’s no real clear support levels in my opinion we’re starting to knock its way down if you’re currently holding Tron you know there’s nothing ever wrong with holding a coin even at these low levels you know depending on how you feel about it how much of a percentage of the portfolio is allocated towards that asset it’s more of a personal preference whether you want to let go of a coin or not because you can always utilize those assets and that capital to invest in other coins and potentially get gains but at the same time being at the that these this coin is at such a low level even looking at the one hour you can see our sigh is just completely rock-bottom under 30 down here then it’s certainly a coin that potentially have some more breakouts and and see prices head up because nothing ever just only goes down or only goes up so it’s really up to you it’s personal preference on whether or not you want to keep holding onto your tron so hopefully you guys enjoyed this if you guys are watching this after the livestream our patreon link is in the description below you can get your instant trade alerts and you can get into our night owls and then our discord link is in the description below if you guys want to access the community and talk with your fellow peers then you guys are more than welcome to but thank you guys for watching this and let’s get started with the live stream so who do we got online now let’s get to the fun part so first and foremost did you guys enjoy that style did you guys enjoy the fact that we did the initial video first so that for those of you that end up watching this after you guys can actually get all of those analysis right from the beginning and not have to wait throughout the whole livestream and now not only that I can stop appeasing to all of the viewers that watch after the live stream because right now we’re averaging about 20,000 views outside of the live stream so it’s necessary for me to at least accommodate to that in some form but now I can also accommodate to you guys and just do complete user interaction here without any sort of worry that you know it’s gonna be kind of detrimental to those that just want to get those technical analysis and I know some of you guys are still watching this after the live stream so that’s good too you guys can engage and see what you missed out on so hopefully this works out less Tidwell said yes Tony my said yes love the style Luke Egan new format is great awesome give a shout out to our new mods here we got our amo in the house Claude good to have you brother man Claude is always up I feel like he’s just he’s a night owl we named it after Claude uh-huh so this is awesome we got Chris Young Andres in the house who else is here Dan Chrystia Kevin makhmour Mick what’s up man I’m always gonna remember that last name makhmour Mick Brian Montana no I like it Gary good fella what platform is that this is trading view if you’re talking about what platform is this this is discord so to be honest with you I love discord and I’m gonna start updating a lot of this stuff here for you guys to make sure we can get this at a higher notch and for those of you that want to come to our night out after the live stream we’re gonna be here under voice 1 and we’re gonna be high I’m sorry we’re gonna be under night owl’ here so it’s gonna be where Matt 187 is and you guys can plug in your mic ask questions this is open to everyone not just Patriots tonight you know every now and then we want to be able to access the full on the full community so feel free to join into that tonight I think that would be fun for a lot of us so let’s go ahead and take some requests take some questions now that we’ve done like what five coins right from the start I think we should take some require some questions first so if you guys have any questions go ahead and ask who else do we have here Joe F is in the house we’ll look back we’ll look at getting back into Tron when it drops below 0.04 if there’s more promise from this token in the near term interesting cool man let’s see here somebody said vibe will advertise during the Superbowl watch for the jump Chuck Adams said vibe will advertise during the Superbowl if that’s the case guys so let me teach you guys something really quick so what we just saw I don’t know who Chuck Adams is I don’t know this is Chuck Norris or is it really Chuck at maybe it’s just a fake name maybe this truck Adams maybe Chuck is Chuck you know but this viewer one of our snipers here says there is gonna be an advertisement on the Super Bowl for vibe and remember what I always say by the hype sell the news and what would the news be considered the news would be considered the actual coin being on the Superbowl and that’s when you want to sell right so you don’t want to buy during the Superbowl you want to buy you want to buy before the Superbowl and sell during the Superbowl right so if this is true which I’m gonna look it up I will potentially put a position in vibe and I’ll also do some technical analysis but this is a fundamental analysis that just occurred see and that’s why I love having this community because I don’t know if this is right or wrong might be completely wrong but at least want you guys to get an idea of what it means buying the hype like you hear something and you’re like if that really happened things would go really well for this coin let me look more into this hype is this hype real or not and that’s how you do these fundamental analysis and by the hype and that’s how you can take advantage of these huge run ups before they occur and then you can sell with huge profits and not have to worry about whether or not you’re gonna stay in profit or not because you’re buying at these levels that it’s just hype there’s not many people that really know about it yet so I’m gonna write down my notes right now vibe Super Bowl research and my to-do list so I’m gonna look that up and then if that’s the case then I think that’s awesome I’ll probably invest in it because that right there is a fundamental aspect of trading you know if that happens then yeah of course things are gonna you know if if it’s on the Superbowl I mean that’s give me a break like that’s gonna do a lot so hopefully that hooked you up just a bit and now we are going to take some more questions so hopefully that shed some light on some of you guys now you might value your thoughts on simple token OST if corrected tonight along with the most along with most of the market it correct this RI was my fault it corrected tonight along with the altcoin market yes thank you so much for the super chat as wild-caught we will look at OSD super and let’s go ahead and see what else is going on here somebody said vert minded what are some dividend yielding coins do you believe have potential I’m liking neo so far um I think so I don’t know if you guys know this but more money in the stock market is made through dividends than actual stocks because dividends can really be a big payout and if you really think about even Bitcoin right if you were to help Bitcoin through all the forks which almost act like dividends then you would have been very profitable and very happy with your Bitcoin investment because you would have Bitcoin gold Bitcoin diamond which actually gave you ten coins for every one Bitcoin you had because of its you know increased its supply and then you would have gotten Bitcoin cash you would have got all of these coins and it would have all been dividends paid out to you so that’s how stock markets work I think that’s a great question about neo to be quite frank with you I haven’t done 100% due diligence on what is the best dividend coin so I don’t want to speak for something that isn’t you know necessarily 100% researched yet so I think that’s a great question I think I will definitely look into that and then maybe I can post something like that on our discord or something around that nature if somebody can post that on discord that would be awesome as well so I think it’s a great question loud who else we got here Robert 9 Jeremy Bates Paul little Tim Duncan andrey moscow jose juan ESPA and gonzales can you please do steam that’s really the first time I’ve gotten a steam request so Mubarak go to I I said no info on vibe being on Superbowl well there you go now there are a lot of resources you should check I don’t know if it’s possible to check that fast mr. Mubarak but you know for me typically if I’m looking to see what resources are available I’m checking all throughout reddit I think read it’s probably the best place to look at because there’s a lot of news there that is almost hidden and then there’s a ton of other places you can look at you know utilizing even just google keywords trying to see if there’s anything that searched up searches and pulls up with the SEO that you you know you type in so we’ll put up the 1-minute chart here for bitcoins while we’re taking these questions here somebody said let’s see crypto Bobby in the house said do you still hold comodo at snipers tube I am yes I believe so I believe I am holding Komodo I haven’t really touched my portfolio just yet that I started January with because I pretty much got myself good positions there and you know I I know we’ve seen a lot of decline you know even with ripple I think it would have been wise to rebalance my portfolio but I truly wasn’t you know I wasn’t really in the mood to do that because of the fact that I don’t mind my long-term holds going down in value and what else sometimes do is I’ll also swing trade what my long-term holds are on different exchanges so if I’m swing trading ripple for example I’ll typically do that on a different exchange outside of my long-term holding so when you become more dynamic in the market and you learn how to value trade swing trade and day trade all at the same time without necessarily mixing it up together because those are the three types of traders I think that will really help a lot of you guys squeeze out your profits to really enhance the trading ability that you have especially in a market that’s so volatile like this because we only got about eight to ten months in my opinion for this market to really start start seeing some some stability and eight to ten months from now or when institutional investors are going to be coming into the market guys so you have to be cautious of that like know that in eight to ten months you’re not gonna have the same opportunity you have today I mean the fact that you look at the market we’re negative eight percent negative thirteen percent negative six percent negative 16 negative 16 negative 10 negative ten and yesterday these are all agreeing that’s a very opportunistic market that’s available to all of you guys and I highly implore you guys to take advantage of that because it’s not gonna always be like this when institutional money comes in these traders know what they’re doing they’ve been training for a very long time and they will make sure to take the profits they need to take