Top Coins To Watch: Ripple ($XRP), Bitcoin ($BTC), & Ethereum ($ETH)!

what is going on snipers 90-mile a baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let’s just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today we’re gonna be looking at three coins that I’m specifically watching during this correction as we can buy these coins at a discounted rate we’re currently looking at Bitcoin aetherium Ripple so we’re going to dive right into the analytics and see where the prices are headed so looking at bitcoins chart right now at first it was looking like the market itself was actually heading towards this incline correcting at the 100 day moving average which I have here in blue if you guys are new to snipers tube we are gonna be using several different indicators here including the RSI the moving average exponential the three moving averages as well as the volume looking at this chart you can see we bounced from this 100 a moving average right over here around March we bounced again right around July or June area and then we bounced again here this time though we see this steep drop if you guys look here if we were to take out our ruler and see how far we are right now in current price levels we went all the way up to about 20% below that 100 a moving average which previously if you calculate these previous down trends it was never more than here’s 3% I believe this one was pretty steep at 15% here once we calculated this a while back you can see here this one is pretty much right at 17% going back down right around this area this is pretty much a solid one right around looks to be a little dotted line which I did not request but when you look at this right at 10% so the first time we’re seeing about a 20% decline under that 100 a moving average you can see back around this round we saw something very similar where this actually went all the way down to about 19 really 17 percent but nothing near 20% so looking at that time you can see every time it’s hit that 100 a moving average it’s went right back up now the difference here is it’s the first time we’ve seen these two tops really form at these peak levels for Bitcoin you can see over here there’s typically one peak that was formed so looking at Bitcoin right what I’m watching for us to see is it gonna stabilize around these levels there’s really a little box here that I’m really looking to see if I can get a bye position within this box being the fact that it stays within these levels because of the fact that we find this 100 a moving average here as some sort of indicator from the past but once again the history doesn’t always discern the future right this would also be reminiscent of the Oh a bubble where we saw the real-estate market crash or even the dot-com bubble where we saw all of the dot-com you know that the websites just coming out of nowhere and then eventually crashing so really what we’re looking for right now with Bitcoin is to see where’s the support gonna be formed you know I actually gave one of my mentors a call Tom and I actually seek his counsel on this situation because you know obviously as bitcoins price gets higher and higher the risk is higher and higher as well as prices increased risk is always increasing as well and as market cap increases the risk is also increasing so it for me personally I gave him a call and he expected the same exact thing he said this is a perfect time to buy this is really what the smart money comes in and I can agree with him 100% a lot of weak hands right now so I’m really looking to get myself a really good position in Bitcoin I’m looking at this total market cap 160 billion dollars right now you can see the dominance is steadily starting to rise out you can see it’s 36.9% where as we hit that bottom right around that 32 percent mark right over here starting to rise back up so going back to our next graph here to II th this is aetherium we’re looking at this graph here this is the 100 a moving average on the one day but what I want you to focus on here is these other indicators that we can pull up so we’re gonna be using the volume 3 moving averages relative strength index the EMA or the moving average exponential and we’re gonna start looking at these little lines right here in the back and that represents the 50 to 100 and the 200-day moving averages so if we were to pull this up on the one-hour chart looking at where eth BTC is headed you can see there’s a lot of stability forming around these levels now this is not something that a thing has seen for quite a while now it’s not necessarily seeing that decline that we’re seeing along with bitcoins so it’s kind of acting a little bit uh you know uh uh Anonymous with Bitcoin right now you can see we’re seeing some support right here around 81,000 Satoshi level with resistance right around 100 and 1000 Satoshi so I believe if a theorem can stay around these levels it’s definitely better coined that I’m also gonna watch to get a position into being the fact that I’ve been looking to get the position into a theorem for quite a while as it is one of the most diversify dassit classes in crypto being the fact that you have the ERC 20 token acting as that platform for i cos to be built on top of so it’s gonna be interesting to watch that looking at the market cap 83 billion dollars right now quite the the journey birth there IAM maintaining that price point right under eight hundred and sixty dollars so there’s gonna be interesting to see where that heads and then once and for all looking at XR PBT see the the goddess of alright ripple everybody’s talking about ripple let’s go ahead and pull up the four hour here really over the three hour here you can see ripple has broken these key support levels and that’s why for ripple i’m a little bit less as optimistic as i am right now with aetherium and bitcoin being the fact that the theorem is finding those main maintenance levels and then bitcoin at least has something to look at when determining where these price levels are gonna start stabilizing so that’s what we’re really looking at this correction guys where the price levels are stabilizing at so x RP right now in my opinion is on a freefall there’s not necessarily nice strong support levels so i am gonna be more cautious as ever when putting that position back in text RP if i do plan to do that as i am developing that new 2018 portfolio as we’ve had the chance to really reposition ourselves and get those new positions that we’ve really been looking into so you can see here we’re right under a dollar now quite the crazy journey being the fact we went so high with ripple i think that media attention really showed you how strong that influence can be here with that one months are you can see that huge peak and then right back down so it’s gonna be interesting to watch the market over the next couple of days guys by the way if you guys are always tune into our live streams please bear with us in the next couple of days we are gonna be working on the channel on the back end there’s a lot of stuff that i’ve kind of a neglected just so I can bring you guys content every single day and now it’s kind of catching up to the point where I need to start focusing on that so just bear with the channel as the content is gonna be sporadic from the next couple of days and then as soon as we can get back on that schedule that’s gonna be the best time for you guys to stay tuned I’ll but once again we’ll cover this as much as possible for you guys we have all of our other social media links in the description below by the way if anybody is in Santa Monica California feel free to send me a message on Twitter or you can actually send me a text my phone numbers in the description below and then let me know that you’re in Santa Monica I actually may be there I am gonna be meeting with some clientele and some mentors of mine in the crypto chain and I’m gonna be seeking a little bit more counsel when making my portfolio for this next upcoming round which I will release the Patriots once again and the discord of course we want to make as much public information as possible we also want to keep that exclusivity for some people so thank you guys so much for watching this video once again you guys are all awesome I can’t wait to see some of you guys over the next couple of days and talking to you guys hopefully you guys are making great decisions once again guys the more you learn the more you earn so continue to educate yourself and become knowledgeable of what you’re doing so with that being said snipers out you

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