Top 5 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies for 2018

yo guys what is up Randall here from crypto love and today I am going to put together a video of my top undervalued crypto currencies for 2018 I have a feeling these kryptos are going to blow up like literally blow up sky-high and so before I get into things let me just say thank you to all the subscribers thank you to everyone who clicks that subscribe button I love you guys you’re a lot of fun we have a good time also if you guys could just mash on that like button if we get over 50 likes I would be happy if not I’m gonna be really sad but let’s get into this so right now we’ve got some events coming up we’ve got the Bitcoin Forks coming up in October and November we have the Bitcoin gold fork we have the Bitcoin 2x Fork and so everybody’s buying Bitcoin the price of bitcoins going up not many people are buying altcoins however I’m gonna let you in on a little secret and I always didn’t want to do this because I wanted to take advantage of all of it but I said what the hell you guys watch these videos I’m going to give you my secret insider tips not insider trading but my secret tips for how to make massive money I mean Warren Buffett says be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy well right now everyone is greedy for Bitcoin I’m fearful that everybody’s fearful of our coins are not paying attention so I am greedy about the altcoins now which ones are gonna blow up let’s get into it we’ll do it by descending market cap starting with what am i also have favorites knio knio love it neo right now trading at 31 64 it’s got a 1.5 billion dollar market cap it is the etherium of China seventy three million dollar daily volume right now the circulating supply is 50 million neo total supply a hundred million neo and one of the coolest things about neo when you buy neo you put it in your wallet you get neo gas for free and neo gas is pretty expensive too you can buy neo on pretty much any exchange now taking a look at their website they have a beautiful website I love their website I love their team I love their ideas I think I mean a lot of people are still fighting about China but I think that this stuff is gonna get worked out I mean China says blot or whatever Mia will make it work there’s a lot of smart money behind neo a lot of good people there they also have the wallet you can stake it you earn free neo we got da Hong Fei we got all types of important people here with me oh and why am I saying neo I mean I love Anu you know I got in when it was ant shares but why now look at this pull back okay greater than a 50% pullback we are seeing an awesome time this is the Bitcoin comparative the one day chart candles with neo but look at this size of that pullback everybody’s buying Bitcoin right now nobody’s thinking about these all coins neo perfect time to buy perfect time to get cheap neo I’m buying neo and here’s what I’m doing every day from now until a Bitcoin Gold I’m just buying a little bit of each of these five Kryptos because I know once that bitcoin gold is released once people get their forked Bitcoin everybody’s gonna be selling off Bitcoin and all the old coins there’s gonna be a huge bubble watch me and I’ve said it now it’s happening you’ll see so I’m getting it now before everybody else so what if I don’t get as much bitcoin gold it’s probably gonna suck anyways it’s probably gonna go like it might not but it probably will on to the next one by market cap card on oh now this one recently blew up and if you don’t know about it check out my video on card ah no but right now it’s trading a little bit under three cents so it hasn’t been out for that long I mean really it was a very silent didn’t really even have an ICO they just went for Japanese investors got a lot of money behind it a lot of academics engineers behind it it’s a really great idea for the blockchain 3.0 but right now 700 million dollar market cap seven million dollar daily volume circulating supply 25 billion total max supply forty five billion people are saying isn’t that a really large number of supply what does it really matter because we’re looking at the market cap the only thing I mean limited supply only gives a little bit of value maybe in the case of like Bitcoin is some other cryptocurrencies because you know can everybody have one maybe he gives a little bit of value but for the most part it’s the market cap is the idea behind this project worth that market cap and I think it is taking a look at card on o card on o is basically a brand new blotching so we had blockchain 1.0 with Bitcoin okay an exchange of value we had blockchain 2.0 with aetherium smart contracts still on the same block chain with exchanging value in ether blockchain 3.0 is card on oh okay and card on o works to have multiple different layers to the blockchain and also it has some really the first provably secure proof of stake algorithm so this has academics behind it this has engineers behind it this has brilliant people and the team is enormous like literally enormous check out the video I made on it card on oh is going to be crazy huge if we take a look at the charts right now it had a run up earlier this week a pull back this is the only chart I’m showing that’s the hourly charts because there’s not enough data for the daily chart the daily candles but look at the size we’ve gotten a good pullback I think this is going to blow up I’m personally buying a lot of these let me say all these kryptos here I’m buying every single day until the bitcoin gold fork so just want to let you guys know that stuff because I believe in all these and these are ones that I’m buying for the learn long term because I see these things blowing up huge in the future like these are the things that are going to give me a lambo a sweet house let me live in Thailand or Bulgaria or wherever I want to and not have to worry about everything it’s going to be this video right here where I talk about all these cryptos and this is the reason why because I’m investing in them now I’m holding them and they are going to skyrocket next one Liske liske is one of my favorite crypto since the first time I saw it’s so simple so easy so awesome and I love Liske all right right now let’s get trading at five 12 cents it has a 582 million dollar market cap a 7 million daily volume circulating supply 113 million just a little bit more than aetherium and I think this is going to be in a theorem killer a true aetherium killer not like a OS that’s maybe the specula project that nobody knows about