in the manner that they do so and that’s typically gonna be out of retail investors pockets which happens quite a bit in the stock market so hopefully that can help you mr. gore Marat thank you for the super chest shirt can you link a place of set indicators you use along with explanations yes for sure I used several different indicators I like to use the three moving averages the EMA the volume the RSI during my live streams and videos because I feel like that is simple for a lot of people another indicator like to use by the way did you guys enjoy that Fibonacci video today who enjoyed that Fibonacci video I’ll be honest with you I learned a lot I didn’t know I’ve never seen who Fibonacci was I learned that for the first time I didn’t know much about his background I know he did the stuff with the ival tower and stuff I think that was in Hass I thought that was an awesome video and I love using this autofit because it does it all for you but if you don’t have the paid version of trading view you guys can always just click this right here on the left hand side to click Fibonacci retracement and then in order to get this probably go to a peak point and then go to a low point and that’s how you really draw your Fibonacci so if we were to draw right around here you can see this is Fibonacci levels and you can see even the price will act upon that so when we drop this Fibonacci level right here let’s see so if we were to draw this out you can see even with this Fibonacci it does follow it you can see we found resistance right around this yellow channel you can see we found to support along this blue channel now we’re actually mixing up our auto fib let me delete that sorry so that’s a little bit clearer so you can see we’re finding support around this it was this acted as a channel for a little bit you can see we peaked out this top level 14 60 1400 level and then you can also see a 14,000 level and then you can also see we found resistance at this bottom level we’re finding more resistance right around this level so Fibonacci works guys it works works well you know a lot of indicators works a lot of them don’t work at time so you really have to be dynamic with the indicators that you use so somebody said yes yes yes Hermel said he modeled this I said yes Dunc Edwards in the house good to have you man Kevin McMorris that I sure did Yair exacts in the house he Moll old-maid added Lee Peggy Johnson how do you donate and get your post to stand out like that Peggy Johnson um I’m not sure I’m not on your end I guess I’m sure it’s just a super chat you know yeah somebody’s a name why eight to ten months for institutional involvement explain so good question brother who is that Kevin so institutional investors will come into the market typically after it’s already established at a higher level and what I mean by that is so initially you’ll see futures right and once you see futures and if you guys don’t know what futures are I know some of you guys are a little bit newer to this market you guys some of you have never had market background so I’d like to you know simplify things for a lot of you guys but a future market and we’ll do the handy-dandy Google here I find that it has a lot more simplistic definitions a futures market is an auction market in which participants buy and sell commodity and future contracts for delivery on a specified future date so here’s another thing that doesn’t mention for Bitcoin all futures are cash settled which means you’re not necessarily actually trading the commodity or in this case the asset class which is Bitcoin you’re actually just trading cash settled contracts and those contracts are obligated to be held and met because their future contracts right so following the future market you’ll typically find ETFs so ETFs for example a variety of derivative products based on exchange-traded funds which is what ETF stands for II TF futures are contracts that represent an agreement to buy or sell the underlining ETF shares at the in Greenup on price on or before a specified date in the future so in with the ETF’s there’s just it’s almost like a slight variation of what a futures is right so the next thing that comes out and this is a little bit more of you know I have a buddy of mine and he’s actually a very skilled options trader and in options there’s a potential to make a lot of money so I’ll talk a little bit about options here for a sec so with options it’s almost like a futures contract but you’re not obligated to make that purchase when the date comes up you have the option to do so and you still can take advantage of the leverage funds within that contract that’s created so in a finance an option is a contract which gives the buyer the owner or holder of the option the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlining asset instrument at a specified strike price on a specified date depending on the form of the option so what that means is you can now leverage your money so $10,000 depending on what the option contract is can turn into a leverage of $50,000 or $100,000 that you can potentially make just investing 10,000 or let’s say it’s a thousand you might be able to profit into ten thousand because you’re buying contracts of groups of shares and typically it’s held to a fixed rate of a hundred so interesting what you should get out of this cuz this would get a lot more confusing if we got into more depth but get this out of this options allow you to leverage a lot of money with small initial investments there’s a lot of risk to it that’s for sure there’s a lot of risk so there’s a lot of reward as well and that in my opinion is going to be an eight to ten month process to be established once that’s established I think that will give institutional investors that confidence in the market to actually invest in the asset class and when I say institutional investors it doesn’t mean JPMorgan and so far they’re probably are already investing however institutional traders can comprise of small businesses you know small business owners that have a lot of capital because there are a lot of businesses that make a lot of money you know and it doesn’t have me a business owner it could be I mean doctors are some of the worst investors right doctors have a lot of money but they’re pretty bad at finance and they end up losing a lot of money I think they’re one of the worst investors and then behind them as lawyers so um once again I think as time progresses have any of you guys let’s take a quick poll here any of you guys ever asked a friend you ever heard of Bitcoin or ask somebody you ever heard of Bitcoin like what are you what type of responses do you guys get cuz I I still get similar responses that I used to get even six months ago of yeah yeah I’ve heard of that thing yeah I just I don’t know about it you know I think it’s I think it’s a little a lot I think it’s a little sketchy I think it’s uh you know it’s had some fun and whatever people say but people are not like super into Bitcoin yet do you know what I’m saying like there’s still a lot more mass adoption potential and a lot of people are still really skeptical of bitcoins so I don’t believe we’ve seen mass market adoption yet and let’s see what people are saying cuz this is my experience maybe the Florida is the place that you know nobody that likes Bitcoin ghosts do so now let’s see what people are saying somebody said now I’m in the hole well sometimes we always get in the hole you just have to work your way out of that hole right so somebody said bro I had the opportunity to buy Tirana 0.2 0.2 take this really quick so he said yeah it’s too risky my friend says it’s a bubble heard of it but aren’t in it yep see same thing the snipers kid doesn’t even read comments the snipers kids I don’t have any kids brother sorry mr. will ders um Paul Lindsey said in the house Brian st. Claire is making moves I like it keep it up Brian somebody said you don’t have to buy a whole coin Robert nine that’s why I didn’t get I was like what are you talking about yet some people still think you have to buy a full bit going oh I got $16,000 I can do that what’s the indicator that shows the 50-day called thank you just just a cow good question it’s called the three moving averages so I’d like to use and then you typically want to set the indicator up so what you do is you double-click the actual moving averages and then you can actually set the input here to 50 100 and 200 day and then always input that on the clothes prices so somebody said krypter market is a lot like penny stock pump-and-dump trading Johnny juice on me I think it’s a little bit more I think it’s a little bit I I see what you’re talking about there are some comparisons for sure but I also think that’s a little bit more accessible and not only that it’s a global market so it’s not necessarily directly you know comparable to the penny market a penny stock market so somebody said 50-day moving average starting to get traction dot-com bubble somebody’s that Felix bodies said they’ve heard of it doesn’t seem to understand why would the simplest way voters into a newbie interesting so here’s what I’ll tell you guys this is something I learned really early on and its really helped me out somebody mentioned that they had the opportunity to buy tirana Oh point is zero zero two cents I want to tell you guys exactly how to never miss those opportunities ever again and I’ll tell you exactly how and this is a very simple strategy so most people if I had a white board I can totally get this on a white board but I have a ton of stuff that I needed I have a to-do list right now my white board I want to wipe that down but with any coin any idea any company right I had a buddy of mine said he said it around 2000 he was invited to a lot of these conferences and you know people were just kind of touting Amazon as this next big marketplace that’s gonna be the next big thing and you know he said he walked out of the conference and he said if he would have invested he would have been a multi-millionaire and he missed that opportunity so this is what my mindset philosophy is and I learned this from one of my mentors who actually made a lot of mistakes before actually becoming successful you retired and became financially independent at 31 years old he was 27 he was working and being groomed by the VP of Cisco to become a VP and at the time he had just gotten married just had you know just his wife just gotten pregnant and he decided to start an e-commerce company and then eight months later he retired his wife to stay with the kids which is I think every husband should strive to retire their wife because if you don’t then somebody else is raising your kids and no offense but I’m just saying I think for me I would feel more comfortable with you know my wife raising my kids rather than somebody else or taking them out somebody you know and there’s certain you know certain variations of that I mean babysitters come in handy in certain aspects but I’m just saying