Ripple Goes LEGIT – XRP and MoneyGram – The Solution to Remittances?

hey ripple is goin legit ripple is going legit donation its beta with two such lies TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech and today’s crypto newsmen of the day ripple confirms a MoneyGram will use X RP for cross-border payments is this an opportunity for ripple to show us that they are legit could be guys there could be some benefits to this coin after all even though it’s not a crypto currency there have always been questions as to which companies or service providers would use x RP in the future in fact there have been very few viable answers to that question it turns out MoneyGram has some big plans for this digital asset and C is the value in ripple has to offer having such a global remittance partner on board will certainly introduce some big changes for ripple and its asset not too long ago rippling to debt that it was in talks with some major financial service providers at the time it was unclear that companies would be willing to partner with XRP Western unions seemed like to be an obvious candidate which I would be very happy to see because I really don’t like these types of companies that gouge their users and consumers for up to 30% transaction fees I mean it’s still better to transfer Bitcoin guys are the always unclear if it will do so in the future however there is a company that says at least on paper that they are going to be partnering with X RP or ripple and it is MoneyGram most of most people are well aware MoneyGram is a global enterprise focus on remitted solutions at somewhat affordable rates although it may not be necessarily rival a Western Union right now MoneyGram has certainly built a strong presence in virtually every country around the world it is convenient service and having them experiment with ripples XRP will be pretty interesting to keep your eye on according to a recent ripple post Western Union would use x RP in its payment flows moving forward giving money Graham’s presence in the remittance industry today this is a big step forward for ripple and its native digital asset by embracing this currency money Grande will solve the liquidity you most financial institutions face right now additionally saving time and money is always beneficial to any company active in the financial sector moreover MoneyGram will access and use xrp through its ex rapid project some people who keep a close eye on ripple may know that X R at what X rapid is all about as it is the company’s native on-demand liquidity product X Rapid revolves around real time for an exchange settlement through XR P which is of interest to companies such as money gram for obvious reasons financial institutions and service providers will unlock better liquidity and acts as multiple corridors through one originating account now here’s here’s the the thing that we need to kind of listen to here guys this is kind of the value proposition or at least the use case for ripple and X rapid and MoneyGram the use of XR P should be beneficial to MoneyGram users should be until we see if it actually works all over the world by reducing the costs associated with sending money abroad whether or not it will speed up transfers will even further remains to be seen but it’s certainly possible clearly ripple is making a lot of waves in the financial sector and it’s good to see every minutes companies pay attention to this technology as well as it is not Bank oriented project by default how this will all affect the cross-border payments industry in the future remains to be determined it is evident that there’s plenty of room for improvement hey I can agree with that and I can dig that guys and XRP may play a big part in that other than the banking sector all the other financial service providers struggle with liquidity Dylan delays and high fees addressing all these problems will have to happen from within at some point only time will tell whether ripple is the best solution in this regard well it looks like guys the cat is out of the bag and ripple is actually going legit maybe to some critics we would say they are actually going legit but to the obvious supporters of ripple project well this is something that they have been expecting that ripple will be seen as a viable currency to use for certain applications maybe even Western Union and MoneyGram now for remittances hey people are sending money to other countries wouldn’t it be if we could send them cheaply securely safely and quickly could ripple be the answer for the remittance issues in the future in the past I will admit in the past and well I certainly still hold this position today but I have always thought that there are better coins more let’s just be honest more legitimate coins that can actually solve the remittance issues that we have today I never imagined that ripple would actually come on the scene and actually make a splash like this but now that they are partnering with legitimate huge businesses by the way this could be a major turning point for ripple in 2018 so I’m gonna throw it back to you guys in the crypto nation let us know in the Bitcoin dot pub or in the comments section below is this validity that ripple is here to stay as a major currency of choice for remittances and maybe even more or is this merely just a flash in the pan let us know in the bitcoin pub in the comment section below and thanks for joining us in today’s crypto news bit brought to you by decentralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency tech every new year guys make sure you subscribe and join the crypto nation by checking out 10 days of Bitcoin calm for the rest of you guys have smash the like button for removing remittances or making it cheaper at least hopefully kind of sorta sure

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