Liske is a true aetherium killer because it is so simple to get developer adoption why is that well list is a blockchain application platform like aetherium but you don’t have to learn solidarity some brand new programming language to use no you can do it with JavaScript the most highly used programming language in the world by programmers almost 60 to 70 % of programs know how to program in JavaScript you can just set up code your program deploy it use it on a list sidechain it’s that simple now if it’s that simple why is list only at $5 right now the reason is that they have not released their software development kit so they haven’t released that kid that lets people basically put any platform on their max quartic has recently said that most likely in December of 2017 they’re going to release that kit once that happens people are gonna start adopting it the price is going to explode I could I don’t know for a fact because I can’t predict the future but I could easily see list being 300 400 dollar token if it gets mass scale adoption when that development kit comes out within the next year also they have a rebranding coming out we know what happens with that so I love Liske and why Liske now well let’s take a look look at this we’ve seen constant I mean ups and downs and ups and downs but every time the highs get higher the lows get higher and right now 50% pullback from the most recent highs it’s a perfect time to buy Liske you want to buy it a discount and that is right now really are you going to be saving doing stuff with Bitcoin gold what the heck is Bitcoin Gold knows it’s mysterious but really who cares about the coin gold next one is arc I gave you away a little bit early arc arc is going to explode and I just want to show you one thing I mean arc is like a silent killer they don’t do much marketing but they’re behind a whole bunch I was just looking at my comments today look at this got X chaotix commented arc will explode in November he must know something yeah cuz arc right now completely undervalued arc is a huge project huge team it’s actually a fork with list from Krypton all right development team went in two ways did arc endless both sides have crazy teams but arc right now trading 2 dollars and 82 cents 276 million dollar market cap 1.7 million dollar daily volume total supply 129 million arc I should mention all of these Kryptos are available on bit tricks so they can all be had by everyone once they see the prices going up everybody’s gonna FOMO they’re all gonna buy and the prices are going to pump now why arc now well mark has recently updated their website it does look quite a bit better they have a very cool video here check out that video very cool marketing video they’ve got there but the big thing about arc is that it has bridging all right bridging is going to connect all the different block chains okay so there’s the Bitcoin blockchain there’s the etherion blockchain there’s a list blockchain there’s the cart on a blockchain arc is going to be able to bridge every single one of those to get information back and forth to do everything back and forth between all the block chains that is mind-boggling because there’s no longer separate block chains there’s the one bridge block chain brought to you by arc crazy awesome team also again look at this okay we see excitement we see it pull back we see excitement we see a pull back and that’s normal in markets that’s how they work but look at this the highest highs and we’ve got over a 50% pullback again perfect opportunity to buy into arc it’s exciting I’m excited I’m not sure if you can tell I’m excited about all of these because I perfect timing to buy all of them next one nav coin all right nav coin is very cool great project great idea you can stake this you can earn more run a little Raspberry Pi in the background you get your free now coin but right now a half coins trading a 64 cents 40 million dollar market cap 792 thousand daily volume with a 61 million circulating supply it’s just in the top 100 it did see some higher highs but now it’s back down but take a look at this beautiful website alright it’s a decentralized crypto that has privacy if you want you can stake it you can earn nav coin while you sleep in is fast transaction times 30 seconds crazy right easy to use anonymous decentralized application is very cool but again look at this I mean they have coins seen a lot of excitement pullback a lot of excitement pullback a lot of excitement pullback most recent highs greater than 50% pullback is this one going to keep going up I tend to think so they’ve got a great team a great idea so where does that leave us I mean it’s up to you guys what you do right I see Bitcoin cryptocurrencies as the opportunity of our lifetime I mean really if you can this is an opportunity where you can turn thousands of dollars into millions of dollars if you invest it properly now you could go be speculative you could buy the things that have a chance of going up thousands of times and it could happen but you may also lose a lot on that I prefer to go with the winners that are undervalued that have a lot of upside to where I can make a lot of money from them and put a lot into them because look at these all these ones that I’ve talked about they are big okay they have big teams that behind them they have a lot of smart money behind them they have a lot of momentum these things are not going to disappear overnight like some of those specular cryptos they are not cash grabs like a lot of those I cos these are ones that are going to be there for the long term and I believe that if I can stay in kryptos for long term I can make a lot of money now I hope that you guys enjoy that I hope that you really enjoyed my enthusiasm I mean seriously I get excited talking about this stuff because the or this is how I’m gonna get those Lambos that’s as simple as that okay these are my favorite crip tears right now I think that these are seriously undervalued they are going to perform insane in 2018 I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen let me know what you guys think I mean do you guys like these kryptos do you think other ones are really going to outperform in 2018 I want to know what you think because you guys are some of the smartest people out there you’ve got your ear to the streets you’re listening you’re researching I want to know what you guys think if you enjoy this episode click that subscribe button I look forward to seeing you guys next time have a good one peace

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