I’d rather have my wife at home right she’ll probably be happy when I get home anyways so less arguments right but off topic so my mentor he told me this is a name he’s very successful in many areas of his life and he’s one of the you know one of my most looked upon mentors and he said name um you have to understand this if you don’t understand something as an investor he was teaching me investments right he said as an investor if you don’t understand something that doesn’t mean it’s not a good investment and he said there has to be a threshold so imagine having a pie-chart right now in front of you right and if you had a pie chart in front of you you could pretty much determine let’s see if we can even do this right here really quick here so if if you had a pie chart and you were determining what percentage of your investment portfolio should go into this specific asset class or investment I mean this is pretty much how it should look so if it’s something that you understand completely then if you have a 100% understanding of this technology so there’s two trillion dollar market places right now that are present there’s augmented reality and cryptocurrency and there’s several others those are the two main ones right now augmented reality and cryptocurrencies are really where people are focused on for the future and that also you know includes a lot of other things like virtual reality 3d printing and stuff of that nature but I think augmented reality and cryptocurrencies are really the two majors right now and when you look at those two you have to understand that there’s gonna be a lot of ideas and concepts that you’re just not gonna understand and if there is something you understand then my mentor said feel free to invest up to 50% of your investable capital in that project because you understand it 50% is fine we understand it so here’s an example I bought my first Bitcoin around 2010 I was a machinima YouTube gaming director producing gaming content on YouTube I had created a form of success some people can call it on YouTube and I was you know doing well on YouTube just making gaming videos following my passion and I was overweight and I hated it so I stopped playing games I went out and I went and ran and ran and ran and ran and it alot of salad and Turkey and turkey salad and whatever and I lost a ton of weight in 3 months about almost 100 pounds and I stopped you know getting on YouTube and then I’d you know started a couple businesses after that and then around 2014 it’s really when I saw Bitcoin come back to the market and I’m like oh wow this is interesting like this thing is you know it hit a thousand I think it was around thousand at that time and it corrected back to 300 and it was just doing all sorts of stuff and it was a little bit more interesting and I started watching it as an investment I was like if I just buy this because I was currently doing traditional market trading so coming out of YouTube I started trading traditional markets I got into forests I’ve done penny stocks I’ve done the marijuana stocks that were hyped up and then I found out it was completely false they were literally posting warehouse pictures in Canada that were completely wrong for seven months updating their Twitter you know so I learned a lot of lessons went through a lot of failure I had no money at the time to my name I was working full-time and I literally was just tired of having to go home and focus on paying bills and that’s it that’s all it was just bills where bills work bills work and then maybe one night of naive time right so I got frustrated and I I was like you know what this trading thing is not getting me the results I want I mean I’m making money you know I eventually you know reached out to mentors and I started understanding patterns you know I started with the head and shoulder in the cup and handle those are the first two patterns I started with it’s actually the first two patterns I started teaching to because those were the two I started with and I figured I just follow the process I followed because I think it’s done well for me and I’m satisfied with the results I’ve got and I continue to learn more so um you know coming into that I decided I made the decision I’m gonna liquidate all of my traditional assets put it into crypto because of the volatility that I saw once I saw that volatility here’s what I knew this is where my mentor said name 50 percent can go towards an an idea a concept or a system that you understand he said now if it’s something that you vaguely understand like you understand the concept but you don’t understand it completely you’re not delved into it you’re not dived into it he said only risk 30 percent only risk 30 percent he’s like don’t invest more than 30 percent because if you don’t understand it you don’t understand it like but you have an idea of it so I’ll give you an example augmented reality I have an idea of augmented reality I am looking at certain companies that I can potentially invest in for augmented reality Bitcoin mining right mining software I was recently with some buddies that I had ran into and they were off in Venezuela and they had all these miners litecoin miners and they were showing me 40,000 dollars a month on like corn miners two days ago I’d made a video with them too and I ended up losing my phone so I don’t have that video anymore but I was in a post the video on snipers tube about it about the mining software that they were telling me about and you know I started learning more about mining and now I feel like I am you know confident that I at least can invest about thirty percent into mining I wouldn’t invest fifty percent I didn’t understand it the way understand Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and trading the way I do now so here’s the other caveat to that if you don’t understand something only only invest up to 10% and this is a huge lesson and when I say invest let’s say you’re making $40,000 a year out of that you have thirty thousand dollars in expenses you have five thousand dollars of vacation money now you have five thousand extra dollars that instead of going out Friday night and drinking a beer or going out at the bar friends are going to the club or maybe do other stuff maybe go paintballing or go to the you know whatever and spending your money you’re like let me invest this money let me invest this additional five thousand dollars you know throughout a year in something right so out of that five thousand dollars now you can split it up into other asset classes to invest in so fifty percent of that should go to something that you fully understand if you don’t understand Bitcoin you shouldn’t invest in it or at least invest 50 percent in it now if you have a full understanding of real estate maybe you got five thousand I don’t know how much you can do five thousand dollars in a real estate but maybe that five thousand should go towards the point is something you understand 30 percent can go towards something that you vaguely understand and then ten percent can go towards something that you don’t understand but it’s there and what why do I say this this is why I say this in 2010 if you would have been approached about Bitcoin and somebody said hey this is the future currency and you’re aware of your surroundings and you say really could you tell me about it oh well it’s on the distributed ledger has a blockchain you know it’s decentralized and it’s not centralized and you’re like okay I understand nothing this guy just said that’s fine what if you invested ten percent in that asset class just because you heard of it right and if it’s not ten percent it can be under ten percent five percent if you were to put five dollars in Bitcoin when it was worth pennies you would have still been pretty satisfied today you would have made thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars with maybe even a $10 $100 investment so if you invest in something like Tron for example you said I had the opportunity to buy tirana 0.0 so if you had the opportunity why didn’t you take advantage of it and this is why and I’m not talking directly to the individual at commented that talking about in general because I’ve made this mistake before so here’s what people do they only think they can invest this is a big mistake people think they can only invest a big portion of money in whatever they’re investing in because they’re only gonna make larger turns if they invest that portion of money they’re too stubborn to look at a higher perspective and say I have this amount of assets let me split this up into multiple different diversified investments and then do that properly don’t go 50% on something you don’t understand go 10% on something understand then you have that extra 10% to invest in something else you don’t understand because remember that was fifty percent thirty percent ten percent there’s an extra ten percent that’s another asset class you can invest it now if it gets under ten percent I hope you have a lot of assets to invest because now you can start getting into those low ranges where the returns don’t really you need some crazy returns to really make something worthwhile so understanding that concept I hope it helps out a little bit this is something my mentor taught me and I never really expressed it or taught it but I felt like that was necessary from that question and I hope I taught it well and maybe in the future I can teach it better but did that help out a little bit guys I hope that helped out let’s let’s take some let’s take some questions here somebody said ten percent but everyone’s trying to hit a home run yeah six-foot-four Gigi said no you know what happens people to say no bye-bye put user in timeout we’ll put him in the corner and we’ll put the little cone hat on him and he’ll have to sit there watching the wall somebody said now you preach take 100 dollars and put one ten dollars and ten cheap cryptos one bound to make it exactly good mindset I love it Josiah I love that and even with a hundred dollars you can do something right you look at those really small cone so somebody said hello name can you look at the pre-search project I can’t just do that on our livestream snipers is Trond dying I don’t know if China design casual germ said lol robo said haha what’s so funny how do you go about creating a crypto portfolio how can you tell when you’re too diversified I think too diversified I don’t believe there’s two diversified you know you can get very diversified and it’s an uncontrollable portfolio but you want to make sure you have investments in the right areas somebody said you got sniped Kevin makhmour make had an awesome question really 10% I like that was it on the super chat let me see if it was on the super chat yeah we do have some super chat so we’ll take that anyways um I lost my hater throg so I said you are a true entrepreneur you think just like me Thank You Man you think just like me too now how do we never miss out on a coin again um I