Ripple Price Crash. When Is It Going To Rebound? Ripple Price Prediction.

what’s going on guys my name is Chris and I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking about Ripple how low would the price go when are we going to buy back in and so on so forth so in this video we’re gonna take a look at the ripple price before we start make sure to get a discussion going down in the comment section leave a relevant comment to this video together with your – address as well as subscribe in hitting the bell and leaving a thumbs up and you are in the giveaway for the – I giveaway for every video and now let’s get this going as you see here Ripple we got a big just sea of red here the market is tanking a lot and this is the time to be steadied this is not the time to panic this is the time to stay strong if you’re a holder you believe in the ripple project then this is the time to prove it weekends are going to be flushed out here and the strong hands are going to be the winners in the long run you’re seeing 30% drop today in the long run it’s it’s easy to forget this was sitting at 20 cents a month just a little up just a little over a month ago so you are still big in the green if you bought back in December you bought back in November this is not something this is not a catastrophe guys stay strong this is going to bounce back we’re gonna take a look at the XRP price and yeah and for all of you who expected this to actually just let’s zoom in here let’s take a three month short for all of you expected ripple to just keep going up like this and continue all throughout the year you’re either new into crypto or you are just you know you don’t wanna see the reality the reality in crypto is that when something goes up this fast and this much you are going to see a correction and for those who were expecting $10 at the end of this month yeah maybe you should yeah you you’re going to learn with time this is going to be a lesson for all of you guys and we need to remember it was sitting at 20 cents back in December 25 cents this is absolutely amazing and this is still going to be one of the biggest projects in in 2099 absolutely sure about that now taking a look at the chart itself this is the one-day short and you can see here that ripple is actually beginning to to have an over oversold kind of status here we see here and ripple used to be very overbought and this basically means that this price surge whatever drove this price increase we would need to keep up keep up this momentum we were going to have to keep up that amount of enthusiasm in the market but as soon as the news the big news we used to have as soon as they dropped off and whatever news we got wasn’t really as bullish as the one we saw here also a little bit of FOMO obviously you know people just jumping in when they see something Green is chasing the candles but every time we see this indicator reach the bottom here we usually can expect some kind of bounce so oh wait what happened now oh okay I guess that works well because here it it approached the this line bounced a bit it approached this this line here it bounced a bit and so that is all good it’s the there is no reason for panic here guys no reason for panic the only problem I see I’m gonna look at the 4-hour chart here and the problem I see this was actually a support line I drew from an older video and right here I said that where the candles they can either either break down and below this floor here or they can go to the upside if they break this ceiling now unfortunately it broke the bottom floor and it went down it found support along this this yellow line here and it was the support we built up here so this is from the end of December this did actually act as some kind of support but once we fell through it like right now to be honest we are in no-man’s land we are in no-man’s land this is not this could maybe act as some kind of support but if this skepticism in the market continues we are probably going to see ripple reached the $1 kind of area I mean I gotta be honest with you I don’t I don’t see any real support along this along this level what we can hope for is for the in this indicator the over sold indicator to and people just beginning to load up on on XRP now this is against the US dollar so as long as Bitcoin is tanking ripple is probably going to tank too but when we reach this support level and this gets even even more oversold we may see that ripple is not tanking as much as as big Bitcoin would do so that is one hope for for the Oracle holders out there so yeah but when you invest into a project like this I mean I’m not a day trader I’m not most of us we would just get rekt if you try to trade if we try to day trade we invest into projects we believe in we believe in the we invest in the ripple because we believe ripple is going to have a good future the long run we do not invest you know somewhere here in December and when things start to drop a bit with panic and sell why did we invest in the first time we invest because we believe in the project and this is going to shake out all the weak hands okay and the winners are going to be left with your bags of XRP and at some point we’re going to see a balance have you stopped believing in crypto just because of these shiny news well then maybe you shouldn’t be in crypto this is a you can make quick gains you can double your money in a couple of hours you can triple or ten times your money in a couple of days but we’re in this for the long term so don’t panic guys just remember the $1 market it is going to be support if you got a bunch of ripple I’d say just hold it and if you want to get a good entry to to buy more eople the support level of one dollar could be a good idea to buy it and I’m just holding my crypto I believe we are going to get a bounce and then then everything is going to be normal it’s it’s so easy to to forget the level we were at just just two two months ago we were at this level all right and now people are panicking because it’s dropping from this level down to here and in whatever asset you buy whether it be real estate whether it be stocks or or whatever it is it’s not uncommon for them to retrace to whatever level they had two months ago all right so you shouldn’t you should not don’t panic guys panic is what is going to wreck you stay strong hold on this is probably going to be fine I’m not a financial adviser and I am NOT a I cannot see into the future but that’s what I am doing so that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to leave a like subscribe and leave a comment down in the comment section and I will see you guys in the next video

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