don’t think that’s possible I think that’s more of uh that that shouldn’t be your mindset you should your mindset shouldn’t be how do I never miss out on a coin ever again right cuz if you have that mindset it’s almost like saying like how do I like never miss out on my next like relationship right like how could I never miss out on the next person I mean you know date like you just you can’t just not like it’s impossible to just do it all like you have to focus it’s almost like a light bulb versus a laser right I was having dinner today with an individual and I just for privacy reasons you know but he you know he he’s he owns several multi-million dollar companies today and you know he’s in a position very good position and we were talking about crypto and a lot of other things and he’d mentioned this to me and he brought back this this thing that one of my other mentors it taught me and you know I try to get around people that are at higher levels than me all the time because it helps and it truly I mean if you’re not doing that then that’s step number one to succeeding in anything whether it’s the market or nothing else because if you’re lazy every single day you’re not gonna do good in the market cuz you need to be proactive optimistic and not necessarily optimistic I consider myself more of a realist not an optimist or pessimistic individual however as a realist I can look at the logical sense of things and he’d reminded me said name understand this he’s like we need to be able to be like a laser and can’t be a light bulb light bulb it distributes light everywhere and it’s not powerful but a laser can cut through things and it can cut through things because it’s the same exact light but it’s focused light so if you can focus then you can have better relationships you’re gonna have better trading you can have better investments you can have better everything better companies better jobs better roles because you’re focused on that one specific thing so then you end up doing all of that stuff around that one thing all the nuances that are often overlooked in a general aspect view but now because you have this focus you don’t overlook any nuances and you take advantage of the full opportunity at hand so hopefully that helps out a little bit Paul little said the things he just said are worth more than a semester in Business School I feel very very uh I feel very that I’m I’m humbled by that thank you brother means a lot how long it I took for you to get somewhat confident with day trades Mike Smith it took me about six months to 1 year to really get confident I think because my first 3 to 6 months were kind of rough and then when I started seeking a mentor after about 3 months I was able to really gain more confidence because I only need 2 patterns so my confidence came from my head and shoulders and my cup and handles right and didn’t always work but it was my confidence because I was looking for something I think confidence is when you’re looking for something right because when you’re looking for something it automatically gives you and breeds that confidence how do you meet all these people at higher levels than you Azam Khan here’s something my mentor taught me you said naive if you seek for something or you seek for an answer you will get an answer he’s like you just need to know what you’re seeking for so I’ve always seek out other mentors other people that could help me president hey bro why don’t you make youtube tutorials on day trading trust me bro precision you’re obviously you’re new tonight tonight by the way if you guys want to talk to me and talk to my our moderators and talk to our you know our patrons and all of our exclusive access members and you guys want to have more of a dialogue conversation not just a one-way conversation we’re all gonna be in our discord tonight under night owl so after this livestream we’re all gonna head here tonight owl and we’re gonna have a more uncensored deeper conversation about crypto currencies and where the market is headed in honestly the next six months so I think twelve months is a little bit far-fetched but six months I have an idea of where things are headed especially after the dinner I had tonight you know I’m gonna share some things that we kind of conceived of together being that he’s a very successful business owner and you know I’ve got the knowledge that I have with crypto to a certain extent and we were able to commemorate that together and really create some great predictions and I think I’d love to share those with you guys so if you guys are not on disc or the link is in the description you also have all of our charts here you guys can actually look at these charts we have all these trod areas that you guys can chat through so it’s not just for the night owl but I highly recommend all of you new people there I’d love to meet you guys tonight so I think we just hit over 19,000 members so we’re growing like wildfire and let’s take some quick questions here Paul little said you’d be surprised the value networking can bring to you Mark Zuckerberg said it’s not about you it’s not about anything today but your network because your network is gonna be a reflection of your net worth and your net worth is also a reflection of how much impact you can make in any community Society or charitable cause so names but when will Bitcoin drop to $5 so I can buy some that is hilarious what coins do you hold bro just some off the top of my mind majority portfolio right now is Coenen aetherium being that etherium is one of the most diversify asset classes in crypto because of the fact that ERC 20 tokens are what i SEOs are built upon where most coins are built on AR c 20 tokens so it automatically has that that that that division within its coin so almost acts like the Nasdaq great so the Nasdaq has all these technology companies under it you’ve got Apple you’ve got you know Amazon you got all these companies under you know the Nasdaq and you also have a theorem right so aetherium is under our theory amass all these other Bretton like coins like Oh Oh miss girl right and all these other coins are built on ERC 20 tokens so I think that’s yeah I hope that answers your question somebody said let’s make a patreon coin I don’t know that would help let’s look at the Super chats guys I know we got some awesome super chats Tron officially announced partnership with Ali Baba now Tron 2 moon somebody could somebody look that up somebody look that up let’s pull up trance chart one more time oh that might be true look at that guy’s somebody pull up Tron could somebody find out sorry could somebody find out about Tron really quick because it looks like it’s it just broke out of the support level or this resistance level so hold on let me do some analysis here did somebody verify that Paul little said not even gonna check so many rumors but that’s where you want to buy you want to buy it the rumors see not checking is what hinders your trading sorry to put it to you like that Paul I love you man but dude I’m telling you you have to buy it to hype sell it the news don’t don’t sell Tron when it the news in China is all about Alibaba partner in the Tron buy it now and then sell when the news comes out Ken P said by now not kidding are you saying that because you have a lot of Tron that you bought at the peak and you just want it to go up I’m just kidding man what am I doing here let’s pull up the autofit here really quick I want to see something I want to see where we’re at on the FIB levels okay oh that’s interesting if this starts heading back so check this out something you you should do and you have your autofit on let me uh actually yeah let’s just leave it like that what will actually do is we’ll draw out the auto actually we’ll use the Fibonacci retracements we can do futures so if we do this right here I’ll show you guys with Tron will pull up the FIB retracement if you guys know how to use this go to peak make sure not to use the top of the candle do the candle wicks which is the extra part at the top but you want to draw this as accurate accurately as possible and then the lowest point looks to be right around there so looks like Wow okay and then if you double-click this Fibonacci retracement you can click extend lines and it goes all the way to the right-hand side and when it’s at that right-hand side you can really get a deeper view on where things are headed okay this mate this is interesting because now we’re bouncing on this green channel which we haven’t seen that before broke through it once but it didn’t stay within this channel so there may be a potential break out right here live on snipers soo guys let’s see what people said not rumors they just released a medium post about it buy the rumor sell the news somebody said fake news is it right or wrong or right sure on Twitter doesn’t say anything there’s a lot of selling pressure at the moment such a lie it will be on Justin sons Twitter fake somebody said fake Vienna just released an official statement about the tobacco thing in China what was the VN thing what was the via if what was the ven thing man we’re gonna start doing these live streams all about what is the rumors around right now why don’t we do that every live stream will just talk about rumors and hype and then search for it see if it’s valid look at the technical and then analyze the fundamental technical side by side and make the trade altogether that does not sound good actually ha we don’t need to make the trade altogether but we could do that analysis should we do that guys I mean I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that’s collaborative intelligence I think that’d be awesome this is fun Adam Fredrik said haha we should loud said haha yes somebody said create FOMO lol and then we end up with like sixty thousand live viewers every night yeah imagine that it’s like the fight against the whales right you know bit kryptos aren’t considered us talking to my lawyer today or not today this was three days ago and she she was telling me that bitcoins are not considered as securities right now laws are changing as we speak but they’re currently not considered as security so they don’t they’re not applicable to security laws so I think that was good news so Justin son Sean Moore we have officially filed application to the financial regulators in Japan several Japanese exchanges will list us once the application is approved by the government Iran has announced a major partnership the firm it calls the Chinese Netflix a move that some say could set the project up for even more I think that’s not necessarily the type of hype I would be looking for it looks like there is I mean for some reason the volume just increased out of nowhere so interesting so revo mad they bought at the top so what’s up with via justin also that the company had to announce it before he does because of the nature of their relationship interesting that could be true so I said let’s wait five minutes at the candle that doubles I’ll believe it interesting justin tweeted something but he tweets all kinds of BS to try to hype it up he is he is more to me he’s a sanguine if he has no personality types they’re sanguine melancholy flag mattock and choleric I think he’s more of a sanguine personality where you know he’ll just kind of say things that maybe aren’t necessarily true yet or he’ll you know really hype things up we’re about to break that top Fibonacci level right now this is gonna be interesting because I mean we’ve seen this happen before and it continues to decline but I was just interested because of that mused that just popped up Trotter’s party with Chinese Netflix just that also said the company had to announce it before he does because the nature the relationship interesting guys so here’s one thing I do want to mention about Tron though we talked about it today in the analysis if you did the one day we’re still far from this 50-day so being that we’re far from this 50-day you know I if there was like real hype news maybe I would potentially consider it but even with news we’re still at high levels if you really think about it there’s still a lot of people that want to sell their coins I know a lot of people right now that have Tron that were bought around these levels that they haven’t been able to sell yet so even with those levels you know being to the EMA starting to point down on the one day and the RSI still above 50 you know you know I would want it just because there’s partnering with the Chinese Netflix that really wouldn’t be a big reason if it was Alibaba that would be a whole different ballgame Alibaba is one of the largest Alibaba did the most revenue in the world you know the the the the e-commerce marketplace is pretty much run by Alibaba you know a lot of people will you know talk to different suppliers and stuff there I used to do that too and I did ecommerce so you know it that would have been a huge deal it’s almost like they partnered with Amazon right so they partnered with Amazon that’s definitely a big deal but it doesn’t seem like that was true based on what a lot of people said and I’ll obviously do my due diligence but we’ll see some said his dad is Alibaba found this the article that points at Alibaba and Chinese Netflix interesting could he post it Joe Sony said I’m half tempted to sell my trying to wait for it to drop five cents somebody said Linda to the move and everybody saying it Linda to the moon man this guy is 20 it seems like he’s done everything hey Galan off good assumption brother Toronto a lot dropped to five cents no one talked about Zen cash why don’t we do some uh some quick technicals guys any technical any requests see anybody want to look at some requests what coins you guys want to look at somebody said list let’s see here Craig Lambert thanks for all that you do man thank you brother I appreciate that Esteban la casa amigo side coin let’s do side coin real quick saya : SC BTC 1967 super G you said I see X Josiah said I’d like to see iota in relation to ETH the success of siren Labs is tied to iota because SR n appears to be upon it through a partnership interesting Chris Perkins how would you start swing trading with $1000 balance using an aggressive approach to try to maximize gains I have a really good answer of that one Chris tips to lose the fear of day trading sub corn please all right awesome Mike Smith said did you bite Willy Moe said nebula Adam C said blue no suss said apparently Tron is moving a bit now that was the one minute so don’t don’t get too optimistic Azzam said you have a bright future bro thank you man hopefully my eyesight doesn’t get too bright that would be a stigmatism right not necessarily this thing when system has nothing to do with brightness but thank you brother I was trying to make a joke with that that didn’t work out somebody said BTD Thank You Ali good good request Coach K what did Coach K said Coach K he’s an OG said LTC good one Priam said our my message is not miserable some said dude answer that question lol which question which question I don’t even know what question you’re talking about by the way shots are mods they’re doing such a good job tonight you guys are awesome and you guys are doing a great job so let’s look at psycho and really quick and we’ll take some more requests and then once again for those of you that don’t know tonight we have on a night owl this will be open to all of our viewers you guys can come in here ask me questions if you have your mic plugged in there’s the discord app which is available in your mobile your desktop and your web so you can use this on any platform and there’s no ads on this we also have these resources here for you guys to chat on a day-to-day basis about all the hype that’s going on all the rumors so you guys can get all of your information straight from the community straight from the source not have to wait for it to get on the news so you can buy the hype sell it and use and then if you go up here we also have the news tab where it’s constantly updated with news if you guys want to talking about mining charts if you guys want to see potential breakouts from the community and we actually have analysts here that post their own charts daily so you can see we just had this new chart post up today for eth BTC oh that beautiful beautiful cup and head oh what is that it looks like okay nice this Court is in the description this Court is in the description you just have to click the invite link somebody said you Rock a da please what time zone I’m in Eastern Standard Time I know it’s really late alright so we’ll do psycho and then we’ll double dip here and do eth BTC as well so let’s see what’s popping here with eth what’s going on what’s all the hype about what’s all the hype about wow look at that baby that is a beautiful cup and handle you know this is this is a breakout if you guys don’t know what a cup and handle is lets see anybody post it on break out did I post this on break out yet no one posted this on break out oh my gosh I’ll be the first one to post it here copy breakout paste oh maybe somebody posted it no this is gby neo somebody posted a neo breakout credits to at foster good job foster so VIP accessed here we have a ton of requests that we got to take and then yeah so this is a cup and handle guys if you guys want to see how this looks what happens in a cup and I’ll show you two different types let’s go ahead and first pull up this one right here cup and handle initial increase in price followed by a bit of consolidation that rounds about almost looks like a rounding bottom which looks like this but this is coming from a decline that’s the difference this is coming from an incline then you see this round out and then you see a minor consolidation halfway through typically of the cup and then breakout happens right over here this chart will actually show you exactly where the breakout occurs but breakout typically occurs right on this level so cup and handle pattern gets its name from the obvious pattern it makes on the chart the cup is a curved u-shaped while the handle slopes slightly downwards in general the right hand side of the diagram has low trading volume in it can last from seven weeks up to around sixty five weeks in the crypto market obviously time is increased and this sped up so you can utilize these patterns in different ways but yeah you got the base formed right down here you’ve got initial breakout stay performing breakout right here on this right-hand side you get the the full-on cup right around here so right here guys cup and handle so beautiful chart and I know Thames has seen this huge by volume by volumes come out of nowhere with a lot less cell volume following so I was obviously decreasing at this point but looks like it’s seeing a lot of volume compared to what it was seen back here where nobody was really paying attention to it once it hit this rock bottom now people are seeing that the reversal can potentially be a place for this coin to rise so interesting coin right there sundar said I want to make 350 awesome good for you brother good stuff so looks like the mods are doing very well with what they’re also setting up here for the disk or and let’s go ahead LAN creats a name I want to be a diamond patreon respond to my message they daren’t Facebook if you see okay I don’t think there’s any spots left for that there may be a potential one that can be added soon but or I might have one available not sure but anyways yeah I’ll try my best to look up the best place to message me right now I would say is probably I mean to be honest message me on I mean disc order to be good oh wow we got tons of new patrons tonight guys shot to a sure Yona shout out to Jarrett Johnson basil I’m sorry Lindley Pillai hands Nielsen Frank dang Richie Rich kala pal stare at Smith Khan McGowan elos meal asylum and toss see shows didn’t mortis and tan Surya Jen all of you guys are gonna be getting the trade alerts and then I’ll called you’ll also be your Ruby so you’ll get the night owls and the trade alerts as well as our weekly newsletter so actually our weekly podcast so with efj eth obviously it’s not cup and handle let’s go ahead and zoom back in here to this full one day here really quick and let’s go ahead and see here how this is forming up with saya coin I like this chart because the one thing I see here is the fact that if we pull up the one day you can see we’re just now starting to move away from this 50 and if we’re looking at percentage one hundred and nine percent up so I like this chart because it’s obviously showing you that price levels are high at this point but the question is how high can it go now being with these high RSI levels I would ever suggest anybody buys at these levels just because of the fact that in a technical sorry in a technical sense it’s not necessarily the best coin to get a buy position in at these price levels because of the fact that it seems a parabolic amount of growth at this present time in which you can find better prices at discounts to really obtain this coin rather than paying these high price levels and then possibly regretting it in the future but if you are holding sign there is a good potential for you to purchase now let me show you guys something that can also help you so you can see here when our assign levels peaked out twice you can see this is really where we peaked out within one block you see that we have these blocks here that represent one month so you see in one month and a 30-day time period we double peaked and that’s where we saw the consolidation and even right here we double peaked and saw the consolidation and then some of you guys might ask well why aren’t we going as high as we did here if it’s later in the market isn’t there more money in the market there may be more money but look the volume here was more than it is now so there’s less volume there’s more indicators that this has peaked out already I wouldn’t really suggest much you know I would want to watch this a little bit more but as you can see volume here is a lot more substantial which is why we saw those higher volumes David Smith’s love your commitment to teaching name thank you David I appreciate that man I love teaching because I feel like you can impact more teaching and I would never want to be sitting in a classroom teaching I want to do it on my terms because I want to be able to speak what I believe in and speak what I’ve learned so that’s why I love teaching so somebody said how do you spell psychic going oh my gosh now I feel like a kindergarten teacher it’s si a COI n there you go brother hopefully that popped out how do I get on patreon I’ll post the link there you go how to learn to stop taking losses nebula is killing me Jack Sparrow I don’t know what’s going on with your portfolio man I hope that something you know could be fixed there I don’t know what what that could be says video output is low what the heck is going on here but ty said what can I sleep or do I need to stay up and watch ether cup and handle if you just put a position in and you want to sleep I would say set up a stoploss you can set up a stoploss that can give you a little bit more confidence in you know your trade there so hopefully that assists you in some way somebody said how do you set your RSI on trading view I can’t get it to work on mine um you click insert indicator after you right click on the graph you go to technical analysis or you can just type it in here relative strength index and then I would favorite it it all show up here these are my favourites and that hopefully can help out somebody said can you analyze nebula IC X summit on the thirty-first kin dent hi Leo we got a lot of foreigners here who who’s here from what countries let’s see what countries we have on the livestream right now how to add you on discord that you just click the link and you can get on disk or we got tons of new members today which is awesome and we’re all gonna be here under night owl so if you guys want to get on the night owl we’re all gonna be under night owl and then we can actually go ahead and start that up soon so we’ll be getting that started here let me look at some things Philippines Australia India Brazil Australia and Columbia New Zealand USA USA you were just getting Canada I love Canada France nice Joe fatal theories that just bought a lot of TRX Gorge UK I might be going there soon America currently in kappa ching ria nice matt bros ik Aussie Aussie Aussie boy I love it man that’s awesome man you got this kangaroos out there too so pretty much enjoying that we do have a couple requests here so just I said I’d like to see Iota in relation to ETH all right will do io te th the success of siren labs is tight Toyota because SORN appears to be upon it through a partnership so what we’ll do then is we’ll pull up the dub we’ll start here and then do srn too and see if we can see a correlation sr n eth Oh apparently that’s not is that listed on this siren laughs what does that list it on lick y and ban court ether Delta okay interesting that’s a small coin it’s really small for those of you looking to make smaller purchases you know that could potentially be something if it is tied together I would do more due diligence on that looks like we found support for a while and then drop below which doesn’t seem like the best thing in the world volume is not really too high right now once again if you do IOT BTC you can see it’s a little bit of a different type of chart IOT let me see something really quick okay so there’s there’s not much volume on either chart which is interesting let’s see if you do IOT USD yeah iota has been pretty under the radar this could be a potential place and um look at that guy’s wow this is interesting cuz we’re look at the 50-day look at the 50-day we are way under the 50-day this could be a potential breakout nobody has really been looking at iota I don’t like I know toes a long-term hole I’ll tell you that right now the fact that they have the tangle Network they created their own tangle block chain and that’s unheard of in crypto you don’t create your own you know you don’t create your own like literally you’re like you’re creating your own cryptography like it’s just not it’s unheard of you typically need to get that approved by MIT and stuff like that it’s peer reviewed you know they got sha-256 stuff like that and creating your own is a little bit unheard of but our acai is super low doesn’t mean it’s because it’s a bad project most a lot of people still believe in it so doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative in a sense you know there still can be some positives to it what I would say in this case though you know EMA looks like it’s starting to curve just a bit let’s go ahead and look at a little bit of it so I like the one day chart that’s for sure let’s poke the one our oh my gosh I really like the one our um okay this is nice I like this a lot thank you for requesting this brother I like this this is for me I call us a squeeze when you see this it’s a squeeze you squeezes are really good that’s what I’ll tell you you know look what happens when you see a squeeze this is what happens when you see a squeeze so this was another squeeze that occurred I remember this squeezed with iota so typically when there’s a squeeze pressure builds once that pressure builds it pops so looks like we’re squeezing up right now with iota nicely it’s the first time that it started on horizontal I may put a position in iota hmmm let me look at this a little bit deeper here if you guys don’t mind sometimes I need to get in my zone to if I’m gonna make a trade I want to be confident in my trading who requested this Josiah be okay they said something about a partnership as well it also looks to me that we’re starting to see more by volume than cell volume here at least at this ETA chart I do have a theory I’m so I could always trade aetherium for iota that’s that’s this is what we’re looking at by we’re not looking at a you can see even here when volume decreased that’s started to pump up here’s what I would do in this case an easy way to predict these run ups when you see these squeezes right look at the volume and see you can even set up you know you can set up your indicators with your volume so what I would do if I were trading in this one I would have set up so this was the highest volume when the squeeze was really engaging itself low volume so I would have set that up right above this like right around here now to set up a trade alert right around there and if that would have happened I would have gotten alert right here when the volume started to increase it’s also a way that you can also set up your buy order right on top of these squeezes see the cool thing about a squeeze is you don’t have to buy it the support so it just in case it goes down you’re fine because it’s such it’s such a narrow price level that there’s not much of a difference whether you buy here here here here so if you set up your buy order at the breakout which is confirmation that it is gonna break out then if something ends up occur if something does happen you’ll automatically be aware of that so what I’m gonna do with this squeeze is I’m going to set up some alerts here and I have a theory on that I’m willing to trade especially to swing this and what you can do is I’m gonna put this on patreon too you can set up a buy right here this is a pretty safe one too because if it’s up here we’re low in RSI we’re under the 50 and we’re looking at the one day we’re way under the 50 and not only that I would also set up an alert under there just in case just to see something happens you know it’s out of the squeeze and you can stop being so optimistic about it and going to your mom and saying hey I’m gonna make a ton of money I’m just kidding uh-huh so you can add an alert here so this will email me this will email me and then my phone automatically has email alerts set up so yeah hopefully that helped out seeing me kind of look at a coin live guys I’m gonna be posting this for all of our patrons if you guys are patrons you guys get my trade alerts whenever I’m watching a coin potentially making a swing trade I don’t do J trade swing alerts because what’s the point of telling you that I’m buying right now when most of you probably watch this trade alerts after like you know you get home from work or something so swing trades are a little bit easier because it’s more of a you know you have more time to make the trades but I’m gonna go ahead and post this on I’m gonna post this on the patreon so if you guys are patrons you’ll get that trading alert but I like this a lot thank you for uh requesting this guy’s did that help out a little bit I miss you guys you haven’t interacted with anybody did that help out a little bit you guys want to see more of that hey hey hey hey Ramo what is going on here okay um Exe crypto let’s go ahead and not have to look into that one but anyways guys we’re not starting a pump-and-dump group I don’t know why that was posted here by moderators or one moderator so I’m gonna go ahead and delete that and remove moderator status hey Ranma we’re gonna have to talk after this I never started nobody started a pump-and-dump group here so yeah I do apologize if you guys saw that message from somebody it’s crazy people they ruin business relationships that can potentially turn into like life-changing opportunities for them by just trying to get like a moment of like a moment you know like they try to just like you know he was just advertising a pump-and-dump group for just a moment and you know let’s say you get a hundred members let’s say get a thousand members like that’s all you get I mean now you’re never gonna have a potential to grow again because you don’t have any sort of you know business relationship set up in partners and people they ruin partnerships with people just to get a moment of time where you can establish a true long-term relationship with somebody and really end up almost squeezing a lot more opportunities out of that relationship you know I never the biggest thing for me is you know ethical value and ethical value is such an important thing in a lot of manners um but anyways let’s go ahead and uh let’s go ahead and look more into some coins here sold your credibility what are you talking about rest in peace bro you just got sniped well I’m gonna talk to him I don’t know what that was I’m gonna hear his side of the story but Brian st. Clair is doing a great job so he said is becoming snipers patron give me portfolio advices um I wouldn’t say portfolio advice you know I would say just go on patreon and then you can see the rewards that are available and then you can determine whether or not it’s for you or not I’ll shout out to our new patrons by the way Rick per year and and Don Haas shout-out to those too some said yes this helped down a lot that’s awesome guys that is awesome thank you guys so he said principals yes principals for sure let’s see here so somebody said have you looked into rate blocks I I liked ray blocks I think it’s a good project I think what they’re accomplishing having those instant transactions I think it’s definitely necessary in certain ways and I think it can really benefit the community of crypto just with you know those types of transactions being so instant I think that’s what crypto has always been meant to be for you know it’s all it’s it’s really been like you know cryptos that’s what it’s meant for it’s meant to have instant transactions like today when giving an example when I paid litecoin for my dinner tonight it was just kind of took some time you know it’s kind of weird it took some time to verify the transaction and stuff but you know I was fine with it so you know I think over time that’s one fallacy of crypto that needs to be solved and I think once we can solve that then a lot of things can change for Krypton I think ray blocks is definitely one step ahead of its game trying to accomplish that which would be awesome it was able to truly accomplish that so let’s go ahead and look here and see what is happening with our other requests we do have a ton of requests here let’s go ahead and see what’s popping around the community tonight let’s go ahead and see here so it looks to be that Wow interesting we got a ton of requests for icx so we’ll probably have to do an icy x12 I know you have ton of super chats here as well let’s go ahead and arrest these so we can do icx here well the ICC X BTC and then we’ll also do some double charts and we’ll look at multiple different charts at the same time to enhance our productivity here we did saya coin so this is 1967 super g9 looks at tips to lose the fear of day trading and then he said sub coin please so substratum and then we’ll do our VIP requests as well so tips to lose the fear of day trading I would say to lose the fear of day trading you have to be able to understand what you’re investing in and that really starts with understanding the like what is the product like for I have a book here it’s called the Internet of money and I highly recommend that you guys start with this book so if you’re on our discord now you can actually go to help for weeds right up here under tools and under helpful reads there’s a book called the internet of money and it’s a very basic book about blockchain distributed Ledger’s it gives you the understanding of what having a decentralized or centralized system can create and I think understanding things will really give you confidence because for me I’m super confident about my investments because I know this is the future now I know it’s the future because I understand the technology so hopefully that will help out and then let’s go ahead and do these technicals the other coins that we’re going to be doing here from our VIP access looks like we’re gonna be doing nao will hit on p OE as well po we’ll also look maybe you can discuss the difference between the charting analysis and different exchanges and that in exchange that you may not be looking at the trades a higher volume of a particular coin skew a lower volume market view but also analysis it will pull weight I noticed only a couple of cards so he’s talking about volume so different coins have different volumes and you want to trade a coin where there’s the most volume so because you’ll see the most volatility and you’ll see the most dramatic movement so for example you can do sub BTC and you can see here all the different well this is only on by Nance so you can probably do so do BTC USD you can see on the right hand side all of the exchanges that are holding Bitcoin that are on trading view and you can literally go through and click bitstamp and you see the volume here is a certain amount and then if you click bit Phenix it’s a whole different amount so let me insert the volume here what’s no volume or something I don’t know why it’s doing that oh it’s short sorry clicks shorts so let’s do okay coin so very different volumes sorry this is okay coin and then if you do bitstamp versus okay coin very different volume so it’s a different chart as well you know that’s where arbitrage comes in and stuff of that nature so what was the coin that we had pulled up here I think that was sub alright awesome so let’s see here as well so we’ll do I see X and sub and then we also have a couple requests here bit tricks as high volume hey nineteen thanks for the LTC technical analysis appreciate no problem brother thank you man Navan OST j fellas you want OS to your PO you pick one man we do one one per stream if you don’t mind if we have a time we can do too we have an extra chart available let’s go ahead and look here so with I see X there’s some clear support levels I’m not going to draw the wicks out because those are different more volatile but we got 6626 Satoshi’s looks like we’re finding some clear resistance right on 7490 for Satoshi’s where there’s a channel forming as well and then we see this from initial run-up where we saw resistance levels of the run up itself around eight thousand six hundred and six Satoshi’s now seeing that we do see this run up see it followed by consolidation you’d have to be careful because it’s obviously in a downward trend pull it up the one-day chart we can look at this chart and see that there currently isn’t a 50-day moving average available on this it’s probably because of the exchange – it’s just listed on trading view but you can see we are right above that EMA now if I were to guess where the 50-day is I would probably guess I’m going to be around this area because we are very high on prices right now compared to where we were a couple months ago so pull it up I six ETH clear support levels as well so interesting to see that sometimes like to compare is your training with etherium you have that opportunity looking at the three hour getting a little bit farther away same exact thing let’s see if we can get a little bit of a different perspective on the 15-minute ooh look at that beautiful beautiful day trading channel here if you guys are day traders I would highly recommend channel like this where there’s a lot of volatility up and down there’s clear spikes and you can see it’s you know clearly following the channel the way that it has been following it for the past couple of hours so I would say at this point you know I think we’re at high price levels if you’re holding the coin be cautious you know have your stop losses set up at certain levels you can see this coin likes to jump below these stop losses but you you always have the opportunity to set these stop losses at these different levels to ensure maximum profit retention so I would say when looking at a coin like this you definitely want to be careful at these high levels and we’re just bouncing off a channel not necessarily forming anything specific this is a 15-minute chart so don’t be too optimistic about that that’s more of a short-term chart and then looking at substratum looks a little bit different not as much volatility not necessarily our trading a trading chart but you can see here if we can pull up the one-day chart look at that 50-day moving average we’re extremely high from that and you can see here we are on a downward trend we’re about 63% above that 50-day which is quite a big number compared to a coin like iota where we’re not that far so in this case I would say for substratum you know just based on the I guess you can see a swing trading perspective it’s a little bit high and it’s following a downward trend it’s not necessarily you know there was some support right around this level so if we can find support and build a channel that could be a day trading channel but I would say that if we hit this bottom continue to go down that could be bad if you see here a lot of cell volume came up on nowhere that could that could certainly be institutional trader money coming out of the substratum coin so what I would say at this point is to just kind of you know if you if you’re trying to buy a position I would say still to hold off because of the fact that we’re on this downward spiral so we’ll let that chart mature a little bit we’ll see what happens let’s go ahead and see these requests here and what’s going on let’s go ahead and pull this up here we said what site are you on this is trading view calm brother and if we go up here it looks like we have oh s T awesome brother thank you for picking one OST BTC and then we also have a NATO we’re about qbt as a swing all right let’s see if we can do any o n8 o BTC no so let’s go ahead and do QB t see if we can learn something from this chart oh man so yeah it’s probably too small of a coin so we’ll take the next request here is how we looked at highest volumes also bred coin bred coin red coin I don’t know if you’re talking about the BRD coin I don’t think that was what you’re talking about so let’s just skip that so Trish set nav so we’ll do nav Goodwin Trish thank you for being emerald and ooh I like this so clear support levels here interesting we’re starting to see a bounce like we’re supposed to let’s plug the one day chart here really quick nice look at that that can potentially be a very very beautifully made cup and handle you can see there’s a lot of depth here which is a good sign you see the breakout initially supposed to see we’re seeing the cup did not that the base right here and I would still consider us on the way up you know or as a matter of fact no we hit this top right here yeah because see this is a really thin chart so you’ll probably get a better view here in the four hour ooh I didn’t look at this on the four hour yeah that’s a way better view so this is a look at that that’s a really nice cup in hand oh I really like that you know why it’s a cup handle so this could have changed that being a cup and handle but it it wasn’t it was just it wasn’t overstretched enough like it was just an on that barrier of being too overstretched to be considered a cup and handle because this would have totally ruined it but if you look at the zoomed out perspective it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be a cup and handle it it found that steepness that it we’re looking for and then we saw that immediate pullback which now we’re seeing the resistance so potential break out here as well I like that for navcon so let me go ahead and pull up here for now what we’re looking at in terms of metrics we’re at 241 241 billion and ranked number 127 and it’s in the red so what’s a rule that we always say buying the red sell in the green right we’re in the red right now let’s go ahead and just open this chart up a little bit really quick see what the one day looks like in total we’re not too far away from that 50-day um if you look here currently under 40 percent away right now with that minor correction that we saw but at one point when we saw this huge run-up we were two hundred and sixteen percent away from that 50 so a lot of room to grow there for this coin it looks like it likes to go away from that 50-day quite a bit when it runs up so even right here you can see two hundred sixty two percent away Wow these are some huge price increases interesting coin so there’s this clear cup and handle forming and I think at this point I would zoom in since it’s just a big cup and handle zoom in here watch this trade this would probably be the buy price I wouldn’t mind placing a buy order around this level as long as it doesn’t break this because if it does break this now this is actually a really nice chart so I think I may trade this yeah look at that it’s previous resistance that has turned into support so that’s even a better sign for me at least interesting let’s to pull up off 5-minute really quick yeah look at that it’s just it’s starting to starting to curve EMA starting to point up I’m going to I’m gonna purchase this right now I’m actually I’m actually gonna trade this right now so we’ll trade this here on bitch Rex it’s at a perfect position to buy and then I’m also gonna set up an alert for our patrons because this is a really good chart here there’s a lot of good things about this chart now if it breaks that level and have a stop-loss set up right under that just in case because the handle could still start to form so be sure to be careful on a trade like this be careful with all your trades that’s what I don’t mind calling trades out because I’m expecting you guys to have those stop-loss is set up and don’t set that up too low set them up right so that you’re only losing very minimal percentages but this is nav cup and handle alert I like it guys good requests there so let’s go ahead and make a quick buy order here on bitterish for this zeb meister said please explain the theory behind the buy the hype and sell the news well if you think about ripple you know if you would have bought ripple before it the news had its hands on it then you would’ve been a very happy investor right so you know it’s almost like common sense in my opinion to just always buy the hype because when you’re buying it the hype then you’re buying it levels at which you know it’s not official yet you know like there’s still a lot of you know other factors there there’s one thing about this that I don’t like is the RSI here is a little bit high but I don’t mind that being that there’s clear support and resistance so I am in a place order here looks like even on the tricks or seeing these price levels let’s see here exactly what’s going on looks a little bit different on this uh let me see why we’re looking at a 30-minute chart it’s probably why so let’s do uh let’s do it one hour they quick sieve where’s that cup at okay is that not forming on it’s just not the bit tricks this may not be the right so interesting let me see something really quick oh okay that makes more sense all right sorry tired it’s around them one day that’s where it’s at so here’s a cup and handle yeah there you go so even on bit tricks right now you can see exactly what we were seeing on that chart I would have mine place in a market order I guess so why don’t we uh how much I have in my bit tricks right now I don’t even know how much I have my bitch tricks I have my – is what I use bitch race I used for the live streams because it is a little bit faster for my computer why don’t I just trade I don’t know why don’t we just do a 25% order there so they look 100 US dollars we’ll do that and then just do a market order so we won’t need necessarily need a place and limit I’m pretty confident on this trade looks like there’s a lot of indicators here that we’re a low level we’ve hit we’ve hit this before so this can go ahead and fulfill itself that would be amazing and then we can go from there somebody said don’t buy nav bro uh-huh I like the technical man I’m gonna buy what I want to buy some say where do you go to see these alerts I’m just placing a quick trade on the live stream because I want to take advantage of this let me actually pick a better bride price I’ll do that one I don’t mind doing that I’m gonna swing this one I’m not gonna date trade this one because with the cup and handle it’s more of a swing trade in my opinion I wouldn’t date trade a cup and handle but look it’s perfect it’s going right on that support line so as long as it can continue to do that I think that would be really good so on with the on with the next coin here it’s going to see what’s next let’s see what is popping here let’s see here alright we got some more requests here we had that request from my med let’s go ahead and pull this one up as well so we’re currently looking at OST BTC and we’ll pull this one up on the one-minute just to keep track of a will keep track of this one while we’re watching this and then we’ll pull up the one-day for this coin okay it’s starting to head down running a volume is dramatically decreasing our size super high not necessarily the best sign for a coin I would say on the one minute look so you’re fronting a bit of support here but I wouldn’t call the support yet because it’s still in that decline so this is a very simple chart for me you know you obviously have these these levels here you can see it’s starting to decline if you to draw this out like that you can see it’s descending and just for me this pattern here you see this is descending triangle forming clear just any triangle here and I would just kind of stay away from purchasing this type of coin at this point being the fact that you know volume is dramatically decreasing there’s there’s this huge bye-bye volume here but now I mean there’s no real channel to follow I would let this chart mature but at this point it’s forming this rectangle as well where you see that negative price movement so it’s kind of what I would say with OST right now just based on the technicals and then looking at the 4-hour chart or the one-day which we did pull it the four-hour I could see very simpler there now if it bounces off this 50 on the 4-hour that could be potentially good for support levels so we’ll have to continue to watch this I don’t see any breakout patterns right now with this coin so hopefully that assists in some way let’s go ahead and a look at what else we have here so we’ve got a couple more requests here nice okay so looks like somebody said yeah but EBRD is bread coin all right awesome Thank You Gemini so we’ll do bread coin here I have bread coin that’s a funny name what is bread coin all about I’d be interested to see okay 135 million oh I’m R oh look at that nice chart here so this chart right here could potentially be a nice chart to trade because or at least is a value investor so if I see a coin like this with the chart that’s so stable like that it hasn’t seen much of a breakout it shows me that this could potentially be a good coin to buy in right now as a long-term hold being the fact that it hasn’t really had these parabolic run ups you know when a coin is at this level I would say that you want to look at this more as a value investor so you can still use technical analysis here you can see there’s obviously support level here so it’s pretty much a pretty this is a pretty good buy price here compared to these previous levels you can see this cup and handle here’s another cup and handle that form decline base base it was a little bit off but it was still forming a cup then you see that initial downtrend and then breakout occurred right over here that’s why we just traded nav because they see exactly what’s happening here happening with nav and interesting was performing that support up here it seems like it’s just within a channel this could be easy day traders chart as well but there’s probably not enough volume so I wouldn’t date trade this right now I would say to just if this is gonna be a long-term investment and that could potentially be a good one being the fact that it hasn’t seen much of a breakout just yet and we’re still these really low satoshi levels around 17,000 so well we’ll continue to keep track of this over time I’m sure you’ll have more requests of it and we’ll see what goes on and just we can take a quick glance at what the heck this is bread coin bread is the simple and secure Bitcoin wallet interesting there’s a lot of Bitcoin wallet exchange uh I see oh so I don’t know how I feel about that just based on being a wallet knowing that don’t forget to help out the channel guys you know it really helps when you guys you know like the video because it gains a little bit more exposure so don’t forget to do that guys that is the least amount of gratitude that I’d like for you guys to show that would be awesome we’re gonna head over to our night owl in just a second this is gonna be open for all discord members and all of you guys on the livestream are welcome to join in so download this court or just go on the web browser app and you guys can actually get on here and we can start talking and you guys can ask questions and we can get into a little bit more depth on what’s happening so anyways guys I’ll see you guys all soon at the night owl and let’s go ahead and also see here what’s going on with our super chance really quick we have any other requests doesn’t look like we do thank you for all tuning in tonight did you guys enjoy the livestream and it was a little bit longer but I think we got a lot of stuff done here and we’ll see you guys around in discord some said with the trade alerts that’s on patreon both of those links will be posted right now on the chat and other than that guys thank you so much for tuning in and I posted the discord right there so we’ll see all of you guys at the night owl tonight we’ll have a quick night owl talk a little bit about the dinner I had tonight and really what happened Sammy said – good night Frankie morale Dave Noel traving said traving said it sucked bro why are you still watching excellent stream tonight Thank You Jay appreciate that stowaway on said great Jeff said I learn a ton here love it man quick look for PO please pumping up name is patronato of available to all patrons say yes Phillip it is available to all you go on the night owl go to night owl it’s all the way in the bottom this time then you just click night owl here you guys can actually join in and we can get the night owl started tonight and get your questions answered sometimes that you did good thank you Joe Nicholas tower Tron to the moon Frankie uh saying is in the house Matt Mira Dave Shannon thank you bro amazing job thank you brother Caesar said amazing stream tonight awesome thank you so much guys for tuning in if you guys really liked the stream like the video before you go and thank you guys for tuning in once again we do this pretty much every night sooner or later we have a schedule set up we have a huge huge plan for snipers we’ve got a lot of stuff in the works right now a lot of things are mending itself so be patient things are gonna start popping once again thank you guys all for watching tonight and like always snipers out you

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